connie funsdraiser flyer by tombieschke


									     Thank You for helping us fundraise for our

       The money that you raise will be put towards the events that we are trying
have this year. We hope to have several inflatable bouncy games from The Mega
Event such as an obstacle course, joust, and bungee run! The extra money we
raise will be put towards our three recipients: Greg White from Larkin High
School, Fred and Andrew Slager from Elgin High School, and Matthew Erickson
who is a teacher’s son from South Elgin High School.

       With your help and fundraising we can try to get as much as we can to
make this year’s Connie-A-Thon really fun! SO DON’T MISS IT! There will be food,
silent auctions, raffles, pie in the face, a dunk tank with your teachers in it!, music,
bands, and a basketball tournament as well!

     This year’s Connie-A-Thon will be on May 5th at Larkin High School from 10
am until 2 pm, and we would love to see you there!

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