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									Marketing With Pinterest
Looking to Market to females in their 20's and 30's? Then look into marketing with Pinterest If you've
been anywhere online as of late you'll already be well versed in what Pinterest is, if not, stay tuned.
Pinterest is a social book marking site that is growing incredibly fast, but it does not work like other
social bookmarking sites that you may already know. Instead of using urls and articles like many
other sites, Pinterest is based solely around pictures and "pinning". With the picture, users get to add
a link for more information. Can you see now how this could really help your business?
All you need to do is find pictures that are eye catching and attractive to people, (also relates to topic)
and pin them on your account. As you pin them, you also link them back to your site which grabs
traffic and produces a surge of customers.
So which pictures should you use? Interesting pictures to start. Any business can have pictures that
will work for them. A martial arts studio can post pictures of their fighters in combat (remember this is
a majorly female based network) with a link back to their studio website. A flower shop could post
pictures of their best arrangements with a link back to the sales page. A dog grooming studio can
post pictures of cute cuddly puppies. The options are endless. All you need is a little creativity to
capture your portion of this audience.
And the best part is that other users can take your picture and "repin" it to their own boards which will
expand your reach even further (think of it like Facebook's share option) The more users share or
repin your picture the more marketing you get done for just a few moments work.
If you're not yet using Pinterest you should be. Any business whether based online or off can benefit
from the social interaction of Pinterest and spreading your marketing through new methods with
minimal work.
Prepare to lose large chunks of time as you learn the site and it's rather addictive ways (which is part
of the reason all businesses should be on it. ) Addictive plus fun equals time suck and users who
become die hard fans quickly
Right now Pinterest is by invite only, so you either need to know someone who uses it already or
request an invite from the site. Chances are a simple post on Facebook or any other social media site
you are already using will get you an invite quickly.
From there you simply need to start posting your pictures and links to your sites and products and
watching your traffic and bottom line grow.
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Including all the latest information on Pinterest.
If you are a business owner and have not gotten involved in Pinterest. NOW IS THE TIME.
To your Marketing Success
Ramona Goeke
Ramona Goeke Live

Secrets To Marketing On Pinterest

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