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									                                                                                                               Instructions For Assembly
                                                                                                       My First Project™ Butterfly House
                                                                                                               Product #147082                 11/22/05
My First Project™ Butterfly House

Supply List:                                                                   6. Glue and nail the second Side (D) using
                                                                                  the same procedure as Step #5. (Photo 6)
•   Hammer                                  •   Screwdriver
•   Glue                                    •   Sand Paper
•   Rags                                    •   Ruler                          7. Turn the assembly over so the Front (E)
•   Glue Brush                              •   Foam Brush                        is laying on the table. (Photo 7)
•   Tung Oil                                                                                                                    Photo 6

                                                                               8. Apply glue to the long edges of both
Things To Remember:                                                               sides. (Photo 8)
• Keep a clean damp cloth available to wipe off excess glue. The
  glue is difficult to remove when it dries, especially in the corners,         9. Align the Back (B) over the two sides
  so pay extra attention during the assembly.                                     making sure the single hole in the center     Photo 7

• When applying glue use a glue brush and apply a thin layer over                 of the back short edge (41/2") is
  the entire edge to be glued. The glue should not “run” or “drip”                positioned at the bottom. (Photo 9)
  when nailed. When the two pieces are nailed together, only a very
  small amount of glue should squeeze out. Remember, if you
  squeeze out all the glue you don’t have any glue between the two             10. Nail the back to the sides by placing
  pieces of wood to dry and fasten the wood together.                              nails in the holes. Nail one side first      Photo 8

• When nailing, be careful to make sure the nails are straight and the             making sure it is aligned along the long
  pieces are well supported on the bottom.                                         edge and the bottom. Repeat for the other side. (Photo 9)
• If a nail bends, pull it out and use a straight one. Do not try to
  straighten a bent nail.                                                      11. Lay the assembly back side down on the
                                                                                   work surface. (Photo 10)
Step-By-Step Instructions:
1. Lay out and identify each of the         Photo 1
                                                                               12. Align the Roof (C) so the holes in the
                                                                                                                                Photo 9
   following pieces. Note that                                                    roof are over the angled sides and the
   several of the pieces have holes
                                                                D       D
                                                                                  two holes closest to the edge are toward
   drilled into them and it is critical           B
                                                            E                     the back. (Photo 10) Place the roof
   that they are positioned
                                                                                  against the work surface and center it on
   correctly during assembly.
   (Photo 1)                                                                      the assembly. The roof should overhang
                                                                    C             the front by approximately 1/2" and be       Photo 10
    A. Bottom: 3" x 31/2"                                                         flush with the back. (Photo 11)
    B. Back: 41/2" x 111/2"
    C. Roof: 51/2" x 51/2"
                                                                               13. Nail the roof to the assembly.
    D. Sides (2): 31/2" x 111/2" (long edge),
                   31/2" x 91/2" (short edge)
    E. Front: 41/2" x 93/8"                                                    14. Insert the Bottom (A) and secure with       Photo 11
                                                                                   screws through the holes in the front and
2. Begin the assembly by placing the long             Photo 2                      back. (Photo 12)
   edge (111/2") of one of the Sides (D) on
    the work surface. (Photo 2)
                                                                               15. Sand off all rough edges.
3. Apply glue to the short edge (9 /2") of

   the Side (D). (Photo 3)                                                     16. Apply finish of choice.                      Photo 12

4. Align the Front (E) over the short edge
   of the Side (D). Make sure the Front is            Photo 3
   aligned at the side edge and the bottom
   (90° corner) (Photo 4).

5. NOTE: The Front and two sides should
   NOT align at the top. (Photo 4a) Place
   two nails in the holes in the Front (E)
                  and align the Front to the          Photo 4
        Photo 4a Side (D) making sure that
                  the long edge and bottom
                  are all flush. (Photo 5)

                                                      Photo 5

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