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									Psi Chi International Honor Society
                     January 25th, 2011
       Kidcare International Food Bank

 Thank you to all of the members that attended!!!
 Great way to give back to the community.
 Also was a great way to bond and get to know other
  Psi Chi members.
 Will continue this in the future
 Fun with Kids at Angel Guardian

                   Wednesday, February 2nd
  Located in Downtown LA, carpools will be arranged from campus

                  Upcoming CPP Events

 Feb. 3rd Psychology & Sociology Conference
   The Psychology & Sociology department is holding a research
    conference on Feb. 3, from 10 to 5 p.m., in Ursa Major AB. The all-
    day conference will focus on emerging trends in research in sociology
    and psychology. Panelists come from universities around the
    country. The event is funded by CLASS and the Provost's Office. For
    more information, contact Mary Danico at mkydanico@csupomona.edu.
 Feb. 22nd Plagiarism Workshop
   The University Library and the Judicial Affairs will host additional
    workshop sessions on plagiarism. The two sessions will be Feb. 3 and
    22 at noon. Come and learn what plagiarism is, how to avoid it, the
    campus policies, and get answers to questions plagiarism. For more
    information and to sign up,
    visit www.csupomona.edu/~library/spotlight/2011/jan/jan3.html.
                Chocolate Fundraiser

 Fundraiser ends today
   If you need more time and
    you know you can sell the
    chocolates-that’s fine.
   Otherwise, hand in what
    you have left and we can
    have someone else help
    sell them.
   Please give money to Sara
    after the announcements
   If we sell all the
    chocolates-the club makes

 T-shirts are in
 We are pricing both the regular and V-necks at $20
 See Sean and Sara to purchase your shirt after the
                 Psi Chi Bowling Night!!!

 $10 is all you need to come bowl with your friends for 2 hours, rental
  shoes included, AND pizza and drinks will be provided!
 The bowling festivities will begin promptly at 5:30pm this Friday the
  28th! Don't miss out on the fun-- be PART of the PSI CHI experience!
 We hope to see everyone there!!!!!
 If you need a carpool, let one of the officers know and we can work
  something out.

 WHAT: PSI CHI Bowling Night
 WHERE: Oak Tree Lanes. 990 N. Diamond Bar Blvd., Diamond Bar,
  CA. at 5:30 pm
WPA Presentation
                   What is the WPA?

 WPA stands for “Western Psychological Association”
 It is a conference held every April (2011: April 28th-
  May 1st at the Wilshire Grand Hotel)
 The location changes every year.
    WPA 2011 is in Los Angeles, California
    WPA 2010 was in Cancun, Mexico
    WPA 2009 was in Portland, Oregon
    WPA 2008 was in Irvine, California
    WPA 2007 was in Vancouver, BC, Canada
         Why was the WPA created?

 The Western Psychological Association was
 founded in 1921 for the purpose of stimulating the
 exchange of scientific and professional ideas and,
 in so doing to enhance interest in the processes of
 research and scholarship in the behavioral
 sciences. Membership in the Western
 Psychological Association is open to both students
 and professionals who wish to support these goals
 and who would like to be a part of the network that
 we have created to further them.
         Why Should I go to the WPA?

 If you are interested in Psychology, there will be a
  session for you! Attending a conference can expose
  you to what the field of Psychology has to offer.
 Influential Psychologists attend and present at the
  WPA. Last year the big name Psychologist was Dr.
  Philip Zimbardo (Mr. Psychology).
 Dr. Mio is the WPA President this year!
 Start networking now for graduate school.
                  Tips for attending

 Attend the conference sessions.
 Dress and act in a professional manner.
 Register early, if possible.
 Arrive early for sessions you plan to attend and do
  not leave early.
 Try to meet new people.
 Print free business/information cards at
  vistaprint.com – do this asap.
             How much does it cost?

 If you register BEFORE March 15th…
 There is a $30 fee to become a student member.
 Student registration for the conference is $35 for
  members. ($65 total)
 Nonmember registration for the conference is $75.
 After March 15th, you must register on-site, and it
  will be an additional $15 in all categories.
                          What to expect

 Convention activities:
   Hospitality suite
   Invited Program
   Poster session
   Invited Symposium
   Paper session
   Exhibitors
   WPA Receptions
   Special Events
 Dress code
   There is no formal dress code. However, all students are expected
    to dress professionally.

 Although some activities are listed as “invited”, they are open to everyone.
  Invited means that the speakers for those sessions were invited to speak
  rather than having submitted their research like everyone else.
                      What to expect cont.

 Everyone receives a conference program of all of the
  presentations and poster sessions.
 We will also be creating a list just for our members of all of
  the professors and students who will be presenting at WPA
  from CPP.
     This is a great way to show your support for fellow Psi Chi members and
      your professors.
     This is also a great way to see what kind of research your professors are
      doing and perhaps become interested enough to join their research labs
      when positions are available.
 WPA Presidents 2009, 2011, 2012, and 2010

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