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    Ms. Novak’s Earth & Environmental Science Patriot Academy Syllabus 2011-2012
Welcome to Earth Science! I know we are going to have a great semester! Here are some things
you will want to know. Please contact me if you have questions.           Rm: Science156

Materials Needed for Class
 2 inch (5 cm) three ring binder with 10 separator tabs & lined paper (notebook – nb)
 pencils (mechanical suggested) and erasers (please no pens in science class)
 highlighter                                                                       1st 9 wks     (37.5%)
 calendar/planner (can be daily, weekly, or monthly)                               2nd 9 wks     (37.5%)
 colored pencils                                                                   Midterm (25%)
 calculator which can handle exponential numbers                                   1st Semester Grade
 Earth Science text (provided by school)
highly suggested:                                                                   3rd 9 wks (50%)
 memory stick                                                                      4th 9 wks    (50%)
access at home:                                                                     2nd Semester Grade
 computer, printer, and internet access (it’s a good idea to keep spare paper
and ink cartridges on hand at all times)                                            1st semester (37.5%)
                                                                                    2nd semester (37.5%)
 glue, scissors, construction paper, posters, ruler, markers
                                                                                    Final Exam (25%)
 dictionary
                                                                                    Course Grade
Classwork (Assignments & Tasks): (40%) activities, reading log, homework, notebook checks, signatures
Projects and Labs: (35%) labs, projects
Tests: (25%)

                                  ?? How to Pass Ms. Novak’s Class ??
- Come to Class on Time
- Bring your Calendar & Notebook to Every Class
- Bring your Pencil and Paper to Every Class
- Finish all your Assignments and Turn them into the Box on Time
- Do the Review Sheets and Study for Tests
- Work Nicely with Peers and Be Safe
- Be Polite and Respectful to Everyone (even when you disagree)
- All cell phones, mp3 players, hats, etc. Turned OFF and put away.

Notebook (Thick Ring Binder with 10 dividers and lined paper)
In order to quickly access information you will need to keep materials organized in your notebook. You
will be assessed for your notebook organization. The following categories are such (in this order please):

1.   General Info                        Syllabus, Safety, Personal Growth, Misc
2.   Science                             Scientific Method, Metric, Graph, Vocab, Reading Log
3.   Space (U7)                          Planets and Stars
4.   Maps & NC                           Profile of our Planet and State
5.   Origins (U4)                        Geologic & Biologic History
6.   Lithosphere (U1)                    Rocks, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Deserts, Caves, Glaciers
7.   Air & Water (U5&6)                  Hydrosphere, Atmosphere
8. Environment & Sustainability           Energy, Wastes, Populations, Biomes

Extra Help?
I will be available for extra help during break times or after school. Please take advantage of this if you
need it. It is best to make an appointment on the wall calendar as I may have a meeting to attend to.

Being in class is very important for hands on learning and team building to function. However if you do
miss a class this is what to do:
Step A) Look on the calendar in the Make Up Folder to see what you missed.
Step B) Get handouts from the folder, notes from buddies, and set up an appt. with me for labs and
Step C) Turn in completed assignments within a two days of absence unless explicit (written) permission
for an extension.
Please note that more than 5 ‘unlawful’ absences (as defined by the State of NC) can lead to loss of
credit. Treat your days away like gold – save for emergencies!

**Late Projects will lose 25% per day (including weekends)!** Please arrange a family member or
friend to bring in work on days you will be absent. All other work will lose 10% off of earned
score per day late.

Don’t do it. If you MUST be late to class you will need to have a NOTE from the teacher you are tardy
from. Please wait at the door until I have made a stopping point or invite you inside. Three unexcused
tardies equals one unlawful absence and can lead to lunch detention.

Plagiarism and Cheating Policy
Plagiarism and Cheating are unacceptable. If you are caught copying someone else’s work then
disciplinary steps will be taken including a zero for the assignment/test, a meeting with your guardians,
and/or referral to administration. This is for both the giver and receiver of information. ** THE ONLY
THING YOU CAN COPY IS SOMEONE’s NOTES!! (not lab results, not homework, not project

TEST Schedule:
In addition to regular tests in which a review sheet will be provided, there will be a COMPREHENSIVE
MIDTERM EXAM in December 2011 and a COMPREHENSIVE FINAL EXAM in May 2012.

Reading Log Schedule:
You will have a Reading Log once a month (usually in computer lab on a Wed and due on a Fri). It is highly
recommended you have a memory stick to facilitate this process.

Mineral Scavenger Hunt Project, Hazardous Waste, Sky Watch, others to be determined. Each project will have
a rubric provided. These projects will take more than one session to complete so please plan your time

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