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Nordmilch eG                                                              Key Employees
                                                                          Name                        Job Title
Fast Facts
                                                                                                      Director - Mecklenburg-
                                     Flughafenallee 17, Bremen, 28199,    Dirk Schroder
Headquarters Address                                                                                  Vorpommern region
                                                                                                      Deputy Chairman -
Telephone                            + 49 421 2432283                     Henner Pape                 Hanover / Southern Lower
                                                                                                      Saxony region
Fax                                  + 49 421 2432452                                                 Director - Schleswig-
                                                                          Max-Helmut Kirst
                                                                                                      Holstein region
Website                                                                     Chairman - Supervisory
                                                                          Otto Lattwesen              Board of NORDMILCH eG
Ticker Symbol, Stock Exchange        N/A                                                              and GmbH
                                                                                                      Director - Weser-Ems
                                                                          Reiner Lubben
Number of Employees                  2,500                                                            region
                                                                                                      Director - Elbe-Weser
                                                                          Thomas Sturtz
Fiscal Year End                      December

Revenue (in US$ million)             N/A                                  Company Overview

                                                                          Nordmilch eG (Nordmilch) is a dairy cooperative,
                                                                          based in Germany. The company processes and
                                                                          distributes milk and other dairy related products.
SWOT Analysis                                                             The product line of Nordmilch includes cheese,
                                                                          yogurt, Ultra High Temperature (UHT) milk
Strengths                            Weaknesses                           products, fresh milk products, milk powder, whey
                                                                          powder,       milk-based      components      and
                                     Geographically concentrated          concentrates, butter, and dairy cream. The
Comprehensive product portfolio
                                                                          company markets its products under two brands,
Focus on quality                                                          MILRAM and OLDENBURGER. Nordmilch has
                                                                          nine production facilities in Hohenwestedt,
Strong research and development                                           Zeven, Edewecht, Nordhackstedt, Schleswig,
capabilities                                                              Struckhausen, and Neuborger. The company
                                                                          exports its milk products to more than 80
Opportunities                        Threats                              countries worldwide. Nordmilch processes over
                                                                          3.90.billion kilos of milk per year. The company
Growing demand for functional food   Economic instability of EU nations   is headquartered in Bremen, Germany.

Rising demand for dairy products     Foreign exchange risks
                                                                          Key Competitors
Strategic alliance                   Shortage of skilled manpower         Hochwald Nahrungsmittel-Werke GmbH

                                                                          Irish Dairy Board Co-operative Limited

                                                                          Kraft Foods Deutschland GmbH

                                                                          Schwaelbchen Molkerei Jakob Berz AG (Ticker: SMB)

                                                                          Valsoia SpA (Ticker: VLS)


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Nordmilch eG

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