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									Summer Travel Tips

When you start planning your summer vacation, you are excited, nervous, and you are anticipating a holiday
filled with fun. Make your summer holiday dreams come true by preparing for your trip properly.

If you are traveling abroad, check out immunization recommendations for the countries you plan to visit. You
do not want to catch a disease that is rare in your home country while traveling, and bring it back with you.
Not only does this become expensive with additional medical costs, but others could become sick as well. Even
if you do not like needles, bite the bullet and take the shots.

Check your passport to make sure it has not expired and will not expire while you are traveling. An expired
passport is an expensive and time-consuming delay. Take the time to check it over, and make sure you have any
visas that are necessary while you are at it.

Purchase medical travel insurance to cover your family while you are traveling abroad. If you or a family
member are pregnant, make sure you inform the travel insurance company. Some travel medical insurance policies
do not cover pregnant travelers, so you want to be sure all potential medical issues are covered.

Spend a bit of time learning about what kind of weather you can expect at your travel destination. You want
to if you should pack sunscreen or winter boots. Many travelers assume that the weather at their destination
location will be similar to the weather at home, and this is often not the case.

Trip cancellation or delay insurance is available. Get it. A delay or cancellation can be costly, so you
want covered.
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Make copies of your important documents. Keep one copy separate from your original documents, and email
another copy to yourself. This way if all of your luggage is lost, you can access your documents via the
internet. Virtually every country has internet access.

Check with your home country's foreign travel department to determine if your destination country has any
travel alerts. You need to be aware of travel alerts as these can delay your vacation.

Learn about the customs in the country you will be visiting. Learn how to greet someone properly, and how to
address someone properly. In the United States, almost everyone is informal. In other countries, it is rude
address a stranger informally. These are a few things to be aware of when you travel. Respect the country you
are visiting by learning their customs.
Give your itinerary to someone you trust at home. Make sure you tell that person of any changes, and keep in
contact daily. If there is an emergency, you want someone who knows where you are and where you are supposed
to be, so they can call the authorities if necessary.

Using these tips before you book your travel will help you prepare for your summer holiday. There is no need
to waste time by waiting til the last minute, take the time to prepare in advance.

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