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					                    Ventura County Community College District
                        RFP 392, Student One Card System

Proposal Requirements
Ventura County Community College District (District) desires to contract with a Vendor established in
the design, development, installation and implementation of college-wide ID card, debit card and access
control systems. The successful Vendor must possess sufficient corporate resources (financial, marketing
assistance, research and development, services and support) to satisfactorily perform the requirements
of the contract in a manner commensurate with the scope of the project.

The initial implementation of the project, as currently planned, will include: ID card production (video
imaging equipment and card production equipment); a minimum of two automatic deposit machines;
user ability to monitor and transfer funds to the card account via the Internet; capability to accept
deposits on accounts at the Student BSN Office at each campus and interface with SunGard Higher
Education-Banner; point-of-sale systems for the cafeteria/food services operations; library; bookstore;
snack/beverage vending ; photocopying; parking machines and other applicable student expenses held
at the colleges. The system must be capable of utilizing the campus local area network to access
multiple locations on multiple campuses.

Vendor must have the ability to utilize a single database solution, utilize a single file server and must be
a solution developer.

In the following sections, the District presents specific requirements for a college-wide ID card system.
Proposals must be organized in the sequence as outlined below “Vendor Operations.” Provide detailed
responses where applicable. Proposals should clearly indicate the manner in which or the extent to
which the Vendor is able to meet the requirements posed by this RFP. Proposals that cannot meet a
specific requirement must explain how the proposed system will be able to meet the needs of this
institution that are implied in the stated requirement.

In this RFP, the term “on-site” means “on-site at all college locations.”

1. Vendor Operations – Company Description
   Describe your company and how it fits into the ID card systems market. In this description, we ask
   that you address the following:

        1.1. The length of time your company has been providing card based privilege control systems
            and the history prior to present ownership.

        1.2. How your ID card operations fit into the overall structure of your company. If the Vendor
            provides or offers other services or products other than college-wide debit card/access
            control systems, the documentation must clearly show what percentage of their whole
            operation (revenue, budget, resources, etc.) is dedicated to college-wide debit card and
            access control systems, and what portion of the corporate operations are involved in other

                    Ventura County Community College District
                        RFP 392, Student One Card System

        1.3. The Vendor must demonstrate that the corporate division responsible for the proposed
            college-wide debit card/access control system is not subject to discontinuance by the parent

        1.4. The percentage of people employed by your company directly related to the campus card

        1.5. The percentage of employees dedicated to sales, to development, and to technical
            support for ID card product lines.

        1.6. The percentage of total company sales from the ID card market.

        1.7. The history of your company over the last ten years. Is the company privately owned or a
            subsidiary of a larger corporation?

        1.8. The general philosophy or approach of your company to privilege control.

        1.9. Your approach to systems integration.

        1.10. The general approach of your company toward new feature/product development.

        1.11. The general approach of your company toward client support.

        1.12. User Group Information.

        1.13. The number of client sites currently running your on-line college-wide ID card system.

2. References
     References - List four clients to use as possible site visits. Each campus on this list must use the
     Vendor’s central system as the PRIMARY college card-based transaction processing resource.
     Choose clients who are similar to College in size and function. Include contact name, title, address,
     telephone number, fax number and e-mail address. Highlight the applications they are now using
     with their college-wide program and the overall size of the referenced system. Southern California
     references are preferred.

3. Integration
     Although VCCCD is interested in a partnership with a solution developer, VCCCD is also interested
     in understanding how proposed privilege control systems offer solutions for a wide range of
     applications and locations. Briefly describe your company’s approach to integrating existing
     campus operations into a comprehensive campus-wide one-card program. Describe your process of
     allowing existing third party systems to accept the campus card.

                   Ventura County Community College District
                       RFP 392, Student One Card System

4. Application Overview
    The District is interested in understanding how proposed ID card systems offer solutions for a wide
    range of applications and locations.

       4.1 Architecture

               4.1.1. The District requires a fully networked ID card system capable of providing a
                        secure environment and interfacing with the existing campus network. The host
                        computer(s) of the proposed system will be located in a central office with
                        access to the campus network.

               4.1.2. Describe your host system's configuration requirements. Include a list of all
                       components and specifications required in the proposed host system, and
                       include schematic diagram(s) showing the relationship between host
                       components, including interfaces to campus network.

               4.1.3. Features of the host system must include and be compatible with SunGard Higher
                   Education- Banner System 8 or any Banner release hereafter:

                          Industry standard components.
                          Maintain current government PCI and other compliance regulations.
                          Run on Windows Server or Linux operating system (Provide type and version)
                          Option of client-provided server.
                          Fault tolerant system utilizing redundant power and RAID 5.
                          Ethernet network capabilities with support for IP.
                          Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) compliant database, not requiring
                           dedicated database administrator.
                          Encryption capabilities.
                          Networked printing.
                          Internet accessible for student account management.
                          Non-proprietary/open architecture.
                          Remote Support capability.
                          Scalable system.
                          Handle real time communications with the network of card readers.
                          Support unlimited number of on-line card-reading devices.
                          Ability to communicate with card readers and POS terminals via network.
                          Support an unlimited cardholder database.
                          Record and upload transactions stored during offline operation Process
                           transactions on-line.
                          Ability to download and/or upload database information (cardholder
                           biographical records, deletions, late registrations, financial aid, etc.) to and
                           from other administrative systems.
                          Smart UPS protection; capable of maintaining full operation of all crucial host
                           functions for 20 minutes or more in the event of a loss of utility power and
                   Ventura County Community College District
                       RFP 392, Student One Card System

                         managing orderly shutdown of system.
                        On-line reporting and system management capability from designated
                        Transaction rate and response time less than 2 seconds regardless of the
                         number of on-line readers when processing to an account held internally at
                         the campus or system activities that are occurring at the same time.
                        The system must be able to maintain a sustained transaction rate of at least
                         eight (8) transactions per second, regardless of the size of the system
                         configuration (number of on-line card reading terminals, workstations)
                         and/or other concurrent activities such as multiple report generation for
                         transaction processed to the internally held file server.
                        Describe database(s) used.
                        Describe support for virtual server environment.
                        Describe the approach to communications taken by the proposed ID card
                         system. Clearly indicate the file protocols required by the proposed system to
                         accomplish database information sharing.

5. Software

                        Host System Software
                         The District requires that the software proposed for the Vendor ID Card
                         system meet the following requirements. Please include screen captures or
                         examples of the User Interface.

  5.1. System Security
  The District requires the following:

                        Ability to assign operator security codes or passwords to strictly limit access to
                         the ID Card software, specific software functions, menu and field options,
                         cardholder account information, and networked remote workstations to
                         authorized operators.
                        Ability to define department-specific restrictions to protect the integrity of
                         department-specific information.
                        Ability to add, change and delete system operator information as necessary,
                         given proper authorization.
                        For credit card transactions, system must be Payment Card Industry Data
                         Security Standard compliant, including meeting Payment Application (PA-DSS)

  5.2. Task Scheduling
  The District requires the following:

                        Ability to create a task schedule to tell the system when and how to
                         automatically perform specific functions (e.g., printing reports).
                        Ability to set up daily, weekly and monthly schedules, as well as special
                  Ventura County Community College District
                      RFP 392, Student One Card System

                        schedules for end of semester or holiday operations.
                       Ability to perform these operations without operator intervention.

       5.3. Time Period Definition

                       Allow authorized operators to define time periods and names for accounting
                        and reporting purposes.
                       Ability to define time periods to reflect the specific operating schedules of
                        various facilities across campus.

9. Cardholder Account Management
   The proposed ID card system software must be able to meet the following database management
                       Support an unlimited cardholder database (i.e., a database limited only by
                        available disk space).
                       Allow system operators to add, change and delete cardholders and cardholder
                        information individually and by group (i.e., multiple updates) as necessary
                        from any administrative terminal or networked remote workstation.
                       Ability to immediately invalidate lost, damaged or stolen ID cards throughout
                        the system from any attended POS terminal or card reader.
                       Capability of detecting and reporting on unauthorized attempts to use an
                        invalid ID card.
                       Ability to have multiple account numbers per cardholder simultaneously.
                       Provide for multiple account types per cardholder. The software should
                        support at least the following types of accounts: meals (multiple use), bonus
                        meals, points (i.e., declining balance or debit), bonus points, meals with
                        discretionary points, credit and coupon.
                       Ability to have at a minimum 10 different account balances per cardholder.
                       Allow cardholder balances to go negative if uploaded logged transactions
                        exceed amount in account.
                       Ability to use a shadow account for enrichment purposes to track real money
                        separately from incentive money.
                       Ability to track all cardholder accounts and to regulate transfers and rollovers
                        from one account into another.
                       Ability to authorize users to review up-to-the-minute cardholder
                        biographical, account, and transaction histories from the host and any
                        remote workstation.
                       Cardholders should also be able to review their own up-to-the-minute
                        account information from any remote workstation using their ID card.
                       Cardholders should also be able to review their own up-to-the-minute
                        account information via Internet capabilities.

                   Ventura County Community College District
                       RFP 392, Student One Card System

10. Plan and Privilege Management
    The proposed ID card system must provide full controls to design, manage, and track a complex
    array of plans bringing together packages of accounts such as activities or privileges.

                         The proposed ID card system should support multiple plans. A plan is any
                          package of cardholder accounts and privileges.
                         The proposed ID card system should support multiple activities (privileges) per
                          patron. Activities are accounts that give cardholders the ability to exercise a
                          defined privilege, such as unlimited entry to the library or entry into a set
                          number of sporting events, or student voting.
                         Activities should include yes/no, credit/debit, single/multi-use, attendance,
                          check cashing, check in/out functionality.
                         Ability to design plans from the host or remote workstations via simple menu
                          choices and without special programming.
                         Ability to add, delete and change a cardholder’s plan easily.
                         Assign activities and privileges to cardholders in any combination by
                          individual or group.
                         Ability to “chain” activities so that cashiers or checkers do not need to know
                          beforehand what plan or activity group to which a cardholder belongs.
                         Assign, suspend, revoke or reactivate any activity, privilege or package of
                          activities and privileges.

11. Reporting Capabilities
    The proposed ID Card system should be able to:

                         Generate reports and print them to the host or any remote workstation via
                          screen, printer or disk.
                         Produce a variety of reports for tracking and analyzing ID card operations.
                         Support a comprehensive set of pre-designed reports.
                         Design several customized standard report queues to be run at regular
                          intervals (daily, weekly, monthly and on user-specified occasions) without
                          operator intervention.
                         Generate all reports at any time without interrupting the on-line operation of
                          the ID card system.
                         Provide complete up-to-the-minute information.
                         Query from any combination of cardholder information and transactions.

       11.1. Briefly explain the capabilities of the following report areas:

                           Declining balance, charge and cash reports.
                           Plan reports.
                           Activity (privilege) reports.
                           Management reports.
                    Ventura County Community College District
                        RFP 392, Student One Card System

                         Maintenance reports.
                         Membership reports.
                         Historical reports.

12. Automatic Deposit Machine

        12.1. The Vendor must offer the ability for the cardholder to deposit cash to their account 24
              hours a day, 7 days a week. Describe your solution for this service and explain how it will
              enable the cardholder to conveniently add to their account.

        12.2. The automatic deposit machine should also support an optional card dispensing option for
             visitors. Describe the security features of the ADM. The software must have the ability to
             issue a receipt when a deposit is made.

        12.3. In addition to the automatic deposit machine specified above, the Vendor must also offer
            capability to make deposits to accounts via the Internet and offer capability to make
            deposits at the college Business Services Office.

13. Facility Access and Security
     This may be a function VCCCD will consider at a later date. Please provide access control
    capabilities, features, component pricing, and infrastructure requirements.

14. ID Card Production
    The District requires color video imaging systems to produce a variety of ID cards on-site and to
    maintain a database of cardholder information and digitized images for all cardholders.

    The system proposed should consist of ID cards, video camera, computer platform, video imaging
    software, hard drive to maintain cardholder information and image database, card printer, encoder
    and all other necessary equipment. Minimally, separate ID card designs will be required for students
    and staff / faculty.

        14.1. ID Card Production System
             Proposed systems should be able to meet the following requirements:

                         Industry standard components.
                         Utilize same file server as entire card system
                         Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) compliant.
                         System should be scalable to accommodate 50,000 or more active
                         Software should come with adequate documentation and extensive on-line
                         Software should be password protected.
                         High energy ABA Track II encoding should be accomplished automatically as
                          part of the card production process.

                   Ventura County Community College District
                       RFP 392, Student One Card System

                        Describe the hardware and software features and specifications of the
                         proposed card production system. List all of the hardware and software
                         included in the proposed system necessary to meet the requirements listed
                         here. Describe any options of the proposed card production system that may
                         be of interest to us.
                        Bar code and number for use in library must appear on card.
                        The Vendor must quote and be capable of providing a complete turnkey
                         system including complete installation and on-site training, ongoing customer
                        ID Production System must use same database as Card Management System.
                        Must have card design relations for cardholder classification so operator does
                         not need to manually choose a faculty or student card.

       14.2. ID Card Specifications- Proposed ID cards should be able to meet the following

                        Cards should be non-proprietary, conform to the ANSI CR-80 size standard
                         (2.125” x 3.375” x 0.030”), and include an ABA standard Track II, high-coercivity
                         magnetic stripe.
                        Cards should support multiple designs for faculty, staff, students and
                         temporary IDs.
                        The card must accept bar code printing.
                        Card must print Color and Black and White to accommodate text and photo

15. Standard Electronic Point of Sale Terminal

       15.1. New POS terminal will be used as a full-featured electronic cash register. VCCCD
            Bookstore already utilize POS terminal that will not be replaced. The PO terminal must
            have the ability to work with existing terminals. All new electronic point of sale terminal
            must meet the following requirements.
                        Constructed of rugged material and equipped with a swipe-style card slot with
                         a floating read head.
                        Terminal should be touch screen and PC based using current Windows OS.
                        Support multiple user-definable keyboard levels for use with different meal or
                         time zones. It should take less than a minute to replace one keyboard menu
                         overlay with another.
                        All products and pricing should be stored locally on the POS PC as well as on
                         the file server in the event of communication failure for offline processing.
                        Must utilize same file server as entire card system.
                        Ability for operator sign-in either by swiping ID card or manually keying ID
                        Ability to define items individually and in any combination.

Ventura County Community College District
    RFP 392, Student One Card System

   Ability to add, changes, and delete multiple size categories for any applicable
   Capable of displaying scrollable lists of PLU lists and submenus.
   Easily view reports and programming information on the terminal display, on
    a remote workstation, or in printed form.
   Handle multiple types of tenders, including cash, check, debit, credit, meal
    equivalency, points equivalency, and split tender transactions.
   Support three or more distinct tax tables.
   Print checks using an integral slip printer.
   Split checks.
   Allow for table tracking for reporting purposes.
   Support a variety of peripheral devices, including an integrated patron display,
    bar code scanner, credit card verification reader, electronic scale, roll printer,
    kitchen printers, a second cash drawer, remote video display.
   Ability to group together POS terminals in any combination for programming
    and reporting purposes.
   Ability to reprogram POS terminals at individual terminals and terminal
    groups, and by individual terminals, terminal groups, or globally from a single
    remote location over the campus network.
   Ability to alter information, either by item or by groups of items, from
    individual terminals and from a remote workstation.
   Ability to make changes on one terminal and broadcast those changes to
    other menus in the terminal cluster. It must be possible to save a menu file
    from a POS terminal and broadcast those changes globally over the network.
   Ability to program and define menus by hooking a PC keyboard directly to the
   Ability to automatically switch to an off-line mode and log transactions, in the
    event that communications with the host are lost; followed by a forced or
    scheduled upload all logged transaction information to the host when
    communications are restored.
   Extensive reporting capability, including reports to track sales by item (i.e.,
    chicken sandwich), item group (i.e., lunch sandwiches), and food category
    (i.e., lunch items); balances for terminal, cluster, and system; employee
    balances, tip reports, and timekeeping; and employee labor reports,
    availability, and clock-in status.
   Reports should be available at the POS terminal or in printed form.
   Software must be explicitly designed and developed to function directly with
    the card system database, must not be a third party product.
   Describe how your proposed POS system meets these requirements. Include
    sample reports and terminal specifications in your proposal.

                    Ventura County Community College District
                        RFP 392, Student One Card System

                           If proposed POS solution is developed by a third party please list the third
                            party name and how system is integrated into your total card solution.
                           If a self serve Kiosk is available, please describe all the features and options of
                            the self serve Kiosk.

16. Logging Card Reader Terminal
    Not Required

17. Activity Reader
        17.1. The Vendor must offer a compact card reader for simple yes/no privilege verification such
              as access to specific dining and lounge areas or ID verification to take attendance at
                           Small footprint. Compact for small areas and light for easy relocation.
                           Equipped with a swipe-style card slot with a floating read head, and durable
                           Use in privilege verification and board only operations where logging
                            capability is not required.
                           If a handheld terminal is available please describe the handheld terminal, all
                            its functions and options.

18. Vending Options
    Proposed systems must be able to support on-line vending capability for food, beverage and
    photocopy machines and include Credit Card Readers / Magnetic Stripe card swipers.

        18.1. Food and Beverage Vending
             Food and beverage vending will eventually be conducted on-line. Describe how the
             proposed privilege control system handles on-line food and beverage vending through
             vending machines. Include specifications for all hardware (cabling, vending controllers,
             interfaces, card readers, data collection devices) necessary for the proposed system.
        18.2. Cafeteria
             Please describe your solution for cafeteria transactions

        18.2. Photocopy/Microfiche Vending
              Describe how the proposed privilege control system handles on-line photocopy vending.
              Include specifications for all hardware (cabling, vending controllers, interfaces, and card
              readers) necessary for the proposed system.
        18.3. Laser Print Management
              Please describe your laser print management solution. Describe the various options
              associated with laser print management solution and how the proposed system operates.
              If laser print management solution is provided or developed by a third party please list
              third party who will be providing system and describe who will be supporting this system.
                    Ventura County Community College District
                        RFP 392, Student One Card System

        18.4. Bookstore
              Please describe your solution for Bookstore transactions and the various options of card
              acceptance within the bookstore. Describe how you would interface to existing campus
              bookstore system to process campus card transactions, including existing bookstore POS
        18.5. Parking Machines
19. Campus Activities
     Please describe options for campus activities such as in-site athletic events, college theater tickets,
     musical performance etc.
20. Voting
     Please describe options for system based election voting using the host system database. System
     must have the ability to conduct elections from designated terminals or via a web site.
21. Parking Management
     Please describe options for issuing parking permits. The District currently has a variety of permit
     machines. We would require Point of Sale card readers for each machine that would accept One-
     Card in addition to major credit card.
22. Financial Aid Disbursements
     Please describe options for a complete Financial Disbursement. This process must allow for
     electronic deposit to individual student accounts. Make funds available immediately to each
     student through a debit card transaction. List how the card relates to the Student OneCard. List
     safety features including fraud prevention. Confirm Financial Aid disbursement option meets all
     State and Federal requirements. List any partners such as financial institutions and all methods of
     retrieving funds such as ATM’s located on each campus.
23. Maintenance and Support
    Please include the following as part of your proposal:

                         Copies of applicable licensing and maintenance agreements.
                         Please describe the System warranty proposed by the Vendor.

        23.1. Describe the general company ongoing maintenance and support policy.

                         Vendors must explain ongoing maintenance and support for the proposed
                          software and hardware options.
                         Include access to around-the-clock phone, fax and dial-in (i.e., remote
                          troubleshooting) support 365 days a year.
                         Include Vendor-developed software updates once a year or more.
                         Remote support via Internet.

        23.2. Licensing and support fees must be included in the “Costs” section of your proposal.

                   Ventura County Community College District
                       RFP 392, Student One Card System

24.Implementation and Training

       24.1. Indicate the proposed Vendor implementation and training schedule from the time the
            District awards the contract for the proposed ID card system, to the time that the system is
            on-line. (College will not necessarily award the contract to the company promising the
            shortest schedule. We are more interested in getting a realistic sense of how long
            implementation and training will actually take.)

       24.2. Be sure to indicate any special conditions required to accomplish implementation and
            training according to the proposed schedule. College requires a technical person be on site
            at each of the three college locations on the first day of card issuance. An itemized list of
            costs for this requirement should be included in the “Costs” section of your proposal.

       24.3. Describe the training provided for all essential personnel on the use and administration of
            the proposed ID card system. The Vendor should indicate training options including on-site
            and certification programs. Additional training should be available when necessary for a
            fee. An itemized list of training costs should be included in the “Costs” section of your

25. User Group and Client Resources
    Describe the general resources the Vendor Company provides its clients.

       25.1 User Group

            The user group should be a vehicle for clients to represent their needs and interests to the
            Vendor. As such, its advisory council or board should be composed of and elected by the
            client membership. The user group should be an effective vehicle through which clients are
            able to influence the direction and pace of development of new Vendor products and
            system features. Explain how this works with your client user group.

       25.2. User Conference

            The Vendor is encouraged to provide an annual user conference. This conference should
            provide interested clients with ample opportunities to gain refresher training, learn more
            about new and advanced features of their systems, and network with other Vendor clients
            facing similar challenges. It should be held near the Vendor’s headquarters so that clients
            can meet with all sales, support and development employees, rather than just with
            management. Describe any special features of the Vendor user conference that you feel
            are important as well as any fees associated.

       25.3 Other User Resources

            Describe other user resources that the Vendor makes available to its clients: newsletters,
            refresher training, group seminars, sales promotions, consulting services, etc.

                   Ventura County Community College District
                       RFP 392, Student One Card System

26. Costs

       26.1. Initial Investment with Five Year Cost Projection

            Provide an itemized list of all software, hardware and training costs, including
            proposed quantity, standard list price per unit, any applicable discounts, and total price
            proposed to the District. List all warranty information and maintenance cost.

                          Total cost of proposed system, Include a five year cost projection and a
                           breakdown of all items but not limited to the items listed below:
                           o Host Software Cost
                           o Host Computers & peripherals
                           o Two Cash-to-card stations: one on each of the three main campuses
                               and one each at the satellite campuses throughout the District.
                               Please quote price for additional cash-to-card stations.
                           o Web-enabled to allow cardholders to view activity and deposit funds to
                               the campus card via the Internet
                           o Online vending quote price as per vending machine type
                           o Interface/data exchange costs to existing campus systems
                           o On-line Photocopy service
                           o Maintenance

       26.2. Annual License, Fees and Pricing Sheet

               26.2.1. Provide an itemized list of all applicable annual software license and hardware
                   maintenance fees. Specify whether fees are per site (individual campus) or per
                   institution (all campuses).

               26.2.2. Bidders should include a separate pricing form, including all costs
                      broken down by section: Licenses, fees, training, cost of each module, etc.


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