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									                          DAAT/JCG Board Meeting

            Minutes of the DAAT/JCG Board Meeting
Date: 8th October 2010                               Time: 14.00– 16.00

Venue: Room 1, Civic Suite, Catford, SE6 4RU

Geeta Subramaniam (Chair)      LBL - Head of Service
Dee Carlin                     Head of PCT Commissioning – Lewisham PCT
James Wheeler                  LBL-DAAT
Paul Paterson                  LBL Service User Council
Tim Evans                      Metropolitan Police – Lewisham
Sara Robinson                  London Probation
Sarah Kurylowicz               LBL-DIP
Madeleine Rudolph              Deputy Regional Manager – NTA
Fiona Kirkman                  LBL-DAAT
Chris Hobrough                 Jobcentreplus
Jason Browne                   LBL-DAAT
Sam Cox                        Deputy Regional Manager – NTA
Christine Grice                LBL- CYP
Jane Miller                    PCT- Public Health
Stacy-Ann Smith                LBL-DAAT

Aileen Buckton             Executive Director Community Services – LB Lewisham
Rachel Harper              LBL- DIP
Chris Hobrough             Job Centre Plus
Stephen Callaghan          LBL Service User Council
Gary Seaman                LBL-DAAT
Jacqui West                LBL-DAAT

Item   Item Description                                       Action

1)     Introductions and Apologies
       See Above

2)     Previous Minutes & Matters Arising
       Carers review to be pick up in the next meeting.
       Fiona & Sara to discuss the issue around the travelling Fiona & Sara
       cost to probation.

3)     Performance Report
       See report
4)     DIP Performance Report
       Sarah mentioned that there are a few areas which DIP

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                          DAAT/JCG Board Meeting

Item   Item Description                                          Action
       is currently focusing on;
       Clients not attending appointments, early prison
       releases, unexpected court releases and clients not
       been pick up by CARAT.
       Client that do not attend appointments, DIP follow up
       by letters and phone calls.
       Working with Diamond around prison pick ups.
       The Prison Link worker is in the process of getting her
       clearance for Belmarsh, which means she will be able
       to go into Belmarsh and pick up clients.
       Geeta suggested that the DIP team needs to keep on      DIP
       eye the DIP Attrition Rate.
5)     Finance Update
       The partnership received £200K from DOH capital
       grant, this amount will go towards the hubs, £150K for
       Desmond Street & £50K for Central Clinic.
       All the income streams for the Young people budget is
       at risk. James did a model at 25% and 40%, 40% will
       means we might not be able to run any of the YP
6)     Commissioning Update
       See report

7)     Young People in Treatment Target
       James reported that the target for Lewisham is 250 YP
       in treatment by year end. This is a high risk, but
       actions are in place to mitigate the risk-see report.

8)     Implementation Plan
       See report

9)     Home Office Pilot- DIP
       All in agreement for the planned proposal, but more
       clarification on the timetable and the police & custody
       suit need to be on board.

10)    Alcohol Delivery Group- Copy of action plan was handed out to the group
       Jane reported that the group meet quarterly, there is a
       3 year plan which has been develop. The group have
       identified leads for all 4 elements of the plan.

       1st - Element- Communication & education
       2nd - Element- Enforcement & Licensing
       3rd - Service provision
       4th - Health intelligence, Needs Assessment

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                          DAAT/JCG Board Meeting

Item   Item Description                                            Action
       In the short term what the group has decided to do is
       have a 20% reduction in the increase of hospital
       admission. Geeta would like to see a detail report on
       the Alcohol delivery group at the next meeting.
11)    Community Peer Education Project
       All in agreement to run this pilot. Jason to speak to       Jason
       Jane Miller to get the contact details for sexual health.

12)    Intuitive Recovery
       The DAAT to do more investigation on the outcomes           Fiona
       before working up the cost for next year.

13)    AOB
       Geeta mentioned that there is now an all borough
       Drinking Control Zone, which started on 1 September
       and will run until the end of March.

       Sara mentioned that they will remodelling the probation
       team & substance misuse team, all staff will be
       expected to deal with all drugs & alcohol clients. Roll
       out will take place in November. There are currently
       only 4 SPO’s in the borough.

       Paul mentioned that he was elected as the Chair for
       SUC at the NTA.

14)    Date of next meeting:
       10th December 2010, 2:30pm-4:30pm, Room 3, Civic Suite, Catford, SE6 4RU

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