Journey to Jo�burg Unit Plan by 593V16


									Desmond Doss Unit Plan†                                                                                                                                     Teacher: B. F. Nugent

Week: 1                               Monday                                    Tuesday                           Wednesday                        Thursday                           Friday

                       Connect: Role play a bully                   ABC Brainstorm: “World     Read aloud                                 QARS of Chapters                 Help students
Comprehension        being challenged by a younger                    War II”                    chapter 3                                    1, 2, & 3—Use to                  select a Leisure
    and/or           student in the classroom (this                  Social Studies extension:  Complete Literary                           discuss.                          Reading Book
                     should be planned beforehand)                    Read Courage article from Elements Black-line                          --Do Sum It Up                    from the
                     Attend: Round “I felt _____                     Bombing of World Trade     13*                                          using graphic                     classroom or
                     while _____ was bullying the                     Center using                                                            organizer.                        school library
                     class”                                          Directed Thinking                                                      --Students make                  Silent Sustained
                     Imagine: *Concept of                            Listening Activity                                                      QAR for Chapters                  Reading using
                     Definition Map “Courage”                                                                                                 1, 2, & 3 and turn in.            Leisure Reading
                     Read aloud chapter 1                           Complete Character Notes                                                                                  Book
                                                                      Black-line Master 3.15                                                                                   Complete Reading
                                                                                                                                                                                Log after SSR
                                                                  Students Read chapter 2
                                                                  Complete Guidelines for
                                                                   Sticky-note Discussions
                      Preview Chapters 1, 2, & 3                 Work on Glossary                              Group Share:     --Election: Vote for  Students turn in
  Word Study/         Complete a Word Detective                                                                  Glossary entries word you will most     “Creating a Glossary”
  Vocabulary         Activity using Black-line 4                                                                  to this far      likely begin to use    for Chapters 1, 2, & 3
                     Begin Creating a Glossary                                                                  Work on          (from chapters 1, 2, &
                     using Black-line 15 (ongoing),                                                               Glossary         3) as you speak and
                     minimum of 5 words per                                                                                        write
                     chapter                                                                                                       Work on Glossary

                          Daily Oral Language # 1:                    Daily Oral Language # 2:             Daily Oral          D.O.L. # 4:                                 Quiz on 4 types of
    Grammar             Review Declarative sentence                  Review Interrogative                     Language # 3:       Exclamatory                                sentences
                        as found in Desmond Doss…                    sentence                                 Review Imperative   sentence.
                     Mini-lesson: “What is Writers’                  Mini-lesson:                          Mini-lesson:          Mini-lesson: Re-                         Mini-lesson: How to
    Writers’          Workshop?”                                      1C.8 Write using a variety              Editing—self,         writing                                   select a leisure
   Workshop/          (Use notes.)                                     of genres—Distribute                    peer, and teacher    Suggestion: self-                         book
                     : Suggested Genre: Write a                       “Instead of a Story                   Suggestion: Self-      edit for                                 Required: SSR
                      PERSONAL NARRATIVE                               write…”                                 edit                  punctuation;
                                                                      Suggestion: Continue                                          rewrite if
                                                                       draft 1 from yesterday                                        appropriate

*Using Amos Fortune as a guide for Black-line masters          †Please note that this unit is designed to be the first Pathways unit for the school year (for the teacher and the student); therefore,
it contains details that may not be necessary later in the school year.
Desmond Doss Unit Plan†                                                                                                             Teacher: B. F. Nugent

                               Monday                             Tuesday                    Wednesday                      Thursday                         Friday
Week: 2
                     Read chapters 4 and 5 of               ABC Brainstorm Bible       Read aloud chapter 8         QARS of Chapters 6,           Silent Sustained
Comprehension/         Desmond Doss: Conscientious            extension: Brainstorm        alone                         7, & 8—Use to                 Reading using Leisure
   Reading             Objector                               Bible Characters who       Have students                  discuss.                      Reading Book
                  Students complete the Seed                 displayed courage (in        summarize chapters            .                            Complete Reading Log
                   Maker Black-line Master for                CL groups)                   6 and 7 in literature        --Do Sum It Up using          after SSR
                   chapters 4 and 5                           Make predictions            journals                      graphic organizer.           Have students
                  Students present and discuss                  on chapters 6 and       Complete Seed Maker           --Students make               summarize chapters 4
                   seeds                                         7                         for chapter 8 in CL           QAR for Chapters 6,           through 9 in literature
                  Together Define                            Read Chapters 6             Group                         7, & 8 and turn in.           journals
                   comprehension as the                          and 7 aloud.            Present and discuss           Read aloud chapter 9
                   understanding of what has been             Confirm, modify, or         seeds to CL Group             alone
                   read. Explain/discuss types of                reject predictions.                               
                   comprehension: literal,
                   interpretative, and applied. Have
                   students summarize chapters 4
                   and 5 in their literature journals
                  Complete Word Detective for             Complete Word        Group Share: Glossary                                              Students turn in
   Vocabulary      Chapters 4 and 5 of Desmond           Detective for Chapters  entries to this far                   Work on Glossary            “Creating a Glossary” for
                   Doss: Conscientious Objector.         6 and 7 of Desmond      Work on Glossary                                                  Chapters 4, 5, 6, 7,& 8
                  Students continue to add words        Doss: Conscientious
                   to their glossaries                   Objector.
                  Review dictionary skills with the     Work on Glossary
                   whole class.
                  Type/Write Theme Board
                   Words on the board.
                  Students are to map three
                   Theme Board words on
                   Vocabulary Map
                      Daily Oral Language # 5           Daily Oral Language                                         D.O.L. # 8                    Quiz on Quotation
    Grammar           Speaker quotation marks with      #6                             Daily Oral Language #       Quotation marks               marks
                   question (p.12, P4)                   Speaker quotation             7                          beginning a sentence.
                                                         marks ending the               In-text quotation marks
                      Mini-lesson: Group Share              Mini-lesson:                Mini-lesson: Final           Mini-lesson:                 Mini-lesson: Reading
   Writer’s/           (Use notes.)                          Editing marks                Draft                         Character                     Logs
   Readers’           : Suggested Genre: Write a            Suggestion:                 Suggestion: Self-edit         Development                  Discuss the Book
   Workshop            PERSONAL NARRATIVE                     Continue draft 1                                          punctuation; rewrite          Advertisement—due
                                                              from yesterday                                             if appropriate                in 5th week
                                                                                                                                                      Required: SSR
Desmond Doss Unit Plan†                                                                                                       Teacher: B. F. Nugent

                            Monday                           Tuesday                  Wednesday                       Thursday                         Friday
Week: 3
                 Students Read chapters 10 and         Bible extension: Read     Read alone                                                  Silent Sustained
Comprehension/      11 of Desmond Doss:                  the story of Daniel or      chapters 14 and             Read aloud chapters            Reading using Leisure
   Reading          Conscientious Objector alone         Esther. Have students       15 alone                     15 and 16 alone                Reading Book
                 Help students recall the 3 types       compare and contrast      Social Studies               Write a 1 sentence            Complete Reading Log
                  of Comprehension literal,              the lives of Daniel or      Extension: Draw a           summary/ paraphrase             after SSR
                  interpretative, and applied.           Esther to that of           map of the United           for: who, what, where,         Have students
                  Have students summarize                Desmond Doss                States.                     when, why. Write a 1            summarize chapters
                  chapter 10 and 11 in their            Make predictions on         Trace/mark the              sentences summary               16 and 17 in literature
                  literature journals: Summarize         chapters 12 and 13          points/ places              for chapters 16 and 17          journals
                  what happened, relate to              Read Chapters 12 and        Desmond would               alone
                  personal experiences, and              13 alone.                   have traveled
                  predict the rest of the story         Confirm, modify, or         from Lynchburg to
                                                         reject predictions.         Hawaii
                                                        Desmond re-marries
                                                         in chapter 19. Write a
                                                         Lantern poem about
                                                         his new wife

                 Complete Word Detective for          Type/Write Theme            Play                                                      Students turn in
   Vocabulary     Chapter 18 of Desmond Doss:           Board Words on the           VOCABULARY                  Work on Glossary            “Creating a Glossary” for
                  Conscientious Objector.               board.                       MUSIC MIX-UP as                                          Chapters 10 through 17
                 Students continue to add words       Students are to map          described in DLG
                  to their glossaries                   three Theme Board            for First Flight p. 22
                                                        words on Vocabulary         Group Share:
                                                        Map                          Glossary entries to
                                                       Work on Glossary             this far
                                                                                    Work on Glossary

                  Daily Oral Language # 13           Daily Oral Language #                                      D.O.L. # 16            
    Grammar                                           14                          DOL # 15               
                                                                                 

                   Mini-lesson: Story Elements—       Mini-lesson: Story          Mini-lesson: Story           Mini-lesson: Story            Discuss the Book
    Writer’s        The Sandwich                        Elements—The                 Elements—The                  Elements—The                   Advertisement
   /Readers’                                            Sandwich                     Sandwich Lantern              Sandwich                      Required: SSR
Desmond Doss Unit Plan†                                                                                                 Teacher: B. F. Nugent

                           Monday                         Tuesday                 Wednesday                     Thursday                        Friday
Week: 4
                  Students Read chapters 18        Science extension:       Read alone chapters                                        Book Advertisements
Comprehension/       of Desmond Doss:                Research Deafness          20 alone                    Read aloud chapter            for Leisure Book
   Reading           Conscientious Objector           Make predictions       Write a 1 sentence            21 alone                     Have students
                     alone                             on chapters 19           summary/                    Write a 1 sentence            summarize chapters
                  Help students recall the 3         Read Chapters 19         paraphrase for: who,        summary/                       20 and 21 in literature
                   types of Comprehension              alone.                   what, where, when,          paraphrase for: who,           journals
                   literal, interpretative, and       Confirm, modify,         why. Write a 1              what, where, when,
                   applied. Have students              or reject                sentences summary           why. Write a 1
                   summarize chapter 18 in their       predictions.             for the entire              sentences summary
                   literature journals: Summarize     Desmond re-              chapter for chapter         for all of chapter 20
                   what happened, relate to            marries in chapter       20 as a class               alone
                   personal experiences, and           19. Write a
                   predict the rest of the story       Lantern poem
                  Dorothy dies in chapter 18.         about his new
                   Students write a Diamante           wife
                   about her life and/or death
                  Complete Word Detective for        Type/Write Theme       Play VOCABULARY                                           Students turn in
   Vocabulary      Chapter 18 of Desmond               Board Words on          MUSIC MIX-UP as              Work on Glossary           “Creating a Glossary” for
                   Doss: Conscientious                 the board.              described in DLG for                                     Chapters 18 through 21
                   Objector.                          Students are to         First Flight p. 22
                  Students continue to add            map three Theme        Group Share:
                   words to their glossaries           Board words on          Glossary entries to
                                                       Vocabulary Map          this far
                                                      Work on Glossary       Work on Glossary

                  Daily Oral Language # 13          Daily Oral Language                                    D.O.L. # 16           
    Grammar                                          # 14                 DOL # 15                   
                                                                         

                   Mini-lesson: Example of a         Mini-lesson:           Mini-lesson: Story            Mini-lesson: Story
   Writer’s /       Diamante                           Example of a            Elements—Freytag               Elements—Freytag             Remind students
   Readers’        Suggested Genre: Write a           Lantern                Suggestion:                   Suggestion:                   Book Ads due
                    Diamante poem                     Suggestion: Write a     Diamante or Lantern                                          Monday
                                                       Lantern poem                                                                        SSR Present Book
                                                                                                                                            Advertisements of
                                                                                                                                            Leisure Reading
Desmond Doss Unit Plan†                                                                                          Teacher: B. F. Nugent

                          Monday                         Tuesday                  Wednesday                Thursday                       Friday
Week: 5
                  Present Book Advertisements     CL Groups design 20         Continue CL
Comprehension/     for Leisure Reading Books        question test on             Groups design of       Take unit test on
   Reading                                          Desmond Doss                 20 question test on    Desmond Doss
                                                   CL Groups make a             Desmond Doss
                                                    separate Answer Key for    Continue CL
                                                    test they design              Groups design of
                                                   Use Literature journals       separate Answer
                                                                                  Key for test
                                                                               Use Literature

                  Each Student creates a          Play “Pyramid Game”         Play “Pyramid           Play                       Take Vocabulary Unit
   Vocabulary      CROSSWORD PUZZLE                 to review Vocabulary         Game” to review          VOCABULARY                 Test on Desmond
                   with separate Answer Key         Words for Desmond            Vocabulary Words         MUSIC MIX-UP               Doss
                   for Desmond Doss                 Doss with partner            for Desmond Doss         as described in
                                                                                 with partner             DLG for First
                                                                                                          Flight p. 22

                  DOL # 17                       DOL #18                                               D.O.L. # 20        
    Grammar                                                                    DOL # 19

                  Mini-lesson: Story              Mini-lesson: Story          Mini-lesson: Story      Mini-lesson:
    Writer’s       Elements—Freytag                 Elements—Freytag             Elements—Freytag         Story                      SSR
   /Readers’                                                                                              Elements—

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