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									                                                     The Hoosier
                                   Shorthand Reporter
                             2 0 1 1 –   I S S U E   1                                      S P R I N G   2 0 1 1

Tamara J. Brown

Kathy Cortopassi
                          President’s Message—Marlana Haig
Marlana Haig               It takes a great deal                                    have big-bash conven-
                          to run any volunteer                                      tions with A-list speak-
Senator Richard Lugar
                          organization, including                                   ers, but we still try to
Lisa Migliore Black       ISRA. For the board                                       provide valuable semi-
                          alone there are endless                                   nars at a reasonable
Mr. Modem                 e-mails to respond to,                                    cost. To do all this we
                          events to organize,                                       need a dedicated group
Nancy Varallo             committees to form and                                    of reporters to toss
                          legislation to track.                                     ideas around, make im-
                            ISRA is a small or-                                     portant decisions and
                          ganization in compari-                                    help our convention
                          son with other court                                      chair put everything
                          reporting associations                                    together.
                          across the country.            thank you very much to       In addition to the
  Officers and        2   There are not as many          all those who donate       convention committee,
  Resources               people in our great            their time to ISRA.        we have a membership
                          state as there are in            We have several          committee chaired by
  Association         3   others, thus giving us a       committees that have       Vice President Victoria
                          lesser number of people        formed since our an-       Dudeck. The main pur-
  Etihics First       4   to help run the associa-       nual convention in Sep-    pose of this committee
                          tion. I recently sent out      tember. First and fore-    is to vet ideas of how to
                          an e-mail on Facebook          most is our convention     retain members, en-
  Word Pairing        5   and a blast to all our         committee headed by        courage renewals and
                          members regarding the          ISRA Secretary Julie       also to bring in new
  Dear Nancy          7   need for additional con-       Morgan. The convention     members. I have been
                          vention committee              committee is one of        on a membership com-
                          members. Because I             ISRA’s most important      mittee before, and I
  Mr. Modem           8   had sent this request          committees, if not the     feel like it is the most
                          out two other times, I         most important. Every      difficult committee that
  In The              9   was not expecting a            year we try to put on a    ISRA has, however,
  Trenches                great response. What I         convention that is valu-   with new ideas and a
                          did receive were sev-          able to our members,       fresh outlook from new
  Certification    12     eral responses that gar-       that will raise money      committee members,
  Practice                nered hope that this           for the organization and   we’re hoping to come
  The Last         14     organization does con-         that will make reporters   up with some great
  Word                    tain many members              want to attend in the      ideas on how to accom-
                          who care about its exis-       future. We have had        plish our goals during
                          tence and can donate           some great conventions     this next year.
                          their time to making it        in the past few years        We have added a
                          better. I was very en-         leaving us with the        new committee this
                          couraged by everyone           thought of how to top      year, the fundraising
                          who responded, and I           it. We can’t always        (Continued on p. 13)
2011–   ISSUE   1               Officers and Resources                                     P AGE      2

                President                          HOOSIER SHORTHAND REPORTER is
                Marlana Haig, CRI                  published quarterly in the months of March,
                                                   June, September and December by ISRA.
                      ISRA assumes no responsibility for state-
                                                   ments or claims made in its newsletter and
                                                   therefore do not express the opinions of
                Vice President                     ISRA or anyone associated with ISRA.
                Victoria Dudeck, RPR, CSR
                  Subscription is included in annual member-
                                                   ship dues paid by a member.

                Secretary                          For advertising information, article ideas for
                                                   future newsletters, and letters to the editor
                Julie Morgan, RPR                  please contact the editor, Victoria Dudeck at

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                                                   Full page               $100
                Immediate Past President
                Joyce Shinault, RPR, CSR           Please e-mail ads to
         Make checks payable to ISRA and mail to
                                                   Josephine Ross, Treasurer, P.O. Box 877,
                                                   Fishers, IN 46038.
                Bill Morris                        Featured writers listed on the front page of
                      this publication reflect writers featured in the
                                                   current issue only. Articles are accepted with
                Newsletter Editor                  enthusiasm from new writers. Article sub-
                Victoria Dudeck                    missions are published at the discretion of
                     the newsletter editor and the ISRA board.

                Committee Chairs
                Certification                      Fundraising
                Marlana Haig                       Josephine Ross

                Convention                         Membership
                Julie Morgan                       Victoria Dudeck
2011–    ISSUE    1                                                                                     P AGE     3

                 Making History Permanent -
                    One Voice At a Time
        The Nation Court Reporters Foundation and        tinue this event in years to come, hopefully in more
the National Court Reporters Association have part-      than one location in the state. United States Senator
nered with the United States Library of Congress in an   Richard Lugar expressed his appreciation to ISRA for its
effort to protect and preserve the rich and extensive    organization of the event in a letter, which can be found
history of U.S. veterans. Through a project sponsored    on the following page.
by the Library of Congress, men and women who have
                                                                Even though the 2010 ISRA event has passed,
served the United States in a time of war have commit-
                                                         you too can help in this endeavor to make history avail-
ted their amazing personal histories to recording
                                                         able to the American public and to researchers. In addi-
through personal interviews.
                                                         tion to the reward of delivering a veteran's voice to
        On November 11 , 2010, members from ISRA         America, you get other benefits for this educational en-
participated in its first “Veterans Day with ISRA.”      deavor. For every transcription, up to 10 per three-year
Seven veterans from Central Indiana met at the Scot-     cycle, of a veteran's tape/CD that you volunteer to tran-
tish Rite Cathedral in downtown Indianapolis to have     scribe for the Library of Congress through NCRF, you
their stories taken down by reporters and videogra-      will earn .1 CEU, free of charge. That's up to 1.0 CEU
phers. The event was organized by Immediate Past         per three-year cycle. Of course, we encourage you to do
President Joyce Shinault and several volunteers on her   as many as you can. For more information on the VHP,
committee. The stories were transcribed by reporters     email Beth Kilker, Program Coordinator, at
and submitted to the Library of Congress in conjunction or she can be reached at 800/272-
with the Veterans History Project. ISRA hopes to con-    6272, ext. 174.
 2011–      ISSUE      1                                                                                                    P AGE     4

 Ethics First                                     By Lisa Migliore Black (Kentucky)
                                      committee will be hard at work       bers are taken into account. The
                                      this year promoting and encour-      problems caused by unethical
                                      aging involvement among our          gifting practices in our industry
                                      colleagues and educating on the      exists because of the acts of a
                                      importance of the Ethics First       very few, and I'd like to see the
                                      program to members of the bar.       numbers of Ethics First partici-
                                         More detailed information on      pants reflect that they are the        “If you don’t go
                                      the purpose and intent of Ethics     minority. It is my hope that all       after what you
                                      First can be found by visiting:      reporters will become members.
                                           Each of us must do our part in       want, you’ll never
                                      ethicsfirst/logo/. After signing     upholding the integrity of our
                                      on and agreeing to the terms of      profession, and this is a great               have it.
                                      the program, participants are        way to demonstrate that com-
                                                                                                                 If you don’t ask,
                                      able to download the logo and        mitment to the public at large.
 I'm proud to announce that I've      are encouraged advertise their       Proudly display that you uphold         the answer is
 been appointed to the NCRA           participation. NCRA member-          the highest degree of profes-
 Ethics First committee this year.    ship is not a requirement to sign    sionalism when it comes to your           always no.
 The first meeting of the commit-     up and participation is FREE.        gift-giving practices. Let's show
 tee was held recently, and one          Currently, I estimate that        the country that Indiana report-      If you don’t step
 of the tasks on the committee's      only one percent of NCRA             ers and firms are leading the
                                                                                                                  forward, you’re
 very long to-do list is encourag-    membership has signed up for         way in ethics. Join today!
 ing court reporters and firms to     Ethics First; that percentage is                                             always in the
 sign up for the program. The         much lower if non-NCRA mem-
                                                                                                                    same place.”
                                                                                                                            ~ Nora
                                     November 8, 2010
Dear Friends and Fellow Veterans:

         It is with great pride that I commend the Indiana Court Reporters Association for your participation in the
Veterans History Project. I am especially thankful that you have chosen Veterans Day to honor these veterans by
preserving their stories of service.

         From the Revolutionary War, to the current Global War on Terror, our veterans have faced harrowing cir-
cumstances while defending this country. Even today, thousands of Hoosiers are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan,
and in trouble spots around the globe. It is fitting then, to pause in recognition of those who became heroes at times
when our nation needed them most. These Veterans History Project interviews ensure that the men and women we
honor this today will long be remembered as heroes.

          I appreciate the efforts of the Court Reporters Association and the many organizations around the state that
have joined together to document the stories of Hoosier veterans. By joining with the Library of Congress to include
Hoosiers in the Veterans History Project, we are helping to ensure that the contributions of ordinary men and
women are not forgotten. Thanks to the generous spirit of Hoosier veterans, Indiana boasts the single largest dona-
tion to the Library of Congress, with nearly 10,000 veterans
stories already collected.

         Again, I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts with you.

                                     Richard G. Lugar
                                     United States Senator
2011–     ISSUE     1                                                                                              P AGE     5

Word Pairing By Tamara Brown, RMR, CRR (Indianapolis)
  One good tool for finding those elu-       Word pairing is easier to implement           Pair [S-] with outlines for phrasing
sive bursts of writing speed comes          in groups. That is to say, the larger        "sales."
from word pairing. You could say            number of combinations using a the-          sales force       [SFORS]
this is just another name for brief         ory, the easier it is to remember it on      salesman          [SMAN] [SMEN]
forms, but oftentimes brief forms           the fly. For instance, pairing [S-] for      sales call        [SKAUL]
don't have a logic that you can draw        "dis" and "mis" in a single stroke can                         [SKAULZ]
on and remember on the fly. Word            be applied to a very large group, and        sales and marketing        [SMARG]
pairing is more condensing of a pair        once you start using it, it opens up pos-    sales manager [SMERJ]
of, or a combination of words, that are     sibilities for others. It's easy to remem-   sales material [SMERLT]
frequently heard grouped together.          ber because of the frequency with            sales meeting [SMAOEGT]
  For instance, Mr./Ms. can be paired       which you write it.                                            [SMAOEGTS]
with the name that follows using [S-]       agree [GRAE] [GRAED] [GRAEG]                 salespeople       [SPAOEPL]
in the outline:                                       [GRAEMT] [GRAEZ]                   salesperson       [SPERN]
[MIRL]             Miller                   disagree [SGRAE] [SGRAED]                                      [SPERNZ]
[SMIRL]            Mr. Miller                         [SGRAEG] [SGRAEMT]                 sales plan        [SPLAN]
  In names beginning with S, (Smith)        appointment [POIMT] [POIMTS]                 sales rep         [SREP] [SREPZ]
include [-F] in the stroke representing     disappointment [SPOIMT]                        Pair [S-] with outlines for "sub."
the period in "Mr."                         characterize [KRAOIKTS]                      committee         [KMAOET]
[SM-T]             Smith                              [KRAOIKTD] [KRAOIFRG]              subcommittee [SKMAOET]
[SMIFT]            Mr. Smith                mischaracterize [SKRAOIKTS]                  paragraph         [PRAF]
  Use [SM-] to differentiate between                           [SKRAOIKTD]               subparagraph [SPRAF]
Mr. and Mrs. and for problematic                               [SKRAOIFRG]               part              [PART] [PARTS]
names when the S alone won't work           characterization [KAIRGS]                    subpart           [SPART]
well or creates a conflict.                 mischaracterization [SKAIRGS]                                  [SPARTS]
[SBROWN]           Mr. Brown                close [KLOES] [KLOEFD]                          Pair [S-] or [SH-] in phrases using
[SMOUN]            Mrs. Brown                         [KLOEFG] [KLOESZ]                  "insurance."
[SMAIMS]           Mr. Amos                 disclose [SKLOES] [SKLOEFD]                  insurance agency [SHAEGTS]
  Pair first and last names that come                 [SKLOEFG] [SKLOESZ]                insurance agent       [SHAIGT]
up repeatedly in a case.                    closure [KLOER] [KLOERZ]                     insurance benefits [SHIBTS]
[MIRL]             Miller                   disclosure [SKLOER] [SKLOERZ]                insurance broker [SBROERK]
[JIRL]             John Miller                 or [DLOER] [DLOERZ]                       insurance carrier [SKRAER]
  Pair [DR-] with the name that fol-        communicate [KMAOUKT]                        insurance company [SKPAEN]
lows for "Dr."                                        [KMAOUGT]                          Insurance Company[SKP N]
[DRIRL]            Dr. Miller                         [KMAOUNGS]                         insurance coverage [SKOFRJ]
  As you start writing these combina-       miscommunicate [SKMAOUKT]                    insurance department [SHURPT]
tions in a single stroke, you will im-                [SKMAOUGT]                         insurance policy      [SPOLS]
mediately notice the fraction of a sec-               [SKMAOUNGS]                        insurance premium [SPRAOEMG]
ond of extra time you have to get the       inform [FOERM] [FOERMG]                        Pair [URNS] with phrases ending
stroke without error. If you get an un-               [FOERMD] [FOERMZ]                  "insurance."
translate the first time you write it, I    misinform [SFOERM] [SFOERMG]                 auto insurance         [AURNS]
would strongly recommend you enter                    [SFOERMD] [SFOERMZ]                disability insurance [SDURNS]
it into the main dictionary, not just the   misinformation [SFOERGS]                     flood insurance [FLAORNS] or
job dictionary. Chances are, if you         interpret [TERPT] [TERPTD]                                      [FLURNS]
wrote it once you will do so again.                   [TERPGT] [TERPGS]                  liability insurance [LIRNS]
It's one easy global to change the          misinterpret [STERPT] [STERPTD]              life insurance     [LURNS]
name if you need to later.                            [STERPGT] [STERPGS]                health insurance [HURNS]
  If you have a conflict with the           understand [NAND] [NANGD]                    department of insurance
stroke, then you must make the deci-                  [NANDZ]                                                [DPURNS]
sion, as you must do all the time, as to    misunderstand [SNAND] [SNANGD]               property insurance [PRURNS]
frequency of use and how to resolve                   [SNANDZ]
the conflict, and with which outline.       understood [NUND]
                                            misunderstood [SNUND]
2011–     ISSUE     1                                                                                                    P AGE        6

  Pair the word "Exhibit" using [-BT].     [PLOUNL]          plaintiff's counsel     emergency room            [MAERM]
Company Exhibit            [C-BT]          [JOUNL]           general counsel         excuse me         [SKAOUMS]
Defendant's Exhibit        [D-BT]          [NOUNL]           in-house counsel        exhumes           [SKAOUMZ]
Deposition Exhibit         [DOBT]          [OUNL]            outside counsel         financial report [FRORT]
Joint Exhibit              [J-BT]            Pair the word "knowledge" with its      financial statement [FAIMT]
Plaintiff's Exhibit        [P-BT]          frequent partners.                                          [FAIMTS]
State's Exhibit            [ST-BT]         [YOURLG]          your knowledge          fire department [FAOIRPT]
Union Exhibit              [U-BT]          [DRELG]           direct knowledge        first of all      [FOIFL]
  To auto-include exhibit parentheti-      [PERLG]           personal knowledge      for the record [FRORKD]
cals, use [-Z] instead of [-S]. I use      [KMOLG]           common knowledge        from time to time [FRAOMT]
[P-BTZ] for the auto-include para-         [TOURLG]          to your knowledge       go ahead          [GHED]
graph for index and [P-BTS] Plain-           Pair "account" with its common part-    if you know       [FAOUN]
tiff's Exhibits.                           ners.                                     I'm sorry         [OIRMS]
  Pair the witness or company name         [BOUNT]           bank account            joint venture [JOIFRT]
with [-BT] i.e. Lilly Exhibit [L-BT]       [CHOUNT]          checking account                          [JOIFRTS]
or Miller Exhibit [M-BT].                  [SOUNT]           savings account         leave of absence [LAFNS]
  Pair the name with "Hospital" using      [JOUNT]           joint account           letter of intent [LIRNT]
[-PT].                                       Pair "day" and "days" with their com-   letter of credit [LERKT]
[M-TD] Methodist Hospital                  mon partners.                             little bit        [LIBLT]
         [MOPT]                            [THOID]           30-day                  lottery ticket [LIKT] [LIKTS]
[RAOIL] Riley Hospital                     [THOIDZ]          30 days                 not that I'm aware of [NAUFRM]
         [RAOIPT]                          [SOID]            60-day                  not that I know of [NAUFN]
[KMAOUNT] Community Hospital               [SOIDZ]           60 days                 not that I recall [NAURL]
         [KMOPT]                           [NOIND]           90-day                  not that I recollect [NAUKT]
[SAIFNT] St. Vincent Hospital              [NOINDZ]          90 days                 pain and suffering [PUFRG]
         [SAIPT]                           [THAOEDZ] these days                      parking lot       [PAURLT]
 [SFRANSZ] St. Francis Hospital            [THOEDZ]          those days              power of attorney [POURNT]
         [SFOPT]                             Pair "object" and "objection" with      police department [PLAOEPT]
OTHER COMMON PAIRINGS                      their common partners.                    second-to-the-last [SKLAFT]
  The word "doctor" is commonly            [JEFRM]           object to form          so forth          [SOEFRT]
paired with things like doctor's office,   [JAEFRM]          objection to form       so to speak       [SOEKT]
note, and so on. Once you start down       [JEFRMT]          object to the form      square feet       [SKWAOEFRT]
this pairing path, they will come to       [JAEFRMT] objection to the form           square foot       [SKWAOFT]
you more readily with repetition.          [JEFRMGS] object to the form of           square footage [SKWAOFJ]
[DROIMT]          doctor's appointment              the question                     State of Indiana [STAIFN]
[DROFS]           doctor's office          [JAEFRMGS] objection to the form          State Board       [STAIBD]
[DRIFT]           doctor's visit                    of the question                  strike that       [STRAOIKT]
[DROENT]          doctor's note            ODDS AND ENDS                             terms and conditions [TERMGSZ]
[DRIBLZ]          doctor bills             alcoholic beverage         [KEFRJ]        to my knowledge [TAOJ]
[DRAOEMT] doctor's treatment               as I understand it         [SNAOINT]      to the best of my ability [TAOFLT]
  Along the same line as "doctor," you     as you sit here today      [SDOI]         to the best of my knowledge
have similar pairing with "medical."       as we sit here today       [SWOI]                           [TAOFJ]
[MIBTS]           medical benefits         back and forth             [BAFRT]        to the best of my recollection
[MURNS]           medical insurance        black and white            [BLAENT]                         [TAOFLGS]
[MAOEMT] medical treatment                 balance sheet              [BLAOET]       video deposition [VOEPGS]
[MELGS]           medical condition                                   [BLAOETS]      work product [WORPD]
[MIBLZ]           medical bills            board meeting              [BAOEMGT]      would you agree [WOUG]
[MURLDZ]          medical records          chain of command           [KHAIMD]       would you agree with me
  "Counsel" is a word frequently           court reporter             [KROERT]                         [WOUMG]
paired with things like "your counsel,     credit card                [KRARD]        you know          [YAON]
general counsel, defense counsel,"                                    [KRARDZ]       you know,         [YAOUNG]
and so on.                                 day to day                 [DAOT]         _____________________________
[YOURNL]          your counsel             driver's license           [DLAOINS]      This article appeared in the Journal of the Report-
                                                                                     ing and Captioning Professions and has been
[DOUNL]           defense counsel          due diligence              [DAOUGTS]      reprinted with permission from the author.
2011–   ISSUE    1                                                                          P AGE   7

Dear Nancy: After being                                              just like anyone else -- she
away from court reporting for                                        puts her shirt on one arm at a
seven years to raise my fam-                                         time -- except sometimes she
ily, I have decided to come                                          forgets to take off her stetho-
back to work, but I am really                                        scope and it becomes more
nervous and scared. I'm not                                          difficult. But that's her prob-
sure how to navigate back into                                       lem, not yours.
the freelance field again after                                      That said, being a true profes-
so many years, and the poor                                          sional requires commitment to
economy doesn't give me any                                          learning the terminology that
confidence. I still hold the                                         will come up during a deposi-
RPR, but I'm worried about                                           tion. Will you be able to un-
new technology and can't just                                        derstand retinoblastoma when
jump back in. What would                                             the doctor mumbles it from
you recommend?                                                       across the room? Do you
Signed, Scared-o'-CAT.            assist you in coming clean. I      know the difference between
                                  mean in your writing! If you       dysphagia and dysphasia? If
Dear Scared-o'-CAT: Clever        need to upgrade or purchase        not, you may not be able to
play on words, scaredy-cat!       new software, call your soft-      swallow the testimony whole -
Wow, I don't think I've ever      ware vendor and ask for a          or even talk about it.
met anyone who is more nerv-      demo. They're always willing       Are you an RPR, RMR, or
ous about working than about      to help. And then invest the       RDR? All of those tests in-
raising children. Becoming a      time in a training session with    clude a vocabulary sec-
mom scared the heck out of        one of their trainers.             tion. Having great credentials
me. CAT software came with        I know the economy is slug-        helps build confidence, and so
a manual, my kids didn't. But     gish and agencies aren't quick     much of writing great notes is
I got lucky, as my husband        to hire, but if you sit out with   all about your confidence. So
says, my kids are great. Why      an agency and assure them          if you don't have three awe-
is it he doesn't credit me with   you're striving to be a great      some letters after your name,
a fine parenting job, and says    writer, they will notice. Call     get on it. It will boost your
I just got lucky? Well, let's     often and let them know            confidence.
not go there.                     you're available for jobs.         Doctors can be tough. But it's
The best way to jump back in      Sooner or later there will be      also true, the more you do
is to sit back out. Pretend       that day you'll be there just      'em, the easier they are. It's
you're a 225 student and head     when they need you, and            like practicing. The more you
to court or to a deposition. If   they'll probably keep you          do it, the faster (better) you
it's writing you're worried       around if you do a good job!       get. I have found the most
about, it will come back, kinda   Good luck jumping back in,         confident reporters try to spe-
like riding a bike. But that      and wishing you even more          cialize in an area, taking the
reminds me of the patient who     good luck as you approach the      same expert's testimony nu-
asked the doc if he'd be able     teen years. Yikes!                 merous times, and often get-
to play the piano after sur-      ===================                ting requested by the doc-
gery. The doc assured him he      Dear Nancy: I HATE doctor's        tor! Those reporters work
would. The patient thought        depositions. How do I over-        to build their dictionaries big-
that was great, since he could-   come that fear?                    ger and better than anyone
n't play before surgery. (bada-   Signed, Debbie Doesn't Do          else. (They're the really cool
boom.)                            Doctors                            ones who can write ferrugi-
How was your writing seven                                           nous bodies in one stroke.)
years ago? If it wasn't clean,    Dear Debbie Doesn't Do             If you work with doctors spo-
spend time with a mentor or       Doctors: The first thing to        radically, it may not be feasi
other professional who can        remember is that a doctor is       (Continued on page 13)
                                                                                                                              P AGE      8
2011–      ISSUE      1

Ask Mr. Modem! – February 2011                 if you're planning to send them by email.        Mr. Modem’s DME (Don’t Miss ‘Em)                                Most digital cameras have a setting for          Sites of the Month
                                               that, but instead, many people send higher
Review Windows Updates                         resolution photos that are great for making
                                               prints, but often result in huge files or dis-A disposable email address can help keep
Q. I’ve installed a number of Windows          played photos.                                you off spammers’ lists. By providing this
updates, but I can’t remember which                                                          type of address when shopping online, for
ones I have installed. Is there some-          You can resize the photos yourself, though example, you can still receive a purchase
where I can check to determine which           you might want to politely suggest that the confirmation, but avoid subsequent spam
updates have been installed?                   sender actually open the manual that came or follow-up solicitations. 10MinuteMail,
                                               with his or her camera and learn how to       as its name suggests, exists for 10 minutes.
A. If you’re using Windows XP, go to           take low-resolution photos, or determine      It's free, so just go to the site and you will
your Control Panel and click Add/Remove        what settings might exist for that specific   be assigned an email address. Any email
Programs. Place a check mark in the box        purpose. Some cameras have an “Email”         sent to this address will appear on the
labeled “Show Updates.” Any installed          setting which produces low-resolution         10MinuteMail Web page where you can
updates, and their respective date(s) of       photos, perfect for emailing.                 read it, click on links, and even reply, but
installation, will be displayed for your re-                                                 the email address will self-destruct after 10
view. If you’re using Vista, go to Control     If you are the recipient of a super-large     minutes, vanishing without a trace. You
Panel > Programs & Features. Under             photo, Shrink Pictures                        can, however, click to obtain an additional
“Tasks” on the left, select “View Installed    ( is a Web-based 10 minutes, which is kind of like a snooze
Updates.” Windows 7 users, click Start         service that enables you to reduce the size alarm, but without the annoyance..
and in the Search field, type “View in-        of digital photos. No software is required
stalled updates” to navigate to that area.     and the service is free. As an alternative,
                                      ( Paper-Cut Sculptures
                                               is also free. Senders of photos would be      It doesn’t require a lot of expensive mate-
Q. I am trying to retrieve some infor-         well advised to use either of these sites     rial to create great art, just an incredible
mation from a Web site and have been           before sending photos.                        amount of imagination and talent. Check
informed that in order to do this, my                                                        out the work of sculptor Peter Callesen,
browser (Firefox) must have pop-up             My suggestion for anybody who wants to who uses single sheets of paper to create
blocking enabled. I don't know how to          share photos with others is to simply use     astonishingly intricate "Paper-cut Sculp-
do this. Can you help, Mr. M?                  one of the free, online photo albums such tures.” (After years of intensive practice
                                               as Snapfish (, Shutter- and significant blood loss, I am proud to
A. The message you received probably           fly (, PhotoBucket         say that I have mastered the “paper-cut”
asks you to disable (not enable) pop-up        (, or Picasa (http:// portion of his technique.)
blocking in order to allow a pop-up re- Once uploaded, you
quired by the site in question. Either way,    can simply send the Web address to others,
click Tools > Options > Content tab.           who can then view your photos online,         Gas Prices
                                               rather than having to fuss with download- Now that gasoline prices are on the way up
Rather than remove the check mark beside       ing and resizing. Photos can also be posted again, there are a number of sites that can
“Block pop-up windows” which would             on one's Facebook page or other similar       help you track down the lowest prices in
then allow pop-ups to appear on any and        “social media” site.                          your area or while on the road, if you're
all Web sites, click the Exceptions button                                                   traveling. Several of the more popular gas-
and add an exception by typing in the Web                                                    price monitoring sites include: Gas-
site address of the site (or sites) from       Q. How can I convert ALL CAPS to an, MapQuest Gas Prices (http://
which you do want to permit pop-ups.           Initial Cap and the rest of the letters in, GasPrice-
                                               lower case when working on a Word   , and
Q. When I receive photos by email, they                                                      For plain-English answers to your ques-
are very large. Too large. Is there a way      A. In Word, SHIFT + F3 is the case tog-       tions by email, plus great computing tips,
that the photos can be made smaller?           gle, so just select (highlight) the words you subscribe to Mr. Modem’s award-winning
Thanks in advance for your help, Mr.           want to change and press SHIFT + F3 to        WEEKLY newsletter. Subscribe using
M.                                             switch between ALL UPPER, all lower, or Promo Code 0847 and receive a free
                                               Initial Capitalization, also known in the biz month (four weekly issues!) with your six-
A. The problem with super-large photos         as “nish caps.”                               month subscription. To view a sample is-
usually lies with the senders of those pho-                                                  sue or subscribe, visit
tos. It's best to take low-resolution photos                                       
2011–    ISSUE      1                                                                                        P AGE     9
                                                     IN THE TRENCHES
                                   My Rants – er, Motivational Messages
                               By Kathy Cortopassi, CBC, RMR, CCP, CRR (Dyer)

                                 The only three constants      tional association. And professional ER providers have
                         about life: Taxes, Death and          their own association.
                         CHANGE! And these three words                  Set a goal to pass the cert you need and BEGIN
                         conjure up such fear in most of us,   practicing NOW to accomplish that goal. No, you don’t
                         don’t they? I dare not choose to      need to invest in tapes/CDs.        Go to the school you
                         talk about the first one lest I get   graduated from. I’m sure they’ll let you borrow some
                         goons at my front door ready to       OR allow you access to their database or school lab to
                         lock me up for preaching anarchy.     practice in. What a great example you’d be to those stu-
                         The second word is too fresh in       dents, by the way!!! You could even mentor them while
                         my mind as I just lost yet another    you’re there!! You’ll feel DOUBLY better about your-
                         “family” member – this one an         self if you’d HUMBLE yourself to do this. Are you too
                         adopted grandpa. So today I’ll        PROUD to do this, though? Too embarrassed? Maybe
cover the dreaded word CHANGE.                                 that’s why CHANGE is a nasty word to you. Swallow
         Why are we so afraid of change? All it does is        that pride and do whatever it takes to get the speed prac-
keep us from experiencing new and exciting things in           tice you need. Or you could ask around on forums or
life. It adds excitement back to what has undoubtedly          with coworkers: Do you have any practice tapes I could
become the doldrums, a monotonous – but comfortable –          use for a month? Or search online for cheap ones on
boring life. Yes, one full of many things to do; but as        sale. I BET there’s some on eBay. EVERYTHING is
I’ve measured them up against the 100-year scale (in 100       on eBay these days. Or Craigslist.
years, how much of your duties every day really would                   Then brush up on your spelling and grammar
matter?), little we do is truly important. So, my question     skills so you can pass the Written Knowledge Test.
to you is: WHY NOT CHANGE?                                     About 30 percent is spelling, 30 percent grammar and the
         Change what you’re doing. If you continue to          rest a combination of ethics and common sense rules.
do what you’re currently doing or have always done,            Read NCRA’s Professional Ethics and what NCRA sug-
you’ll continue to get what you’ve always received. Not        gests as study material. Ask those who passed it for their
making the money you want, perhaps? CHANGE! Not                advice on what to study. But don’t overdo this; most
“moving up the ladder” like you’d hoped? CHANGE!               people find the WKT the easiest part of the exams. Fo-
Not excited about your job anymore? CHANGE! Feel-              cus mainly on feeling comfortable and confident in writ-
ing your skills dropping? CHANGE!                              ing the speeds of the certification test you made as your
         How do I propose you change? First, set a goal        goal to pass.
for yourself of passing “A” certification test this year,               Now do some visualizing. This, too, requires
whether it be Illinois’ CSR or an NCRA exam. Now, for          CHANGE. You need to see yourself differently. You
you money grumblers out there, the “but I’d have to join       need to SEE yourself as an RPR (or whatever your goal
NCRA first” argument is getting blown to dust soon.            is). Make a mock certificate and place it on the wall and
You will be able to PAY just to take the certification         mirror and closet door – all the common areas of your
exam. IF YOU PASS, then you will have to join NCRA.            home and office that says, _______ (your name), RPR
I say this is a “Pay to Play” scenario. Nice for the cheap-    (or appropriate cert) and put the date of the exam you
skates out there, but my personal opinion is: You’re rob-      plan to take. SEE yourself as this person. Feel it. Ac-
bing yourself of many lessons you could be learning by         cept it as part of who you are. Believe you will BE that
being a member, let alone miss out on great networking         person. Hold your head high, shoulders back, smile and
opportunities, and the professional prestige of belonging      put fear in its place: In the corner or the trash where it
to YOUR profession’s associations. Think about it:             belongs. Fear is the OPPOSITE of trust, of love and of
What would you think of a doctor who did not belong to         confidence. If you allow fear ONE INCH of space in
any medical associations? Who didn’t hold a Board Cer-         your head, heart and psyche, you’re opening the door to
tification? You think less of him/her and you know it.         failure. You are taking down those certificates you made
They likewise think this about YOU if you do not belong        and saying to yourself DEFEATING thoughts, instead. I
to YOUR – yes, YOUR – national association, IF you             say YOU ARE WORTH IT! YOU DESERVE IT!
are a shorthand writer and in the court reporting, CART        YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH TO DO THIS! YOU
or captioning professions. NCRA IS your association,           CAN AND YOU WILL PASS THIS TEST AND WILL
whether you are professional enough to belong to it or         NOT LET FEAR IN THE DOOR!
not. If you are a voicewriter, then NVRA is YOUR na-           (Continued on the next page)
2011–    ISSUE     1                                                                                            P AGE       10
     IN THE TRENCHES (continued from page 9)                  I put up to protect myself from verbal attack. You know
                                                              which ones I’m talking about – you have them, too. It is
         Same with “test nerves.” When you go to the          only because I CARE about you being the best “you”
room in which you will take this exam, open the door.         that you can be, of climbing the highest mountain you
Pause before entering. Mentally think this, audibly           can climb, of achieving things you never dreamed you
speak it – but most importantly, MEAN IT – say and            could accomplish. If I can be just one small part in help-
think this, “Fear and Test Nerves, you’re outta here! Go      ing to make that happen, losing the two hours’ sleep it
back to the car where you belong. I am taking Confi-          took me to write this article was worth it. YOU are
dence with me in this room. You are not welcome here          worth it, regardless. You are made in the image of God.
in this room or in my mind. “ And walk through that           That means you are special, unique and one-of-a-kind. I
door knowing you can do this.                                 want to see you succeed. But I can’t do the “succeeding”
         Last CHANGE you need to make also requires           for you. You must prove your mettle here. If many of
imagination. Why, when we were children, did we have          you reading this are not taking exams because you have
so much imagination? Why did we allow it to dwindle           achieved many already, great. Then FIND ANOTHER
to practically nothing???? Bad, bad, bad. Find a child        GOAL. How about a Bachelor’s Degree? Master’s?
and spend a day pretending with them!!!! Then IMAG-                    Where there is no vision, the people perish
INE your phone ringing with more requests for better          (Proverbs 29:18). Vision means goals, dreams, aspira-
jobs. IMAGINE your bank deposits growing. IMAG-               tions. Perish means die, wither away, lose its signifi-
INE the new suit you will buy with shoes, purse and nail      cance/importance, succumb, quit, to become destroyed
polish to match (for you ladies, of course – guys, I          or ruined.
strongly suggest you skip the purse and nail polish!).                 Can you see now why I am pushing you to get a
IMAGINE how good you will feel wearing that suit the          vision? To get creative again? To set goals and work
day after you received the results that YOU PASSED            toward achieving them? If you personally “become de-
THE TEST!!! IMAGINE the cheers and congrats from
                                                              stroyed or ruined”, so will our profession. And it’s hap-
all your friends, family and coworkers.
         But this is where I stop. This is where I need       pening, oh, it’s happening. But I for one am not going to
YOU to imagine with me. What kind of attention do you         sit around and LET it happen. I will do all I can to moti-
think you would want from your peers? From NCRA?              vate, encourage, uplift you in these articles, even by
From ISRA? From your coworkers? What could we do              showing you my dirty laundry – well, my mistakes, blun-
to make you feel a lot more excited about passing this        ders, etc. It shows my humanity. I may compete in the
test? How could we make it seem like more of an ac-
                                                              Speed Contest now, but I make probably the most mis-
complishment? More exciting? Something more worth
celebrating? What could we do to get more people ex-          takes of anyone I know. I may be a very accurate writer,
cited (or at least motivated – there IS a difference!) to     but I make the silliest word boundary errors still! I may
take their certification exams? What can we do to get         be pretty tech savvy, but my computers still crash. It’s
more reporters INVOLVED in our associations – or at           the Charlie Brown in me, I guess. But I keep trying to
the very least just to join?                                  kick that football, doggone it!!! One of these days I will,
         Before you lose those creative juices from all       I just know it!
this imagining I’ve asked you to do, please take a few
minutes to answer those questions for me. Send your
answers via voicemail to 219-865-7837 or email
                                                              RPR, RMR, or CRR in your future? or snailmail, 1511 E. Valley           Kathy Cortopassi is a
Place, Dyer IN 46311.                                        committee member of
         I will send everyone who answers the questions      the Peer-to-Peer Mentor-
something from either Creative Memories or Mary Kay –        ing Committee of NCRA.
IF you send me your snailmail address. For the top three     One of the members,
contributors, I will make it a gift worth your while and
                                                             Geanell Adams, came up
will submit the winning ideas in my next article, along
with the pictures of what I gave you. If you’d be so kind    with a practice schedule
to send me a picture with you holding the item, that         a working reporter could
would be better (I hope with a big smile on your face!).     use to "gear up" to take
         Now, to everyone: Thank you for reading my          their certification test. It
rants month after month and putting up with me. Some-        can be found on the next two pages. Use
times baring your soul to the world is dangerous; it         it as a guide and a motivator as you work
means I must take the shield off and let down the barriers
                                                             towards your next certification!
2011–   ISSUE   1   P AGE   11
2011–   ISSUE   1   P AGE   12
2011–   ISSUE   1                                                                             P AGE   13

President’s Message (Continued from page 1)        Dear Nancy (Continued from page 7)
Committee headed by Treasurer Josephine            ble to specialize. But take a moment the night be-
Ross. The committee’s intention is to find sim-    fore, Google the doctor's name and find out what
ple, effective ways to raise money for ISRA.       her specialty is. Then search out terminology in
We don’t know what kind of difficulties our pro-   that specialty, and spend some time creating briefs
                                                   for some of the words and adding them to your dic-
fession will be facing in the future, and we
                                                   tionary. If you do that, even if the doctor doesn't
want to be prepared to hire lobbyists if need      say those particular words, I guarantee you will go
be to help us fight for reporting in Indiana. So   into the deposition more confident than you've ever
far our legislation has been handled by volun-     been. And if that doesn't work, take two aspirin
teers, but we don’t know if that will always be    and call me in the morning.
as effective as we need it to be.                  ================================
  Lastly we have the certification committee,      Dear Nancy: Two defense attorneys objected to
headed by myself. Currently we have a small        the introduction of a document. The judge says to
committee, and we would like to see that num-      plaintiff’s attorney, “You have [counsels’/counsel’s]
ber rise. We have a better grasp on how things     objections.” I’m not sure whether to transcribe it
work in our state legislation as we continue to    as a singular possessive or plural possessive. I am
work within it. Currently there is language be-
                                                   inclined to go with plural possessive, You would
ing introduced into the judicial branch of our
                                                   have counsels' objections, but counsel is already
state government. The language itself does
need to be adjusted, and we are working on a       plural, like children, so I'm thinking I need to tran-
compromise that will benefit our needs as well     scribe it as counsel's. I can’t decide and I need
as the expectations and limitations of the         your opinion.
                                                   Signed, In Conflict with Myself
  Committee work does take a little time out
of your life, but it is rewarding and should       Dear In Conflict with Myself: Counsel is both a
never be overwhelming, especially with the
                                                   singular and plural noun (unlike children which is
current committees ISRA has developed. All
                                                   always plural.) More like sheep. You can have a
meetings are held via conference call where
members express ideas and concerns, make           sheep or many sheep. So a wolf in sheep’s clothing
decisions and are assigned a small duty re-        is the same construction as many wolves in [many]
garding their specific committee. It should        sheep’s clothing. Therefore, your first choice, coun-
never feel overwhelming, and you can always        sel’s objections, would be grammatically correct.
tell your committee chair that you would prefer
to handle something different if the job as-       But since this is an advice column, remember, if
signed to you does not fit your schedule, per-     counsel (singular) is a wolf, his objections will have
sonality or strengths.                             some teeth. And if counsel are sheep (plural), the
  Please consider joining an ISRA committee.       objections probably make for a baaaaad argu-
We could always use more help. Now that you        ment. BUT, if counsel’s a fox and he’s single …
know the specific things that each committee       well, you get the point!!
is looking for, you can make an informed deci-
sion about where to get involved. You can e-
mail me regarding any of the ISRA commit-          Nancy Varallo RDR/CRR/FAPR, owner of Court
tees, and you can also find the e-mail ad-         Reporting Management Services, LLC, offers
dresses of all our committee chairs here in the    customized business and office management
newsletter.                                        services to court reporters and reporting
  Thank you to all our volunteers. We could        agencies. Nancy has been a court reporter
not do it without you.                             since 1979, and has trained hundreds of
*************************************              court reporters, and fielded thousands of
Marlana Haig, CRI (Noblesville)                    questions from reporters. Please ask your
ISRA President                                     question at
2011–   ISSUE   1                                                                    P AGE   14

                        The Last Word

                    Thanks to Tiffany Thompson, Official Court Reporter (Missouri)

                                  What is the most unusual location of
                                  a job you have reported?

                                  Text your answer to 219-614-8826.

                                  We will print the answers in a future news-
                                  letter edition. All identities will remain

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