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					                                                         This brings me to think about our financial
                                                         stewardship for the coming year. This month we
                                                         will begin our annual reflection on our walk with
                                                         Jesus, and how we can respond to God’s grace and
                                                         mercy by sharing what we have with God’s church
                                                         for the sake of the gospel and the world. When
                                                         Jesus walked this earth with his disciples, he often
VOL. XLIV, NO. 10          _    OCTOBER 2011             talked about money and possessions. If money was
                                                         a part of Jesus’ first walk on this earth, it should be
As saints of old their first fruits brought              a part of our walk with Jesus today.
of orchard, flock, and field to God,
the giver of all good, the source of bounteous yield,    My own stewardship for 2011 has been
so we today first fruits would bring,                    disappointing, I’m afraid. In 2010 I made a mistake
 the wealth of this good land, of farm and market,
shop and home, of mind and heart and hand                with my taxes such that I needed to make up the
                                                         difference in early 2011. Between that and the costs
- Frank von Christierson, “As Saints of Old,” ELW        of a wedding and an as-yet-incomplete move to
695                                                      Battle Creek with Sarah, I have only been able to
                                                         half-tithe this year. I am excited that 2012 will bring
Sarah and I were married this month, in a unique         enough stability that I will once again be able to
and powerful worship service featuring original          tithe, giving 10% of my income directly to the
music, vibrant preaching and a marriage ritual           church in honor of all God has done for me, and
ancient in form and modern in content. We                giving to other vital causes on top of that.
celebrated with a great party and a just-as-great
afterparty, joining loved ones from far and near in      Everything we have is a trust from God, given to us
an event for which I will always be grateful.            to care for and manage. What we do with our
                                                         money is very much a part of our relationship with
One of the great unexpected blessings of this time       God. On the last three Sundays of October we will
was the fact that so many of our loved ones chose to     read a bulletin insert and hear a talk in worship and
donate to causes dear to our hearts instead of simply    receive a letter from the congregation. All of these
buying us a gift. We wanted to offer this                will focus on our walk with Jesus, and how money
opportunity, but had no idea that so many friends        plays an important part in this walk.
would take us up on the opportunity to share our joy
with organizations trying to do God’s work in the        Then, on Sunday, November 6th, each member of
world. We received at least 25 donations, to             Lutheran Church of the Savior will have the
organizations ranging from Lutheran World Relief         opportunity to complete an estimate of giving card.
and the UN World Food Programme who feed the             On this card, each of us will indicate our plan for
hungry around the world to the Gay Lesbian               giving for the coming year. This will not only be a
Straight Education Alliance that strives to end          plan for giving to Lutheran Church of the Savior, it
bullying to five different aspects of the ELCA to the    will also be a plan for how we will walk with Jesus
most formative organization for my own faith and         in the coming year.
life, Lutheran Volunteer Corps. It is truly a blessing
to know that people love us enough to give to those
in need around the world.                                Pastor Andrew

HEARING the CRIES: Faith and Criminal                    LUTHERAN-EPISCOPAL CAMPUS
Justice Study at LCS                                     MINISTRIES at WMU, in cooperation with
                                                         WMU Department of Comparative Religion,
What does our faith have to do with the criminal         present
justice system? No, really, I’m asking for your                   RELIGIOUS PERSPECTIVES
opinion: Hearing the Cries is the ELCA’s new                  an annual, public, multi-faith lecture series
study on faith and the criminal justice system. Each      promoting education, tolerance and understanding
of us has been affected in some way by our criminal
justice system, yet too often we do not feel welcome                           2011-2012
to be honest about our feelings and experiences.
The study seeks comments from every angle,                                      ISLAM
including ex-offenders, victims, law enforcement
and judicial personnel, and family members of those       Representatives of distinct perspectives within the
affected in some way by our criminal justice              faith tradition will give insight into their own faith
system. In short, this study needs you.                          and how it impacts their life in society.

We of Lutheran Church of the Savior have a unique        First talk A Sunni Perspective
opportunity to engage in this conversation with the
entire ELCA. We will begin by offering a four-           Shaykh Sharif Sahibzada, Minister of Religion in
week Sunday morning Adult Faith Formation class          the Mosque of Grand Rapids Director of the Islamic
to look at Hearing the Cries, at 9:00 a.m. starting on   Center of West Michigan
October 16th and ending on November 6th. After
our final meeting we will offer feedback to the          Friday, October 14, 20117 p.m. @ Fetzer Center
ELCA Task Force on Criminal Justice by
November 11th, who will use our feedback along           All are welcome and encouraged to attend!
with that of other congregations and members to
draft a Social Statement for the whole church. In        Further talks planned for Shia, Sufi and convert
this way we will be contributing to an ongoing           perspectives.
nation-wide conversation about criminal justice
among people of faith.                                   For more information contact Pastor David Louder
                                                         at or 269-743-4287
On Saturday, October 29th we will supplement our
group discussion with a visit from the ELCA’s                     + + + + + + + + + +
Director for Racial Justice Ministries, Judith
Roberts. Judith will provide context on both the         A HYMN SELECTION MEETING
church and wider society for the study, and address      will be held on Sun., Oct. 9 at 11:30 a.m. in the
questions we come up with in our Sunday morning          library/meeting room. Hymn selections for the
talks. We are very lucky that Judith will be able to     Sundays through November will be made at this
join us from Chicago to enhance our discussion, and      time. These meetings will be held the second
this event will be open to the public and publicized     Sunday of each month until further notice. See or
to local congregations, the synod, and the synod         call Deb Rafferty if you have any questions.
anti-racism team. Our hope is that even those
unable to join the group on Sunday mornings will                  + + + + + + + + + +
have the opportunity to engage this study and offer
feedback.                                                A HARVEST BOWL will be held after church on
                                                         Sunday, Oct. 30. Please sign-up at the kiosk and
I sincerely hope you are able to join us for these       indicate your dish to pass. Five volunteers are
important conversations, on Sunday mornings at           needed to provide a roasted turkey. Also, if anyone
9:00am starting on 10/16 and/or at 10:00am on            has venison to donate please contact Wilma Cool.
Saturday 10/29.
         + + + + + + + + + +
Once again the LCS Rummage Sale was a huge                         Our social concerns project for October is to
success. The final profit for the church was over          help Ministry in Community build up supplies as
$2,600. Quite an ambitious project for a small             the winter months approach. The mission of the
church. It demonstrates some huge commitment of            Ministry in Community center is to provide food,
our members.                                               daytime shelter and other basic services to central
            Too many people helped and to try and          Kalamazoo’s homeless, poor, mentally ill and hard
name them would be impossible, but we have to              to serve adults through community cooperation, in
mention a few of the STARS - Jane, Alvera, Starr,          an atmosphere of dignity and unconditional
Vickie, Chet, Lorraine, Dave and so many, many             acceptance.
more; Harold and Linda for doing the lunch both
days; Glenora for her dedicated job as cashier.            CURRENT URGENT NEEDS:
            A great big thanks to all our members and          Body Wash
friends who donated so many nice, usable, saleable             Feminine hygiene products
items and toted them all in. We can’t forget all the           Razors
shoppers and perhaps the “stars” of the shoppers               Deodorant
were Rich and Mary.                                            Shampoo/Conditioner
            The clean-up was big and all left over items       Lotion
were donated to A.O.R. (Appalachian Outreach)                  Sunscreen
who picked up and will truck everything to                     Lip Balm
Kentucky.                                                      Toothpaste/toothbrushes
            Thanks to everyone who helped in anyway            Coffee
to this big fund raising effort.                               Sugar
. . . . . . . . . submitted by John and Helen Arend
                                                                   We have a grant from Thrivent to purchase
                                                           some of these items. Trinity Lutheran gave 50
          + + + + + + + + + +                              reusable bags and we will have boxes in the narthex
                                                           if you might have extra items to contribute. The
HOLIDAY BAZAAR                                             Dollar Tree is always a good place to shop if you
        We are getting ready for our Annual                have a few dollars to spare.
Holiday Bazaar. It will be held on                                 At the end of the month the Social Concerns
  Saturday, November 19 from 9 AM - 4 PM                   committee will pack these items up and deliver
Featured items: crafts, Christmas gifts, books,            them to the Ministry.
baked items and much more. We will have a                          Please prayerfully consider helping out.
“White Elephant” table and raffle items, including
quilts and rugs.                                           Ministry in Community services provided in 2010:
      Harold will be doing a soup and sandwich                    Meals: …………………….. 97,709
                      luncheon.                                   Showers: ………………….. 7,170
                Vendors are welcome.                              Loads of Laundry: ………… 8,856
                                                                  Haircuts: …………………...              676
We invite all LCS members to help, donate items,                  Personal Care Packs: ………         5,092
come, eat lunch and shop.                                         Birth Certificates/ID: ………         562
                                                                  Basic Life Skills Instruction: …13,816
This has been a successful fund raising activity and              Employment Van Rides: …..        1,931
proceeds will go to the LCS treasury.                             Bus Tokens: ………………..             5,662
                                                                  Phone Calls: ……………….. 200,000
For vendor information, contact Helen Arend: 353-                 Emergency Assistance: ……. 1,085
8404.                                                             Activities: ………………….. 13,535

For all other bazaar information, contact Linda
Burgan: 342-9249.
STEPHEN MINISTRY WORKSHOP                                Faith Formation- Sunday School
        We have been invited to a half-day Stephen
Ministry workshop, presented by the Stephen
Ministries organization. It’s a wonderful
opportunity to learn more about Stephen Ministry
and how our congregation can become involved.
You’ll receive a sample of Stephen Minister
training that will provide you with caregiving skills
you can use right away.
         The workshop will be held at St. Michael in
Portage, MI on Saturday, November 5, 2011, from          Sunday School classes have begun. We are using a
9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Refreshments and registration           new curriculum, “Feasting on the Word.” This new
begin at 8 a.m.                                          curriculum not only is cheaper because many of the
        The cost of the workshop is $15 per person       pages are downloadable, but it also follows along
or $50 per congregation (group of four or more) –        with our Sunday sermons. It utilizes a common
so we are encouraged to bring a whole group of           Bible passage for all learners, making it easy for
leaders and people interested in caring for others.      families to learn and live out their faith together.
LCS contact person: Barb Hogg                            The new year promises to be an exciting learning
                                                         experience to all!
         + + + + + + + + + +
                                                                  + + + + + + + + + +
MINISTRY) - will resume holding their monthly            HOLIDAY LUNCHEON
meetings on Sat., October 15 at 10:30 a.m..              The ladies Holiday Luncheon will be held on Sat.,
        Our cabinet has been stocked with more           December 10 at 11:30 a.m. The cost this year will
beautiful yarn for anyone who would like to knit or      be $7 - unless you can bring a bag of wrapped
crochet a prayer shawl (or two).                         Christmas candy – then the tickets will be $6. The
        At this meeting we will go over plans and        candy will be used for the “candy rolls” put up for
patterns for making hats and scarves for the annual      the children of Loaves and Fishes. Kathy Minehart
Christmas tree in December.                              and the Sunday school children will be putting the
        We have a pretty good supply of prayer           “rolls” together by Thanksgiving. So get your
shawls that are available for LCS members and for        ticket for lunch early and help this project too!
family and friends of members. If you would like to              The theme for the Holiday luncheon is “A
know how to be a part of this ministry or if you         Taste of Christmas.” Call Jackie Knapp if you
know of a need for one of our prayer shawls you          have any questions. (269)343-0688
may contact Joan Ulmer, 382-0871.
                                                                  + + + + + + + + + +
         + + + + + + + + + +
                                                         “THANK YOU”
WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY has resumed and
meets at 10:00 am on the second Thursday of each         . . . . from Joan Ulmer to everyone who kept her in
month. Our teaching resource has changed slightly,       their prayers, sent cards and provided her with food
as Lutheran Woman Today magazine has become              after her accident that occurred the last day of VBS.
Gather. We have begun a 9-month study of the
Gospel of Mark by Rev. Patricia Lull, the dean of        . . . . to John Arend for the donation of the
students at Luther Seminary and formerly longtime        professionally made Rummage Sale sign
pastor in Alpena, MI. Pastor Andrew is leading this
bible study and invites you to join in on Thurs., Oct.            + + + + + + + + + +

         + + + + + + + + + +                                                                              -4-
LCS CHURCH SUPPERS                                        CELEBRATING an
Lutheran Church of the Savior is serving dinners on          OCTOBER ANNIVERSARY:
the last Friday of each month. Serving time will be              01 Randy and Dianne Mann
from 5-6:30 p.m. Invite your family, your friends,               16 Roger and Pat Whitfield,
and your neighbors for an evening of very good                      Chet and Lorraine Hills
food!!. Proceeds will be designated for the general              17 Don and Jackie Colwell
church budget. October menu to be announced.                     22 John Ridderbos Jr. and
The cost is: adults/ $8                                             Dee Ridderbos
              children under the age of 10/$4                    25 Kip and Diane Bodine
You may also purchase a meal “to go” for                         26 John and Nicole Arend
neighbors, friends, or relatives. Tickets may be                 28 Brett and Keri Johnson
purchased on Sunday mornings.
Volunteers are always needed for these meals for          CELEBRATING an
either set up, serving, or clean up. If you are              OCTOBER BIRTHDAY:
interested please contact Linda Burgan: 342-9249                    02 Ryan McMullen
         Invite your family, your friends, and your                 03 Diane Cooley
neighbors for an evening of very good food!!.                       05 Vickie Asaro
Proceeds will be designated for the general church                  07 Irene Livingston, Michael
budget.                                                                Knoblock
                                                                    08 Paul Forster
         + + + + + + + + + +                                        10 Mary Roberts
                                                                    11 Kip Bodine
ATTENDANCE for:                                                     12 John Praedel
     Sept. 4             52                                         16 Martie Gates, Julie McMullen
     Sept. 11            81                                         19 Laura Llewellyn
     Sept. 18            57                                         20 Karl Norton, Joe Powell
     Sept. 25            78                                         24 Lisa Owsiany, Brian Brugh,
                                                                    26 Chris Thurn
            General                 Designated            Please call the church office (342-0069) with any
Sept.  4    2,406.00                  100.00              additions to our birthday and anniversary listings
Sept. 11    3,019.00                  135.00
Sept. 18    1,562.00                    20.00                      + + + + + + + + + +
Sept. 25    3,447.99                     0.00
                                                                 FROM THE CHURCH OFFICE
“Common Cents”: September = $33.54
               YTD = $285.55                              Shut-in information: Inge Watamuniak is
                                                          currently staying with her daughter Sigrid
         + + + + + + + + + +                              Carpenter. Cards may be sent to her at this address:
                                                               10565 Wildwood Lane, Richland, MI 49083
USHERS, GREETERS and ALTAR GUILD                          Her personal phone line is (269)203-7315
MEMBERS: A training session will be held
immediately following worship on Oct. 16 for all          Committee chairs are encouraged to submit articles
congregants that participate in these activities. It is   that will keep members and future members current
important that you attend this training session so        on church issues and events. The newsletter is
that you are fully informed about your duties and         available online for download at our website,
responsibilities. If you have not volunteered for any, You may also pick up a paper
of these activities, but are interested in learning       copy of the newsletter from the usher’s table in the
about them, please feel free to attend. Questions         church narthex.
may be directed to Kerry Thurn, Worship
Committee.                                                                                                 -5-
PRAYERS are being offered to:                           THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE
. . . . the sick, those awaiting treatment, those       of the church council would like to invite all LCS
hospitalized and those recuperating: Jane               senior citizens to meet with them during coffee hour
Bradshaw; Ernie Roberts; Ed and Phyllis Randt’s         in the fellowship hall on Sunday, Oct. 23. This is
great grandson, Eli; Patti Bosar’s cousin, Ann          an opportunity to meet with a very important age
Marie; Martie Gates’ friend, Kenny; Linda               group in our church.
Schmitigal’s friends, Mary L. and Deb C.; Alvera
Lewis’ sister, Diane; Berniece Buck; Ed Randt;                 + + + + + + + + + + +
Wilma Cool’s niece, Donitta, and her friend Wanda;
MonaLisa Sevo; Norma Simmons’ cousin, Donna;
Jerry Malmud; Tom Oliver’s sister, Sharilyn; Bill                 Church Office: 269-342-0069
and Betty Switzer; Jean Fawley; Joan Ulmer; Joan                   Church Cell: 269-250-0521
Ulmer’s sister, Carolyn; Russ Minehart;
. . . . our elderly and home bound members or                    Website:
nursing home residents: Ken and Helen Sweet;
Mary Roberts; Marti Gates; Mae Hoffmann; Gene
Carver; Franz Metzger                                          + + + + + + + + + + +

. . . . . those grieving the loss of loved ones: Pete
Asaro, his sister, Ginger; family and friends of        LCS Staff
Joyce Pearson
                                                          Pastor: Rev Andrew Tengwall
        + + + + + + + + + + +
                                                          Organist/Choir Director: Deborah Rafferty
The Prayer Chain is led by Martie Gates. To
have your prayer concerns placed on the Prayer            Office Administrator: Phyllis Randt
Chain please call Martie at 623-3970, or the church
office at 342-0069. (We are currently updating the        Custodian: Joanne Schram
Prayer Chain.) Prayer concerns can also be directed
to the Prayer Fellowship Group, led by Joan               Nursery: Joan Ulmer
Ulmer and Richard Dinda.

        The Prayer Group meets following worship
on the first & third Sunday of the month for usually
less than an hour. During this time they share with
one another the prayer requests received on the pew
cards from worshippers as well as any other
concerns they have become aware of.

        Anyone wishing to be a part of this ministry
is welcome to attend these prayer meetings. Direct
questions to Joan (382-0871).

          + + + + + + + + + +


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