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					Published by the NYS Association of Magistrates Court Clerks, Inc.
                                                                               January 2012

      PRESIDENT: Judy Bromley                PAST-PRESIDENTS (in chronological order)
          (O) 914.722.1123                                   Maryann Baake                    (O) 716.549.3707 •
                                                            Linda McCartney
1st VICE PRESIDENT: Velma Richardson                   (O) 516.599.0722 Ext.104
           (O) 516.487.0775                                             Margaret Palmer
  2nd VICE PRESIDENT: Maria Burns              (H) 607.898.3662 •
          (O) 716.773.9600                                   Mary M. Shufelt                                Terri D. Bolt
  3rd VICE PRESIDENT: Julie Gansle                          (O) 585.924.6953
          (O) 518.783.2714                               Richard Szarowicz
                                              (Cell) 716.984.4236 •
  SECRETARY: Denise Cookingham                                Sharon Wilder
          (O) 914.318.7875                                   Lynette Lemcke                          Joyce Mahoney
                                                             Barbara Rinaldo
   TREASURER: Ramona T. Persan
         (O) 526.872.3819                                    Barbara Hodom
                                                   518.439.9717 •
                                                           Arnold Bronstorph
                                                               Bonnie Reed
  DIRECTORS (listed alphabetically):                        Sybil E. Kennedy
           Denise Cornick                                     Evelyn Sivecz
      (O) 585.589.8119 Ext. 18
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                                                          APRIL 30, 2012
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MESSAGE                       FROM THE                           PRESIDENT
         e’re now marching into 2012 and unfortunately           procedures for dealing with the same change all the time.

W        the economy hasn’t made a miraculous recovery.
         So those of us who work in the Town and Village
Courts are learning to be more than a little creative with
                                                                 Sometimes we get emails containing memos about
                                                                 changes, but occasionally we don’t. And no memo
                                                                 replaces a class where we can get instructions on how to
the reduced budgets forced on us by our respective               deal with new changes and procedures and an
municipalities. It was quite rewarding to see the strong         opportunity to ask questions about confusing issues. Yes,
attendance of Court Clerks at the education training in          these are tight monetary times for all of us and we
both Potsdam in July and in Niagara Falls in September.          appreciate how our towns/villages have to find ways to cut
While the numbers were less than in past years, there are        their budgets. Training for the court clerks is not a wise
still many municipalities who understand the importance          cut to make, for when we do our jobs properly and timely,
of training for their Court Clerks. The Education                that often translates into more revenue for our
Committee deserves profuse thanks and congratulations            municipalities and less chance of costly lawsuits. There
for putting together a schedule of topics that the Clerks        are three major trainings each year – New York City,
need to know in order to perform our jobs properly for           Potsdam and the Fall Conference which moves around
both conferences.                                                the state. There are District Trainings twice a year in
I also want to congratulate Julie Gansle, Linda McCartney        most districts and several webcasts throughout the year.
and their committee for all the hard work they put in to         If your town/village won’t pay for you to attend one of the
insure that our annual conference would be a success.            three 2 day training events, then there are still these
They planned a slate of events that were entertaining and        other opportunities for you to learn. Use them. I
great fun. When two groups are using the same space for          remember years ago when I was a new court clerk hearing
classes, there has to be give and take on both sides.            a clerk who had been in her job for many years say, “Just
Judging from the evaluations on the comment forms,               when I think I know everything, they change it.” That’s
everything ran as smoothly as possible.                          even truer these days, especially with the changes in
                                                                 electronic reporting and electronic access to records. We
On the 17th of November I attended the Legal Updates             need to take advantage of as many of the training
webcast in Westchester County where only two people              opportunities offered as possible So I hope that I’ll see
(Judge Galloway and I) were present although several                                          many of you in New York City
judges had registered and failed to show. I understand that                                   and again in the Spring
this was true in more than one county around the state.                                       District     Trainings.     And
That’s a shame because this was one of the most interesting                                   remember – the Court Clerk
webcasts that I’ve attended. When I went I thought that the                                   is the one who keeps calm
information would be primarily for the judges, but I was                                      and friendly when all those
wrong. As always, there is important information for both                                     around her/him seem to have
judges and court clerks – things that we need to know,                                        lost all reasoning abilities.
things that will help us to do our jobs efficiently, correctly
and better. Even when we think that the material being                                           Judy Bromley
covered is mainly for the judges, all court clerks know that                                     NYSAMCC President
the more we know on any subject the better we are able to
assist our judges and to prevent reversible errors from
being made. Also, we should make sure that our judges are
aware of the webcasts and that they register and attend.
Even though the GroupWise state email has been around                   Find ‘em FAST...
for several years, there are still judges that neglect to open
their emails or they do open the emails but neglect                   FORMS & RESOURCES
to make note of dates and times for these great training
                                                                    NYSAMCC Membership Application 24
opportunities; after all, lawyer judges get CLE credits and
non-lawyer judges get training credits. Maybe someday the           2012 AOT Training Registration 23
court clerks will get official education credits for all the
training that we attend.                                            2012 AOT Training Tax Exemption Certificate 26

This brings me to the next item on my agenda –                      2012 AOT Training at a Glance 27
                                                                    AMAROSA Product Order Form 33
are not going to forget about this. There is no such thing
as “knowing it all.” Laws, forms and paperwork and the

January 2012 - The Docket

                                                    NOTE             FROM THE                       EDITOR
       fter a long day of attending our Annual General        Changes galore keep coming at the court clerks and it’s up

A      Assembly Meeting and the slated classes the court
       clerks were treated to an evening of letting their
hair down at the ho-down! This hoot-nanny in Niagara
                                                              to each court clerk to be on top of these changes. In this
                                                              issue you will read many comments, thoughts and ideas
                                                              regarding all types of training and topics. All seem to
Falls was the first “themed-evening” since the sock-hop       bring about the same message. Take advantage of any and
held in Rochester in 1993. Back then you saw poodle           all training! Glean some of the ideas out of these articles
skirts, jeans and baggy white men’s button shirts for         and consider coordinating training in your area.
women, tennis sneakers and penny loafers, jeans and           2011 marked some serious flooding and devastation
white t-shirts for men (don’t forget the pack of cigarettes   throughout New York State. My county, Broome County,
to roll in the sleeve) while this year in Niagara Falls you   was one of the hardest hit areas. We made the national
saw cowboy boots, cowboy hats, bandanas, western              news on television. On page 10 Kristy Barton gives some
shirts, jeans and skirts to name a few. The court clerks      informational help to all those courts that were affected.
were greeted at the door and offered up a cowboy hat and      If you were one of the unfortunate courts affected by the
a bandana. Red-checkered tablecloths garnered the tables      flood and want to share your story, please contact me!
and the chow lines for dinner with a menu that consisted
                                                              In this issue we have an easy to follow guide for
of western delights. You’d find ‘Cooky’ in the back of the
                                                              implementing and using credit cards for payments as well as
room ready at one of the chow lines in the room waiting
                                                              reconciling your bank statement, complete with a sample
to slice up the western beef or turkey to your liking. I
                                                              form. This piece was “written by a court clerk — for a court
could have sworn I tasted rattlesnake from one of the
                                                              clerk.” See page 20 for this helpful training article by
chafing dishes! Dessert of petit fours and mini cupcakes
                                                              Stephanie Timms-Austen of the Town of Pleasantville.
topped off the meal. Line dancing and karaoke finished
off the evening that was enjoyed by all. It was a nice        Don’t forget that the Association of Towns Training is at
release and I know many of the court clerks hope this         the Hilton this year, NOT the Sheraton as it has been in
trend of themed inspired banquets continues.                                             the past. Be sure to go to the
                                                                                         Association of Towns link
Do you know any court clerk that has never missed
                                                                                         for the registration forms at
attending our annual conference for 19 years? Well you
                                                                                and click
will be introduced to one. Her name is Ann Raskowski
                                                                                         the Links tab.
from the Town of Ulster and she was honored as the Court
Clerk of the Year. See page 7.                                                            Janet Smith, Docket Editor
The Annual Award was bestowed on the Honorable David                                      Town of Chenango
Gideon for his participation in training Court Clerks                                     1529 NY RT 12
throughout the state. Judge Gideon is appreciative of the                                 Binghamton, NY 13901
position “Court Clerk” and has always been one of our                                     (607) 648-8565 Ext. 202
advocates. See page 9 for more about Judge Gideon.

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                                                                                              January 2012 - The Docket

        LETTER TO THE EDITOR                                                IN MEMORIAM
        ernon Village Court

                                                                   emembering Greta, granddaughter of Peg Palmer,
        8 Ruth Street, PO Box 8, Vernon, New York 13476
        Phone: 315.829.2489 • Fax: 315.829.2747
        William W. Osborne, Village Justice
                                                             R     NYSAMCC Past President.

                                                             Greta Elinor Lindboom was in this world but a short time
                                                             and at age nine, passed away on November 14, 2011
06 October 2011                                              with her family by her side. She is survived by her
                                                             parents, Jon and Dawn Lindboom; sister, Elsa Lindboom;
Ms. Judy Bromley, NYSAMCC President
                                                             grandmother, Elinor Lindboom; grandparents, Donald
Village of Scarsdale Court
                                                             and Margaret Palmer; aunts, uncles, cousins and a
1001 Post Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583
                                                             community of friends and supporters.
Dear Ms. Bromley,
                                                             Our Prayers and thoughts are with Peg and her family
I am a Court Clerk for the Village of Vernon in Oneida
County. The Court Clerk’s Conference in September in
Niagara Falls, NY was the fourth conference I have
attended and definitely the best.
                                                                     FREE DOCKET BOOKS
This letter is to acknowledge and applaud everyone who
helped make this conference the success it was. In
                                                                   he Town of Newburgh is in possession of brand
conversation with other Clerks, tenure varying from one
to over 20 years, everyone I spoke with learned
something in every class they attended. That says a lot!
Congratulations to the NYSAMCC Board, the Conference
                                                             T     new docket books that we would be happy to
                                                                   donate to a Court that is in need of them.
                                                             We have 3 Justice Civil Docket; 2 Simplified Criminal
                                                             Docket; 2 Simplified Motor Vehicle Docket and 1 Dog
Organizers, and all of the Instructors for a job more than
well done!                                                   Case Docket.
Sincerely,                                                   An interested Court can reach us at:
Lisa M. VanTress, Vernon Village Court Clerk                 Town of Newburgh Justice Court
                                                             311 Rt. 32, Newburgh, NY 12550
                                                             or by phone at: (845) 561-7161 x 204.

     Web Addresses for Judges and Clerks
          New York State Magistrates Association:               $$ PINS AND DECALS $$
                         Display our Association with pride!
                New York State Association
             of Magistrates Court Clerks, Inc.:                          The purchase price is
                                                                       three dollars for pins and
                                                                     two dollars for window decals.
                                                                   Pins and decals will be available
    There is a location change for the for 2012
    Association of Towns Classes! Classes for both the            at the conference or see the order
    Court Clerks and Judges will be held at the Hilton,           form in this issue of The Docket.
    NOT the Sheraton!

     The minutes of the Annual General Assembly Meeting are no longer printed in The Docket.
                         They will be available at
                                   Denise Cookingham, NYSAMCC Secretary

January 2012 - The Docket

                                                                            CLERK CHATTER
                                         MEMBERSHIP REPORT
        iagara Falls was the site of the 31st Annual New        a professional and knowledgeable manner when procedures

N       York State Association of Magistrates Court Clerks
        Conference. The membership count over the past
two years has been up and down like a seesaw. For year
                                                                must be followed. The Docket is an excellent source of
                                                                information for the court clerk to have on hand.
                                                                Do you know that there are over 1200 Town and Village
2009, the total membership was 1126; for year 2010,             Courts within the State of New York? We are now
well over 1200. We were so excited that there was a             approaching one court clerk per court within the State.
significant increase. But alas, the year 2011 found many        However we know that many courts have several court
Towns and Villages and several State agencies struggling        clerks who are members of the Association. With this in
with their budgets such that some personnel were                mind, we ask – WHERE ARE THE CLERKS who have not
victims of cutbacks. Consequently, the Association’s            joined the Association? The new calendar year is fast
membership decreased.                                           approaching and the new enrollment period will open. All
As of April 2011, there were 968 members, 26 retirees           current members as of the record date, September 2,
and 50 new or first-time registrants. However, by               2011, will be sent the enrollment package during the
September 25, 2011 at the Annual Conference the total           months of January and February 2012. I encourage you to
increased by 85 members, 30 of whom were retirees.              return the enrollment documents and your payment as
                                                                soon thereafter as possible. The membership fee for a
We now have more clerks joining this professional and
                                                                calendar year is $35.00 per member and for retirees,
prestigious Association as the economy slowly rebounds. In
                                                                $17.50. It is very important for you as a professional court
many instances court clerks have heard about the benefits
                                                                clerk to avail yourself of all the benefits of this Association.
enjoyed by other court clerks who are members, such as
                                                                See page 24 of this issue of he Docket for the Association
participating in the election process where clerks decide
                                                                Membership Application.
who will be an official on the Executive Board. All members
are entitled to receive a hard copy of the magazine for         To each of you, my Committee and I wish you a very
clerks – THE DOCKET! This magazine has now become a             HAPPY AND PROPEROUS NEW YEAR!
collector’s item among court clerks, especially since it is                             Respectfully submitted,
published in glossy color. Members continually network                                  Velma Richardson
with each other. There are times when new legislation                                   NYSAMCC First Vice President
evolves and assistance is needed in handling questions that                             & Membership Chairperson
arise. Not only do the clerks need to stay on top of the                                (516) 487-0775 x110
changes in the laws, they also have to assist their Judges
                                                                                        Membership Committee: Denise
with the administration of them. In many instances, the
                                                                                        Cornick, Dawn Marie Klingner,
clerk is the first person that the defendant may come in
                                                                                        Ramona Persan, Sandra Schweit
contact with when the new laws are applied. Our Judges
                                                                                        and Maryann Baake.
must have confidence in us clerks to represent the courts in

                                       CONFERENCE CHATTER
         ell, it’s hard to believe the holidays are upon us     Many commented that our themed country night was

W        and another fall conference is behind us. I would
         like to sincerely thank all of those that helped to
make this year’s conference in Niagara Falls a success. We
                                                                a great addition this year. We were able to learn a bit
                                                                of country line dancing from our dance instructors
                                                                and the DJ with karaoke was a lot of fun. It gave us all
had over 200 clerks in attendance and have heard some           an opportunity kick back or should I say “kick up our
wonderful feedback from our members. Considering the            boots” after a full day of classes, and a few even took
current financial situation we are all facing, it is great to   to the microphone for a bit of karaoke. The pressure’s
see so many of our members in attendance and so many            on the committee to see what next year’s theme will
municipalities supporting our education.                        be in Albany.
For those of you that weren’t able to attend, we welcomed       As with each conference we look to your suggestions and
three new members to the Board at our joint installation        comments to help us improve upon future conferences,
banquet with the Judges. Gillian Moore, Debbie Newham           so keep the information coming!
and our Court Clerk of the Year Annie Raskoskie were all        Julie Gansle, NYSAMCC Third Vice President
elected as our newest Directors. In addition, Denise            Town of Colonie Court Clerk
Cookingham was elected Secretary. Congratulation to             Conference Chairperson
you all and I look forward to working with each of you.
                                                                                                  January 2012 - The Docket

         EDUCATION REPORT                                             SCHOLARSHIP REPORT
       appy New Year 2012 to all and I hope you enjoyed                e had a wonderful turn out of applications this

H      a wonderful and blessed Holiday Season.

I am so excited and thrilled to report that the Niagara
                                                               W       past year for the Scholarship Program! We
                                                                       awarded three scholarships, which gave three
                                                               very deserving clerks the opportunity to attend the
Falls Conference in October was a huge success !!!             Annual Conference held in Niagara Falls!
Besides all of the fun things that were planned after          Our winners this year were:
classes, we had great comments on the subjects that were       Valerie Craig, Ulster Town Court, Ulster County
given and attendance was super.
                                                               Anne Marie Ogle, Ellenville Village Court, Ulster County
As always, we all wish there was more time for longer
                                                               Linda Becker, Newfield Town Court, Tompkins County
classes and larger classrooms and that just isn’t always
possible given the location of the conferences and the         Each winner was introduced at the Annual Meeting of
venues that could accommodate the judges and the               the NYS Association of Magistrates Court Clerks, Inc.,
clerks, however, all in all we had great comments from         and asked to tell a little bit about themselves along with
the clerks on Appeals, Dangerous Dogs, Domestic                what they felt when they were selected as a scholarship
Violence and Orders of Protection, Managing Court              winner. Throughout the conference we would get input
Records, Access to Court Records, Criminal Procedure           from each of the winners on their experiences and what
Law, the new class “ How to Do That”, DWI/Leandra’s            they each thought of the material being presented. One
Law, TSLED/E-Tickets, CDR’s and E-Justice. Those are           consistent comment that they all expressed was that the
just a few that were mentioned.                                selection of classes was fantastic and that everyone was
                                                               extremely helpful.
The education committee is now preparing for the NYC,
Association of Towns training in February and will be          This is a wonderful tool (the scholarship program) that
heading up some new subjects.                                  we as a committee are diligently continuing to perfect
                                                               and streamline. Our Conference in Potsdam now
                                                               includes a Scholarship opportunity. This Scholarship is
                                                               in honor of the Magistrates 100th year and will be
a ‘subject to change’ schedule on page 27 of this issue of
                                                               offered annually. This gives another great opportunity
The Docket.
                                                               for our fellow clerks who are unable to attend
This year we are looking to offer you Ethics, Village          educational training. At this time I would like to thank
Ordinances/Parking Tickets, T-Sled/E-Tickets, DWI-             my Committee Members Ramona Persan, Maryann
Leandra’s Law/IID, Small Claims/Civil and Summary              Baake, and Jill Bodie who helped with the selection
Proceedings, Appeals, CDR’s Jury Trials, Criminal              process, which by the way is never easy!
Procedure Law, Digital Recorders, Access To Court
                                                               For those eligible clerks please apply, for those clerks who
Records, Fiscal Responsibility, DV/OP’s E-Justice,
                                                               may know of an eligible clerk in a neighboring Town or
Dangerous Dogs and Ask The Resource Center.
                                                               Village please spread the news!
Those are the subjects we would like to offer the clerks,
                                                               Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact any
but please keep in mind that due to the scheduling
                                                               member of the committee; we look forward to hearing
difficulty that goes with using our State Instructors, we
                                                               from you!
cannot post the ‘true’ schedule at this time.
                                                               Terri Bolt, Committee Chairperson
It is always a wonderful time to get your training in, at a
                                                               Jill Bodie, Committee Chairperson
terrific location, with so much to do after classes.
                                                               Ramona Persan, Committee Member
So in short — I hope to see a large crowd, filled classrooms   Maryann Baake, Committee Member
                      and a very successful training
                      session in “Old New York”.........
                      Respectfully submitted,                        JUNE 2012 DOCKET DEADLINE IS
                      Maria C. Burns
                      NYSAMCC Second Vice President                               APRIL 30, 2012
                      & Education Chairperson
                                                                  Please send inquiries and information to

January 2012 - The Docket

                                                                        CLERK CHATTER
                            2011 COURT CLERK OF THE YEAR
      he 2011 Court Clerk of the Year is Annie                      Message from the Court Clerk of the Year...

T     Raskoskie, Town of Ulster. Annie has been a Court
      Clerk for 19 years. The award was given at the
NYSAMCC Annual Conference held at the Holiday Inn in
                                                             A      I know there were clerks that were unable to
                                                                    attend this year’s conference so at this time I want
                                                             say thank you to all. Being named Court Clerk of the Year
Niagara Falls on September 25, 2011.                         was such a great honor. There are so many clerks that are
Annie’s daughter Kathy along with granddaughters Alysha      deserving of this award, so, to be chosen by my peers
and Kaylee, as well as Jeff Layman, Rod Purvis, the Hon.     means so much to me. I have been a clerk for 19 years in
Susan Kesick and husband Paul with granddaughter             the Town of Ulster Court and although there are times I’d
Kennedy, Hon. Marsha Weiss, Co-Clerks Suzanne Platte         like to say I’VE HAD ENOUGH! Then there is this person
and Valerie Craig, and Hon. Paula Leonard proudly            that you have been trying to help with an issue on either
watched as Annie accepted her award at the banquet.          their driving record or rap sheet that says to you, “you
                                                             have been so helpful, I can’t thank you enough,” that
Unable to attend the ceremony, but there in spirit, were
                                                             makes it all worthwhile.
daughter Holly, grandchildren Russell Felter, Parako
Purvis-Oneil, and co-clerks Leanne Buchinger, Pat Ligner     This year was a double header for me. I was also elected
and Paula America.                                           as a Director of the NYSAMCC. I have been very fortunate
                                                             to have been able to attend our conference every year
The Town of Ulster Court is one of the busiest Town
                                                             since 1992. I hope to give back to this great organization
Courts in Ulster County. Annie is the Chief Clerk/Office
                                                             some of what I have gotten out of it for the past 19 years.
Manager, overseeing 3 full time and 2 part time Clerks.
                                                             I am looking forward to working with and for everyone.
She has been a member of the NYSAMCC for 19 years and
has attended every conference during her tenure.             Thank You, Annie Raskoskie
                                                             NYSAMCC Director & Town of Ulster Court Clerk
Annie and co-workers saw the need for a local
organization in 1993 and started the Ulster County Court
Clerks Association. Annie is a charter member. At the
inception she was elected treasurer and held that position
for two years. In 2010, Annie was elected President and
continues in that position today.
Annie is a model Court Clerk for all Town and Village
Court Clerks to emulate. She is knowledgeable, respectful,
professional, courteous, approachable and most of all,
dedicated to her profession. Congratulations Annie!
Submitted by Barbara Hodom                                                          Annie Raskoskie accepting
NYSAMCC Past President                                                              Award from Barbara Hodom.

  Please keep us informed of any changes that have happened in you court!
                         Send your information on changes in staff or court information to:
                              Email: OR Fax: (516) 872-3819
  You may also complete this form and send it to: NYSAMCC, 75 West Fairview Avenue, Valley Stream, NY 11580


  New Court Clerk:______________________________________________________________________________________

  Retired Court Clerk: __________________________________________________________________________________

  New Court Address: __________________________________________________________________________________

  Other: ______________________________________________________________________________________________
                                              THANK YOU!

                                                                                            January 2012 - The Docket

                          FROM THE DESK OF TINA RICHBERG
      egarding the reason that courts (clerks and judges)     • If anyone calls you to find out if the prints you did

R     need to be fingerprinted.
      This is in response to a federal mandate that will be
implemented at some point in 2012, anyone who
                                                                were acceptable, etc. they have to personally call
                                                                FBI Customer Service Group at (304) 625-5590. The
                                                                customer service rep will ask you for your social
accesses criminal history must be printed. Prints must be       security number as well as your own court’s ORI
submitted to and processed by the FBI. Access to                number among other identifying information. They will
criminal history includes not only those that actually run      confirm the status of your prints to you on the phone.
a criminal history on legacy eJusticeNY, but also the         • If a judge or court clerk has any questions about being
judges that will view it and even if a person’s only            printed for this requirement, they can call DCJS’
function is to go into the criminal inbox and print off the     customer contact number: 1-800-262-3257.
rap sheet, they need to be fingerprinted as well. “Access”
to criminal history is quite broad.                           • The most common question we get in our office today
                                                                is “I have already been printed for something else (gun
Before the mandate goes into effect, DCJS is being                                   permit, another job etc), do I need
proactive and informing agencies about this so that there                            to get printed again?” The answer
will not be a cost to them to be printed. Once the mandate                           is YES. But most don’t believe it.
goes into effect, there will be a cost associated with it.                           So, it’s better that they go right to
They will need to be printed on FBI cards and we have                                the source.
those if you want someone to bring those to a training
session or meeting where you set up a local fingerprinting                           Tina Richburg,
session. The prints would then need to be returned to                                Senior Management Analyst
DCJS and the civil unit would process them to the FBI.                               CDR Unit at OCA

Misc. information
• Processed print cards are to be mailed to:                        For answers to DCJS questions call
  Division of Criminal Justice Services
  Civil Fingerprinting — ATTN: Ann Sammon                             DCJS CUSTOMER CONTACT CENTER:
  4 Tower Place, 6th Floor, Albany, NY 12203                            1-800-262-DCJS (3257)

                              JUST FOR FUN WORD JUMBLE #8
Unscramble these 5 jumbles, one letter for each square to form 5 words. Again this is just for fun-so enjoy!!

LX    A    R   E                     __   __   __   __   __
E S   H    N   N I S U               __   __   __   __   __ __ __ __
CN    O    T   V A A I               __   __   __   __   __ __ __ __
AE    N    C   O                     __   __   __   __   __
RA    D    M   E B U                 __   __   __   __   __ __ __
Now arrange the circled letters above to form the answer to the statement below.

“YOU CAN TAKE ONE FROM NEW YORK CITY!!”                  __   __ __ __ __ __ __ !!!
Submitted by Denise Cookingham, NYSAMCC Secretary & Town of Mamaroneck Court Clerk

                                                              YOU CAN TAKE ONE FROM NEW YORK CITY!! A CRUISE!!!
                                                                             Answers to the “Just For Fun Word Jumble #8”

January 2012 - The Docket

                             CONGRATULATIONS JUDGE GIDEON!
       t our Annual Fall Convention held in Niagara Falls           he following are The Real Definition of Words

A      the New York State Association of Magistrates
       Court Clerks, Inc., bestowed our Special Award
upon the Honorable David Gideon. It is given annually to
                                                              T     When Used by a Court Clerk to a Judge (according
                                                                    to Judge Gideon) and we had the pleasure of
                                                              hearing these definitions first hand when Judge Gideon
exceptional individuals who have made contributions           accepted his award at the NYSAMCC Annual Fall
towards the growth of the organization and/or education of    Conference. As you will be able to see, this judge
it’s members.                                                 certainly knows his place…
Judge Gideon currently presides as Town Justice in the        1. Fine: I am right. This argument is over. You need to
Town of DeWitt and serves as a Director on the Board of                shut up.
the New York State Magistrates Association. He is
Principle Law Clerk for the Honorable James C. Tormey,        2. That’s Okay: One of the most dangerous statements a
III, Administrative Judge for the Fifth Judicial District             Court Clerk can make to a Judge. “That’s okay”
Office and is Past President of the Onondaga County                   means the Clerk wants to think hard and long
Magistrate’s Association.                                             before deciding when and how the Judge will pay
                                                                      for the mistake.
Judge Gideon has participated in many community
affiliations and is currently a Board Member and              3. Nothing: The calm before the storm. This means
Instructor for the Onondaga County Youth Court,                      “something” and you better be on your toes. Note:
Instructor for the NYSAMCC, Senior Faculty Member for                Arguments that start with “nothing” usually ends
the New York State Office of Court Administration, Town              with “fine.” (See #1)
& Village Justice Education and Administration, and           4. Five Minutes: If preparing for Court, this means half an
participates on statewide video conferences.                          hour. (Don’t be mad about this, it’s the same
With all of these accolades/commitments does Judge                    definition for the Judge when it’s his/her turn to
Gideon have time for any fun?? You bet!! He is an avid                get a written decision done, but the Judge will
golfer and enjoys being out on the “green” when ever he               take weeks letting the Clerk take irate calls from
can. He is also devoted to his Court Clerks and supports              the litigants.)
the interest of Clerks throughout the State. He has a keen
                                                              5. Thanks: A Clerk is thanking you. Do not question this
understanding of the jobs that we do and the never ending
                                                                     or faint. Just say “You’re welcome,” and let it go.
workload, dedication and struggles that we Court Clerks
go through everyday. He is approachable and always            6. Loud Sigh: Not actually a word but rather a non-verbal
greets you with a smile! We clerks are so fortunate to have          statement often misunderstood by the Judge. It
such a wonderful Judge and wonderful man, who cares so               means the Clerk thinks the Judge is an idiot and
deeply for the Court Clerks!! Yes, we have found another             wonders why he/she is standing here wasting
“Knight in shining armor!”                                           his/her time arguing with the Judge about
Submitted by Terri Bolt, NYSAMCC Past President                      “nothing.” (See #3)
                                                              7. Go Ahead: This is a dare, not permission. (Don’t do it!)
                                                              8. Don’t Worry About It, I Got It: The second most
                                                                     dangerous statement a Clerk can make. It means
                                                                     that the Clerk has asked a Judge several times to
                                                                     do something and is now frustrated.
                                                              9. Whatever – See #1
                                                              10. I Don’t Care – See #6

                                                              Judge Gideon accepting his award, given to
                                                              individuals who have made exceptional
                                                              contributions to the NYSAMCC organization and/or
                                                              education of its members, from Joyce Mahoney,
                                                              NYSAMCC Past President.

                                                                                              January 2012 - The Docket

                           WHAT’S ALL THE BUZZ ABOUT IN THE RECORDS ROOM?
                                      he devastating effects     workshops online. For more information about the

                              T       of recent natural
                                      disasters are being felt
                            in many courts across New York
                                                                 LGRMIF Grant and workshops available in your area
                                                                 please visit the NYS Archives home page:
                          State. If your court was affected,     Please Note: If you are awarded a grant through the NYS
                        it is important to take action as        Archives you must follow both NYS Archive’s and Unified
soon as possible. If court records were damaged, caring for      Court System’s Policies and Guidelines.
them quickly is the best way to avoid any long term
                                                                 For a Listing of Regional Advisory Officers, go to:
damage. It is important to remember that court records are
vital to personal lives and institutional operations. They
also provide documentation of the State’s social and legal
history. Despite the fact that it may appear your records
are damaged beyond repair, please do not dispose of them.        IMPORTANT REMINDERS!
In most cases, the damaged records can be cleaned, dried
                                                                 The Office of Records Management has guidelines for
and restored to their original condition. Restoring your
                                                                 electronic and micrographic records. These guidelines are
court records is an important responsibility. Please contact
                                                                 outlined on our website as Policy #3 Micrographics
The Office of Records Management for a list of vendors that
                                                                 Guidelines and Policy #9 Guidelines for Electronic
can assist you in restoring your court records.
                                                                 Records. Many courts have recently applied for grant
The Office of Records Management is here to assist you in        funds to scan or microfilm their court records. Courts
a variety of ways depending upon the severity of the             awarded grant funds from LGRMIF or JCAP should
damage. If your court is in need of assistance, please           contact our office before starting a conversion project. For
contact Kristy Barton at (518) 238-4327 or our main              more information check out Policy #3 Micrographics
office at (212) 428-2875.                                        Guidelines and Policy #9 Guidelines for Electronic
The New York State Archives can also offer you assistance        Records at:
with disaster recovery. The Local Government Records   
Management Improvement Fund offers Disaster Recovery             policies.shtml
Grants. For more information please contact your NYS             Courts wishing to destroy ANY records must first submit a
Archives Regional Advisory Officer.                              Records Disposition Request (RDR) form. A separate RDR
For a complete listing of State Archives disaster services       form is required for each record series title and record
and resources, go to:                                            series number.        Courts looking to replace paper records with electronic
                                                                 records must submit an Electronic Certification form in
                                                                 addition to the RDR form. The form must be completed by
2012-2013 LGRMIF Grant Information
                                                                 the court and the representative maintaining the
*Applications are currently available online*
                                                                 electronic records. Courts looking to replace paper
The Local Government Records Management                          records with microfilm must submit Microfilm Quality
Improvement Fund (LGRMIF) is a grant offered by the New          Testing Report along with the RDR.
York State Archives for records management projects and
                                                                 Forms may be submitted by fax, mail or by scanning to an
is awarded to local governments as a whole. In order to
                                                                 e-mail address.
apply, you will need to work with your town or village clerk
as well as your NYS Archives regional advisor. The NYS           FAX: (212) 428-2880
Archives has developed an e-grant system which allows            MAIL: Office of Court Administration
online applications. If you are interested in applying for             Division of Professional and Court Services
this grant contact your records management officer.                    Office of Records Management
The NYS Archives also offers workshops that help with the              25 Beaver Street - Room 883
application process as well as workshops on specific areas             New York, New York 10004
of records management You can register for these free            EMAIL:

January 2012 - The Docket

When we receive your request to destroy records, we            We value your comments and suggestions. If you have
always try to respond as quickly as possible. Please be        questions regarding records management or would like
aware the normal turnaround time for your records              to schedule training, please contact Kristy Barton at
disposition requests is 2-3 weeks. Plan accordingly when       (518) 238-4327 or email her at:
scheduling your records destruction day. If there is an                     
emergency situation please contact our office. Also, be                             You may contact our main office
sure to allow more time when requesting to dispose of                               at (212) 428-2875 or email us at
fiscal records as they require approval from both our office              
and the NYS Office of The State Comptroller.
Retention schedules, forms, and training materials can be
found on our website:

                                       NOTICE & REMINDER
                                   LOCATION CHANGE for
               2012 Association of Towns Classes!
        Classes for both the Court Clerks and Judges will be held at the Hilton,
                                               NOT the Sheraton!

                                  L a w         B o o k          C o m p a n y

                                                                                            January 2012 - The Docket

                                   SIT IN CLASS OR SIT JAIL
        oes receiving a fine really teach those who         on occupations, such as plumbing, flooring, or

D       violate the law a lesson? Does it really prevent
        them from doing the same thing again? Would
they be better off sitting in jail? Judge David Mathis of
                                                            contractor work. Other options, besides vocational
                                                            training include but are not limited to obtaining a GED,
                                                            attending community college, or even joining the
the Saratoga Town Court, Saratoga, New York, says,          military. Sampson and Laub address the issue of life
“How about education?” Recently he has been                 trajectories in relation to crime in their article, “Crime
changing up the traditional ways of sentencing. Often       and Deviance in the Life Course.” They state, “Social
times, he now gives an educational alternative to fines     institutions and triggering life events that may modify
or jail time to certain non-violent defendants whom he      trajectories include school, work, the military,
feels education would benefit.                              marriage, and parenthood” (Sampson, 66). The
                                                            modification of a life trajectory can lead to crime or
The typical defendants who receive the educational          steer one away from crime. The life events listed above
option are younger defendants who have previously           are more likely to place an individual on a crime free
dropped out of school and are unemployed. High              path. Judge Mathis, through the educational alternative
school dropout rates and unemployment rates among           is therefore aiming to modify the life trajectory of these
these dropouts have become national problems. Over          individuals to one that does not include criminal
seven thousand students in the United States drop out       actions and results in productive citizens within the
of high school daily, which results in approximately 1.3    community. Both judges at the Saratoga Town Court
million dropouts every year (Alliance for Excellent         tend to give non-traditional sentences and assign
Education). Of these dropouts, many are unemployed.         community service often. An example of this would be
The unemployment rate in 2008 for high school               assigning five hours community service, consisting of
dropouts was 54%, considerably higher than their            washing and waxing fire trucks, instead of assigning a
peers who successfully graduated (Sum, 3). High             fine for a seat belt or cell phone usage ticket. The
school dropouts are typically given the option by the       community service teaches responsibility and the
judge of getting their GED or some type of vocational
                                                            consequences for not living up to these responsibilities
training. The unemployed high school graduates can
                                                            (not completing the community service) can result in
start college, gain career skills through vocational
                                                            serious consequences, such as a license suspension.
training, or simply get a job.
                                                            As an intern I have witnessed this type of sentencing
When these defendants state that they do not have a
                                                            and its effects on defendants first hand. The Saratoga
job, Judge Mathis thinks of the question, “Who is going
                                                            Town Court runs a great internship program that offers
to pay the fine then?” Typically the parent(s) of the
                                                            students from twelve high schools, seven colleges/
defendant end up with this burden. This makes one
                                                            universities, and one law school an opportunity to
wonder whether or not the young man or woman is
                                                            explore the judicial system. The interns work directly
really affected by this fine. The defendant does not take
                                                            with Judge Ditch and Judge Mathis, as well as the court
personal responsibility and accountability for their
                                                            clerks. Interns perform various secretarial work,
actions when it is being paid by a third party, which
                                                            research legislation, read cases, and interact with
minimizes the effect of the fine. Many times Judge
                                                            defendants. Some of the interaction with defendants
Mathis will leave out the option of a fine because of his
                                                            includes assisting them with public defender
knowledge of the individual’s inability to pay and
                                                            applications, signing them up for speed school (another
simply give them the option of education or jail time.
                                                            wonderful program run by the court), and making
Although they are often reluctant, most choose
                                                            phone calls to them for various reasons. Every Tuesday
education in this scenario.
                                                            during court an intern sits on the bench with the
The proscribed education varies depending upon the          presiding judge to look up the fines and surcharges for
individual defendant. Sometimes there are defendants        each sentence and takes notes for the court clerk. Each
whose mental abilities are limited and others who have      intern is also assigned one or more research projects, as
already achieved certain levels of education. Vocational    well as various writing assignments throughout their
training is one option offered which seems to be            term. I personally worked on a domestic violence
feasible, even for those who have mental limitations or     project, analyzing data from cases that have come
limited financial means. Those who are unemployed           through the Saratoga Town Court in order to generalize
or minimally employed but have developmental                about the characteristics of the crime, complainants,
disabilities could possibly be successful in some hands-    and offenders. This data is currently being used to

January 2012 - The Docket

                     SIT IN CLASS OR SIT JAIL ... CONTINUED
implement a Domestic Violence Court. Another                “The Economic Benefits From Halving The Dropout
research project I worked on is a statewide court           Rate: A Boom To Businesses In The Nation’s Largest
clerk survey. This was created to come up with a            Metropolitan Areas.” Alliance for Excellent Education.
generalization about the characteristics of court clerks,   <>.
their role in the court, and their interactions with
others in and out of the court room. Once completed, it     “The Consequences of Dropping Out of High School:
will hopefully add valuable information to a limited        Joblessness and Jailing for High School Dropouts
field of data on these individuals and their function in    and the High Cost for Taxpayers.” Sum, Andrew
the judicial system.                                        and associates. Center for Labor Market Studies.
                                                            Northeastern University. Boston, Massachusetts.
The internship program at the Saratoga Town Court is        October 2009.
a great opportunity for young individuals to gain
experience, knowledge, and contacts in the legal            Sampson, Robert J. and John H. Laub. “Crime and
community. I am currently a senior at Siena College         Deviance in the Life Course.” Annual Review of
and am receiving credit for completing the internship.      Sociology, vol. 18, (1992), pp. 63-84.
The internship is a great hands-on approach to gaining      Submitted By Ashley Towne
vital knowledge about the judicial processes. The           Saratoga Town Court Intern with Siena College
judges and court officials are very dedicated to
providing education to their community. They not
only provide it for the interns, but now with this            When you make a mistake, admit it.
alternative sentencing program they can provide it for        If you don’t, you only make matters worse.
defendants too.
                                                                                                 — Ward Cleaver

                                                                                         January 2012 - The Docket

      elow is a list of the current NYSAMCC Committees and the members they are comprised of for the coming

B     year. Keep in mind that the NYSAMCC, Inc. is always looking for willing and able persons to act on these
      committees. Contact any member of the committee you are interested in serving on ...

EDUCATION                   PARLIAMENTARY               NOMINATIONS                  PROGRAM
Maria Burns*                Julie Gansle*               Mary Shufelt*                Linda McCartney*
Velma Richardson            Maryann Baake               Maryann Baake                Maria Burns
Julie Gansle                Ramona Persan               Linda McCartney              Julie Gansle
Gillian Moore               Peg Palmer                  Janet Smith                  Debra Newham
Dawn Marie Klingner         Terri Bolt                  Dawn Marie Klingner          Barbara Hodom
Denise Cookingham                                                                    Richard Szarowicz
Anna Raskoskie              CONFERENCE                  PUBLICITY/MEDIA
Sandra Schweit              Julie Gansle*               Janet Smith*                 RESOLUTIONS
Terri Bolt                  Linda McCartney*            Terri Bolt                   Velma Richardson*
Janet Smith                 Velma Richardson            Denise Cornick               Richard Szarowicz
                            Maria Burns                 Dawn Marie Klingner          Anna Raskoskie
DOCKET                      Ramona Persan               Sandy Schweit                Terri Bolt
Janet Smith*                Denise Cookingham                                        Janet Smith
Terri Bolt                  Anna Raskoskie              FINANCE/BUDGET
Ramona Persan               Dawn Marie Klingner         Ramona Persan*               AWARDS
Denise Cookingham           Richard Szarowicz           Sandra Schweit               Barbara Hodom*
Gillian Moore               Janet Smith                 Debbie Newham                Mary Shufelt
Debbie Newham               Gillian Moore               Denise Cookingham            Anna Raskoskie
                            Maryann Baake               Anna Raskoskie               Denise Cornick
Debra Newham*               SCHOLARSHIP                 MEMBERSHIP                   HISTORIAN
Julie Gansle                Debbie Newham*              Velma Richardson*            Barbara Hodom*
Denise Cornick              Gillian Moore               Ramona Persan                Julie Gansle
Gillian Moore               Ramona Persan               Denise Cornick               Joyce Mahoney
Anna Raskoskie              Sandy Schweit               Dawn Marie Klingner          Peg Palmer
Linda McCartney             Mary Shufelt                Maryann Baake                Richard Szarowicz
                                                        Sandra Schweit
LEGISLATION                 ETHICS                                                   AUDIT
Richard Szarowicz           Denise Cookingham*          HEALTH/ETC.                  Sandra Schweit
Velma Richardson            Ramona Persan               Denise Cookingham*           Denise Cornick
Debbie Newham               Joyce Mahoney               Anna Raskoskie               Maryann Baake
Mary Shufelt                Terri Bolt                  Gillian Moore                Dawn Marie Klingner
Denise Cornick              Janet Smith                 Dawn Marie Klingner          Mary Shufelt
Joyce Mahoney                                           Debbie Newham                Peg Palmer
January 2012 - The Docket


                           January 2012 - The Docket


January 2012 - The Docket


         January 2012 - The Docket

 MEET YOUR NEWLY ELECTED                                            COLORGUARD FROM
    NYSAMCC OFFICERS                                              GRAND ISLAND, TROOP A

(Left to right) Gillian Moore, Director,                     (Left to right) Trooper Brian McCloud, Trooper Joseph
Annie Raskowski, Director, Denise Cookingham,                Raimondi and Trooper Bradley Gulczewski.
Secretary and Debra Newham, Director.


In case you didn’t catch them ... those court clerks were at it again, for the third year in a row, with new t-shirts
at the NYSAMCC Annual Conference. The courtroom humor courtesy of Tina Cox, Town of Ira and Wendy Bates,
Town of Weedsport, has officially branched out this year with Angela Skellington, Town of Brutus and
Vicky Coraci, Town of Aurelius. Is it contagious? If so, what will 2013 bring??

January 2012 - The Docket

                                              UPDATED ACRONYMS
        ere is the annual updated acronyms (to replace the January 2011) listing that a court clerk may encounter during the

        course of the day. Thank you to all those that submitted updates and additions. If you have an acronym to add to this
        list, please send it to — please be sure to type the word “acronym” in the subject line.
            Court Control Number (also CCN & CJTN)                   i.e.,      that is
ACD/ACOD    Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal                IID        Ignition Interlock Device
ADA         Assistant District Attorney                              III        Interstate Identification Index
AEYO        Apparent Eligible Youthful Offender                      IND        Indictment
AKA         Also Known As                                            INTERPOL   International Criminal Police Organization
ARI         Agency Record Identifier                                 IYC        Integrated Youth Court
ATF         Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives      MCDV       Misdemeanor Crime of Domestic Violence
AW          Arrest Warrant                                           NCIC       National Crime Information Center
BBO         Bring Back Order                                         NICS       National Instant Criminal Background Check System
BJS         Bureau of Justice Statistics                             NFOP       Non-Family Order of Protection
BOP         Bureau of Prisons                                        NYSDMV     New York State Dept. of Motor Vehicles
Brady Act   Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993            NYSID      New York State Identification Number
BRD         Brady Indicator                                          OCA        Office of Court Administration
BW          Bench Warrant                                            OFF        Offense
CD          Conditional Discharge                                    OOP        Order of Protection
CDR         Criminal Disposition Report                              ORI        Originating Agency Identification Number
CHR         Criminal History Record (Request Notification Message)   OSC        Office of State Comptroller
CHRI        Criminal History Record Information                      PCO        Protection Order Conditions
CJIS        Criminal Justice Information Services Division
                                                                     PD         Public Defender
CJTN        Criminal Justice Tracking Number (also CNN & 501#)
                                                                     PIN        Person in Need
COB         Close of Business
                                                                     PINA       Person in Need of Action
CPL         Criminal Procedure Law
                                                                     PL         Penal Law
CTI         Court ORI
                                                                     PNO        Protection Order Number
CTZ         Citizenship
                                                                     POP        Permanent Order of Protection
CCN         Court Control Number (also CJTN & 501#)
                                                                     POB        Place of Birth
CVAC        Crime Victim Assistance Center
                                                                     PSI        Presentence Investigation
DA          District Attorney
                                                                     SC         Surcharge
DCJS        Division of Criminal Justice Services
                                                                     SCI        Superior Court Information
DDP         Drinking Driving Program
DF          Deported Felon (NCIC)                                    SID        State Identification Number
DOA         Date of Arrest                                           SOC        Social Security Number
DOB         Date of Birth                                            SSN        Social Security Number
DOJ         Department of Justice                                    STF        Suspension Termination Fee/Scoff Termination Fee
DOW         Date of Warrant                                          TASC       Treatment Alternatives for Safer Communities
DRA         Driver’s Responsibility Assessment
                                                                     TOP        Temporary Order of Protection
FBI         Federal Bureau of Investigation
                                                                     TSLED      Traffic Safety Law Enforcement Disposition
FID         Federal Identification Number
                                                                     UCS        Unified Court System
FFL         Federal Firearms Licensee
                                                                     UTT        Uniform Traffic Ticket
FNC         Fine Not Collected
                                                                     VGTOF      Violent Gang and Terrorist Organization File (NCIC)
FNU         FBI Number
                                                                     VOP        Violation of Probation
FOIL        Freedom of Information Law
            (courts are NOT governed by FOIL)                        VTL/V&T    Vehicle and Traffic Law
FOP         Family Order of Protection                               UCMJ       Uniform Code of Military Justice
FPC         Fingerprint Classification                               UD/UCD     Unconditional Discharge
FYI         For your information                                     VA         Department of Veterans Affairs
ICE         Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement            VIP        Victim Impact Panel
IDV Court   Integrated Domestic Violence Court                       YO         Youthful Offender

                                                                                                         January 2012 - The Docket

    n 2007, OCA established a Credit Card Assistance

                                                             doing so because you do not get a signature. Faxing the
    Program for Village and Towns courts. Today over 750     information is acceptable. OCA believes courts should
    courts participate in the OCA/Key Nova credit card       retain the entire mail waiver form, but take steps to
program. Despite its wide use many courts are still          secure the records and make sure the information is not
reluctant to accept credit card payments. Some of the        divulged to the public.
clerks I have had the opportunity to speak with seem to      As a best practice, I always note the type of card used
fear that their court’s monthly report will be “off,” that   when writing receipts: MC for Master Card and VI for
the court fine ledger won’t match the bank statement and     Visa, followed by the last four digits of the credit card.
can’t be reconciled or that credit card transaction errors   This information should also be included in the “Their
will be difficult to correct. Even those clerks who          check number” box when processing the payment in the
normally accept credit cards avoid processing credit card    computer. This will help you locate a problem transaction
payments at the end of the month for the same reasons.       should an error occur. Sometimes the credit information
There is no need to fear credit card payments or limit       given on the form is incorrect or the card is declined or
what days you do transactions. My court has been             expired making it necessary to send another letter asking
accepting credit cards since the program’s inception.        for clarification, SEI has a form for this as well. The
Credit card payments have aided my court immensely           receipts from the payment by mail do not contain the
and made my job easier. Acceptance of credit cards has       card holders name; I usually write the name and docket
sharply reduced the number of outstanding fines owed to      number on the receipt (merchant copy).
the court and cases can now be disposed of more              In order to reduce costs to the state, the credit accounts
efficiently with no adjournments for payment.                for bail have been eliminated. However, you can still take
For this article, I have provided basic information for      a credit card payment for bail by completing the
what is required to manage credit card payments in your      transaction in the courts fine account and asking the judge
court. Once you understand what is involved, you’ll see      to write a check or transfer the deposit to the bail account.
that the process is not at all complicated.
If your court does not currently use credit cards but        CREDIT DEPOSITS
wishes to do so, contact Kevin Reilly at the Resource
                                                             If the credit card or the debit card has a MasterCard or
Center who will give you all the information needed to get
                                                             Visa logo and if they are Key Bank accounts, they will be
started. There is no cost to a municipality participating
                                                             deposited in your court’s bank account within 24 hours;
in this program. Your court will need a fax line and to
                                                             for other banks, monies are deposited with in 48 hours.
complete a questionnaire to begin.
                                                             At the end of the day, you must perform a settlement of all
                                                             the credit transactions done on a particular credit
TAKING CREDIT PAYMENTS                                       terminal. Batching out sends the transactions to the
Credit payments can be taken in person or via mail using     courts bank account. The settlement process breaks down
a mail waiver form for credit information. A form can be     the transactions by the type of card (i.e. MasterCard, Visa)
downloaded from SEI court software program or you can        and the totals for each account (fine, parking or by judge).
create your own form. If you choose to create your own       Even if you forget to do the settlement at the end of the
form, it should include the following information:           day, the terminal will do it automatically (usually around
                                                             11:45 pm.) Add up the totals for each account from your
• A section to note whether the card is Visa or Master
                                                             receipts and verify that the amount matches the total
                                                             before you confirm the batch.
• The card holder’s name.
                                                             Even if you confirm the batch without checking the
• 16-digit credit card number.
                                                             receipts, the terminal will give you a settlement report
• Expiration date.                                           slip that you can double check later.
• Signature as it appears on card.
                                                             You can still enter a bank deposit date even though you
• 3-digit v-code.                                            are not physically taking the payment to the bank. Don’t
Although there is no rule against accepting credit           try to guess when you think the monies from the credit
payments over the phone, OCA strongly advises against        payment will show up in your courts bank account just

January 2012 - The Docket

use the same date you’re using for the cash and check         I recommend that when tallying your courts bank deposits;
deposits in the same batch. Keep the merchant copies          separate the totals of your credit transaction deposits from
and settlement slips with the deposit.                        your physical bank deposits. If using SEI, the credit totals
BILLING STATEMENT                                             for the month will appear on your cashbook report. The
                                                              batch report should line up with the credit deposits listed
A monthly statement and daily batch/settlement reports        on the bank statement; this will allow you to locate any
are available online at A            amounts in transit. Simply note the deposit in transit on
profile must be established for each judge and for each       the reconciliation. If you want confirmation that the credit
account a judge holds. To establish a profile, provide the    transaction has been deposited to your courts bank
following criteria: Merchant ID number (found on the side     account, have your Judge establish web access to the
of the terminal), last four digits of the Judges bank         courts bank account. This will allow you or your judge to
account number, e-mail address and user ID.                   view the transaction history immediately and confirm any
                                                              credit transactions deposited in your courts bank account
CREDIT ERRORS                                                 after the end of the month. If you have a credit card
                                                              payment that was deposited in the wrong account, it’s not
To avoid errors, work slowly when using the credit
                                                              the end of the world. Just ask the judge to write a check or
terminal. Always confirm that you are in the correct
                                                              transfer the money from the wrong account to the correct
account for the transaction you are performing. Is it a
                                                              account. Make a note of any adjustments on the
Fine or a Parking Account? Or Judge A or Judge B? Also,
                                                              reconciliation sheet.
make sure you are entering the correct amounts – should
the amount be $120.00 or $1200?                               Credit payments are helpful to both the court and the
                                                              public. Don’t let a little extra accounting prevent you
If an error should occur, don’t panic, it can be corrected.
                                                              from using this valuable payment option.
If you enter the wrong amount, just use the back arrow to
correct it. Always review the receipt when it comes out of    Stephanie Timm-Austen
the terminal. The receipt will display the name of the        Town of Pleasantville Court Clerk, Westchester County
Judge and the amount; if you examine the receipts closely
you’ll notice that each account has its own merchant ID       The author of this article, Stephanie Timm-Austen
number. The only criticism I have of the terminals is it      was a former Television Producer with Fox’s A
would be helpful if the machine displayed what account        Current Affair and later became a reporter with
you’re in during the transaction. If amount or judge is       Star Magazine. She states “T.V. shows get cancelled,
wrong, click the “More” button on the terminal to void        magazine editors change their staff like diapers
the last transaction and do it again.                         and I had enough of hiding in the bushes and
Once you have completed a transaction, you can check to       wanted to spend more time with my family.” So in
see if it was done correctly by clicking the “Reports”        2003, Stephanie became a part time court clerk
button on the terminal and selecting “Detail Report”.         with the Town of Ossining. In December of 2006,
This will give you the complete details of all the            she took over as Court Clerk for the Village Court
transactions preformed on the terminal before you batch       of Pleasantville (Westchester County) when the
out for the day. If you find an error and you are not sure    former court clerk Terri Spreer retired. “I enjoy the
how to correct it, Key Banks Merchant Connect Services        opportunity to update and improve the court.” “I
(call 1-800-255-8425) can assist you with any problems        feel that being a court clerk is not just a job it’s a
or questions. Have your merchant ID number handy.             responsibility.” Stephanie also states “Court Clerks
                                                              are the backbone of the courts; the efficient
                                                              reporting of dispositions and suspensions directly
                                                              affects public safety.”
To easily reconcile the credit deposits, it is crucial that
you establish online access to your accounts with
Merchant Connect. This will allow you to print                For a sample of a bank reconciliation form see page 22 of
batch/settlement reports listing your credit deposits and     this issue of The Docket.
compare the amounts shown to the courts cashbook
report, ledger and credit deposits on the bank statement

                                                                                              January 2012 - The Docket


                                         BANK RECONCILATION

        FINE ACCOUNT                   #00000000                    JUDGE’S NAME


                  Bank Statement                              Ledger Statement
     Beginning Balance                             Beginning Balance
     Plus Deposits                 +               Plus Bank Deposits         +
                                                   Plus Credit transactions   +
     Total                         =               Subtotal                   =
     Less Disbursements            -               Less Disbursements         -
     Bank Adjustment                               Less Bounced Checks        -
     Ending Balance                =
     Less Bounced Checks           -
     Plus Credit Card In transit   +
     * Less Outstanding Checks     -
     Adjusted Bank Balance         =               Ending Balance             =

     * Outstanding Checks
     Check Number         Amount

     Total                  =

January 2012 - The Docket
                      YORK STAT
                 EW               E
                                                 ASSOCIATION OF TOWNS 2011 TRAINING SCHOOL & ANNUAL MEETING
ASS’N. M                                         February 19 – 22, 2012

                                        , INC.
                                                 Registration Fee: $100 per person prior to January 23, 2012. After

                                                 January 23, 2012, all registrations will be processed on-site at the cost of



           TR                 L
                  ATE       TC
                      C OU R
                                                 $135 per person. Please send one form for EACH room required.

  1               Please Print or Type
  Name ______________________________________________Title __________________________
  Municipality ________________________________________County ________________________
  Address ____________________________________________________________________________
                                                                   (Street or Road, City, State & Zip)

  Daytime Phone (                                           ) ___________________________
   I DO NOT need a Room
   I DO need a Room: (We encourage you to use the online registration/reservation links at

  Do you want a Room Confirmation from the SHERATON: fill in your fax (                                              )______________

  Do you want a Room Confirmation from the HILTON: fill in your email address______________

 2                Other Room Occupants (sharing same room)                                      3   Special Requirements
                                                                                                Handicap Accessible ______________
 Name #2 _____________________Title ______________
                                                                                                Non-Smoking ____________________
 Name #3 _____________________Title ______________                                              Other ____________________________

  4               Hotel Choice/Room Type                                              5   Room Guarantee
                  (Place an X in the box)                                             All rooms MUST be guaranteed with a credit
  Hilton NY                                        Sheraton                         card. **Please note: For the Hilton ONLY, a
                                                                                      one-night deposit will be charged to your
   Single (1 person/1 bed)                                                           credit card immediately upon making your
   Double (2 person/1 bed)                                                           reservation. For ALL hotels: room
                                                                                      reservations will not be processed without
   Double/Double (2 person/2 bed)
                                                                                      the following information.
   Triple (3 person/2 bed)
                                                                                      Type of card ____________________________________
   Quad (4 person/2 bed)
                                                                                      Account # ______________________________________
   1 Bd Suite
                                                                                      Expiration Date __________________________________
  Arrival Date ________ Departure Date________
                                                                                      Cardholder’s Signature ____________________________
  Executive Tower Requested  Yes      No

                              Mail Completed Registration/Reservation Form with the registration fee to:
                                      Association of Towns • 150 State Street, Albany, NY 12207
                                               (518) 465-7933 • Web:

6            Questions? Contact Meeting Coordinator Linda Shannon at the Association of Towns

                                                                                                                  January 2012 - The Docket

                        YORK STAT
                                                      NEW YORK STATE ASSOCIATION
                                                   of MAGISTRATES COURT CLERKS, Inc.
  ASS’N. M

                                          , INC.



             TR                 L
                    ATE       TC
                        C OU R


     FIRST NAME ______________________________________ LAST NAME_______________________________________

     TOWN OF __________________________________ or VILLAGE OF ___________________________________COURT

     COURT ADDRESS ____________________________________________________________________________________

     CITY ________________________________________________________, NY ZIP _______________________________


     COURT PHONE __________________________________________ COURT FAX _______________________________

     EMAIL ADDRESS ____________________________________________________________________________________

     COUNTY OF ________________________________________________________________________________________

     Please complete this section ONLY if you are joining the Association for the first time.

     DATE/YEAR YOU BECAME A COURT CLERK____________________________________________________________

     NAME OF CLERK YOU REPLACED ____________________________________________________________________

     ARE YOU THE CLERK IN MORE THAN ONE COURT?                     YES          NO

     NAME OF OTHER COURT(S) YOU ARE CLERK IN ______________________________________________________

     DESCRIPTION                                                                           ANNUAL $ DUE       TOTAL PRICE

      FULL MEMBERSHIP                                                                           $35.00
     Annual membership dues for NYS Association of Magistrates Court Clerks, Inc.
      RETIRED MEMBERSHIP                                                                        $17.50
     Annual membership dues for Retired Members of
     the NYS Association of Magistrates Court Clerks, Inc.

     Make checks payable to NYS Assoc. of Magistrates Court Clerks, Inc. or NYSAMCC,Inc.
     Please return this statement with your payment.

     Mail to: 75 West Fairview Avenue
              Valley Stream, NY 11580

     For questions or information please contact: Velma Richardson, Membership Chair at (516) 487-0775 (x110) or
                                                  Ramona Persan, Treasurer at (516) 872-3819

     COURT CLERKS encourage respect for the law and the administration of justice; Observe rules governing privileged
     communications and confidential information; Promote and exemplify high standards of loyalty, cooperation, and courtesy;
     Perform all duties of the profession with integrity and competence.

January 2012 - The Docket

January 2012 - The Docket

January 2012 - The Docket

      2012 ASSOCIATION                                                         OF TOWNS                     TRAINING
         CONFERENCE AT A GLANCE — FEBRUARY 20 – 21, 2012
                            As always, this schedule is subject to change.
        If you have questions on the content of a particular class, email your question to your
                    Education Chairperson, Maria Burns at

                                          MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2012
                                BASIC                                                           ADVANCED
9:00 – 10:15 AM                                                               9:00 – 10:15 AM
Ethics                                                                        Village Ordinances/Parking Tickets
10:30 AM – NOON                                                               10:30 AM – NOON
Fiscal Responsibility                                                         DWI - Leandra’s Law/IID
NOON – 1:00 PM                                                                NOON – 1:00 PM
Lunch Break                                                                   Lunch Break
1:00 – 2:30 PM                                                                1:00 – 2:30 PM
TSLED/E-Tickets                                                               Domestic Violence/Orders of Protection
2:45 – 4:00 PM                                                                2:45 – 4:00 PM
Access to Court Records                                                       Small Claims/Civil/Summary Proceedings
4:00 – 5:00 PM                                                                4:00 – 5:00 PM
“How To” Class for Court Clerks                                               Appeals

                                          TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2012
                               BASIC                                                            ADVANCED
9:00 – 10:15 AM                                                               9:00 – 10:15 AM
E-Justice-Fingerprint/Rap Sheets                                              E-Tickets/TSLED
10:30 AM – NOON                                                               10:30 AM – NOON
CDR’s/Sealings 160.50 & 160.55                                                Web/DVS
NOON – 1:00 PM                                                                NOON – 1:00 PM
Lunch Break                                                                   Lunch Break
1:00 – 2:30 PM                                                                1:00 – 2:30 PM
Criminal Procedure Law                                                        Jury Trials
2:45 – 4:00 PM                                                                2:45 – 4:00 PM
Ask the Resource Center                                                       Ask the Resource Center
4:00 – 5:00 PM                                                                4:00 – 5:00 PM
Digital Recorders                                                             Dangerous Dogs
(How to find a hearing for transcription/sealing court records on recorder)

                                             LOCATION CHANGE for
                  2012 Association of Towns Classes!
         Classes for both the Court Clerks and Judges will be held at the Hilton,
                                                            NOT the Sheraton!

                                                                                                           January 2012 - The Docket

Have you ever wondered what Judicial District your Court is in? The map below shows the twelve Judicial Districts for New
York State. Below is a breakdown of the Districts and the Counties that are in them.

1st District:
New York County
                                                8th Judicial District                                       4th Judicial District
2nd District:
Kings County                                    7th Judicial District                                       5th Judicial District
Richmond County
3rd District:                                                                                               6th Judicial District
Albany County
Columbia County                                                                                             3rd Judicial District
Greene County
Rensselaer County
Schoharie County
                                                                                                            9th Judicial District
Sullivan County
Ulster County                                                                                             12th Judicial District
4th District:
                                                         1st Judicial District                            10th Judicial District
Clinton County
Essex County
Franklin County                                         2nd Judicial District                             11th Judicial District
Fulton County
Hamilton County         6th District:            7th District:                   8th District:        9th District:
Montgomery County       Broome County            Cayuga County                   Allegeny County      Dutchess County
Saratoga County         Chemung County           Livingston County               Cattaraugus County   Orange County
Schenectady County      Chenango County          Monroe County                   Chautauqua County    Putnam County
St. Lawrence County     Cortland County          Ontario County                  Erie County          Rockland County
Warren County           Delaware County          Seneca County                   Genesee County       Westchester County
Washington County       Madison County           Steuben County                  Niagara County       10th District:
                        Otsego County            Wayne County                    Orleans County       Nassau County
5th District:
                        Schuyler County          Yates County                    Wyoming County       Suffolk County
Herkimer County
                        Tioga County
Jefferson County                                                                                      11th District:
                        Tomkins County
Lewis County                                                                                          Queens County
Onieda County
                                                                                                      12th District:
Onondaga County
                                                                                                      Bronx County
Oswego County

                                          TELL US WHAT’S
               GOING         ON IN       YOUR COURT OR YOUR DISTRICT
     For the last 30 years our mission has been “to provide continuing education and training
     for the Court Clerks in all the state’s town and village courts” as well as for these same
     court clerks “to be recognized as honorable members of the justice system who present
     themselves as professional and efficient in all aspects of performing the duties of their
     office.” Our Association is committed to the “sharing” of knowledge that has made our
     success possible. Please continue this strong tradition of communication and sharing of
     knowledge by sending your questions, answers, updates and any other FYI’s, even the fun
     ones, to

January 2012 - The Docket

                                                                              DISTRICT NEWS
                       3RD AND 4TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT NEWS
       s many of us experience the financial constraints in    two districts for this year’s fall training. As both districts

A      both our personal and professional life we are forced
       to make changes. We have seen many changes in
the form of training. Live instructors have been replaced
                                                               could no longer allocate the funds for the area locations
                                                               we used the resources available to host a joint session.
                                                               Over 40 clerks from the surrounding areas joined us
with videos and technology has most recently advanced to       in Albany for a full day of training on Saturday, November
include online training for judges. Many of our county and     12, 2011. Instructors included the Honorable Thomas
district level trainings have been eliminated due to the       Schroeder, Tina Richburg, Cathy Deaton, Elizabeth Booth
costs associated with locations and instructors and in light
                                                               and Becky Letko. We covered the topics of Criminal
of the cost saving advances in technology.
                                                               Disposition Reporting, Domestic Violence & Orders of
As the coordinator for the 4th Judicial District Court         Protection, TSLE&D, the Digital Recorder, Sealing and
Clerks Training, where we typically host a spring and fall     Access to Court Records. It was GREAT! There were 42
training at two of the area colleges, we took a new            attendees including the judge who came with her clerk (and
approach this year. Becky Letko, the coordinator for the       said it was one of the best trainings she’d ever been to!)
3rd District where there is also typically a spring and fall   Julie Gansle, NYSAMCC Third Vice President
training, approached me with a suggestion to combine the       & County Chapter Chairperson

      he 5th Judicial District Fall Training was held on       which included DMV/TSLED, with the ever dazzling

T     Friday, October 14th at Herkimer Community
      College and what a beautiful fall day it was for a
drive through the Mohawk Valley.
                                                               Cathy Deaton; E Justice, with the charming Judi
                                                               Prendergast and Trooper Miller for taking 2 hours to
                                                               fingerprint everyone for the new Portal, CDRs with the
                                                               priceless Tina Richburg; and all the finery from the
If you really think about it, Court Clerks are a very
                                                               Resource Center’s Dave Fryer who enlightened us on
unique group. Statewide our numbers are small, but our
                                                               Orders to Vacate followed by a Q & A session.
contributions to the Judicial system are priceless.
There are an infinite number of facets in the course of        A GIANT thank you to all our instructors for their
our day that require constant, immediate attention and         continued support of district training and, a very special
we tend to each one with purposeful professionalism.           and heartfelt thank you to Judge Charles Oldick and his
We work well under pressure and truly are “Diamonds            wife Dale who volunteered to be our hosts and were
in the rough.”                                                 instrumental in securing this location for our training and
Our brilliant instructors for the day, who with great          then were unable to attend. We missed you.
clarity and depth taught us the finer points of topics,        Sandi & Terri, Training Coordinators

                                6TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT NEWS
     raining for the 6th District Town and Village Court       On behalf of the attendees from the 6th Judicial District,

T    Clerks was held on October 6, 2011 in Ithaca at the
     Tompkins Old Courthouse. Attending this training
were many court clerks from Broome, Otsego, Cortland,
                                                               let me say thank you to the wonderful speakers for giving
                                                               your time and expertise to help us all do a better job. A
                                                               special thanks to Elizabeth Burns and Tina Majeski who
Chemung, Tompkins, and Cattaraugus Counties.                   organized this event for the Court Clerks.
                                                               At this training Tina Richburg mentioned the up-coming
On the agenda was Tina Richburg from OCA who spoke
on CDR’s. Janet Smith from the Town of Chenango along          requirement for the fingerprinting of all users for the use
                                                               of legacy Ejustice. (obtaining rap sheets) which segues me
with Kelly Preston and Diana Davis from Cortland City
                                                               to the next part of my report ...
Court spoke about organization, record keeping and the
responsibilities of a Court Clerk as well as DWI Ignition      The Broome County Court Clerk’s Association held a
Interlock Devices. Annette Colunio from Tioga and              ‘fingerprinting fair’ during their monthly meeting. We
Schuyler Courts discussed Web DVS.                             had Deputy Brian Curtis come armed with his portable
If an opportunity to attend any training comes your way,       fingerprinting equipment (he playfully calls them his
all court clerks should consider attending. Not only for       toys). The cards were provided by Tina Richburg (she
the agenda but will you also find that it is nice way to       mailed a large supply). Judges and court clerks were
learn from one another.                                        able to take care of this upcoming requirement at no
                                                                                                January 2012 - The Docket

cost to them or their town. The cards were collected
and mailed back to Tina. Anyone that wanted to be
printed and could not attend picked up a blank card
and made an appointment to be printed by Deputy
Curtis at their convenience.
Submitted by Robin Kratz
Town of Colesville Court Clerk                                          Maureen Roberts, Town of Fenton Court Clerk is
NYSAMCC County Representative                               fingerprinted by Broome County Sheriff Deputy Brian Curtis.

                                  7TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT NEWS
      ot much is going on in Cayuga County, but I did host an SEI training on Friday, October 28th. We had approximately

N     a dozen clerks and judges that attended. As always Marty put on an excellent program and we all went away with
      helpful tips to make our jobs easier.

Vicky Coraci, Cayuga County Representative

                                  9TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT NEWS
NEWS FROM WESTCHESTER COUNTY                                      the week and that initially she was able to send out e-mails
      he Westchester County Court Clerks would like to            to all 9th District Courts with a follow-up flyer faxed to

T     thank the staff of the Town of North Castle Court
      for hosting the Fall meeting/dinner this past
October. Tina Richburg was our guest speaker and as
                                                                  each court individually a week before the training.
                                                                  The speakers at the training were Tina Richburg and
                                                                  Peter Gerstenzang. Tina spoke about the procedures
always, gave a wonderful presentation regarding CDR’s,            regarding CDR’s, sealing, reporting and also mentioned
sealing orders and answered the many of the questions             the new policy regarding e-justice fingerprinting for court
that were addressed to her that evening.                          staff. Peter spoke about DWI’s, Ignition Interlock Devices
                                                                                        and answered questions regarding
We decided to have our meeting at a new venue so more
                                                                                        this topic. Thank you to Debbie for
clerks would be able to attend this function. We had
                                                                                        organizing this training and special
approximately 35 clerks/court staff join us. Together with
                                                                                        thanks to Tina and Peter for sharing
the clerks that regularly attend our meetings, we met
                                                                                        their time and knowledge to help
some new clerks, reacquainted ourselves with some
                                                                                        all the clerks with these two very
clerks we haven’t seen in awhile and enjoyed the
                                                                                        important topics.
company of all of the clerks that were able to attend.
What a very successful, informative and enjoyable                                       Submitted by Denise Cookingham
meeting for the Westchester County Court Clerks.                                        NYSAMCC Secretary &
Thanks to Tina, the Town of North Castle Court staff and                                Town of Mamaroneck Court Clerk
to all the court clerks/staff that attended. We hope to see
the same clerks and other clerks at our next meeting.
On Friday, October 21, 2011, Deborah Bart, Town and
Village Court Liaison for the 9th Judicial District held the
Fall District Training for Court Clerks. This training was
held at the Putnam Valley Town Court, which is located
centrally for all the courts located in the 9th District. Since
this Court is located in the middle of the 9th Judicial
District, Debbie feels that this is one of the reasons she had
one of the highest turnouts for a district training – about 47
clerks were in attendance. Some of the other reasons
Debbie felt she was able to have so many clerks at this
training was not only that the Putnam Valley Town Court
was centrally located, but that the training was held during      Westchester County Court Clerks Fall Meeting & Dinner.
January 2012 - The Docket

                                                                          DISTRICT NEWS
                                                    Westchester County Court Clerks
                                               Fall Meeting & Dinner Guest Speaker
                                                                     Tina Richburg.

                                            Town of North Castle
                                            Court Clerk Claudia Pulise
                                            (organizer of the Fall Meeting)
                                            presenting an orchid in thanks
                                            to Guest Speaker Tina Richburg.

                             10TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT NEWS
   n 2009, the Nassau-Suffolk Court Clerk’s Association

I  gave a scholarship for a Court Clerk to attend the
   Association of Towns Conference in New York City.
This scholarship covered the cost of food, travel and
lodging. The education and training given at annual
conferences is invaluable and a necessity to keep up with
so many changes in laws and procedures. Many clerks are
unable to attend conferences and meetings because their
Town or Village is unable to provide financial support.
Although we were unable to give a scholarship in 2010,
this year we once again were able to offer one. An
appointed committee reviewed the applications and
awarded the scholarship to Therese Wolf, Court Clerk
from Massapequa Park in Nassau County. Therese has          Congratulations to Therese!
been a Court Clerk for 8 years and has not been able to
attend the last 2 conferences due to her Village’s budget   Submitted by Debbie Newham
constraints. We were proud to be able to give this          Town of Putnam Court Clerk &
opportunity to one of our Court Clerks.                     Nassau-Suffolk Court Clerk’s Association President

                                $$ PINS AND DECALS $$
             Association pins and window decals are available for purchase to all members.
        Purchases may be made at the conference or by sending a check made out to NYSAMCC to:
                          75 West Fairview Ave., Valley Stream, NY 11580

  Name: ______________________________________________________________________________

  Address: ____________________________________________________________________________
  PINS $3.00 (each)                 WINDOW DECALS $2.00 (each)
  QTY     TOTAL                     QTY    TOTAL               ORDER TOTAL

         $                                 $                                   $

  Ramona Persan, Treasurer
  phone: (h) 516-872-3819 |

                                                                                          January 2012 - The Docket

                                                       Third District     Becky Letko     
      lease visit our website for the County and

                                                          Albany          Barbara Hodom   
      District Representative in your area. We are        Columbia        Dora Shultz     
      still looking for someone from Delaware             Greene          Kim Leggio/Sandra Kiley
and Seneca Counties to be their County                    Rensselaer      Debbie Coppola  
Representative, so if you are interested or would         Schoharie       Arlene Needleman
                                                          Sullivan        Maryjean Carroll
like to suggest someone please send me an e-mail.
                                                          Ulster          Donna Fuentes   
                                                       Fourth District    Julie Gansle    
As we are all facing difficult financial constraints
                                                          Clinton         Pam St. John    
an alternative means of communication will                Essex           Cindy Anslow    
become vital. There may come a point where e-             Franklin        Donna Coleman
mail becomes the more cost efficient and effective        Fulton          Rebeccca Selee
means of support and communications for our               Hamilton        Charlotte Smith
members and our Courts. This list is the base for         Montgomery      Heather Rose    
communication to the clerks in your district.             Saratoga        Jane Curtiss    
                                                          Schenectady     Audrey Osterwicz
                        If there is any                   St Lawrence     Debbie Coppola  
                        information that                  Warren          Nancy Earl      
                        has changed,                      Washington      Lisa Ringer     
                        please do not hesitate         Fifth District     Sandi Mc Kee    
                                                          Herkimer        Wendy Leach     
                        to let me know.
                                                          Jefferson       Diane Gregory   
                        Julie Gansle                      Lewis           Aimee Murphy    
                        NYSAMCC                           Oneida          Sylvia Crandall 
                        Third Vice President              Onondaga        Sandi Mc Kee    
                                                          Oswego          Susan DeMong
                        County Chapter
                                                       Sixth District     Cheryl Adams    
                        Chairperson                       Broome          Robin Kratz     
                                                          Chemung         Mary DeSocio    
                                                          Chenango        Diane Gregory   
                                                          Cortland        Margaret Capp
                                                          Madison         Kim Howard      
                                                          Otsego          Victoria Robbins
                                                          Schuyler        Carmella Hoffman
                                                          Tioga           Cheryl Adams    
                                                          Tompkins        Cindy Vicedomini
                                                       Seventh District   Joyce Mahoney   
                                                          Cayuga          Vicky Coraci    
                                                          Livingston      Norma Geary
                                                          Monroe          Dawn Rejewski   
                                                          Ontario         Sue Ricci
YOUR COUNTY REPS ...                                      Steuben         Carol Zachary
                                                          Wayne           Elizabeth Dibble
Back row: Velma Richardson, Linda                         Yates           Tammy Hullings
McCartney, Debbie Newham, Dawn Marie                   Eighth District    Maria Burns     
Klingner, Gillian Moore, Kim Howard,                      Allegany        Penny Coleman   
Vicky Coraci and Donna Fuentes.                           Cattaraugus     Denise Richards 
                                                          Chautauqua      Wanda Crossley  
Front row: Sue Ricci, Mary DeSosio,
                                                          Erie            Maria Burns     
Barb Hodom, Maria Burns,
                                                          Genessee        Dawn Rindell    
Sonia Mercado-Jiminez                                     Niagara         Jackie Teixeria 
and Denise Cookingham.                                    Orleans         Nancy Draper
                                                          Wyoming         Gilian Moore    
                                                       Nineth District    Denise Cookingham
  NEXT ISSUE DEADLINE                                     Dutchess        Dawn Klingner   
                                                          Orange          Wendy Michaels  
             JUNE 2012                                    Putnam          Pat Genna
                                                          Rockland        Maria Cush
          DOCKET DEADLINE                                 Westchester     Sonia Mercado-Jimenez
          IS APRIL 30, 2012                            Tenth District
                                                                          Linda McCartney
                                                                          Debbie Newham
                                                          Nassau          Velma Richardson

January 2012 - The Docket
THE DOCKET                                                        PRESORTED STD
NYS Assn. Magistrates Court Clerks, Inc.                            US POSTAGE
1529 NY RT 12                                                          PAID
Binghamton, New York 13901                                        PERMIT NO. 203
                                                                    ALBANY, NY

                             ! " " #$%&
                            '( )" *!
                          ! " ' + (
                " +'"  * *  !   )"
                    +( ( (! ", " " +'"
                         -* +( " % '  ( +
                            ( (!
                            '" ,("
                                 * (
                   "  ( ( . ", " " +'"

                                             (#'#) *$"+*"
   ! "#$"                                                           , ,

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