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In 2009 , Twitter needed a push in India so that it could cross the tipping point in terms of user and
visibility. The push didn’t came from Twitter management or outside force but it was provided by one of
Twitter user Shashi Tharoor an intellectual of its own class, prolific author, columnist and journalist. He
would have been general secretary of United Nation if US would have not come in its way but his rise to
prominence in Politics was certain and he became Minister of State for the ministry of external affairs of
India. Since 1978 he was working for United Nation an association continued till 2007. Literally he has no
exposure of Indian media and how a reaction will be taken and his celebrity status will create a must
avoided controversy for him and needed news and marketing for Twitter.

2009, Indians were happy in ditching Orkut and slowly getting acquainted with Facebook while a micro-
blogging site like twitter was known in to a very niche audience. In 2009 March Sahashi Tharoor joined
Twitter as we can crown him as first Indian celebrity and was also the first Indian to get more than one
lakh follower. In 2009 Shashi Tharoor was the most known user of twitter certainly not in 2012 but the
case we are making is how he played a major role in creating a very authentic news and marketing for
Twitter in India.

First unintentional and literally a reply to a tweet made him the scapegoat of Indian Media and number
one enemy for Political class. That tweet is given below.
Twitter Rise in India by

Shashi Tharoor was almost crucified by media but what happened with Twitter.

Shashi Tharoor took twitter to all of the national newspaper and as a celebrity politician he was the point
of discussion and Twitter was always in background of every news either on print or digital.

Shashi Tharoor second time found himself with a partner in a Twittergate and his extraordinary partner
was Lalit Modi. Lalit Modi the powerful top man and architect of Indian Premiere league. Both are media
savy and media loved them. Shashi Tharoor went on war of tweeter with Lalit Modi and it was something
which media wanted. Both paid price by losing their office but it was a long and strong enough
controversy which provided the tipping point to twitter so that it could reach the masses of India. Before
These two twitter gate Twitter was known to very internet savy or tech guys. When a foreign affairs state
minister and Big Boss of Indian Premiere League ( valuation in billions of dollars) have to say goodbye to
their post, what kind of media frenzy news content it will create and twitter really became the point of
interest for general public. Officially I don’t think that Shashi Tharoor would have received any thanks
letter from twitter but in reality Shashi Tharoor Twittergates became the tipping point for the rise of Twitter
in India.

Shashi Tharoor two Tweeter-gate also benefited twitter in at-least other ways.

- Indian conventional media started taking Twitter as ground for breaking news.

- Twitter account suddenly become a very powerful source for celebrity to connect directly with fans. 2010
was the year when almost all the major celebrities of the Bollywood joined Tweeter.

Shashi Tharoor and Lalit Modi both will always think about their tryst with Twitter but thanks to them for
taking this awesome platform to masses of India.

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