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					Facebook Trying to be focal point of internet

Facebook is trying to be the focal point of internet. It appears as the first line of this article is
an exaggerated statement but the strategy which Facebook have applied is clearly indicating
that Facebook is indeed trying to be the focal point of internet. When we say focal point of
internet we mean
1. More than 850 million users which is distributed through out world.
2.A whole internet inside Facebook, Driving traffic to other sites on internet and driving the
consumption of the content which can be movie, news, blog, videos and every other form of
digital content directly or indirectly.
3.Developing the ability to have the perfect knowledge and insights of consumer behavior.
4.Driving business to advertiser.
Facebook has already transformed the uni-polar internet in to bi-polar( other pole is Google)
and now Facebook is trying to be the single most powerful point on Internet. How a networking
sites has continuously transformed itself in to such a powerful engine which is pushing, sharing,
driving, publishing and consuming content inside its own ecosystem which is fully controlled by
the users inside the ecosystem of Facebook.
1. More than 850 million user: Society exist because of human being and the activities of
human being like interactions and sharing with another human or group or community develop
has developed the whole web of society. Mark zuckerberg is replicating those layers inside a
virtual world which is known as Facebook. It is not an easy task and the most difficult one is to
Facebook Trying to be focal point of internet

convince a user that such kind of social interaction is possible inside a digital world and
Facebook has convinced its user.
Facebook allowed and gave itself enough time so that the internal ecosystem should mature
with users. Users are drivers for the growth and development of the ecosystem inside
Facebook. Facebook and users matured side by side. The whole process of developing the
internal ecosystem was carefully crafted so that users should be able to adapt. It is very
important for Facebook that user should also mature with internal ecosystem and they did also.
Facebook as whole ecosystem is developed keeping a knit community of a person
having maximum of five thousand people in his friend list in sight and combining millions of
these community made the giant Facebook. How a community of five thousand people
 interact, share and engage with each on different issues of their life.This was the main reason it
worked because nothing beyond their community was given to them still they are connected to
everyone in the world.
Facebook introduced a series of interacting platforms inside the user home page which is
positively oriented and has the capacity to prompt the user to interact at a higher level in his
communities. Facebook worked heavily on developing a very high level of engagement process
in a community and it has worked very well.
Facebook users percentage is well distributed through out world and it is well accepted. One of
the main reason behind very well accepted through out world is Facebook concentrated on
developing tools for ecosystem which users can democratically use the way they want and they
are well accepted if they don’t use the tools.

A whole internet inside Facebook: Is it possible to develop a whole internet inside a social
networking sites? Not fully but yes partially which Facebook users did. The most important
Facebook Trying to be focal point of internet

aspect of social networking site is that every aspect inside it is user driven. Facebook has
worked very hard on how user should spend more and more time on this platform to share,
interact and engage with in their community on this platform.
Let’s dissect the life of a human being.( The dissection is very raw but it will help you to
(1) Personal life: User personal life revolves around activities and events of their
family,relatives, friends and their personal interest and habits. Facebook is a platform where
user share almost all the activities which revolves around its personal life. It can be marriage,
birth, event, travelling, festivals, enjoyments and many more. It was very important for
Facebook that users should share about their personal life and they did.
(2) Consumption: Consumption needs consumer and Facebook always knew that their users
were consumers. By consuming we mean that on Facebook users consume data
and advertisement and reference prompt the consumption of Physical objects. Facebook has
concentrated heavily on how to drive the consumption on many parameters.
* Consumption of digital content where a user will consume the content on Facebook only and
then can share it and engage it with in his own community.
Another option is content was consumer on some other website and then used share option to
push it on Facebook which will drive the consumption of the shared digital content in the
community of the user.
Facebook has developed a sophisticated web of pushing digital contents which driven by user.
Lets see how a small internet has developed inside Facebook.
1. Almost all the major and mid size level companies around the world has their own brand
page on Facebook in which atleast their employee are members.
2. For local business Facebook creates a lots of reviews in a community which can be
both useful or harmful depending on the quality of the services local business provide. There is
no physical consumption from the side of user but the views of user can drive business for
consumer. As I have earlier pointed out that Facebook ecosystem has been developed keeping
insight of a person living in small community of five thousand person. So Facebook is an
extraordinary place for a local business to create a strong brand.
One of the best site to check the data related to Facebook is www.socialbakers.com
3. Facebook has opened its Platform for developers to develop application which
is integrated inside the Facebook Platform. It has created a great opportunity for developers,
media industry, marketing departments of a company and the list goes on. Facebook assets is
its user and everyone is interested in this enormous number of user.
4. Page facility is created for brands, Celebrities and companies so that they could also connect
and communicate.
*Application is being developed on the Facebook platform to run marketing campaigns or the
brand page of a company is developed in the form of a sophisticated application. Recently ICICI
bank developed an application on Facebook through which user can do banking.
* The application development part is extremely developed which is very useful and it is used
by almost every Fortune companies to connect with their audience in a Far better way.
* Media industry have their application to push content to all of its fans.
*Almost every movie do their marketing campaign before release.
*Celebrities are on Facebook, they can’t miss it.
Facebook Trying to be focal point of internet

*Brands are on Facebook.
*local business is on Facebook.
*Major Politician is on Facebook to connect with their audience.
*If I have to visualize Facebook then it is a very efficient and smooth network of millions of
closed community which is very strongly connected with each other and every wants to use this
network which Facebook has developed.
We need to look at all the features of Facebook which will help us to comprehend the web of
virtual interaction which is developed inside Facebook.
A glimpse of whole virtual world inside Facebook.
Facebook Chat- Chat with your Friend in your community- also connected with 18 other Instant
messenger services- Video Chat-Group Chat-Listen Music with your friends(can listen same
music up to fifty friends)- discuss the music with friends.
Friend-Add friend-Remove Friend-Send Friend Request-reject Friend Request-Confirm Friend
Credits-Facebook virtual currency used in buying in many games and application-and the
currency is also available in many versions.
Status Update- Tell us about yourself to the world through status updates.
Family- You can also add your Family member as a family who are also Facebook user.
Like-Comment-Share- The most important tool which Facebook has innovated which is playing
a great role in making Facebook the driver of the content consumption and traffic driver.
Photos-Upload your Photo and share it in your community. You can make albums of particular
events and upload it.
Page- Facebook has always focused on integrating any concept inside the ecosystem and that is
also with full flexibility. The Page facility which Facebook has provided which is used by
companies from fortune five hundred to small business is an extremely business oriented
approach. All the major brand from FMCG to technology has a Facebook page and users love to
like the page so that they can be in touch with the brand. It is flexible because it can be used bu
the brand as an application to run marketing or product campaign.

Mail- you can have your email id on Facebook. The message will be received in your message
Sent Text Message-You can sent text message to any one and for that you have to register your
phone number.
It is expected that Facebook will touch more than one billion user by
After December 2011 Facebook moved in to a completely new paradigm after the launch of the
Timeline profile. Timeline profile has change Facebook for ever. Timeline profile has
been integrated with a user earlier home page very smartly. The user has its earlier version as
Homepage where the activities of all the friends in community will keep getting update where
as Ticker and online friends will be shown on the right side. The common aspect will be Ticker
and online friend visibility which will be present on both home page and your Timeline Profile.
Now what is this Timeline profile. The whole concept appear very simple as a new profile where
you will tell your story since your birth and share with your friend. We don’t think so. The upper
layer of timeline appear as a chronological documentation of story but in reality Timeline
profile is the most sophisticate data gathering engine ever applied to human being at once.
Facebook Trying to be focal point of internet

What really happened?
The nature of the consumption of data has changed considerably in last five years and the
catalyst behind this transformation in nature is Smartphones. Smartphone driven the use of
internet through out world. Earlier people were browsing on smartphone but i-phone change it
completely. I-Phone began the trend application base connection to a particular site. Let us
take a example.
I am a regular reader of three major publications in India and that is Times of India, The Hindu
and The Hindustan times. Now using application based navigation on all of these sites is far
more easier than browser based navigation. All the application are customized for the
optimum view and Navigation based on the mobile operating system. Now application has
saved my time, has given me a better reading environment than browser on my Smartphone
and Tablet than a browser.
Then came Tablets and the same environment was used in tablets also. No doubt in both case
Apple was the pioneer and leader both till this time. Tablet and smartphone has affected the
nature of the way people use to access internet. It is clearly visible from the number of
application has been downloaded from i-tunes and Android market. More than thirty five
billion application has been downloaded.
We can also put in this way that a new form on access to internet and data consumption has
been developed that is not browser based but it is application based.
Facebook ecosystem has already moved in to the era of applications. Facebook is an internal
ecosystem of application based browsing and data consumption which will happen inside
Facebook. The user doesn’t need to go outside to read news. Every data is delivered to him and
he can read it consume it inside Facebook only.
Advertisement on Facebook should produce result and drive business to advertiser. One aspect
where Facebook is far behind Google is driving business to advertiser. It is of utmost priority for
Facebook to drive business to advertiser because that business will only prove the
power Facebook. By Business we mean
-Traffic to the website of the advertiser
-Business in terms of Sales.
-Successful marketing campaigns.
-Facebook has to be extremely attractive for Small business as well as fortune companies.
-Perfect insights of consumer behavior.
-Has the capacity of to stimulate to take actions.
Now we can talk about Timeline profile. Timeline profile has many underlying role to play.
For a single profile:
Facebook Timeline will chronicle everything about you on the following points-
Family members-
History- Hometown, High School, Grad School and work profiling.
Digital Content consumption related to entertainment industry.
Digital content consumption related to News and Publishing industry.
Habits- Eating and Reading.
Travelling- Abroad and in which part of the country I have moved. What is my mode of
Fitness- What is my Fitness activity.
Facebook Trying to be focal point of internet

Religion- Which Religion I have been following.
Influencing-How much I am able to influence my community on Facebook in the virtual world
and also in the real world.
Shopping and Fashion- What are your patterns and like related to Shopping. How fashion is
influencing you.
Where I have been- Facebook wants to track you every where you have been in the whole day.
In reality I will say that Facebook want to track you down to your most monotonous activity on
daily basis. Facebook Timeline has just started and it is still in its nascent phase. In last three
months only since its official release Facebook has officially released ninety application in
following category.
Entertainment-News-Food-Music- Shopping and Fashion -Travel-Fitness- Giving-Other.
As we think Facebook will bring hundreds of applications as per the importance of Geography
like in the coming days we will certainly see the application on Facebook related to Indian
News industry. That application will help Facebook to do the profiling of user on a very local
level. Facebook will bring hundreds of application focussed Globally and locally which will help
them comprehend a user on this basis.
Recently Facebook has brought some changes in its policy which benefits every application to
an unprecedented level.
Facebook timeline profile will help to understand every user as a human being on the following
1- What is the psychology?
2-What is the Eating Habits?
3-What is the reading Habits?
4-What is the Drinking Habits?
5- User is an influencer or not?
6- Travelling Profile?
7-Mode used to travel?
8-Which restaurant you visit?
9-What is Your Family trends related to all sort of consumption?
10- We still have to see that how much data Facebook will dig but as we can perceive from here
Facebook want to know everything and interesting aspect is people are ready to tell.
as well as Facebook will develop the profiling individually, locally, town wise, state
wise, Country-wise and continent wise. Facebook timeline will help Facebook to have the best
consumer behavior insights from a very low area of geography to country wise. This
vast amount of data is very unique and no one else except Google has the capability to produce
it on social level.
The exact statistical calculations which Facebook will able to produce will make Facebook
darling of advertising company.
It will help to increase the ROI of the cost of advertisement because of the accuracy of data
and consumer behavior.
This data will be the fuel of the engine which will make Facebook user the driver of traffic,
consumer of digital content, stimulate them to shop and eat at a particular world. Wait as the
best of timeline still to come.                                               www.videathink.com