PAYFLEX DEBIT CARDS FAQ's by huangyuarong


I re-enrolled in PayFlex for 2007. Why haven’t I received a new debit card? Your original PayFlex
debit card is valid for three years and has been electronically updated to reflect your 2007 health care
election. If you choose not to use your PayFlex card, we recommend you keep it in a safe and secure
place in the event you wish to use it next Plan Year.

How do I check my PayFlex account balance and card status? It’s easy! Go to
and log-in to your PayFlex account.

I buy my prescriptions and over-the-counter medications at Wal-Mart. Can I still use my PayFlex
card at Wal-Mart? Yes. The IRS recently announced participants can continue to use PayFlex debit
cards at grocery stores, supermarkets, discount stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, and Hy-Vee through
December 31, 2007 under a “transition relief” period for merchants that are not clearly healthcare-related.
We’ll keep you advised as more information regarding changes in PayFlex debit card usage becomes

Why does PayFlex keep sending me letters requesting documentation? Although you don’t have to
complete claim forms when you use your PayFlex card, additional documentation will be required in some
cases in order to meet IRS guidelines. Therefore, you must keep copies of all receipts and itemized
statements (not the credit card receipt) for each purchase for the entire plan year.

What type of additional documentation is required? The same information that is required for
traditional PayFlex paper claims including itemized cash register receipts for over-the-counter medication
listing the merchant name, item/product, date, and amount; insurance plan Explanation of Benefit
statements (EOB’s), or itemized statements for vision or other health care expenses. (It does not include
the credit card receipts.) For prescription drugs purchased at a pharmacy, this would include the
pharmacy receipt. Be prepared and keep all documentation in a separate envelope for the entire year.

What happens if I forget to reply to the letter requesting additional documentation? In the event
the request for additional information is ignored, PayFlex will send you a second letter with additional time
to respond. If there is no reply to the second request, collection procedures will begin. In addition, your
PayFlex debit card will be deactivated and you will be required to make reimbursement to the plan by
personal check.

What happens if I accidentally use my PayFlex card for ineligible or non-qualifying expenses?
Before using your PayFlex card, you should become familiar with the list of eligible/ineligible expenses
available at Also, be sure to have merchants ring up your qualifying purchases
separately from non-qualifying items so you can use your PayFlex card. In the event the card is misused,
you will be required to write a personal check back to the plan. If you do not reimburse the plan, the card
will be deactivated and collection procedures will begin.

For more information, visit or call PayFlex Customer Service at 345-0666.

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