Guide to Reading X-rays (ABC) by cUwNCpYT


									Guide to Reading X-rays (ABC)
Dominic C. Sia, M.D.

A = Airway: are the trachea and mainstem bronchi patent; is the trachea
B = Bones: are the clavicles, ribs, and sternum present and are there fractures?
C = Cardiac silhouette: is the diameter of the heart > ½ thoracic diameter
D = Diaphragm: are the costophrenic and costocardiac margins sharp? is one
hemidiaphragm enlarged over another? is free air present beneath the
E = Effusion/empty space: is either present?
F = Fields (lungs): are there infiltrates, increased interstitial markings, masses,
air bronchograms, increased vascularity, or silhouette signs?
G = Gastric bubble: is it present and on the correct (left) side?
H = Hilar region: is there increased hilar lymphadenopathy?
I = Inspiration: did the patient inspire well enough for 10 ribs to be counted, or
was the patient rotated?

You can see samples of specific radiology findings by visiting the following site:

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