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Sharing and Caring by Pxj1drTY


									Sharing and Caring

       An INPS Perspective
        Dr Mike Robinson
         Medical Director


 Sharing doesn’t necessarily mean putting
 everything in one place, but provided
 ACCESS when required, so a federated
 record model better serves these needs
 Interoperability between systems is the
 Data and messaging standards are


 Caring means including the patient
  – Summary Care Record
  – My Healthspace
  – My Health Online
  – Patient services provided by GP practices
  – Patient record access
  – Emergency care records

Sharing and Caring

 Sharing and Caring can only be
 achieved by improved and increased
 interoperability between IT systems,
 delivering what is required in terms
 of patient data and functionality at
 the point of care, wherever and
 whenever that may be.

INPS perspective

 Patients’ needs to be put at the
 forefront of IT Services
 Relationships must be improved:
  – Between patients and data
  – Between patient records in different
    places and at different times
  – Between software companies operating
    in the same space

Your perspective

 As   patients
 As   clinicians
 As   administrators
 As   purchasers
 As   policy advisers
 As   informaticians


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