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									Joomla Development: What Makes it More Popular than Other Open
Source CMS?
With so many open source Content Management Systems, it sometimes becomes a
daunting task to choose the best one from among them. However, you can never go
wrong with Joomla. It has been one of the most widely used CMS offering numerous
advantages over other web development platforms. The biggest contributing factor to its
popularity is the ease and convenience associated with Joomla development. Its easy
installation, development, customization and extension make it the first choice of
companies or users who want to have a control over their website.

What Makes Joomla Widely Popular?

Joomla is used by site builders all over the world to build corporate, e-commerce,
personal or community websites regardless of their complexity. Easy management of
websites, quick extension, availability of vast array of inbuilt modules and uncomplicated
customization make it one of the most used open source Content Management Systems.
The best part is that you won’ regret the lack of code expertise to manage your website
built in Joomla. Although to make optimum utilization of this technology and make your
website more responsive to search engines, you will need to hire a Joomla expert.

Joomla Modules and Components

The CMS allows you to quickly install an in-built plug-in without putting much effort.
However, if you want to add a custom plug-in or module or are looking to redesign its
look, it will require a professional hand. You can hire a Joomla developer to get the
job done. You can either consider onsite recruitment of professionals or avail services of
an offshore software development company.

The choice is up to you but the latter is a better option. Here is why; the software
development company will meet all your specific needs and get the work done in a short
time span at much lower prices. On the other hand, hiring onsite Joomla developers will
be quite expensive and additionally, they cannot be held accountable if they are unable
to realize your ideas.

Multi-User Login

Once your website is created, you can provide access authority to multiple users at
different levels in order to regularly update it and bring in fresh and interesting content.
The best part is that the user has full control over the content, components, menus,
modules and plug-ins. It doesn’t require any technical expertise in dropping the content
on the website.

A range of e-commerce components are available for Joomla helping you manage your
content and catalogues at one place. VirtueMart is a little e-commerce solution and
standard for Joomla. It is very easy to use and fairly flexible offering many features such
as PayPal checkout, eBooks downloading, product management, payment and shipping
gateways and much more. You can hire a Joomla designer for designing and building
your online store in Joomla. It takes only a few weeks to build a full-fledged and highly
functional website in Joomla.

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