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									Prof. LOverman                                                                                     English 355
Essay 2 Poetry Explication                                                             Late papers not accepted

Thursday 3/15 1:45PM: Scratch Outline/Thesis due in Moodle respond to 3 others min.
Thursday 3/22: Essay is due uploaded into Turnitin via Moodle

Extra Credit LRC visit w/ proof: 10 extra credit points given ONCE for attending LRC during this essay’s
drafting process, but you may go as many times as you need to. Must include proof of visit attached to
your final draft.
(Note: Instructor will only review rough drafts one-on-one during an appt. you make with her)

Select one of the poems listed below and explain it in a 2 1/2- 3 page explication essay.
Do add a Works Cited page.

Writing Task: Determine the theme or the main point of the poem and explain in
detail how the poet’s techniques produce your understanding of this theme.

You must discuss the poem in terms of the elements or guidelines of poetry, i.e. the
speaker, structure, sound, meter, imagery, etc. (see pg 664 and/or Poetry Worksheet’s
questions to consider). Because not all poems utilize all elements, or the elements are not
employed equally, your discussion of these elements will not be equal.

NOTE: In an explication, your thesis will be your identification of the theme or the main
Select from the following poems:
Robert Herrick "To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time" (697)
Wislawa Szymborska “The End and the Beginning” (915)
Cathy Song- “Girl Powdering Her Neck” (PS5-follows page 912)
Carl Sandburg "Fog" (899)
John Donne “Death Be Not Proud” (986)
Emily Dickinson – “Because I could not stop for Death—” (983)
Claude McKay “If We Must Die” (1015)

Your Purpose in Writing This Essay
• Demonstrate your thorough understanding of a poem and the parts that comprise it.
• Demonstrate your knowledge of the elements of poetry and your ability to identify them
in a work.
• Explain the important aspects of a poem by using sufficient details, appropriate quotes,
and clear explanations as to what these quotes illustrate.
• Illustrate your familiarity with the correct format for MLA citations.
• Demonstrate your ability to organize details in a logical, persuasive fashion as to
effectively explain the poem.
• Exercise the skill of writing well-crafted sentences, utilizing standard edited American
Again, this is NOT a research paper. Do NOT go to outside sources for “ideas.” Your
purpose is NOT to come up with a unique, innovative interpretation of these selections of
literature. Your purpose is to show that you understand the main point of a poem and to
explain how the poet creates that understanding.

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