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									Safety Tips for Women Traveling Alone

If you are a woman who is planning a solo road trip, this article is for you. Women travel safely across
distances all the time. It can be a liberating experience if you have never traveled alone. Use these tips
ensure a safe journey, and have fun!

Avoid spontaneous travel unless you have traveled alone many times. Take the time to plan your trip, as this
also gives you time to get your car ready for travel. Also, if you plan your route then you can also
plan to stay at night during your trip.

Prepare your vehicle for the trip. Take it to a mechanic for a check-up. Fix any mechanical problems now, so
you won't have to worry about it on your trip. Get the oil changed and fluids topped off. Check your
windshield wipers, and replace them if they are worn. The worst time to discover you need new wipers is while
driving through a torrential rainstorm in Iowa. Take the time now to also purchase some type of road service,
if don't already have it. Make sure the service has coverage for your entire trip.

While planning your trip, you probably already decided what motels to stay at along the way. Good hotel
choices include those with security personnel on-site, or if you are traveling on a budget, hotels
outside entrances to your room. If, when you arrive at the motel you planned to stay in, you do not feel
comfortable or something seems off, give yourself permission to leave and keep driving until you find
suitable motel. You may have decided to stay at a motel in Indianapolis, but when you arrive, you notice
security bars on all the doors and windows, and notice that the cashier is sitting behind bullet-proof glass.
This motel is obviously in a bad neighborhood, and as a woman traveling alone, you may wish to drive to the
next town before stopping for the night.

Stopping at roadside rest stops is fine during the day. There are often many travelers at the rest stop,
and are generally safe. At night, it is better to avoid roadside rest stops as they are often not well-lit,
and there is little traffic to these areas at night. After dark, try to stop at truck stops instead.
Truck are usually well-lit and there is plenty of traffic around the clock. There are always restrooms,
and snacks available at truck stops. If you are tired and need to catch a quick nap before driving on, this
isgood place to do so. Just choose a spot within easy sight of the building, keep your doors locked, and
approached, don't roll your window down. Just crack it a little to see what the person wants. There is no need
to be afraid, you might just have a tire low on air! Also, keep the keys in the ignition at all times when
you in the car.

It can be hard to enjoy your trip if you are stressed about being safe while traveling. Sometimes it takes
some time to feel comfortable on the road alone, but once you start feeling more comfortable and confident,
you can have a very enjoyable trip.

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