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					Real Estate In Paraguay
Posted: Apr 24, 2012 |Comments: 0 |
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Paraguay is one of the foreign countries, which may not alert many tourists, but it is the area, where
there are attractive and reasonable prices for real estate. Nowadays it is one of the popular trends in
this country to welcome travelers, who are eager to buy a house or at least an apartment in both
urban and suburban area.

To start with it is appropriate to note that there are three types of real estate in Paraguay, which are
defined in correspondence to certain class: economy-class, real estate of middle class and deluxe

The first kind includes buildings away from the capital and big cities, long-distanced so to speak. It
might sound strange, but the best option realty seekers can be satisfied with are houses, constructed
a bit less than hundred years ago; to be more precise, they should date back to the beginning of the
20th century. Of course, there are objects, built far later, but their condition deserves to be better
than the old ones, preserved in good condition. In addition, this class includes some of the unfinished
houses. However, despite the fact that they are not completed, they cannot be referred to as
uninhabited. Also, you can become the owner of the duplex, which is a house, the walls of which are
connected to the neighbor's home: each house has one or two adjacent walls to another house. The
least sum of money need for buying a real estate in Paraguay is nearly 10 thousand euros.

The middle class real estate might be characterized by the interrelation price-quality. The objects of
this type might be represented by apartments and houses, and, moreover, it is mainly real estate in
Asuncion and other big urban areas. The lucky ones get condominiums: these are fairly large houses,
which are fenced on a separate plot of land. Usually they maintain a tennis court, playground or at
least have a football field in a neighborhood. The average price of the middle class real estate is 50-
130 thousand euro.
The area of deluxe class flats is up to three hundred square feet, but this is not a limit.There is usually
a swimming-pool on the roof, as well as tables and chairs for relaxing. In addition, the house has a
huge hall, which is designed for receiving guests and for various parties and other events with lots of
guests. Under the house there is underground parking for several cars. Such buildings have any fancy
facility one can imagine. The cost of deluxe house starts from 250 thousand euro. Hence, even in
Paraguay, not the most attractive country, one can get fashionable house to spend some time in this
exotic Latin-American country!

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