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In your own words,
     what is the
  system of “checks
   and balances”?
The Executive
• Ga adopted its first constitution in 1777
• In 1983, GA approved the state’s 10th
  constitution.  there have been changes but
  the purpose has always been the same.
      The Preamble to the Georgia
• To perpetuate the principles of free
  government, insure justice to all, preserve
  peace, promote the interest and happiness of
  the citizen and of the family, and transmit to
  posterity the enjoyment of liberty, we the
  people of Georgia, relying upon the protection
  and guidance of Almighty God, do ordain and
  establish this Constitution.
• In your own words…
   Georgia’s Constitution states…
• “Public officers are the trustees and servants
  of the people and are at all times amenable to
  them” In other words, any power the
  government has is given to it by the citizens
  and is for the good of everyone. Persons
  elected to public office in state government
  work for the people and are accountable to
  the voters for their actions.
          The Executive Branch
• The largest branch of the state government is the
• The governor is the chief executive officer of the
• The governor is elected by a majority of the
  popular vote for a 4 year term The constitution
  allows governors to serve 2 consecutive terms.
• After 2 terms, the individual has to wait 4+ yrs
  before they can run again.
• The constitution outlines the qualifications an
  individual has to meet in order to run for
  governor, describes the governor’s formal;
  powers and informal powers, and it calls for
  the election of a Lieutenant Governor who is a
  lot like a governor.
• CRCT Charts pg 210
 Organization of Executive Branch
• Made up of many different offices or
• The leaders of some departments are chosen
  directly by Georgia’s voters
• Others are appointed or chosen by the
• CRCT Chart pg 211
                 Governor                           Lieutenant Governor
Qualifications   • 30 yrs old or more               • 30 yrs old or more
                 • US citizen for at least 6 yrs    • US citizen for at least 15 yrs
                 • GA resident for at least 6 yrs   • GA resident for at least 6 yrs
Term of Office   • 4 yrs                            • 4 yrs
                 • May run for and serve a          • No limit on number of terms
                 second term
Election         • Elected by citizens              • Elected by citizens
                 • Does not run on same ticket      • Does not run on same ticket
                 or need to be in same party as     or need to be same party as
                 lieutenant gov                     gov

Duties           •Head of state and lender of       • Serves as gov if current gov
                 executive branch                   dies or gets too sick to work
                 • Commander-in-chief of GA’s       • As president of the Senate,
                 military                           decides committee members
                 • Can veto legislation put         and chooses committee
                 forward by the state               chairs.
                 • Signs bills into laws
                 • Can use the floor leader of
                 the House to suggest
         Constitutional Officers
• GA voters also elect constitutional officers
  – Sec of State
  – Attorney General
  – St. Superintendant of Schools
  – Commissioner of Agriculture
  – Commissioner of Labor
  – Commissioner of Insurance
        Constitutional Officers
• US Citizen for 10 years
• Legal resident of GA for 4 yrs
• At least 25 yrs old
• Attorney General has to be active member of
  state bar for at least 7 years.
• Elected for a 4 year term – no limit – cannot
  be removed by gov. or legislature. –by passing
  an amendment
  Exec Departments and Agencies
• Chart pg 444 (GA Studies Bk)
• Over 40 major exec depts.
• Lead by directors/commissioners – appointed
  by governing boards
• Answer to the governor
• Other smaller boards, commissions, and
  agencies not shown:
  – Stone Mtn and Jekyll Island run by federal
     State Government at Work
• 99% of the 91,000 state government workers
  are in the executive branch.
• Each year, 90% of the state budget goes to the
  exec branch
• 7 major policy areas (ranked in terms of total
  – Education            - General government
  – Human services       - Economic development
  – Public safety         - Natural resources
  – Transportation         * Chart pg 446 (Ga Stud)

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