AP 8Agenda AUGUST 2010 by 4e7E02r


                           THURSDAY, AUGUST 25, 2010
                                   3:00 P.M.

The Committee may go into Executive Session, which will not be open to the public, for
the purposes of obtaining legal advice from the Board’s attorney on any matters listed
below or to consider confidential material pursuant to A.R.S.§ 38-431.03 (A)(3) and
A.R.S. § 38-431-03(A)(2), respectively.

I.     Call to Order and Roll Call

II.    Other Business

       A. Report on number of Arizona Appraisers and Property Tax Agents:

                                      8/08                  8/09                  8/10
           Licensed Residential         827                   745                551
           Certified Residential      1194                  1213                 1213
           Certified General            955                   827                816
           Nonresident Temporary         36   Total 3012       45   Total 2833   53      Total 2633
           Property Tax Agents          286                   329                347

III.   Discussion and possible action regarding additional information submitted by Ha
       Seoup Bang, Nonresident Temporary TP41198.

IV.    Applications Reviewed for the First Time

       A. Renewal

           20045     Jon E. Hainlen
           20071     Michael J. Bobik
           20099     Mark A. Norris
           20284     S. Deborah Talleri
           30189     Dennis L. Lopez
           30352     John T. Callan
           30752     Gabriel D. Sneezy
           31459     Donald M. Klatt

*Pending receipt of DPS report
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         B. Licensed Residential by exam unless otherwise noted

            7946    Gabriel Gaxiola

         C. Certified Residential by exam unless otherwise noted

            7860    Scott P. Smith
            7961    Kristen A. Scalpone
            7963    Ryan M. Wood
            7975    James T. Kobow*

         D. Certified General by exam unless otherwise noted

            7962    Christopher M. Land*
            7972    Anthony E. Gray

V.       Applications for Reconsideration

            7862    Jonathan P. George

VI.      Applications for License/Certificate Already Issued

         Discussion and possible action concerning approval of applications as
         substantively complete and confirming issuance of the license/certificate:

         A. Reciprocity

            12038   Lisa M. Carrillo
            22160   Mark W. McGrail
            22161   Peter P. Carrillo
            22162   Perry S. Jenkins
            22163   Timothy J. Wilde
            31793   Mark C.Skalican
            31794   Richard M. Robinson
            31795   Brian M. Tankersley
            31796   Clara M. Love
            31797   William P. Strohmaier
            31798   Gary J. Alexander
            31799   Bethany L. Cronk
            31800   Edwin W. Litolff, Jr.

*Pending receipt of DPS report
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         B. Nonresident Temporary

            TP41202      Donald L. Kagy
            TP41207      Brett M. Weinstein
            TP41208      Carter D. Morrison
            TP41209      Elizabeth Allen-Knight*
            TP41210      Elizabeth Allen-Knight*
            TP41211      Jack Alexander*
            TP41213      James G. Moher
            TP41214      Michael A. Chesney
            TP41215      Timothy L. Vergin*
            TP41216      Christopher W. Halden*
            TP41217      Anne R. Lloyd-Jones*

VII.     Applications Pending - Substantively Incomplete

            7787    Charles G. Holbrook
            7822    Steven S. Herron
            7823    Mary A. Barnett*
            7854    Eric N. Johnson

         Notification of applicants with substantively incomplete applications who have not
         responded to the Committee's request for additional information. Pursuant to R4-
         46-202(D) applicants have up to a year to meet all requirements for
         license/certificate or applicant's file is to be closed by the Board and applicant
         shall reapply.

VIII.     Adjournment

Copies of this agenda and additional information regarding any of the items listed above
may be obtained 24 hours prior to the scheduled meeting from the Arizona Board of
Appraisal, 1400 W. Washington, Suite 360, Phoenix, Arizona, Monday through Friday,
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., excluding holidays. Telephone (602) 542-1558. If a disabled
person needs any type of accommodation, please notify the Board’s ADA Compliance
Coordinator, Dan Pietropaulo, as soon as possible prior to the meeting at (602) 542-

*Pending receipt of DPS report

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