Multi Culture Issuesin Career Counseling by oG0m3HE


									COUN 5700

                  Multi-Culture Issues in Career Counseling

              Power Distance              Status Differentiation
                                          Mexico, Venezuela, Philippines

              Uncertainty Avoidance        Intolerance for change and/or risk

              Individualism                Personal Identity
                                           Strong in U.S., Weak in Asia

              Masculinity                  Competitiveness/Internal Locus of Control
                                           Strong in India

Q. How does Carl Rogers and Don Super theories reflect a cultural bias?)

              African Americans            Interventions – Encourage high career aspirations
                                                          or expectations. Build self-
                                                          confidence, Promote the use of
                                                          community resources

              Asian Americans              Interventions – Guild toward appropriate means
                                                           of self expression & advocacy
                                                          i.e., awareness of transferable skills

              Hispanic Americans           Interventions Dispel stereotypical roles stemming
                                                         from a matriarch family &
                                                         enmeshment in family.

              Native Americans             Interventions Consider tribal diversity and
                                                         spirituality. Expand career options.
                                                         Process ambivalence between
                                                         traditions and current environment.

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