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									Make Your Website Attractive To Search Engines

Creating a website that is attractive, informative and easy to navigate is only the first step in building
online presence for your company. You need to get your website noticed by consumers and search engines. Follow
these tips to increase your website's visibility, which can lead to increased sales for your product

You must submit your URL to the search engines and directories. If the major search engines do not know your
website exists, it will not be visible on search engine results pages. It will easily get lost
in the
confusion of so many websites. You can use a service that submits your URL to a group of search engines or you
can submit it yourself to each search engine individually. Google, Yahoo and Bing are the three major search
engines, but there are also hundreds of smaller search engines.

The proper use of keywords is a major factor in successful search engine optimization. Choose keywords that
the majority of consumers would use when searching for your products or services. Do not attempt to overuse
keywords. Your website will not benefit from this tactic. When using keywords, be sure they are relevant
your webpage. Be careful how you organize your keyword tags. Avoid using stop words, such as "and", "the" and
"because" and do not repeat your keyword. Use your top one or two keywords in the title and description tag of
your website. Do not attempt to put all your keywords into the description because it will not read well
users will not understand the point of your website.

The content of your website is also important in making it visible to search engines. Your content should
always be relevant, informative, interesting and accurate. You need to update your content frequently in order
to remain relevant. Use pictures, video and other forms of media to promote your business. Do not overwhelm
visitors with colors, flash and fancy fonts. These additions are simply distracting. Article writers and
professionals can help you provide relevant content that will get the attention of search engines.

Linking your website to other websites and listing it on directories will also help you get noticed.
search engines begin indexing by choosing one website, usually a directory, with numerous outbound links. The
search engines follow each link and index each page they open. Then they follow the links on the newly indexed
pages until they run out of links. Having inbound links, outbound links and directory listings will improve
the visibility of your website on most search engines.

Effective search engine optimization will increase the traffic to your website, which can help improve sales.
The content on your website needs to be useful, correct and easy to use and should be updated on a regular
basis. Submit your URL to search engines as soon as possible, use keywords effectively, link your website to
other sites and get it listed on directories. These steps will make your website visible to users.

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