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									Tips to Save You Money on Air Travel

Are you someone who flies a lot? Well here are some ways that you can save some money on air fare and reduce
the amount of money that you will be spending on your next family vacation or even for a emergency trip out of

The first thing you should do is to look into buying your tickets ahead of time if you are planning to
go on
vacation. Not only are plane tickets cheaper this way but also there are websites in which you can go to that
help you find the best air fare.

If you are planning your family vacation and want to save money on the air fare you should try to plan the
trip during the off season. If this is not possible try to fly during the week or late at night, both
of which air fares because it is not the peak time in which people normally fly.
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As we had previously mentioned there are many online sites that give you information on fares. All you do is
punch in the information of when and where you want to fly and how many people are in your party and then you
will get a run down of different airlines and also different times of the day. Play around with it and
see gives you the best fare!

If you still haven't booked your flight at the last minute there are always deals that you can get through
airline. There are also deals online on the comparison websites. Often times people cancel their flights and
the airline would like to fill those seats so they offer them at a discounted price.

Often times airlines will charge you to check baggage. As a matter of fact this is a common practice recently.
There are a few airlines that do not charge for checked luggage but if you want to fly with another airline
you will have to pay the charge. If you can take luggage you can carry on the the plane with you. This is very
possible if you are just taking a weekend trip.

If you are going on vacation with your whole family you should buy the tickets in all one transaction.
You possibly be able to save some money if you make a bulk purchase. The airline looks kindly on this kind
practice and may give you a kickback!

When you are choosing your destination and departure airport and you have the flexibility to travel to
airport, try to pick an airport that is not located near a busy airport or capital city airport. Airfare
tends higher in and out of these cities because of the demand.
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If there are extras that the airline is offering be sure to opt yourself out of them. You do not want to
spend money for no reason. These are hidden costs for insurance, etc. that you will not necessarily ever need.

You should use any of the points that you have accumulated from your credit air miles or travel reward cards
that you have. Not everyone has them but if you are a avid traveler you should look into their benefits
save money.

There are airline ticket auctions that people have online, these are people that have bought tickets but
are able to use them. They go online and auction them off to others because they do not want to lose all of
their money. Normally they are fairly affordable!

Look around, do not settle for the big airlines. They do not necessarily always have the best deals. They are
the ones who are ripping people off!

If you can take an indirect flight. They are cheaper to take than flights that are straight through. Check
how your layover will be at the locations and see if it will work for you.

Look into booking a flight with a travel agent. They sometimes have the inside track on finding the best
prices on airfare. You can also plan other aspects of your trip through them and they can give you a package
deal on the whole vacation.

If you are buying your tickets in another country, buy them with foreign currency. You can often times save
money because the American dollar is worth more than the foreign currency. This is not always the case so
check into the exchange rate before you do this.

Invest in a annual flight pass, this may be expensive but if you travel a lot you will find that it
is worthmay even be able to find some great places when you do this!
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Using these tips can help you find a cheap flight to help you have a wonderful vacation.

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