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New Zealand's main centres, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, have started to lose
their appeal as places to raise a family. Buyers are starting to look to the smaller towns in the
country for investment and lifestyle opportunities that are no longer available in the larger
cities of the country. With so many rural and lifestyle areas available in both the South and
North island, there are plenty of options for families looking to get out of the city to start a
new life.

One of the most stable property markets in the country is Timaru's. Now beginning to
stabilise after the recession hit causing the property bubble to burst three years ago, Timaru
property experienced losses half that of the nationwide 16% decline in value. Consistently
showing an unbeatable comparative stability to other housing price trends around New
Zealand, Tiamru is the perfect place for any family to invest for their first home and a great
place to settle down.

Some of the most common concerns that people have with moving out of a city and into one
of the nation's small towns is the availability of quality schooling and amenities. Timaru has
great access to every facility and service a family could want.

There are over 25 schools in the Timaru district that cover every year of primary and
secondary education giving you your choice of quality, high decile education for your
children. West of central Timaru, Gleniti School on Heath St offers high quality primary
education with a focus on community. Closer to the centre of town, Bluestone school also
covers education for years 1 - 8.

Timaru has secondary schooling options to fit every desired educational situation that cover
all areas of the town. Both Timaru Boys' and Girls' High Schools offer quality, single sex
education with high success rates for students in all levels of NCEA with a focus in arts,
sports and academics. Mountainview high school is great for parents wanting a co-
educational secondary institution.

Stafford St is the heart of Timaru's central shopping area, with local malls around the town
meaning you are never too far to easily access amenities. Everything is available from The
Warehouse to a Ballantyne's department store in the city centre.

The town also hosts several different medical facilities, from local clinics to the 131 bed
Timaru Hospital on Queen Street. Knowing that expert medical care is never too far away is
reassuring for any family looking for a new home.

With such an affordable property market and easy access to all the needs of a family, Timaru
is one of the best locations in New Zealand to invest in a property and settle down. Strong
growth ensures that your home will be worth something for the kids and the relaxing lifestyle
change will be positive for the whole family.

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