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                     Mutual Funds in Iran
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Quarterly Bulletin of Iranian Islamic Capital Market
                  VOL. 2 – NO. 1-2 / JAN-JUN 2010

                                                                  In the name of the Most High

                                                       ISLAMIC MUTUAL FUNDS:
                                                       A KEY PILLAR FOR DEVELOPING ISLAMIC
                                                       CAPITAL MARKETS
                 The securities portfolios and their more ad-         On the other hand, the entities such as the
                 vanced emergence in the form of mutual               mutual funds will provide genuine opportu-
                 funds are regarded as the most important             nities to form various portfolios with vary-
                 mechanisms in the financial markets which            ing securities compositions each with specif-
                 will make market risk and return on invest-          ic features which will reflect the demands,
                 ment prospects for investors, in particular,         wants, needs and tastes of a larger number
                 the early stage and nascent ones, more               of investors. The mutual funds, with their
                 propitious. The mutual funds, acting as fi-          immense capabilities and possibilities, will
                 nancial intermediaries, will convert the in-         typically strive to make investments more
                 vestments made by non-professional inves-            attractive and provide better chances and
                 tors from direct state into indirect state and       more choices with low risks and high-yield-
                 will, in the wake of such conversion bring in        ing returns for investors.
                 a wide range of benefits and privileges both         Alternatively, the mutual fund is a finan-
                 for capital market and investors which, in-          cial intermediary whose main function is
                 ter alia, include:                                   to professionally manage the investment in
                 1- Promoting the indirect investment by in-          the securities market. These funds pool the
                 dividuals in the capital market;                     capital provided by the people and shall, by
                 2- Paving the proper grounds for quantita-           professionally creating an investment port-
                 tive and qualitative growth and sustainable          folio, invest in various types of securities.
                 development in the capital market;                   The distinguishing feature between mu-

                                                                  Quarterly Bulletin of Iranian Islamic Capital Market
                                                                 VOL. 2 – NO. 1-2 / JAN-JUN 2010

tual funds and investment companies lies        In view of the growing importance of mu-
in the fact that the net assets value (NAV)     tual funds as one of the key and highly ef-
in investment companies is typically hover-     ficient bodies in the Islamic financial sys-
ing above the current shares value. In oth-     tem, the major aim of the current bulletin
er words, the market value of the shares        is to introduce and treat with the structure
available in the portfolio of an investment     of such funds and give insights on their Sh-
company less the company’s liabilities will     ariah-compliant structure as well as their
exceed the shares current value. This is a      operational models and statistics of Islamic
common issue which prevails among al-           capital markets in Iran. It is hoped that our
most all investment companies with vary-        readership and researchers in the Islamic
ing degrees of intensity whereas the mutu-      capital markets will find the information
al funds are exactly redeemed on the basis      on the mutual funds designed in Iran to
of net assets value at the end of each day      be stimulating and insightful and that such
and, interestingly enough, the investor has     information will further accelerate the de-
the chance of taking back his funds based       velopmental trend of Islamic finance. The
on the NAV at the end of each business          Securities and Exchange Organization will
day. More importantly, the level of liquid-     be willingly prepared to transfer its experi-
ity in the mutual funds is higher than that     ences in this respect, and will accordingly
of investment companies. The procedure is       welcome any suggestions and recommen-
not that people will directly get involved in   dations which can contribute to the enrich-
shares investment, but, that oddly enough,      ment and profundity of perceptions and
they put their money in the investment          understanding of these mutual funds.
units and the mutual fund will take over the
specialized investing services.
                                                          Dr. Ali SalehAbadi
                                                     President and Chairman of the Board

Quarterly Bulletin of Iranian Islamic Capital Market
                  VOL. 2 – NO. 1-2 / JAN-JUN 2010

                 RULES AND REGULATIONS
                 Mutual funds are among those financial institu-             tion called “portfolio manager”. Here, the investor
                 tions which are established in recent years and are         gives his/her capital to the portfolio manager to be
                 not mentioned in most principal rules and regula-           invested in securities trading. Now, if the investor
                 tions related to the national economic activities,          is more than one person, they would make a mu-
                 including Commercial Code, Companies Registra-              tual portfolio on the basis of a particular legal re-
                 tion Law, Civil Code and Taxation Law. They were            lation, “Musharakah”, and give their pooled funds
                 first presented in the Securities Market Act of Iran,       to the portfolio manager. Mutual fund is indeed an
                 ratified by the Parliament (Islamic Consultative As-        organized and integrated mutual portfolio whose
                 sembly) in 2005.                                            operation is in compliance with certain rules and
                 However, the Securities and Exchange Organiza-              regulations but the legal relationship between the
                 tion has, in order to enforce the above act, com-           investors is on the basis of Musharakah contract
                 posed and presented the sample articles of associa-         and the relationship between the investors and the
                 tion and the prospectus for the small and large-cap         asset manager (manager) is an attorneyship model.
                 stocks and fixed income securities funds. Also, some        This attorneyship includes the use of investors’ as-
                 other appropriate measures have been adopted to             sets to trade and even to deduct the attorney’s fee.
                 harmonize the other relevant parts of the rules and         In commercial companies, investors do not have the
                 regulations.                                                right to manage their own assets and just enforce
                 The Regulations Governing the Valuation Method of           their ideas through the general meetings and ap-
                 Units Purchase and Sale in the Mutual Funds were            point certain persons to manage the assets and also
                 also approved by the board of directors of the SEO.         the whole company’s affairs. They will participate
                 Mutual fund is explained in article 1 of The Law for        in any profit and loss arising out of the directors’
                 Development of New Financial Instruments and                performance and have, on behalf of the sharehold-
                 Institutions, based on the overall policies of the          ers, the right to use the assets for making profit.
                 Principle 44 of the constitution, ratified in 2009,         However, in a company, the shareholders have to
                 as follows: “Mutual fund means a financial institu-         appoint a person as the legal inspector to oversee
                 tion which invests in the financial resources derived       the directors’ performance and make the report to
                 from issuance of units in its designated area of ac-        ensure that the attorney (company’s director) acts
                 tivities.” Here, the “owner of asset” and the “asset        as what is permitted by the clients (shareholders).
                 manager” are separated and the responsibility of            As it is clearly stipulated in paragraph 20 of article
                 the owners against the measures and activities of           1 of the securities market act that mutual funds
                 the fund manager is as much as his/her capital con-         are “financial institutions” and according to para-
                 tribution. So, the investor of the fund has a propor-       graph 7 of article 7 of the same act concerning the
                 tional responsibility in case of any loss incurred. It is   SEO’s board of directors’ authority to approve the
                 obvious that the profit or loss of the fund arises out      articles of association of the financial institutions,
                 of the fund manager’s performance not the owners,           the board of directors has attempted to explain the
                 and the owners’ responsibility against the manag-           mutual fund’s organs of managing, supervising and
                 ers’ performance is also stipulated in the relevant         decision-making functions and determine the pow-
                 rules and regulations.                                      ers and duties of each of which against each other
                 If the investment is indirect and the assets are man-       and especially against the investors. Another major
                 aged by a manager, not the owner him/herself, it            issue in the mutual funds’ structure is that according
                 would be subject to paragraph 17 of article 1 of the        to the article 13 of The Law for Development of New
                 securities market act concerning a financial institu-       Financial Institutions and Instruments: The manag-

                                                                                  Quarterly Bulletin of Iranian Islamic Capital Market
                                                                                  VOL. 2 – NO. 1-2 / JAN-JUN 2010

ers of financial institutions, issuers of securities and    income tax and value-added tax as per the Value-
self-regulatory organizations inclusive of the board        Added Tax Act passed on May 23, 2008 and no tax
members and the managing director shall not have            whatsoever shall be claimed for the transfer, issu-
a record of effective absolute criminal conviction          ance and redemption of the foregoing securities.
and shall hold the required professional qualifica-         Note 2: The profit and fees paid or allocated for se-
tions. In the case of ineligibility or their professional   curities as referred to in note (1) of this article, ex-
disqualification, the appointing authority shall have       cluding the dividend and shares of companies, and
to reject their appointment to the said positions           the profit gained from units of funds, on the condi-
and/or remove the directors so appointed from their         tion of registering these securities with the Orga-
positions. The requirements and criteria for the pro-       nization, shall be regarded as parts of acceptable
fessional qualifications of the said directors merely       expenses for assessment of taxable income of such
in terms of education background and related job            securities issuer.
experiences and also the method of their disqualifi-        Note 3: If any natural person or legal entity domi-
cation by the Organization shall be provided in a by-       ciled in Iran, who is the shareholder of the com-
law which shall, upon the recommendation of the             pany listed on the exchange or OTC markets, sells
Securities and Exchange High Council, be approved           his/its shares or preemption rights in foreign stock
by the Council of Ministers (the Cabinet).                  exchanges or foreign OTC markets, no tax whatso-
Also, it is stated in Note 4 of the article 7 of the same   ever shall be levied on and collected in Iran in this
Law that “The mutual fund shall not be authorized           respect.
to engage in any other economic activity whatso-            The Securities and Exchange Organization, beside
ever outside the area designated in the licenses is-        all attempts to find effective legal techniques and
sued by the Organization. It is also stated in Notes        make the optimum use of the existing legal structure
1, 2 and 3 of the same article:                             to timely enforcing of the requirements of the new
 Note 1: All incomes of the mutual fund within the          securities market act, including the establishment
context of this law and all incomes gained from in-         of new financial institutions such as mutual funds,
vestment in securities under paragraph (24) of arti-        has adopted appropriate measures to prepare and
cle (1) of the Securities Market Act of the I.R.I., rati-   present proper recommendations to make a better
fied in 2005 and the proceeds derived from transfer         coordination and integration between all sectors
of such securities or the proceeds earned from issu-        related to the mutual funds within the rules and
ance and redemption of them shall be exempt from            regulations governing the whole capital market.

Oprational Model of Mutual Funds
Securities portfolio and the more developed form of         the road for people to enter the market through
which that is called mutual fund is one of the most         the mutual funds. However, institutions like mu-
important mechanisms for indirect investment in             tual funds can be favorable investment vehicles for
financial markets which make better conditions in           most investors by making various portfolios of se-
terms of risk and return, especially for amateur in-        curities. They try to make investment more attrac-
vestors.                                                    tive and provide the more opportunities, lower risk
Mutual fund, as a financial intermediary, transforms        and higher return for investors.
the amateurs’ investments from direct to indirect           So, in the new securities market act of I.R.I, the ac-
investment. Consequently, a proper approach is              tivity of financial intermediaries, including mutual
set to make sustainable development of capital              funds, is foreseen and proper conditions are provid-
markets, encourage indirect investment and pave             ed to assure the securities market investors in order

Quarterly Bulletin of Iranian Islamic Capital Market
                  VOL. 2 – NO. 1-2 / JAN-JUN 2010

                 to have a better use of the existing opportunities.       ment is so that they use the services of outdoor
                 In the article one of “The Law for Development of         institutions such as investment banks, banks, etc.,
                 New Financial Instruments and Institutions Based          to perform their tasks and duties under the titles of
                 on the Overall Policies of the Principle 44 of the        management company, underwriter or securities
                 Constitution”, which is ratified in 2009, mutual          distributor, trustee and the like.
                 funds are defined as follows:
                 “A financial institution which invests in the financial   3- Daily Valuation of the Units
                 resources derived from issuance of units, in its desig-   At the end of each day mutual funds frequently is-
                 nated area of activity.”                                  sue and redeem their units on the basis of net asset
                 Therefore, mutual fund is a kind of financial insti-      value (NAV) which is the market value of the fund’s
                 tution which pools the people’s funds by frequently       assets less the fund’s liabilities divided by the num-
                 selling of its units and invests the funds in a com-      ber of the units outstanding. So, there is no need
                 bination of different types of securities, including      to be worried about the amount of supply and de-
                 stocks, Musharakah Sukuk, short-term instruments          mand and the effect of which on the price of each
                 of the money market, etc…                                 unit. The price would never be less than the NAV.
                 The combination of the fund’s assets are known as
                 the fund’s portfolio and purchasers of the fund’s         4- Issue and Redemption of Units
                 units, in proportion to their investments, would          Since the price of each unit is determined by the
                 be the owner of a part of the fund. In other words,       NAV and valuation of every part of the fund’s port-
                 each unit represents the investors’ ownership of the      folio and this would be changed during the working
                 fund’s assets and the revenue of such assets.             hours of a day, the fund’s NAV would be calculated
                                                                           at 16:00 of every working day and all issue and re-
                 THE MAIN PARTICULARS OF MUTUAL                            demption of units would be performed on this ba-
                 FUNDS                                                     sis.

                 1- Variable Capital and High Liquidity                    5- Direct Buy and Sell of Units
                 Mutual funds’ capital, contrary to other companies,       Investors can buy the funds’ units directly from the
                 including the ordinary investment companies whose         fund or its branches or other places such as banks, not
                 capital are fixed and any capital increase would be       from the other investors in the secondary market.
                 performed with certain ceremonies, is not fixed but
                 is frequently changing by issuance and redemption         6- Reinvestment of Revenues in the fund
                 of units. They are usually ready to, according to the     Since the amount of the fund’s capital is open, in-
                 rules and regulations and their prospectuses, issue       vestors can reinvest a part or the whole of their rev-
                 new units or redeem their own units.                      enues in the same fund. Thus, there is no reinvest-
                                                                           ment risk like the risk in buying of stocks or sukuk.
                 2- External Management                                    However, investment in mutual funds would be a
                 Mutual funds are different from joint stock com-          good chance for investors in those countries with
                 panies in their method of management which is an          the lack of an advanced system to overcome the
                 external management.                                      problems of delay in receiving and reinvesting of
                 Mutual funds are shell entities with a combination        the funds.
                 of securities as the fund’s assets whose tasks and
                 administrative operation, investments and legal           7- Mutual Funds can Issue Preferred Units and Or-
                 activities are performed by the outdoor service           dinary Units
                 providers. It means that the management of opera-         The fund’s units fall under the two grades of pre-
                 tions is performed by a management company or             ferred and ordinary units as follows:
                 a portfolio manager company. Although they have                  Preferred units are, in general, purchased by
                 general meetings, the structure of their manage-              the fund’s founder or founders before the start

                                                                              Quarterly Bulletin of Iranian Islamic Capital Market
                                                                              VOL. 2 – NO. 1-2 / JAN-JUN 2010

   of the initial subscription period. These units are   OPERATIONAL STRUCTURE OF
   non-redeemable but transferable to other par-         MUTUAL FUNDS IN IRAN
       Ordinary units are issued during the initial      The funds which are established in Iran’s capital
   subscription period or after formation of the         market, albeit a number of similarities in operation-
   fund. Such units shall be redeemable but non-         al structure are a little bit different from the funds
   transferable to other parties. The maximum            around the world.
   number of ordinary units outstanding has been         The whole structures of the Iranian mutual funds
   stated in the prospectus.                             are shown in the following figure:


The fund’s general meeting shall formally convene           7- To hear the manager’s report on the fund’s
with the presence of the holders of the half plus one       statement and performance during every fiscal
of the fund’s preferred units with the rights to vote       year;
and shall be vested with the following powers:              8- To hear the auditor’s report and opinion on
    1- To appoint the fund manager, administrator,          the financial statements as well as his report on
    trustee and guarantor with SEO’s approval;              the fund’s statement and performance;
    2- To change the fund’s manager, administra-            9- To select a mass-circulated newspaper for the
    tor, trustee and guarantor on the condition of          fund;
    selecting substitutes for them with the SEO’s           10- To approve the expenses required for estab-
    approval;                                               lishing the fund and the costs for holding the
    3- Upon the trustee’s recommendation, to ap-            fund’s general meeting.
    point and remove the fund’s auditor and specify
    his office term, fees and the manner of its pay-     FUND MANAGER
    4- To adopt the modifications made in the fund’s     The fund manager shall be elected by the fund’s
    articles of association and in the prospectus af-    general meeting upon the SEO’s approval and pur-
    ter the SEO’s approval;                              suant to the rules and provisions of the articles of
    5- To take decisions on the fund dissolution;        association. The functions and responsibilities of
    6- To approve the fund’s annual financial state-     the manager are set out as follows:
    ments;                                                  1- To allocate at least 40 square meters of prop-

Quarterly Bulletin of Iranian Islamic Capital Market
                  VOL. 2 – NO. 1-2 / JAN-JUN 2010

                     er space for administration with the required             investors, all governmental and non-govern-
                     facilities and equipment to discharge the fund’s          mental departments, judicial authorities and
                     current affairs;                                          other individuals and entities;
                     2- To participate in the fund implemental stages          14-To institute any type of legal proceedings and
                     such as subscription, issuance and redemption             criminal cases on behalf of the fund and defend
                     of the units pursuant to the provisions of articles       the pending cases versus the fund at any law-
                     of association;                                           courts, public and special tribunals and Admin-
                     3- To record and keep track of each investor’s ac-        istrative Justice Tribunal, being vested with all
                     count including the amounts paid and received,            powers prescribed in the Civil Code Procedures
                     the number of units issued and redeemed and               (in particular articles 35 and 36), Criminal Code
                     the number of units owned by him;                         Procedures, the law and regulations of Adminis-
                     4- To designate the holders of authorized signa-          trative Justice Tribunal.
                     ture for the fund and the scope of functions and      The manager shall also introduce at least three
                     responsibilities of each of them and inform the       natural persons who are experts in the area of in-
                     matter to the trustee, administrator, guarantor       vestment in securities as the “group of investment
                     and auditor;                                          managers” of the fund so as to discharge the fol-
                     5- To appoint the fund’s broker or brokers and        lowing duties on behalf of the manager and upon
                     supervise the optimum execution of the fund’s         his own liability:
                     securities purchase and sale orders by them;              1-Policy-making and formulation of the fund’s
                     6- To notify the trustee of the fund’s securities         investment policy and decision-taking on the
                     transfer among its brokers within two business            buy, sell or hold the fund’s assets ownership
                     days at the latest after performance;                     within the framework of the rules, articles of as-
                     7- To inform the administrator concerning the             sociation and prospectus of the fund;
                     monies paid to each one of the investors within           2-Fixing the purchase and sale price of the fund’s
                     one business day at the latest after each pay-            securities in compliance with the procedures for
                     ment;                                                     establishing the securities purchase and sale
                     8- To collect and retain all positive documents           price in the investment funds approved by the
                     relating to the fund’s financial events, record           SEO so as to calculate the price for issuance,
                     the fund’s financial events in accordance with            redemption and net assets value of each of the
                     the accounting principles and procedures and              fund’s units as per the articles of association;
                     prepare the required reports as per the rules in          3-Other functions and powers delegated by the
                     the articles of association;                              fund manager.
                     9- To introduce the group of investment man-
                     gers and specify the procedure of their service       BROKERS:
                     compensation which should be commensurate
                     with the management fee or the fund’s perfor-         The manager shall choose one or more brokers
                     mance;                                                from among the brokers who have received bro-
                     10- To handle the common questions raised by          kerage licenses to act as the fund broker. The fund
                     investors;                                            broker shall have to accept the position in writing
                     11- To procure the required software and hard-        and undertake to exercise his responsibilities and
                     ware and apply them towards achievement of            functions as per the articles of association while
                     the fund’s objectives;                                reporting his acceptance to the SEO, trustee, man-
                     12- To initiate a publicity campaign to introduce     ager and auditor.
                     the fund to the public which is, if necessary, ex-
                     ercised at his own discretion;                        TRUSTEE:
                     13-To act as the fund’s representative with the
                                                                           The fund trustee shall be elected by the fund’s gen-

                                                                             Quarterly Bulletin of Iranian Islamic Capital Market
                                                                             VOL. 2 – NO. 1-2 / JAN-JUN 2010

eral meeting as per the regulations and pursuant to        from the provisions of articles of association
the provisions of articles of association. The func-       and prospectus with the SEO and other com-
tions and responsibilities of the trustee are set out      petent authorities and proceed the matter until
as follows:                                                when the final result has been achieved;
    1-To designate and introduce one of his trusted        13-To bring up the cases of violations by the fund
    staff as the fully-authorized representative and       manager, administrator, guarantor and auditor
    holder of the authorized signature on behalf of        with the competent judicial authorities where
    the trustee to act for the fund’s affairs;             such cases are considered offence and precede
    2-To examine and approve the manager’s ap-             the matter until when the final result has been
    plication to open bank account/accounts in the         achieved.
    name of the fund;
    3-To examine and confirm the amounts receiv-        GUARANTOR:
    able and payable of the fund as per the articles
    of association;                                     The guarantor’s responsibilities, in addition to those
    4-To receive and keep the identification data       stated in the articles of association, include:
    and bank account information of each investor           1-Payment of cash in return for receipt of all the
    so as to carry out all operations of receipts and       fund’s uncashed assets after the initial settle-
    payments between the investor and the fund;             ment period with the sum used in calculating
    5-To keep records of each investor’s account            the redemption price of units at the end of this
    containing the amounts paid and received, the           period.
    number of units issued in his name, the number          2-Payment of cash to investors under particular
    of units redeemed at his request and the num-           circumstances to compensate for their return
    ber of units owned by him;                              up to the fixed specified amount.
    6-To receive information on the fund’s daily
    transactions at the end of each business day and    AUDITOR:
    monitor the fund’s balance of accounts with the
    fund broker/brokers;                                The fund auditor shall be recommended by the
    7-To receive and hold the fund securities not       trustee from among the auditing firms trusted by
    listed on the Stock Exchange and monitor their      the Organization to be approved by the fund’s gen-
    sales and deposit of proceeds into the fund’s       eral meeting. The auditor’s fee shall be proposed
    bank accounts.                                      by the trustee and approved by the fund’s general
    8-To propose the appointment, dismissal and         meeting. The term of the auditor’s office shall be
    the amount of fee for the fund auditor to the       appointed by the fund’s general meeting.
    fund’s general meeting for approval;                The auditor’s functions and responsibilities are as
    9-To exercise continuous monitoring over the        follows:
    manager’s and guarantor’s performance to en-            1.To examine the principles and procedures of
    sure compliance with rules and provisions of ar-        internal control exercised by the manager or the
    ticles of association and prospectus of the fund;       trustee in the discharge of the duties prescribed
    10-To examine and ensure that the auditor’s             in the articles of association and comment on
    reports and opinions are presented in a timely          the adequacy or weakness of such principles
    manner;                                                 and procedures and make recommendations to
    11-To monitor and ensure that the fund’s infor-         remove the possible deficiencies;
    mation and records are released by the manager          2.To conduct an investigation to ensure that the
    in a timely manner;                                     principles and procedures of internal control de-
    12-To discuss the cases of violations by the fund       signed for the discharge of manager’s and trust-
    manager, administrator, guarantor and auditor           ee’s duties are applied in practice and prepare

Quarterly Bulletin of Iranian Islamic Capital Market
                  VOL. 2 – NO. 1-2 / JAN-JUN 2010

                     the necessary reports in this respect;                scribed into the fund’s account. When the maximum
                     3.To examine and express his opinion on the fol-      number of units has been subscribed in accordance
                     lowing issues within the prescribed time-limits:      with the prospectus, the subscription operations
                         3.1.The fund’s (biannual and annual) finan-       shall be stopped. If, for any reason whatsoever, the
                         cial statements in accordance with auditing       subscription is handled above the specified maxi-
                         standards and with a view to the national ac-     mum; the priority shall be given to the persons who
                         counting standards and the guidelines noti-       have paid their funds earlier into the related bank-
                         fied by the SEO;                                  ing account. The manager shall, within 5 business
                         3.2.The accuracy of the reports of the fund       days after expiry of the initial subscription period,
                         manager concerning the fund performance           have to refund the surplus funds to the payers. Any
                         (during the biannual and annual periods);         utilization of the surplus funds shall be inhibited.
                         3.3.The accuracy of calculating the market        Within two business days after the expiry of the
                         net assets value, statistical value, the issu-    initial subscription period at the latest, the admin-
                         ance and redemption price of units (for bian-     istrator shall have to examine the subscription re-
                         nual and annual periods) through a sample         sults and shall report it to the manager and trustee
                         survey in accordance with auditing stan-          so as to take, as the case may be, one of the series
                         dards.                                            of measures (a) or (b) as set out below:
                                                                           a)If the minimum units designated in the prospectus
                 THE PROCESS OF INVESTMENT IN                              have been subscribed, the manager shall then send
                 MUTUAL FUNDS                                              the results of examination, along with the bank’s
                                                                           certification in order to receive the fund’s business
                 Although each fund may have projected a particu-          license, to the SEO for registration of the fund and
                 lar method to ease the incoming and outgoing flow         shall submit its copy to the founders.
                 of investors, there is an almost similar process in all   b)If the minimum units designated in the prospec-
                 such funds.                                               tus have not been subscribed, then:
                                                                               1-The manager shall immediately notify the re-
                 FOUNDERS’ INVESTMENT:                                         sults of examination to the SEO and the found-
                 Prior to the start of initial subscription period, the        2-The manager shall, within 5 business days, has
                 founder or founders shall have to purchase all the            to repay the subscribers the funds credited to
                 preferred units of the fund and shall deposit the             the fund’s account.
                 equivalent of their base amount in cash into the
                 account of the under-formation fund or into an ac-        PROCEDURES OF SUBSCRIPTION
                 count in the name of the manager which has been           AND ISSUANCE OF UNITS:
                 allocated for this purpose and shall submit the ap-
                 plication for registering the fund to the SEO.               1.In order to subscribe issuance of units, the ap-
                                                                              plicants or their agents shall have to appear at
                 INITIAL SUBSCRIPTION:                                        one of the branches and receive the subscrip-
                                                                              tion form/or application form for issuance of
                 The initial subscription period shall, upon the SEO’s        units and fill it in.
                 confirmation supporting the observance of article                1.1.Presentation of identification records for
                 8 of the articles of association by the founders, be             the investment applicant, introduction let-
                 fixed and indicated in the prospectus and then dis-              ters for agents of legal entities, official pow-
                 seminated. The subscribers shall, during the course              er of attorney for (attorneys) lawyers and
                 of subscription, have to pay in cash one hundred                 documents of legal representation on behalf
                 percent of the base value of the units they have sub-            of investors shall be considered obligatory.

                                                                        Quarterly Bulletin of Iranian Islamic Capital Market
                                                                        VOL. 2 – NO. 1-2 / JAN-JUN 2010

    1.2.The issuance price of each unit during        second copy and deliver it to the administra-
    the initial subscription period shall be 100      tor’s agent and, further, shall keep the first copy
    US Dollars and, for other circumstances, an       which has been signed by the administrator’s
    equivalent of the issuance price of the units     agent and affixed by the fund seal.
    at the end of the business day after submis-      4.At the end of the initial subscription period
    sion of the issuance application. The issu-       and during the course of the fund’s business cy-
    ance price of the units shall be announced        cle at the end of each business day, the admin-
    on the bulletin board displayed at branches       istrator shall send the information related to
    at the end of each day and shall also be daily    subscription or application for issuance of units
    posted on the fund website. In order to issue     to the manager and the trustee. The manager
    a unit, the investor shall, in addition to the    shall, by the end of following day, confirm the
    issuance price, have to pay the handling fees     subscription or application for issuance of units
    for issuance of units as indicated in the pro-    as per the articles of association and shall notify
    spectus.                                          the result to the administrator. Based on the re-
    1.3.Other than the manager, members of            sults announced by the manager either of the
    the group of investment managers, trustee,        two following steps shall be taken:
    guarantor and founders, the minimum level             A.If the subscription or the application for is-
    of investment in the fund by each investor            suance of units has been confirmed by the
    shall be ten units and the maximum level              manager, the administrator shall, within two
    shall be 5% of the fund’s maximum units.              business days after submission of applica-
2.The investment applicant shall have to credit           tion have to prepare the issuance notice and
the given amount for investment solely in the             related investment units at the same branch
fund’s banking account and deliver the rele-              where the application was submitted so as
vant pay-in slip to the manager’s agent at the            to deliver them to the investor or his legal
branch.                                                   agent upon their appearance. The delivery of
3.After production of the completed forms and             investment units and issuance notices shall
the bank pay-in slip, the investor’s data is en-          be subject to the production of the receipt
tered in the fund’s integrated software system            and, if any, presentation of the previous in-
and its receipt bearing the signature of the ad-          vestment certificate. If the monies credited
ministrator’s agent at the branch shall be deliv-         by the investor exceed the amount allotted
ered to the investor. Such receipt shall contain          for issuance of units, the manager shall have
the date of issuance application, investor’s par-         to refund its differential into the investor’s
ticulars, amount and number of pay-in slip, ap-           banking account within two business days
plication number, banking account number and              after submission of application for issuance
other information in connection with the inves-           of units.
tor. The investor himself or his agent shall have         B.If the subscription or the application for is-
to carefully examine the information contained            suance of units has not been confirmed by
in the receipt and, in the case of any deficiency         the manager, the manager shall have to de-
or problem in it, indicate any such problems and          posit the funds so credited into a special ac-
deliver it to the administrator’s agent so as rec-        count with the administrator so that at the
tify them. In the event of inaccuracy of the in-          time of the investor’s appearance and pro-
formation inserted in the receipt, the applicant          duction of the receipt, such funds may im-
himself shall be held liable for the non-execution        mediately be credited to the investor’s bank
of his order or any type of negligence in this con-       account by the administrator.
nection. The applicant shall, upon verification of    4.1.The investment units is in printed form and
the information in the receipt, have to sign the      contains the serial numbers and date and:

Quarterly Bulletin of Iranian Islamic Capital Market
                  VOL. 2 – NO. 1-2 / JAN-JUN 2010

                         a) is invalid without the fund’s seal and sig-       redemption request has, at the manager’s
                         nature of the manager’s agent                        discretion, been submitted in accordance
                         b) all legal liabilities governing the invest-       with the provisions of the articles of asso-
                         ment certificates issued as per this appendix        ciation, the manager shall have to credit the
                         shall be borne by the manager, administra-           proceeds from redemption of units, upon
                         tor and the guarantor.                               deduction of redemption fee to the inves-
                         The items (a) and (b) and the type of units,         tor’s banking account within a maximum pe-
                         whether top or ordinary, shall be indicated          riod of 7 business days after the submission
                         in the investment certificate. As regards            date of redemption request.
                         the investment certificates issued for ordi-         1.2.Presentation of introduction letter for
                         nary units, their non-transferability and as         the agents of legal investors and the power
                         regards the investment certificates issued           of attorney for lawyers (attorneys) and the
                         for top units their non-redeemability during         representation records on the part of inves-
                         the course of the fund’s business cycle, shall       tors for execution of the redemption request
                         have to be indicated in the investment cer-          of units shall be considered obligatory.
                         tificates.                                           1.3.The redemption price of each unit shall
                     4.2.The certificates of top and ordinary units           be announced on the bulletin board based at
                     shall be separately issued.                              branches at the end of each day and posted
                     4.3.Along with each investment certificate, the          daily on the fund website. The redemption
                     issuance notice of units as per the sample at the        price at the end of the business day upon
                     end of this appendix shall be issued by the man-         submission of the redemption request shall
                     ager and delivered to the investor.                      be served as a basis for redemption of units.
                     4.4.The investor shall take extreme care to keep         1.4.Other than the manager, founders and
                     the issued investment certificate. If the invest-        guarantor, the minimum number of ordinary
                     ment units are lost, its reissuance shall be sub-        units of each investor shall be ten units. If,
                     ject to the completion of the procedures for is-         by redeeming the requested units, the num-
                     suance of the “duplicate” certificate.                   ber of the investor’s units are reached below
                                                                              this threshold (ten), his order shall not be
                 PROCEDURES FOR REDEMPTION OF                                 confirmed. The investor or his agent shall
                 UNITS:                                                       have to indicate the number of the units re-
                                                                              quested to be redeemed in a manner that
                     1.In order to redeem the units, the investor or          the number of units owned by him reaches
                     his legal agent shall have to appear at one of the       above ten units or such number reaches a
                     branches and complete the application form               zero-sum.
                     to redeem the units and deliver it along with        2.The proceeds from redeeming the units shall
                     the related investment units to the manager’s        merely be credited to the investor’s banking ac-
                     agent.                                               count.
                         1.1.The applicant for redemption of the          3.After completion of the application form to
                         unit shall have to produce the identifica-       redeem the units, the investor’s information is
                         tion records and documents (such as birth        entered in the fund’s integrated software sys-
                         certificate, national card, driving license or   tem and its receipt is issued as per the annexed
                         passport) to the administrator’s agent at the    sample and delivered to the investor or his le-
                         time of completing the forms. At the end of      gal agent. Such receipt shall contain the date
                         each day, the administrator shall send the       of redemption request, number of application,
                         information relating to the redemption of        number of units requested to be redeemed and
                         units to the manager and the trustee. If the     the investor’s particulars. The investor himself

                                                                          Quarterly Bulletin of Iranian Islamic Capital Market
                                                                         VOL. 2 – NO. 1-2 / JAN-JUN 2010

   or his agent shall have to carefully examine the     been signed by the administrator’s agent and af-
   information contained in the receipt and, in the     fixed by the fund seal.
   case of any deficiency or problem in it, indicate    4.During the period specified in paragraph (1-1),
   any such problems and deliver it to the admin-       the administrator shall have to prepare the re-
   istrator so as to remove them. In the event of       demption notice of units and, in addition to the
   inaccuracy of the information in the receipt, the    said notice, shall, in case all of the investor’s
   investor himself shall be held liable for the non-   units have not been redeemed, have also to pre-
   execution of the investor’s order or any type        pare the certificate of new investments for the
   of negligence in this connection. The applicant      unredeemed units and deliver it (them) to the
   shall, upon verification of the information ac-      investor or his legal agent against the receipt re-
   curacy in the receipt, have to sign such receipt     ferred to in paragraph 3. In the performance of
   and deliver it to the agent of the fund’s adminis-   the applications for redemption, the units shall
   trator and shall keep the second copy which has      be redeemed respectively.

               NEWS IN BRIEF

2ND INTERNATIONAL COURSE ON IS-                         Maisir (gambling), Gharar (ambiguity).
LAMIC CAPITAL MARKETS OPENED                            2. Construction Fund by Dr. Ghasem Mohseni:
                                                        Construction Fund is a financial institution,
2nd International Course on Islamic Capital Markets     which is authorized by SEO as an independent
opened. Participants from many Islamic countries        legal entity; (in Iran in form of a noncommercial
including India, Bangladesh, Oman, Malaysia, Syr-       institute) Objects of Construction Fund include:
ia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Lebanon and Sudan were         to collect macro & micro savings, devote them
present in the conference.                              to build specified Constructing Project, sell the
                                                        construction & eventually distribute obtained
A brief review on the 2nd Islamic capital market        benefits among investors.
course materials, organized by: Securities & Ex-
change Organization (SEO) and Islamic Develop-
ment Bank (IDB)

   1. Principles of contracts by
   Dr. Seyyed Abbas Mousavian:
   A contract is an exchange of
   promises between two or more
   parties to do, or refrain from
   doing, an act which is enforce-
   able in a court of law. Contracts
   are promises that the law will
   enforce. There is only one ex-
   ception it is to avoid prohibited
   activities and elements such as:
   Riba (unlawful profit or Usury),
   Eating up wealth unrightfully,

Quarterly Bulletin of Iranian Islamic Capital Market
                  VOL. 2 – NO. 1-2 / JAN-JUN 2010

                                                                                    To reduce the probability of social crisis
                     3. State of Islamic capital market by Dr. Shariq
                     Nisar: Main topics of his presentation are as fol-       6. Islamic Futures Contracts in Iran by Mr. Ma-
                     low: Recap of Basics, What is Shariah, Objec-            jid Pireh: A futures contract is an agreement to
                     tives of Shariah, Major Prohibitions (Concerning         buy or sell an asset at a certain time in the future
                     Islamic Finance), Shariah Norms for Investments          for a certain price. Is Futures Contract a Kind of
                     in Capital Market, AAOIFI, US, Europe, Middle            Sale? Islamic Futures Contract is Commitments
                     East, Far East, Subcontinent, SWOT Analysis              to sale contract and so it is not a case of kali to
                                                                              kali sale.
                     4. Istisna Sukuk by Dr. Seyyed Abbas Mousa-
                     vian: Istisna securities are bonds whose hold-           7. Ijarah Sukuk by Mr. Mostafa Zehtabian: Ijarah
                     ers are joint owners of property that is acquired        Sukuk is a security, the holder of which owns in
                     on the basis of Istisna contract. This security is       common, parts of an asset that has been trans-
                     negotiable in secondary market and has fixed             ferred based on an Ordinary or Leasing Ijarah
                     return.                                                  Contract. This security has a fixed yield named
                                                                              the Ijarah Price (rental) and which can be trans-
                     5. Islamic Principles of Contracts and the Role          ferred to other parties.
                     to Prevent Market Crisis by A. Saeedi: during his
                     speech, he emphasized on some issues in which            8. Feasibility of Using Mortgage-backed Secu-
                     what follows is among them:                              rities in Islamic Banking by Dr. Seyyed Abbas
                         1. Prohibition of Gharar (ambiguity) & Darar:        Mousavian: In interest-free banking, Mortgage-
                            Fully Regulated market with powerful su-          Backed Securities can be issued in relation to
                            pervision                                         some facilities granted by banks, the best of
                            To reduce market systemic risk                    which are:
                            To prevent from shadow market                     1- Murabaha facilities (Installment sales)
                         2. Prohibition of Eating up wealth unright-          2- Hire-purchase facilities
                         fully (akl al mal bil batil)                         Banks and leasing companies that provide facili-
                            To prevent from paper transactions                ties to families, companies and governments by
                            To help the financial market to be in line        way of Murabaha and hire-purchase and hold
                            with real market.                                 mortgage documents can sell those facilities by
                         3. Prohibition of Riba (unlawful profit or usury):   means of mortgage securities and renew their

                                                                                              9. Islamic Finance in Europe by
                                                                                              Farhad Reyazat: Pioneering Is-
                                                                                              lamic Financing development in
                                                                                              Mid 1970’s
                                                                                              Establishment of Islamic Banks
                                                                                              in the GCC countries including
                                                                                              Kuwait Finance House in 1977.
                                                                                              UBK provides Murabaha and Ija-
                                                                                              rah home finance in UK1988
                                                                                              First Islamic Mortgage in Eu-

                                                                           Quarterly Bulletin of Iranian Islamic Capital Market
                                                                          VOL. 2 – NO. 1-2 / JAN-JUN 2010

      2004                                            Philippine Stock Exchange in Manila and also signed
       First Retail Islamic Bank in Europe (IBB).     a memorandum of understanding with Securities &
       Saxony Anhalt (Germany) Euro 100 million       Exchange Commission of Philippine (SEC).
      Sukuk Ijarah.       KFH co-lead manager         Exchange of information, promoting cooperation
      2005-2006                                       level between the two esteemed authorities, offer-
       UK’s Finance Law 2005, changes related to      ing new securities and financial instruments, hold-
      taxation of Islamic products                    ing joint trading courses, mutual support in joining
       EIIB set-up as the first Islamic Investment    international organizations and mutual investment
      Bank in Europe.                                 in both countries are among the most important
      2007-2008                                       provisions of the MoU.
       Three new wholesale Islamic Banks setting      SEO has signed nine MoUs with its counterparts in
      up in London (BLME, EFH, and Gatehouse).        Philippine, Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan,
       LloydsTSB first Islamic Business & corpo-      Oman and Pakistan capital markets, INCEIF and
      rate Account                                    IDB.
       UK Sovereign sukuk under study
       In France, the Senate organized round ta-      FOREIGN INVESTMENTS IN TEHRAN
      bles on Islamic Finance.                        SECURITIES EXCHANGE INCREASED
       AMF, French Financial Markets regulatory       12 PERCENT
      body, announced the possibility to list and     Trading value of foreign investments increased by
      trade sukuk in Paris.                           12% in year 1388 (March 20, 2009 – 2010).
                                                      Total value of foreign investments in the previous
   10. Introduction to Iran capital market by Karim   financial year (ended March 20, 2010) was 37.1 mil-
   Karimi:                                            lion dollars that shows a 12 percent increase from
    • Financial Sector                                the previous year.
       • Insurance                                    Ayoub Baghertabar, Director of Supervision on Fi-
       • Money Market                                 nancial Institutions, estimated the total trading
       • Capital Market                               value of foreign investors to 32.5 million dollars in
           • Securities & Exchange Organization       year 1387 (2008-9). “Total value of trading in year
             • Stock Exchange                         1388 (2009-10) shows 12.46 percent increase.” he
             • Iran Mercantile Exchange (Metal E +    added.
               Agricultural Commodity E)              Baghertabar also explained:” Foreign investment in
             • Financial Institutions                 Iran Capital Market has begun since 2005 and total
             • Associations                           value of trading ever since has summed up to 1.13
             • Iran Farabourse Company                billion dollars.”
             • Central Securities Depository          By new amendments to rules and regulations for
                                                      foreign investment, it is expected that total value
                                                      of foreign capital flow will increase even more in
SEO IRAN & SEC PHILIPPINE SIGN                        following year.
ING                                                   CODAL PUBLIC INFORMATION DIS-
Securities & Exchange Organization of Iran (SEO)      SEMINATION SERVICE NOW AVAIL-
signed MoU with Securities & Exchange Commis-         ABLE
sion of Philippine (SEC) on March 25, 2010 in Ma-     CODAL web service for receiving public data and
nila.                                                 announcements is now activated.
Dr. Ali Salehabadi, President of SEO, visited PDEX    CODAL, electronic data gathering service has
(Philippine Dealing and Exchange Corp) and The        launched a new service for receiving up-to-date

Quarterly Bulletin of Iranian Islamic Capital Market
                  VOL. 2 – NO. 1-2 / JAN-JUN 2010

                 data and information. Users can manage their data        pected in current year.
                 centers, websites and its contents via this new sys-
                 tem.                                                     FIRST MOU WITH EUROPEAN COUN-
                 A new service will soon be launched by which users       TRY WAS SIGNED
                 can automatically receive new information in real        SEO signed an MoU with Securities and Exchange
                 time and can also update their data centers.             Commission of Montenegro.
                 CODAL                                                    During sidelines of 35th IOSCO Annual Conference
                 In order to fulfill one of SEO’s major missions as       in Montreal, a Memorandum of Understanding was
                 maintaining and developing a transparent, fair and       signed between SEO and SECMN for enhancing
                 efficient market; the electronic CODAL system is         further cooperation.
                 designed. CODAL is a web based software that per-        This was the 10th Memorandum of Understand-
                 forms electronic data gathering, validation, accep-      ing signed between SEO and other authorities and
                 tance & publishing operations.                           educational institutions in previous four years, first
                 CODAL is an abbreviation for “Comprehensive              of its kind between SEO and its European counter-
                 Database of All Listed companies”. CODAL’s first         part. Another four ceremonies of signing MoUs is
                 release was in 2008. Since its launch, all listed com-   forecasted to be signed in coming year with capi-
                 panies are obliged to send their data and informa-       tal market authorities of Azerbaijan, Thailand, and
                 tion electronically via CODAL’s website to SEO for       Syria.
                 further monitoring and control. Today, all listed and
                 many unlisted companies are certified to send their
                 CODAL website is currently in Persian language
                 and soon English and Arabic languages will also be
                 added in

                 ROADSHOW IN DUBAI
                 A one day road show was held in Dubai on June 19,
                 Tehran Stock Exchange Incorporation (TSE) ran a
                 Road Show in Dubai with the purpose of introduc-
                 ing Iran Capital Market and its capacities and speci-
                 fications for absorbing foreign investment.
                 “This Road Show targets international investors
                 and also Iranian residents in Dubai and invites them
                 for investing in Iran Capital Market”, says Abolfazl
                 Shahrabadi, Director of TSE Public Relations and
                 International Affairs. “Market situation, investment
                 opportunities, laws and regulations for foreign in-
                 vestment and other related issues will be presented
                 in the coming road show.”
                 TSE representatives, some brokerage firms and
                 funds directors and Capital Market High Council
                 members took part in this event.
                 This Road Show is the first international event
                 sponsored by TSE in 2010 and similar events are ex-

                                                                Quarterly Bulletin of Iranian Islamic Capital Market
                                                               VOL. 2 – NO. 1-2 / JAN-JUN 2010

Facts and Figures

                       ISLAMIC FUTURES CONTRACT

   45.00                                                                        43.27

   40.00                                                        36.65

   30.00                    27.26

   20.00                                17.66
                                                   13.64                    13.49
   15.00                                                    12.22
           9.10          9.98
   10.00                             6.46

           JANUARY      FEBRUARY     MARCH       APRIL        MAY             JUNE












                                                                                                                                                           MILLION US DOLLAR



                                                                                                                                                                                                                  VOL. 2 – NO. 1-2 / JAN-JUN 2010
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Quarterly Bulletin of Iranian Islamic Capital Market

     2010/02/07                                                                                                               2010/02/01
     2010/02/13                                                                                                               2010/02/07
     2010/02/19                                                                                                               2010/02/13
     2010/02/25                                                                                                               2010/02/19
     2010/03/03                                                                                                               2010/02/25
     2010/03/09                                                                                                               2010/03/03
     2010/03/15                                                                                                               2010/03/09
     2010/03/21                                                                                                               2010/03/15
     2010/03/27                                                                                                               2010/03/21
     2010/04/02                                                                                                               2010/03/27
     2010/04/08                                                                                                               2010/04/02
                                                                                                                                                                                                     MARKET CAP

     2010/04/14                                                                                                               2010/04/08
     2010/04/20                                                                                                               2010/04/14
     2010/05/20                                                                                                               2010/05/20
     2010/05/26                                                                                                               2010/05/26
                                                                                        TEHRAN EXCHANGE PRICE INDEX (TEPIX)
     2010/06/01                                                                                                               2010/06/01
     2010/06/07                                                                                                               2010/06/07
     2010/06/13                                                                                                               2010/06/13
     2010/06/19                                                                                                               2010/06/19
     2010/06/25                                                                                                               2010/06/25
                                                              Quarterly Bulletin of Iranian Islamic Capital Market
                                                             VOL. 2 – NO. 1-2 / JAN-JUN 2010


1,600                 1,521

1,200                                         1,132

1,000                             937
 800                                                  716


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