The Spanish in Georgia by yurtgc548


									The Spanish in Georgia
Why were the Europeans venturing
   Europe is in the midst
    of the Renaissance
   Looking for a shorter
    route to Asia for trade
   The land route to the
    east was controlled
    by the Ottoman
1497 explorer Vasco de Gama sailed around
 Africa and northeast to Asia in caravels
   Christopher Columbus,
    an Italian explorer
    sailing for Spain
    attempted sailing west
    across the Atlantic
   Found the Americas,
    not Asia
   Launched an era of
    wealth and power for

   Conquerors who explored the Americas
   Destroyed existing cultures
   Used guns to defeat Native Americans
   Brought disease that killed millions
   Looking for fabled cities of gold
          Juan Ponce de Leon
   Sailed with Columbus
   Stayed in the Caribbean and became
    governor of Puerto Rico
   Explored Florida searching for a fountain
    of youth that restored youth to anyone
    who bathed in it
   Didn’t find the
    fountain, but
    something more
    important to
   The Gulf Stream,
    providing a fast route
    north from South
              Vasquez de Ayllon

   First attempted Spanish settlement
       North Carolina, too buggy
       South Carolina
       Georgia, San Miguel de Gualdape

   Many died there, including Ayllon, and
    settlers left for Hispaniola
               Hernando de Soto

   1540
   In Georgia, encountered the Coosa
   Captured their chief
DeSoto artifacts at Fernbank
   Native Americans pursued, but lost up to
    3,000 people
   De Soto soon became fatally ill
   His soldiers sunk his body in the
    Mississippi River
   300 Spanish survived to return to Spain
    with nothing
   Further explorers went to Mexico and
    South America
Settlement at last
            1565 Spain sends
             Pedro Menendez de
             Aviles to keep the
             French out of Florida
            He routed the French
             and built a fort
             named St. Augustine
            Pictured – Castillo de
             San Marcos finished

   To keep the French off of the coast, Spain
    built missions
   Also brought Christianity to the Indians
   The Santa Catalina de
    Guale mission on St.
    Catherine’s Island
    was founded in 1566
   Coast and southern
    Georgia under
    Spanish control for
    over 100 years
   Santa Catalina was
    discovered in the

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