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					Albertsons LLC


Albertsons LLC                                                                     Key Employees
                                                                                   Name                      Job Title
Fast Facts
                                                                                                             Senior Vice President -
                                       250 Parkcenter Blvd, Boise, 83706, United   Andrew Scoggin            Human Resources and
Headquarters Address
                                       States of America
                                                                                                             Labor Relations
Telephone                              + 1 208 395 6200                                                      Executive Vice President -
                                                                                   Bob Butler
Fax                                    + 1 208 395 6349                            Justin Dye                Chief Strategic Officer

Website                                          Mark Bates                Chief Information Officer

Ticker Symbol, Stock Exchange          N/A                                                                   Senior Vice President -
                                                                                   Mike McCarthy
                                                                                                             Distribution Operations
Number of Employees                    20,000                                                                Senior Vice President,
                                                                                   Paul G Rowan
                                                                                                             General Counsel
Fiscal Year End                        February                                    Rick Navarro              Chief Financial Officer

Revenue (in US$ million)               4,316.00                                    Robert G. Miller          Chief Executive Officer
                                                                                                             President - Southwest
                                                                                   Shane Dorcheus
                                                                                                             Senior Vice President -
                                                                                   Wayne Denningham
                                                                                                             Florida division
SWOT Analysis
                                                                                   Company Overview
Strengths                              Weaknesses

Broad product and service portfolio    Limited geographic presence                 Albertsons LLC (Albertsons) operates a chain of
                                                                                   supermarkets. The company sells groceries and
                                                                                   general merchandise. Its grocery offerings
Strong position in retail market
                                                                                   include    fresh    produce,    dairy products,
                                                                                   delicatessen, frozen foods and sea food. Most of
Strong private label portfolio                                                     its stores have an in-store pharmacy. Its stores
                                                                                   also provide florist services. The company sells
Opportunities                          Threats                                     both national and private label brands. The
                                                                                   company’s business is categorized into three
Increase in consumer spending in the
                                       Increase in organized retail crime          divisions: Southwest, Dallas-Fort Worth and
                                                                                   Florida. It operates 450 stores under the
Rise in healthcare expenditure         Rise in counterfeit products                Albertsons banner throughout the Northwest and
                                                                                   West Coast. The company operates as a
Rising demand for private labels       Rise in manpower costs                      subsidiary of SUPERVALU Inc. Albertsons is
                                                                                   headquartered in Idaho, US.

                                                                                   Key Competitors
                                                                                   Safeway Inc. (Ticker: SWY)

                                                                                   The Kroger Co. (Ticker: KR)

                                                                                   Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (Ticker: WMT)


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Albertsons LLC



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