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HARVEY, LOUISIANA                                                                                                                    April 10, 2011

                                                                               SATURDAY, APRIL 9
                                                                                4:00p.m. Mary Lynn Sannasardo
                                                                                6:00p.m. Carmen Austin, Harrison Schouest, Pete Ditta, Euronie St.
                                                                                         Amant, Hilton Lirette, Albert Joseph Delaune Jr., Sr. Gerard
                                                                                         Leahy, O.P., Anita Schouest, Joyce Braquet
                                                                               SUNDAY, APRIL 10
  In all of today’s readings we hear the theme of resurrection. The             8:00a.m. For our living and deceased parishioners
Gospel today is the powerful story of Jesus’ raising Lazarus from              11:00a.m. Malcolm LeBlanc, Pete Territo, John Bourg, Floyd “Doc”
the tomb after he’d been dead for four days.                                             Belsome, Ray Comeaux, Lodriguss & Gettle Families
                                                                                         Deceased, Sr. Gerard Leahy, O.P., Elise Schouest, Angela
  Jesus shows the love of His warm human heart for His special
friends, with whom He’d spent many hours in their home.                        MONDAY, APRIL 11
Although Jesus knew He was about to raise their brother from the                7:00a.m. Fr. John DiFiore(Living)
dead, Jesus wept with Martha and Mary as they mourned their                    12:10p.m. Beverly McDonald
brother’s death. He compassionately suffered the pain with them.               TUESDAY, APRIL 12
In this experience He sanctified friendship by His beloved                      7:00a.m. Melancon, Orgeron families Deceased, Edward Melancon Sr.,
example.                                                                                 Angelina & Billy Shrader, Falgout & LeBlanc Families
  As touching as this was as an act of kindness to His friends, it                       Decesed, Rosalie Schnittker,
showed the world—then, as now—proof of Our Lord’s divinity.                    12:10p.m. Walter Treadaway
He’d said that He would raise Lazarus for the glory of God, that               WEDNESDAY, APRIL 13
                                                                                7:00a.m. Arsene Tassin
we might believe that He was sent by God. Only God could                       THURSDAY, APRIL 14
resurrect a body already decaying, return the soul to it, and restore           7:00a.m. Charles “Tee”, Tommy & Steve Blanchard
the flesh! What proof of His Godly power!                                      FRIDAY, APRIL 15
  This was Jesus’ last miracle before His capture and trial. The                7:00a.m. Dr. John C. Kisler
Pharisees had been spying on Him, looking for evidence with                    12:10p.m. Walter Treadaway
which to sentence Him for claiming to be the ‘King of the Jews.’               SATURDAY, APRIL 16
The arrest and trial of Our Lord was soon approaching.                          7:00a.m. J.P. Guillot
  In every trial and sorrow we endure, may we go back and recall                4:00p.m. Ina & Charles Miller
                                                                                6:00p.m. Perkins & Guillot Families Deceased, Troy dean Williams,
the raising of Lazarus from the dead. Let it be living proof that for
                                                                                         Calvin Danos, Keller Family Deceased, Carmen Austin, Paul
those who love God, all things work together for good. What Jesus                         & Betty Territo, Joan martin,, Mary Lynn Sannasardo, Hilton
did for Lazarus, He will also do for us on the last day!                                 Lirette, Abel J. Hunter, Becnel, Sazdoff & West Families
                                                                                         Deceased, Edward Aucoin, Jr.
Today’s Scriptures: Ezekiel 31:12-14; Psalm 130; Romans 8:8-11; John 11:1-45   SUNDAY, APRIL 17
                                                                                8:00a.m. For our living and deceased parishioners
BLESSED MOTHER’S LAMP will burn in memory of                                   11:00a.m. Carlos Savona, Floyd “Doc” Belsome, Fr. Jon & Elaine Parks,
Scioneaux families deceased.                                                             Cecile Lafont, Mr. & Mrs. Ellis Robichaux, Patty Robicheaux
                                                                                         Hermann, Clarence Orgeron, Angela Pelzer
SANCTUARY LAMP will burn in memory of Carlos Savona.
                                                                                                     ALTAR SERVERS
ALTAR WINE is given in memory of Lyman & Vera Crovetto.                        SATURDAY, APRIL 16
                                                                                4:00p.m. Keaton B., Austin B.
SANCTUARY COMMITTEE: Clara Montz, Felicia Usner,                                6:00p.m. Kalli B., Kobe C.
Sondra Hammer, Marion Cortez.                                                  SUNDAY, APRIL 17
                                                                                8:00a.m. Dale L., Grant S.
BAPTIZED IN CHRIST: We welcome into our spiritual family                       11:00a.m. Zachary C., Kelvin C.
Dominic Weilbaecher, Karan Gulati, Cameron Galati, Elisa
Rodriguez and Elijah Rodriguez who were baptized recently at St.                      LITURGY OF THE WORD AND EUCHARIST
Rosalie.                                                                       SATURDAY, APRIL 16
                                                                               MASS      COMMENTATOR LECTOR EUCHARIST M.
                                                                                4:00p.m. Ginger G.    Desiree C. Claudia P., Desiree C.
                     SPONSOR OF THE WEEK                                        6:00p.m. Gerald D.    Bert L.    Linda L., Gerald L.
                      JOE’S PLUMBING, LLC                                      SUNDAY, APRIL 17
                                                                                8:00a.m. Janys C.     Mary L.    Janys C., Cindy R.
                                                                               11:00a.m. Ann W.       Raylyn S. Patti M., Janet L.,
                                                                                                                 Kathleen L., Elaine L.
                                                           Fifth Sunday of Lent

May the Lord bless you sacrifice.

                                                                        Dear Parishioners,
1. PALM SUNDAY: We are ready to accept palm branches!
   Please bring your washed and trimmed palms to the Gathering                    This past Thursday evening at St. John Bosco Church in
   Room on Tuesday and Wednesday morning of this week. The              Harvey, 35 young adults received the Sacrament of Confirmation.
   Altar Society ladies will begin work on Wednesday, April 13th        Most Reverend Gregory Aymond presided at the ceremony. 20 of
   at12:30p.m. in the Gathering Room. Parishioners are invited to       these young adults were from our church family here at St.
   join us.                                                             Rosalie. 15 youths were confirmed from St. John Bosco. We
2. EASTER SUNDAY MASSES: Vigil: Saturday, April 23rd,                   congratulate all of the confirmands as they take this most
   7:00p.m., Sunday, April 24th: 8:00a.m. and 11:00a.m. The Holy        important step in their Catholic Christian Faith.
   Week schedule will appear in next week’s bulletin.                             On Saturday afternoon a wedding took place here at St.
3. CONFIRMATION: 35 young men and women received the                    Rosalie. The bride was Ms. Theresa Donnelly, Campus Minister at
   sacrament of Confirmation on Thursday, April 7 th at St. John        Academy of Our Lady. The groom was Mr. Justin Matelski, a
   Bosco Church. They were confirmed by Archbishop Gregory              Religion Teacher at Archbishop Shaw High School. The
   Aymond. We congratulate these young men and women, their             officiating priest was Fr. Abraham Feliciano, sdb. Fr. Abe is no
   parents, sponsors and teachers. Let’s pray that they, too, will      stranger to Marrero and Harvey. He did his practical training in
   keep the Holy Spirit in their life.                                  preparation for priesthood at Archbishop Shaw. We wish the
4. FIRST HOLY COMMUNION: Saturday, April 9th was a very                 newlyweds happiness and may God bless this most holy union.
   special day for the 56 St. Rosalie and P.R.E.P. second grade         In today’s Gospel, Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead to manifest
   students. They received Jesus in their heart for the first time.     that he himself is the resurrection and the life. The story is filled
   Let’s pray that they will always have Jesus within their hearts.     with intrigue and misunderstanding. Two sisters, Martha and
   We congratulate the young adults, the children, and their            Mary, and their brother Lazarus are leading characters in the
   parents and teachers.                                                narrative. The story begins with a report that Lazarus is ill. Jesus
5. P.R.E.P.: The children from the St. Rosalie P.R.E.P. program         does not seem overly concerned. He declares that the purpose of
   invite you to attend the reenactment of the Passion on Monday,       the illness is for the glory of God, that the Son of God may be
   April 18th at 6:30p.m. in the cafetorium. We thank Shay              glorified through it. Then strangely enough he waits two more
   LeBlanc and her staff for making this possible.                      days before going to Bethany where Lazarus is. In the meantime
6. EASTER FLOWERS: Your donation for the flower fund will               there is much confusion on the part of the disciples concerning
   help defray the cost of the Easter lilies. You may make your         Lazarus’ illness. This is finally clarified by Jesus clearly stating,
   donation in memory of a loved one(s). Use your pink envelope         “Lazarus has died.”
   in your envelope packet or mark an envelope “flowers.” Drop it                 Jesus arrives at the tomb and publicly prays to God that
   in the collection basket or bring to the Parish Center.              those who witness what he is about to do will not misunderstand it.
7. RICE BOWLS: Rice Bowls should be brought to the church or            Then in a loud voice Jesus yells at Lazarus to come out! Lazarus
   Parish Center sometime during Holy Week. Office hours are            emerges but still bound by the burial bands. Jesus commands that
   8:00a.m. – 4:00p.m.                                                  Lazarus be unbound and set free. Some who witnessed this event
8. LA KIDS: LA Kids will be performing in the cafetorium on             believed in Jesus but others did not.
   Saturday, April 30th.Volunteers and food/drink donations are                   Don’t forget to mark your calendars for our Lenten
   needed. St. Rosalie is grateful to all who answer the call to this   Mission, preached by Fr. Dave Moreno, sdb, beginning on
   need. We really need cooperation from the fair members. The          Monday, April 18th, and concluding on April 20th. The Sacrament
   kitchen opens at 8:00a.m. until 5-6:00p.m. The menu consists         of Reconciliation will take place on Tuesday evening the 19 th
   of hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken salad sandwiches, fried             following the Mission talk.
   shrimp or fish plates, red beans & sausage, jambalaya, nachos,                 Oh, by the way, there will be two women staying in the
    sweets, etc. All proceeds from the kitchen will be deposited into   Rectory. One you already know, Migs, the other we welcome…my
    the 2011 Fair account.                                              mother, Josephine.
 9. SEMINARIAN OF THE WEEK: In the kindness of your
    prayers, please remember Lenny Carlina, who is finishing his        Have a great week.
    second year of studies at Don Bosco Residence in Orange, New
    Jersey.                                                             God bless,

                                                                        Fr. John

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