Plastic surgery by huangyuarong


									                        Plastic surgery

How can you make a plastic surgery that changes height?

After searching for a while I saw there is still no invention to change a
person’s height.

After some more researching I saw you can change any size like
breasts stomach etc so I figured out that in some years they are going
to create one that changes height. But for now I will make a guess I
think they are going to change it from the legs because if they cut
anything out from your upper body it can kill toy so I think that if you
want to be higher they will put something in your knees.

What is the age limit to do plastic surgery?

Most of the answers there are about age limit tell you different

Rhinoplasty: 13 or 14
Liposuction: not age limit but recommends in ages between 17 and
Breast augmentation: between 19 and 34 years of age

How does plastic surgery affect you psychologically?
There are many ways it can affect you psychologically one of the
most recognized are that after some times when they have fake
breasts and you want to change back and you cant because you don’t
have the financial part to change back and this can frustrate you
because you now that if a human being cant get something the more
they want it.

Another important thing to consider is that when you change
something in your body after some time your tissues change and that
changes you emotionally.

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