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									Groupe Sodiaal


Groupe Sodiaal                                                                   Key Employees
                                                                                 Name                      Job Title
Fast Facts
                                     170 bis Boulevard du Montparnasse, Paris,   Bernard Bezu              Director - Nord Region
Headquarters Address
                                     45680, France
                                                                                                           Director - Human
                                                                                 Catherine Djunbushian
Telephone                            + 33 144 109010                                                       Resources
                                                                                                           Director - Southeast
                                                                                 Christophe Chavot
Fax                                  + 33 143 216299                                                       Region
                                                                                                           President - Auvergne
                                                                                 Damien Lacombe
Website                                                                            Southwest Region
                                                                                                           Director - Brittany West
                                                                                 David Chevance
Ticker Symbol, Stock Exchange        N/A                                                                   Region
                                                                                                           President - Pays de Loire
                                                                                 Didier Loiseau
Number of Employees                  3,475                                                                 Region
                                                                                                           Head - Strategic
Fiscal Year End                      December                                    Francois Attali           marketing, research and
Revenue (in US$ million)             5,333.33                                    Francois Boudon           President - Entremont

Revenue (in EUR million)             4,000.00                                                              Director - Centre-East
                                                                                 Francois Matrat
                                                                                                           Director - Cooperative
                                                                                 Frederic Chausson

SWOT Analysis                                                                    Company Overview

Strengths                            Weaknesses                                  Groupe Sodiaal (Sodiaal) is primarily involved in
                                                                                 milk     processing     and     dairy   marketing
Multi-branding strategy              Dependence on Europe                        cooperative. The company process and
                                                                                 distribute a range of dairy products such as milk,
Opportunities                        Threats                                     cheese, butter, yogurt, cream and other dairy
                                                                                 ingredients. Furthermore, the company offers
Consumers’ awareness of health and   Competition from small dairy                fresh and specialty flavored milk, low fat, natural
wellness                             businesses                                  and processed cheese, fresh cream and ready
Global rise in demand for dairy                                                  to serve flavored yogurt milk and others. The
                                     Economic instability in EU nations          company distributes its products under various
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