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Manor Junior School


									Manor Junior School
Sandringham Road,                                Lateness !!!
Essex.                                           A reminder that school starts at 8:55 a.m.
IG11 9AG                                         when the bell ís rung. Any children enteríng                            school via the front entrance after this time           ís líkely to be entered as late. Please ensure
TEL: 020 8270 4641 or 4642                       your child is in the playground before 8:55
FAX: 020 8270 4640
Headteacher Mr. J. E. Clark
                                                 Dates for your diary
April 2007.
                                                 Year 6 SATS – week beginning
Staffing news                                    Monday 14th May.

Mr. Lewis                                        Class Photographs Wednesday 2nd
Mr. Lewis is retiring after 36 years
                                                 Whitsun half term 28th May – June 1st
service at Manor Junior School on Friday         2007 inclusive.
1st June. (during the Whitsun holiday).
Many of you will have had children that          June 15th 2007 School closed.
have gone through his class and some of
you as well may have been in his class a         Parents Evening – 11th July
few years ago. Obviously the staff are
celebrating such long service with a             End of Summer Term Wednesday 18th
presentation and gathering but if parents        July. 2007.
want to make a contribution then please
                                                 New Year starts Tuesday September
do so through the office.                        4th 2007.

We will of course wish him health and            Friends of Manor meetings and events
happiness on your behalf.
                                                 Date of Meeting                           Time
Bikes in playground                                                             Location
                                                 2th May                        Infants    6.45
Please do not allow children to use any          8th June                       Local      TBC
bikes in the playground particularly after       4th July                       Infants    6.45
school. We have a lot of movement at
this time and children sailing around on
bikes are a definite hazard. Similarly any
                                                 EVENTS AT A GLANCE
skates or trainers with wheels.
                                                 (Theatre trips not included)
September intake 2007.
                                                 FOM Fundraising Day            25th May
We have sent out application forms for our       Brugge Day Trip                9th June
new Year 3 intake for September 2007. There      Summer Fayre                   1st July
is no automatic admission just because a child
attends Manor Infant School. Siblings have
priority on a waiting list.
FOM COMMITTEE                                                                      FINANCE

Chairman                         Sue O’Malley                     At Proactive Mortgages we use a panel of
Secretary                        Debbie Woodgate                established and reputable property developers
Treasurer                        Johanne Duggan                operating in the overseas property and mortgage
Social Secretary                 Nicola Scott                                       market.
Catering Secretary               Angela Humm
Events Co-ordinators             Vacant /Debbie               We can offer full help and advice from start to finish
                                 Woodgate covering            including finding properties in your chosen country,
                                                              arrange local solicitors, arrange the mortgage, and
                                                                 also help with furniture packs, foreign money
If you are interested in joining the Committee                              transfers and exchange.
         Please ring Debbie on 07762794765
                                                                                    At Home
 2/5   PTA Meeting                         Infants     6:45
 8/6   PTA Meeting                       Local venue          Are you looking for helpful, straightforward advice
 4/7   PTA Meeting                         Infants     6:45                     about finance?
                                                                We are experts in remortgages, right to buys,
                                                                    secured loans and private purchases.
                                                              There are no upfront fees, we can help even if you
                                                                               have CCJ’s, etc.
                                                                       No income proof? No problem!

                                                               Visit or call 0800
                                                                    019 8595, to speak to one of our trained

                                                                Please mention Manor Junior School when you
                                                                         make contact with the firm.

Please mention Manor Junior School if you make
                  a booking

                                                                                                          J. E. Clark

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