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					                                                         Friendly Hospital NHS Trust
                                     Agenda for Change: Job Description

Job Title:                Pharmacist

                          Clinical Support Services
Work Location:            Friendly Hospital NHS Trust
Band:                     6

Hours Per Week:           37.5

Accountable to:           Principal Pharmacist, Development

Accountable for:

                          Performing general pharmaceutical duties under the direction of a more
Main Purpose:
                          senior pharmacist; supervising and advising supporting staff

                          Band 6 pharmacists undertake a planned rotation that will develop their
                          knowledge and skills in all aspects of hospital pharmacy whilst contributing to the
                          work of the department. The rotation covers Dispensary Services, Medicines’
                          Information, Clinical Pharmacy and Sterile and Non-Sterile Preparation. Each
                          rotation period is normally of three months duration.
                          Band 6 pharmacists are expected to be able to work without immediate
                          professional support and guidance from a more senior pharmacist.

                          They are expected to take part in the locking up, weekend and Bank Holiday
                          rotas and are expected to undertake emergency duty commitment on a rota
                              1. Providing professional supervision of the dispensing process.
                                  Monitoring prescriptions and referring to the prescriber any unusual
                                  doses, potential drug interactions, incompatibilities or other unusual
                                  features for confirmation or revision before dispensing. Assisting in the
                                  issue of routine stock items to wards and departments.
                              2. Supervising and checking the work of pharmacy technicians and other
                                  supporting staff; ensuring that all work is carried out in accordance with
                                  statutory requirements and the procedures and standards of
                                  professional practice of the department.
                                                                                   (1)                 (2)
                              3. Participating in the clinical pharmacy services under the direction of
                                  the Head of Clinical Pharmacy.
                              4. Providing information and advice on the safe, effective and economical
                                  use of medicines to patients, relatives and health professionals,
                                  including the giving of occasional lectures on appropriate topics.
                              5. Preparing and checking sterile and non-sterile pharmaceutical products,
General Duties:
                                  including those supplied as part of the radiopharmacy, parenteral
                                  nutrition, central intravenous additive and cytotoxic reconstitution
                              6. Carrying out quality assurance procedures for medicinal products
                                  prepared or handled in the Pharmaceutical Department.
                              7. Assisting in the training of pharmacy technicians, student pharmacy
                                  technicians, pre-registration graduates and other supporting staff.
                              8. Contributing to the development of the service by participating in audits
                                  and identifying to the section head areas for improvement.
                              9. Taking part in study days and courses of continuing education for
                                  pharmaceutical staff in accordance with the needs of the service.
                                  Actively maintaining a personal CPD portfolio.
                              10. Participating in rotas to cover locking up, Bank Holiday and weekend
                                  services .
                              11. Providing an emergency pharmacy service, out of hours, on a rota
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                                                    Friendly Hospital NHS Trust
                              basis .
                          12. Fostering good personal and professional relationships with medical,
                              nursing and other staff.
                          13. Providing occasional holiday and sickness relief in other hospitals
                              served by the Trust and performing other pharmaceutical duties as

                         1) “Clinical pharmacy service”: ie visiting one or more wards on a daily
                            basis in order to ensure the safe, effective and economic use of
                            medicines, liaising with medical and nursing staff, patients and carers as
                         2) “under the direction”: wards allocated by the clinical Pharmacy
                            manager according to the ability of the B-grade pharmacist and the
                            needs of the service. Whilst some visits would be accompanied for
                            training and assessment purposes, in most cases the B-grade
                            pharmacist would be working independently with advice available if
                         3) Bank Holidays approximately once per year. ‘Weekend’ may be either
                            Saturday or Sunday opening periods, as required by the service,
                            normally 1 in 5.
                         4) Emergency duty on a 1 in 11 rota

                     1. Supervised by the pharmacist or technician in charge of the section in which
                        work is allocated but, in order to develop management skills and experience,
                        will be required to manage that section for limited periods in the absence of
                        that pharmacist or technician.
                     2.   Supervises pharmacy technicians, student pharmacy technicians, pre-
                          registration graduates and other supporting staff.

                     3.   Liaises with doctors, nurses and other members of the health-care team
                          in order to optimise the medical treatment of patients.

Additional Duties:

                     The attention of all staff is brought to the Trust and Departmental Health and
                     Safety Policies. Staff are reminded of their responsibility to take care of their
                     own personal safety and others whilst at work. In addition, no person shall
Health and Safety:
                     interfere with, or misuse anything provided in the interests of health, safety
                     and welfare. Any employee who does so will be liable to serious disciplinary
                     action including dismissal.

                     All employees of Friendly Hospital NHS Trust are reminded of the need to
                     treat all information, particularly clinical and management information, as
                     confidential. Failure to respect this requirement may lead to disciplinary
                     This job description will be reviewed yearly as part of the annual individual
                     performance review, to ensure that it reflects the responsibilities of the post.
                     No changes will be made without full consultation with the post-holder.

Last Updated         24 April 2012

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                                                 Friendly Hospital NHS Trust

                                  Friendly Hospital NHS Trust

                           Agenda for Change: Person Specification

Headings             Essential                               Desirable

Physical             Professional appearance and             Able to lift and handle ward boxes,
requirements         demeanour                               boxes of fluids etc
of the post          Able to maintain concentration
                     Clear speech in English
                     Good general health
                     Able to use telephone
Qualifications       UK Masters Degree in Pharmacy, or       Further relevant post-reg
training             equivalent qualification                qualification
required             Member of the Royal
                     Pharmaceutical Society
                     (MRPharmS), although current pre-
                     reg OK to interview for subsequent
                     appointment, once qualified
Previous or          Approved pre-registration               Further all round hospital
relevant             experience (successfully                experience as pre-reg or basic
experience           completed/about to be completed)        grade
necessary            Minimum of 3 months post-
                     qualification experience, preferably
                     in a hospital pharmacy
Aptitudes and        Attentive to details, accurate work     Ability to use word-processor and
skills required      Able to solve problems and know         spreadsheets
                     when to refer                           Driving licence
                     Able to prioritise work                 Supervisory experience
                     Good communication skills
                     Sound clinical knowledge
Personal             Initiative
qualities/           Able to work as part of a team or
temperament          independently (ie wards, on-call)
                     Cheerful, able to cope with pressure
                     and maintain concentration

Special              Job will involve weekend working on     Willingness to undertake emergency
requirements         rotation and some late duties during    duty – normally a requirement of the
of the post          the week                                post, appointments without this will
                     Willing and able to undertake further   be exceptional.
                     formal education - ie Clinical
                     Certificate, if not already obtained
Outside                                                      Evidence of team working,
interests                                                    preferably with leadership role

For Administrative purposes only:

Agenda for Change Job Reference Number

Job Title:                                             Pharmacist (Band 6) (Full-Time)

Department and or Directorate:                         Clinical Support Services / Pharmacy

Current Jobholder:

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