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					8 Tips to Reduce Airline Stress

With all of the new security measures that are in place right now, it has become very stressful to travel,
even more so around peak times. If you give yourself enough time to properly plan your trip you should be able
to have a smooth trip that is free of stress and frustration.

One of the best ways to cut down on stress related to flying is to book a flight that will take you directly
to your destination. Most of the time, there are flight options that have one, two or even three layovers,
which means more than one airport you will have to deal with. While it usually costs more to get a direct
flight, it will be worth it if you really want to keep your stress levels

When you are purchasing your flight ticket, you need to make sure that the name that you put down is exactly
the same as the one that is on your identification card. You should include any middle names or initials just
as they appear, with no exceptions. If there are any differences, that can cause you to be held up at the

Sometimes we forget about all of the new security guidelines for carry-on luggage and we might pack something
that is not allowed. Before you start packing, go online and read a couple of what is allowed and not allowed.
After you pack, make sure that you double check the list to make sure nothing got overlooked.

When you purchase a flight, you are told that you have to be at the airport early so that you will have
time through security and wait in lines. Ignoring that direction can turn out to be a disaster. Even
to get
if youyour tickets out at home or use a self service kiosk, you should still plan to arrive at the airport
least an hour and a half before your departure time.

When you get to the airport early, you should get get through security as soon as possible. Even if there
quite some time before your plane leaves, you want to get past security so that you are not stuck there too
close to when your plane is scheduled to leave. There are usually restaurants, shops and lounges past the
security checkpoint so you can hang out there until shortly before your departure.

If you have to connect to another flight en route to your destination, you should find out what terminal
it before you even reach that airport. You can ask your flight attendant or you can look it up online before
in is
you leave home. This will save you a lot of time, since you will not be roaming around the airport wondering
where you belong.

With the right amount of preparation and planning you can cut down on the stress that comes with air travel.
The tips above should help you make thing simple and free of stress so you can enjoy yourself.

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