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Contra Costa County_ California for Families


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									Contra Costa County, California for
Finding the right home in the right community can be a complicated issue, particularly when
there are children involved. Along with the standard concerns of commuting and
affordability, thought must be given to finding a family friendly neighborhood, the
availability of activities for the kids, and last - but certainly not least - the quality of the
schools the children will be attending. Keeping these considerations in mind, many families
have found that Contra Costa County is the perfect fit.

Contra Costa, which is the northernmost East Bay county, has a bit of everything: fun things
to do, good public transportation and handy surface roads, great schools, and a variety of real
estate price points. For families that like to be in the midst of the hustle and bustle of a
metropolitan area, the more densely populated western section might be a good bet. If
suburban living is your style, the central county cities of Walnut Creek and Concord have
friendly neighborhoods, many with reasonably priced real estate.

For many folks, the quality of the public schools is a major factor when choosing a home, and
Contra Costa County has some good ones, particularly in the family friendly areas of
Lamorinda (which includes Lafayette, Moraga, and Orinda) and the San Ramon Valley
(Danville, Alamo, San Ramon). These "suburbs" of San Francisco are particularly popular
with young families. Homes tend to be a bit expensive in these areas, but the trade-off is that
the commute to other East Bay cities and San Francisco is convenient via BART or surface
roads, the communities are quiet and friendly, and the schools are excellent.

Another consideration in the decision of where to live is keeping the kids (and grownups)
entertained and active. Most local communities have parks and sports facilities, family
oriented festivals, and fun events scheduled throughout the year. This, along with hundreds of
miles of hiking and biking trails meandering through the beautiful rolling hills of the county,
dozens of regional parks, lakes, and recreation areas, and the waters of the Bay and the Delta
provide the opportunity for recreation and fun throughout the year.

Whether you and your family are city slickers or enjoy a quiet rural life, the pleasant
Mediterranean climate, great public and private schools, beautiful environment, and
proximity to other Bay area locations help make Contra Costa County a great choice when
deciding on a place to live and raise a family.

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