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					                              Event Rental Packet
Contact Information – page 1

Emergency Information – page 1

Directions to the Ranch – page 2

Site Map of the Ranch – page 3

Renting the Ranch – page 4

Event Rental Form – page 7

Pie Ranch Rental Policies – page 9

Pie Ranch Physical Address:                       Pie Ranch Mailing Address:
2080 Cabrillo Highway                             PO Box 363
Pescadero, CA 94060                               Pescadero, CA 94060

Phone Numbers:
Ranch Office, Kelly Munoz, Operations & Development Assistant: 650-879-0995

Emergency Contact Information:
In case of an emergency, please dial 911. Address for emergency responders is 2080 Cabrillo
Highway, midway between Pescadero and Davenport

Directions to Pie Ranch

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Pie Ranch is located along Highway 1, midway between Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay, and eight
miles south of Pescadero, in southern San Mateo County. We are 40 minutes north of Santa Cruz
and about an hour south of San Francisco.

For a Google map, log onto the website at www.pieranch.org , under “contact us”. Typing our
address into a google maps search results in the wrong location; to avoid getting lost use the
direction below or the map from our website. Also be aware that cell phone reception is
intermittent as you near the farm so you may not be able to call for directions.

From San Francisco: Take Highway 1 south. About five miles past Pigeon Point Light House, you
will see Cascade Ranch on your left – a big farmstead with several farm buildings visible in the
distance. Now you’re only a mile or so away, so watch closely and be ready to turn left off the
highway as the passing lane ends. You’ll see the old barn and the Pie Ranch sign on your left, as
you take a careful left turn into the parking area.

From Santa Cruz: Take Highway 1 about a half hour north, just past Año Nuevo State Reserve.
You’ll come to a passing lane, and see the Pie ranch sign on your right, and an old barn just off
the road. Make your first right into the parking area.

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                          Site Map of Pie Ranch Facilities

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                              Rental Process for Events at Pie Ranch

    Site Visit
    It is so much better when you can see the ranch firsthand! We encourage interested parties to
    schedule a site visit with Kelly Munoz to get a firsthand look at what the facilities have to offer
    for your event. We offer two types of rentals for your event:

    The Roadside Barn                                  The “Lower Slice” of the farm
   Our barn provides a lovely and inviting space      Our “Lower Slice” is a beautiful option for
    for an indoor event. The capacity is up to 150     those who want a bit more space. In addition
    people. Some highlights of the space and items     to the amenities provided with the Roadside
    included in the rental fee:                        Barn, renting the Lower Slice includes these
      6 picnic tables for use as seating area,        additional highlights:
         either inside or outside of the barn            The Lower Slice field, perfect for post-
      Cozy seating nook in the southwest corner            ceremony receptions and dinners, can also
         of the barn                                        be used as a ceremony location for smaller
      Small, but mighty, stereo system (iPod               weddings
         compatible)                                     Beautiful landscape of our working farm as
      1 port-a-john, serviced before your event            the backdrop for your event
      Ample parking for your guests                     A lovely ceremony location overlooking
                                                            the lower slice field and crops
                                                         Rustic outdoor kitchen for use

    Please note that during the months of March – October, the Roadside Barn is not available for
    exclusive use until 6:30 p.m. on Saturday evenings because of our public farm stand.

    During your site visit, the following items should be discussed:
     Event set-up
     Bathroom/Port-a-potty
     Locations for various event elements
     Table/Chair Needs (we have only the benches & picnic tables described above but can
       provide vendor recommendations)
     Catering/Food (we do NOT provide, but can offer recommendations)
     Parking Needs
     Farm Products (flowers, fruits, vegetables, etc.)
     Event coordination

    Restrooms and Use of Facilities
    Pie Ranch has one port-a-potty by the Roadside Barn and one by the Lower Slice field for use
    during the event rental. Please note that the renter is expected to provide one port-a-potty for
    every 50 guests. Pie Ranch can provide you with contact information for service providers, as
    well as optimal locations to place the port-a-potties. The event rental does not include access to
    the farmhouse or yurts on the property, which are private home spaces for our staff.

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Base Rental Prices (through December 31, 2013)
Lower Slice Rental (includes access to entire lower slice field and the Roadside Barn)
    January through December - $3000

 Roadside Barn Rental only
     January through December - $1000

Review and Finalize Pricing
Upon receipt of the rental form, we will review pricing and discuss any other additions to the
base price listed above and provide you with a final invoice prior to the event.

 Deposit and Contract
 Pie Ranch will generate a contract for the event, as determined by the event rental form and
 conversations around pricing. Please fill it out and return it with a rental deposit, according to
 the following terms:
 Deposit is $500.00.
 Deposit is due one month after the contract is sent
 Payment is by check only. Please mail checks to Pie Ranch, PO Box 363, Pescadero, CA 94060

Confirmation of Reservations
Please note that reservations are only tentative until a deposit is received. If a second party
inquires about the same date and time, Pie Ranch will attempt to contact the primary contact
person of the first party to request a deposit with which to hold the reservation. If a deposit is
not received within 48 hours, the second party will have the option to place a deposit for rental
of the facilities.

Documentation of Liability Insurance
Guests must provide Pie Ranch with proof of liability insurance and name Pie Ranch as an
additional insured on the liability policy for the day(s) of the facility rental. Proof of insurance
must be provided to Pie Ranch no later than one day before the facility use. Coverage must be
no less than $500,000 when no alcohol is served, and no less than $1,000,000 when alcohol is
served. Failure to provide proof of insurance will result in cancellation of the event.

Day of Event Coordinator
We have found that having a dedicated point person to oversee the details on your big day is a
critical support piece to a successful event. This person will help manage the set-up, transport,
and flow of rentals, people, and other such items, and having this lead contact for vendors,
guests, etc. to go to (rather than to two of you on your wedding day) is a very valuable element
of support. Past guests have had their very detail-oriented friend, or their caterer manage all the
moving parts so that they could focus on enjoying the celebration. While the event rental
includes a staff person for support, he or she will be available to serve as a knowledgeable
resource to where things are on the farm and can direct your coordinator to the right places on

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the farm (e.g. recycling, power sources, etc.). She or he won’t necessarily be responsible for
directing clean-up crews, clearing or boxing up rentals, etc.

Final Payment
Full payment of the contract is due no later than two weeks prior to your event date.

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                               Checklist of Your Rental Obligations

 Read and understand Pie Ranch’s rental policies

 Provide balance of payment via check.

 Provide proof of liability insurance.

 Provide a Primary On-Site Contact person who will be at the event itself.

 Provide directions for your guests.

 Set-up of event: Pie Ranch will provide picnic tables, benches, and garbage cans to the location
  specified in the rental agreement, but renter is responsible for their set up and placement.

 Refreshments and Food: Renters are expected to provide, either on their own, or through their
  caterer, all serving platters, utensils, and equipment needed to serve food.

 Beverages: Pie Ranch will provide 10 gallons of fresh well water in two 5-gallon water dispensers.
  If you plan to use more than this, you can: Let us know that you want to order more and pay for
  them as part of your contract, or, bring your own. All other beverages (tea, coffee, juice, wine,
  beer, etc.) should be provided by the renter.

 AV Equipment: The Roadside Barn is equipped with a stereo system, but renter will provide own
  computer, LCD projector, and music devices (iPod, laptop, etc.).

 Restroom Facilities: Renter is responsible for providing 1 port-a-potty for every 50 guests. There
  is already one unit by the Roadside Barn that Pie Ranch will have serviced before your event.

 Clean-up: The renter is responsible for clean-up of any rental facilities used. A clean-up checklist
  will be provided by your site manager. Cleaning includes:
   o Wiping down tables and counters in the roadside barn
   o Sweeping roadside barn floor
   o Taking out the garbage and recycling
   o Working with rental company to remove any chairs, tables, equipment, etc. that has been
       brought in for the event.
   o Cleaning up anything else so that the farm is left in the same state of cleanliness and order
       as before the rental

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                                     Pie Ranch Rental Policies

Reservation Policy
Event space is held on a tentative basis only until a reservation deposit is received. An attempt
will be made to notify the renter should another party request the facility on the same date and
time as you have tentatively scheduled. This attempt will be to notify you that within 48 hours
you must provide Pie Ranch with the necessary cash deposits to hold the space on a definite
basis. If no response is received within 48 hours, we will accept the second party’s deposit check.
Pie Ranch will not assume responsibility if the first party holding the space cannot be reached or
fails to respond in a timely manner. Should a deposit on the space not be received by Pie Ranch
within 48 hours, the second party requesting the facility will have the first option for a definite
hold by providing a reservation deposit.

The deposit amount shall be a non-refundable payment of $500.00, and is due within two weeks
after the contract is sent. Late payments will be assessed at a fee of 1.5%/week. Please make all
checks payable to Pie Ranch.

Cancellation Policy
Reservation deposits will not be refunded if written notice of cancellation is received less than
two weeks (14 days) prior to the event.

Weather Policy
In the event of rain or other related natural occurrences, Pie Ranch may be forced to cancel
partial aspects of the event or the event in its entirety. Prior to cancellation, Pie Ranch will
consult with Guest to determine available options. Indoor capacity of the facility is not to exceed
150 people. Guest is strongly encouraged to arrange additional shelter (tents) if an event is
scheduled between the months of January – April or October - December. Should Pie Ranch be
forced to cancel, all deposits will be promptly returned. Guest agrees to not hold Pie Ranch
liable for any losses incurred as a result of weather-related cancellations.

Guest is required to provide liability insurance that lists Pie Ranch as additionally covered for the
duration of the rental. For events where alcohol is not served, the minimum amount is $500,000.
For events where alcohol is served, the minimum amount is $1,000,000. Failure to provide proof
of insurance will result in cancellation of event.

Pie Ranch has one port-a-potty by the roadside barn and one on the lower slice of the farm. For
events with more than 50 people, Guest will be required to provide an additional port-a-potty at
the ratio of 1 per 50 people.

Kitchen Use

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Outdoor kitchen facilities are available for use, pending approval by Pie Ranch staff. A $250.00
fee is charged for kitchen use with barn rental only; it is included if renting the full Lower Slice.
The use of our pizza oven is an additional $250.00.

Dance Floor
Pie Ranch offers a dance floor in our roadside barn. If guest would like to set up a dance floor
elsewhere on the property, please work with an outside rental company to provide a dance floor.
The location and specifications of the dance floor must be approved by Pie Ranch.

All signage must meet with Pie Ranch approval. Please remove any signs on the road after the

All decorations which are attached to the roadside barn, either inside or outside, must be
approved in advance. No nails may be used to attach any decorations on the farm.

Set up/Take Down
To be determined on an event-by-event basis.

Guest is responsible for leaving the facility in the same condition as it was found. Guests are
required to provide a $250 cleaning deposit with their signed contract. A clean-up checklist will
be provided to guests by their site manager. The cleaning deposit will only be used if clean-up
by Pie Ranch staff is necessary after an event.

Fires and candles are prohibited at Pie Ranch.

Smoking is prohibited at Pie Ranch.

Firearms are prohibited at Pie Ranch.

Dogs are not allowed at Pie Ranch.

Alcoholic Beverages
Alcohol is allowed at events only if prearranged with Pie Ranch.

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