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									                                                                                                                                         May 5, 2011

Hospice                     Exciting news: successful fundraiser, technological
conference to               advances, growth in market share and more 
focus on grief,             by Steve Long, CEO             which I do well as long as I

bereavement                                                don’t need to move my feet.
                                    his is a busy time
   It is not too late to                                   Fortunately she is an awe-
                                    of year here at
register for Hospice of                                    some dancer and makes
                                    Skiff. On top of
Jasper County’s an-                                        me look good just standing
                            the many projects that
nual spring conference.                                    there! The evening was
                            are under way, we have
Sign-ups will be ac-                                       not only fun, it was very
                            the routine springtime
cepted through Friday,                                     successful as well, with
                            activities     of    budget
May 7 for the event,                                       $8,492 being raised toward
                            preparation,        perfor-
entitled “Loss, Grief and                                  the purchase of equip-
                            mance evaluations, and
Care – Special Issues in                                   ment for the Laboratory,
                            just plain cleaning up
Bereavement.”                                              Med-Surg and Education
                            after a long winter. It        departments. We are really
   The       conference,
                            is a tiring time, but the      blessed to have more than
which will be held 7:30
                            one good thing about           250 supportive people
a.m.-4 p.m., Friday,
                            being tired is that you        in our auxiliary who are
May 13, is intended for
nurses, social workers,     sleep very soundly at          totally committed to our
mental health counsel-      night!                         vision of being a “treasured
ors, chaplains, funeral        Last Saturday night was     community asset”!
directors, hospice staff    the Skiff Auxiliary Chair-        If you work here at Skiff,
and volunteers and          ries Jubilee fundraising       you have had the opportu-       Steve Long, CEO, couldn’t contain his smiles as he shared exciting
                            event. The big attraction                                      news about the future of technology at Skiff during this week’s
community members.                                         nity to learn the exciting      special townhall meetings.
A fee of $35 includes       for the evening was the        news regarding the future
breaks,    lunch      and   8 Track Band. This was         of technology in the hos-       subject, please log on to the     breakfast to be held here at
handouts. The event will    our first opportunity to       pital. Perhaps you read the     Intranet and click on the         Skiff on Thursday, May 12
be held at the DMACC        see the band and we were       e-mail or had a chance to       link to the video to learn        during Hospital Week
Conference Center, 600      completely blown away!         attend one of the town-         more. We will be making
                                                                                                                                Speaking of exciting
N. 2nd Ave. W., Newton.     For the first time in recent   halls. If you did not have      the formal announcement
                                                                                                                             news, here’s another bit. All
   The event’s orga-        memory I had the pleasure      the opportunity to attend       to the community at the
nizers are pleased to       of dancing with my wife,       a townhall meeting on this      Chamber of Commerce                 Continued on page 2
welcome back featured
speaker Jackson Rainer,     Our first DAISY recipient to be awarded on Nurses Day
Ph.D., ABPP. Dr. Rainer     by Mary Swoboda, CNO           Day reception in the            J. Patrick Barnes, who died       were directed through
is a board-certified                                       cafeteria from 6:30-8:30        of an autoimmune disease.         the Skiff Nursing Shared
clinical    psychologist                                   a.m. Steve Long, CEO,           DAISY is an acronym for           Governance Model. The
and nationally regarded                                    and Lois Vogel, Board           Diseases Attacking the            Coordinating Council, cre-
expert in issues related                                   of Trustees member and          Immune System. The fam-           ated in March, identified a
to grief and bereave-                                      former Vice President of        ily created a foundation in       variety of activities that in-
ment. He is the Director                                   Patient Care Services,          his memory which includes         clude community outreach

of Clinical Training                                       will participate in the         recognition of nurses
                                  he 2011 celebra-                                                                           and appreciation events.
and      Professor     of                                  award ceremony. All             everywhere who make an
                                  tion of Nurses                                                                             The Coordinating Council
Psychology for the doc-                                    employees are welcome           enormous difference in
                                  Day on May 6 will                                                                          consists of representatives
toral program in clinical                                  to attend the Nurses Day        the lives of people through
                            include Skiff Medical                                                                            from all nursing care areas
psychology at Georgia                                      reception in the morn-          the work they do everyday.
                            Center’s first presen-                                                                           of the organization. Bonnie
Southern      University                                   ing or a follow-up event        Skiff is proud to be a
in Statesboro, Georgia.     tation of the DAISY                                                                              Vos and Phyllis McDonald
                                                           from 7-9 p.m.                   DAISY Award Hospital
He is the former chair      Award,      recognizing                                                                          are the first co-chairs of
                                                              The DAISY Award is a         Partner, recognizing our
of    the    Publication    the       compassionate                                                                          this progressive concept
                                                           nationwide program that         deserving nurses with this
Board for Division 29,      care of extraordinary                                                                            aimed at driving quality
                                                           rewards and celebrates          special honor.
Psychotherapy, of the       nurses. The presenta-                                                                            care and professional ex-
                                                           nursing excellence. The             Nurses Day events
                            tion will occur at 7:45                                                                          cellence.
Continued on page 4                                        DAISY Foundation was            and the selection of the
                            a.m. during a Nurses           established by the family of    DAISY Award recipient               Continued on page 2
                                                    Skiff Medical Center Employee Newsletter

DAISY awarded from page 1
   The award ceremony this philosophy of trust in                Participate in the nursing
will be just one of many nursing care through their              trivia contest with the op-
highlights        honoring commitment to the Skiff               portunity for fun prizes.
the outstanding profes- mission and values.                      Stop in the cafeteria during
sional nursing staff at Skiff. The nursing staff would           the reception times on
The American Nurses like to invite all employees
                                                                 Friday, May 6 to enjoy the
Association’s theme for to enjoy the events. Please
                                                                 displays and have a treat.
this year’s Nurses Day check out the corridor
is: “Nurses Trusted to next to the garden, which                 Most of all, consider com-
Care.” Our nursing staff will contain artwork from               ing to the DAISY Award
wants to thank all Skiff our local schools depict-               ceremony to help recognize
employees for supporting ing their image of a nurse.             our first DAISY recipient.

Exciting news from page 1
Iowa hospitals submit data      ing the right things for our     I didn’t ask for a raise nor    Editor/writer                            Stephanie Alexander
on a quarterly basis to the     patients but strong perfor-      did I ask for any change in     Graphic designer                                 Chris Carter
Iowa Hospital Association       mance on these measures          compensation. What I did        Contributor                                     Leisa Zylstra
information on volumes,         will also drive how we are       ask for was an extension        Have something to share?
finances, etc. The data is      paid in the future. Because      to my contract. You see,        Contact Stephanie Alexander, Director of Public Relations and
submitted at a very discrete    of this, it is imperative that   my original contract was        Marketing, at (641) 791-4339 or
level and loaded into a         we establish improvement         for three years and I am        Want a copy?
database which we can           goals that we must all           almost halfway through          If you would like a printed version of Vital Signs or are interested
access to learn the health-     work together to achieve.        that period. Though we          in receiving an e-mail update when the newsletter is published
care “shopping habits” of       It is also important that we     have done much, there           online, please contact Chris Carter at (641) 787-3178 or ccarter@
folks anywhere in the state.    give ourselves an incentive      is still much more to do. Vital Signs is printed every other Thursday.
This database is especially     to achieve these goals. At       In addition, we are just
useful in looking at market     our townhall meetings in                                         Skiff Medical Center's vision is to be firmly established as a
                                                                 about to enter a five-year      treasured community asset reaching beyond the medical center
share statistics. During the    June, we will be discussing      program with Medicare           walls to demonstrate our dedication to wellness, the healing of
last three years, our share     our goals for next year and      (the Rural Community            the sick and the relief of suffering.
of the market for patients      the incentives we will all       Hospital Demonstration
living in Jasper County had     have to meet those goals.        Program) and I really want
been steadily declining,        I’m looking forward to the
                                                                 to make sure that I can
and it was worrisome. I am      discussion and think it will
                                                                 see that through with the
happy to say that the most      place us firmly on the path
                                                                 team. Though Dorothy and
recent data shows a turn        toward high performance
                                                                 I hope to stay in Newton
around in market share          in the future.
                                                                 and at Skiff for a very long
performance and we are              Speaking of the future,
                                                                 time, we didn’t feel that
starting an upward trend.       I have been a member of
                                                                 asking for a 20-year con-       Integrity
This is especially true of      the Skiff family for nearly a
                                                                 tract would be appropriate!     We are sincere and honest in everything we do. We inspire trust.
our outpatient surgery          year and a half now and I
statistics where the im-        can say this has been one of     So instead, I asked for an
provement was dramatic.         the most exciting periods        extension through the end
                                                                                                 We are unyielding in our commitment to quality through
This very positive change       in my life. The changes we       of the demonstration pro-
                                                                                                 excellence, innovation and growth.
is a reflection of all the      have seen together during        gram in 2017, plus about six
                                                                 months for good measure.        Passion
great work each and every       this time have been just
                                                                     I was very pleased when     We are passionate about our calling: caring for our patients and
member of our Skiff family      extraordinary and I have
                                                                 the board approved my           each other
has been doing!                 really enjoyed this time at
    As we move into the         Skiff while my family has        request and I am honored        Advocacy
future, it will be ever more    grown to love living in          to say that our family is       We are dedicated to supporting the communities we serve in
important that we set goals     Newton.                          firmly, and now contrac-        everything we do.
around achieving excel-             Because of this, when        tually, committed to the        Responsibility
lence in the areas of patient   the Board of Trustees            community for another six       We take ownership of our resources and are efficient and
satisfaction and quality of     was working through              years. Suffice it to say that   effective in using them.
care measures. As we have       my performance evalua-           we are ecstatic about this
                                                                 and are looking forward to      Kindness
discussed, not only is          tion, I made a request to
                                                                                                 We value people, listen to them and care about their feelings.
achieving high scores an        change one item in my            a very bright future as part
indication that we are do-      employment contract. No,         of the Skiff family!                                                             2                                                  
                                                         Skiff Medical Center Employee Newsletter

  Note from the editor: On page 4 of the April 21 edition of Vital Signs, a photo was run of Newton’s
  InMotion mini-company dance team, with two Skiff-related dancers named. One dancer not
                                                                                                        Support group for diabetes
  indicated was Addison Ross, granddaughter of Deb Huyser, Emergency Department. Addison was
  in the front row, far right.                                                                          at end of May
                                                                                                           You’re invited to attend Skiff’s Diabetes Support group
ACLS, PALS renewal held this month                                                                      at 6 p.m., Thursday, May 26 in the Inservice Room. There
    Opportunities for life support renewal classes are just around the corner. All classes              will be a review of the various diabetes medications (orals,
listed below will be held in the Wellness Center, on the northwest corner of second floor.              non-insulin injectables and insulin), as well as a demon-
    Renewal for Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) will be held 8 a.m.-4 p.m., May 18,                stration of the Flexpen, a disposable insulin pen.
May 23 and June 2. Renewal for Pediatric Life Support (PALS) will be held 8 a.m.-noon                      Registration is not required.
and 1-5 p.m., May 10 and 11.
    Please click on “Education opportunities” on the front page of the Skiff Intranet for
updates and/or other classes that are scheduled. If you are interested in registering for a
class, please contact Julie Froah, Clinical Education Coordinator, at Ext. 4345 or jfroah@

Skiff to offer free hearing screens
   Since 1927, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association has celebrated
Better Hearing and Speech Month each May. This month of awareness is a good time to
analyze your own hearing.
   Skiff Medical Center can help determine if you are one of the estimated 28 million
Americans who have a hearing loss that can be treated. Skiff audiologist Sue Bartel-Kelso
will be offering free hearing screens from 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. on Thursday, May 19.
   How do you know if a hearing screen is necessary for you? It might be if you:
 •	   frequently ask people to repeat themselves
 •	   often turn your ear toward a sound to hear it better
 •	   understand people better when you wear your glasses or look directly at their faces
 •	   lose your place in group conversations
 •	   keep the volume on your radio or TV at a level that others say is too loud
 •	   have pain or ringing in your ears
   “People who see themselves in these statements should be seen for a hearing test,”
said Bartel-Kelso. “Even a very slight hearing loss can have an impact on your daily life.              Skiff, NPD, Lauterbach
Hearing loss is treatable, and there is no reason for anyone to miss all the important
sounds of life.”                                                                                        help ensure safety for
   The free hearing screens at Skiff are by appointment only. Please call (641) 787-3070                the smallest passengers
to schedule.
                                                                                                            Sixteen car seats were inspected during April 16’s
                                                                                                        community car seat safety check, co-sponsored by Skiff
                                               Afternoon and evening sessions available
                                                                                                        Medical Center, the Newton Police Department and
                                             6:30-8 p.m., Tuesday evenings                              Lauterbach Buick-GMC. Of those seats, seven had been
                                                                                                        installed incorrectly and one was a recalled model. Six
                                            May 17, 24 & 31; June 7, 14 & 21                            new car seats were provided free of charge to those in need
                                                                                                        who attended.
                                           1:30-3 p.m., Thursday afternoons                                 Four certified child passenger safety technicians –
                                           May 26; June 2, 9, 23 & 30; July 7                           Darrin Gregory, police officers Ryan Zylstra and Andy
                                                                                                        Hansen and Skiff employee Noelle Harper – helped to staff
                                                 (no June 16 session)                                   the event, as did Jason Lauterbach and Skiff employees
                                                                                                        Beth Pettigrew, Ann Polking and Leisa Zylstra.
                                        Grief support group sessions are open to all
                                         community members; your loved one does not                         With 20-30 minutes spent per vehicle, the nearly

 Life                                        need to have been a patient with Hospice                   dozen cars that came through kept all the technicians
                                                  of Jasper County.                                     busy throughout the three-hour event.
                                                                                                            “We were so pleased at the response from the commu-
                                                          Pre-registration is required. Call            nity,” said Leisa Zylstra, who organized the event. “These

 After Loss                                                Jennifer Barnett at (641) 787-3074
                                                            for more information.
                                                                                                        were parents and guardians who put their children’s safety
                                                                                                        first, which was wonderful to see. Based on the turnout we
                                                                                                        received, we’re quite likely to hold additional safety checks
 an educational grief                                                                                   in the future.”
 support group for adults                                                                                   To learn more about how you can keep children safe,
                                                                                                        both in and out of the car, visit                                                                     3                                            
                                                     Skiff Medical Center Employee Newsletter

Local folks triumph at
Boston Marathon                                                     THIS ISSUE’S BIRTHDAYS
   Congratulations to Matt Scotton, Physical Medicine              Sandi Beals                                                             May 6
and Rehabilitation Director, and Kelley Engle, daughter            Allison Harter                                                          May 6
of Foundation Director Bruce Hoffmeier, on their recent            Michelle Noack                                                          May 6
accomplishment of completing the Bostom Marathon.
                                                                   Carrie Bauer                                                            May 6
Matt completed the race in three hours, 9 minutes and 28
seconds, while Kelley came in at three hours, 51 minutes,          June Trease                                                             May 7
58 seconds.                                                        Barb Lester                                                             May 7
                                                                   Deb Huyser                                                              May 8
The measure of a hospital                                          Shannah Hunt                                                            May 8
    If you see someone wielding a tape measure around              Judie Chance                                                            May 9
Skiff and Ross Medical Arts Building during the next few           Sharon Mueller                                                          May 9
months, it’s for good reason.
                                                                   Kristina Miller                                                        May 13
    Skiff has hired licensed architect Chris Ross on a tem-
porary basis to do a thorough survey of our building.              Sherryl Davis-Antle                                                    May 15
    “This has everything to do with Skiff being part of            Dwight Diltz                                                           May 15
the rural demonstration project,” said Steve Long, CEO.            Juli Hersom                                                            May 17
“We’ll be reimbursed for costs associated with Medicare            Jenifer Anderson                                                       May 17
inpatients. We have to make sure our costs are correctly
allocated, which includes how much space is designated
for each department.”

    Steve went on to say that Skiff’s current data is incorrect,
including wrong room sizes and the wrong departments

                                                                                                                                6 P.M., TUESDAY, MAY 24
associated with certain physical spaces. “At this point our

CAD – computer-generated floorplans of the facility – our
horribly, horribly out of date.”

                                                                                                                                   HYVEE CLUB ROOM
    Once Chris has all the information up-to-date, it
could mean an increase in compensation for the hospital
amounting to $200,000 a year for five years – $1 million.
    “This temporary position will lead to long-term bene-
fits,” Steve said. “It will be one of our wisest investements.”
Hospice from page 1
    American Psychological Association, is on the edito-
rial and publication boards of seven psychology journals,
and serves as a media representative for the APA.
   Dr. Rainer maintains an active consulting and psy-
chotherapy practice, and specializes in life and loss and
the integration of chronic illness into daily life. His most
recent co-authored book, “Rural Mental Health,” will be
published in the fall of 2011.
   At the conclusion of the conference, participants will
be able to:
 •	 Describe the new science of bereavement and the view
    that grief is characterized by resilience and integration
    rather than detachment and closure
 •	 Apply the application of narrative approaches to grief
    and bereavement which facilitates the survivor’s jour-
    ney through grief by rewriting personal narratives and
    life stories
 •	 Explore special concerns of grief and bereavement care
                                                                     In this $5 class, dietitian Jenny Thompson will
       •	 How men and women grieve differently                       feature foods for the first official weekend of
       •	 Grieving the death of a friend                             summer. Recipes and samples will be provided.
       •	 Care ethics                                                Participants will earn a credit for their Healthy You
       •	 Personal renewal, nourishment and nurturance               report card. Call (641) 792-7030 to register.
   For more information on the conference or to register,
call Hospice of Jasper County at (641) 787-3074.                                                          4                                       
                                                   Skiff Medical Center Employee Newsletter

This Skiff baby has it in the bag!
   The photo to the right
features the granddaughter
of Skiff employees Paula
and Gale Perrin (Business
Office and Plant Ops,
respectively). “My grand-
daughter Kate loved the
skiff bag I received,” Paula                                                                   Responsibility – We
wrote. “They’re calling her
‘the bag girl’ – she’s either                                                                  take ownership of
playing in it or dragging it
around and putting all her
                                                                                               our resources and are
toys in it.”                                                                                   efficient and effective at
   The tote bag, along with
other Skiff merchandise                                                                        using them.
and apparel, is available to
                                                                                                by Steve Long
purchase through the PR
                                                                                                   Have you ever wondered why “responsibility”
& Marketing department                                                                         is a word that many of us don’t like? Trying to
or can be earned through                                                                       teach your kids the idea of responsibility is difficult
WeSpark points. Learn                                                                          because there seems to be a natural inclination
more by contacting Leisa                                                                       to avoid being responsible. Why is this? After all,
Zylstra at Ext. 3179 or lzyl-                                                                  we usually think of it as being responsible “for Thanks                                                                      something.” For instance, perhaps I am respon-
to everyone for showing                                                                        sible “for mowing the grass” at home. Maybe I
their Skiff pride!                                                                             am responsible “for ordering supplies” here at
                                                                                               work. Think about it though, being responsible
Customer service encounter tips:                                                               “for something” is actually being responsible “to
                                                                                               someone.” In fact, if you look at the history of the
‘front stage’ vs. ‘back stage’                                                                 word of “responsibility,” you will trace it back to
by Brett Altman, COO               At Disney, the em-           not in the room?”              the original Latin word “responsum” which means
                                ployees take care of their          The theatrical analogy     “answer.” The definition of “responsibility” in the
   The period of time when
                                personal needs back stage       is applicable to the health-   dictionary is “answerable.”
the consumer interacts di-
                                where customers cannot          care service environment.          To be answerable to someone else means
rectly within an organiza-
                                see and don’t have access.      The theatrical metaphor        that we are not independent ... and we all crave
tion or a caregiver is known
                                On the other hand, the          for health-care service        independence. When our kids were small, they
as a service encounter. The
                                front stage is the area         delivery provides a frame-     would say things like “You’re not the boss of me.”
importance of the service                                                                      When they got to be teenagers, it morphed into a
                                where the action unfolds.       work for understanding
encounter is the service                                                                       silent rebellion against the rules. When we become
                                   The front stage is where     the importance of the
experience from the cus-                                        front stage/back stage         adults, responsibility becomes difficult because it
                                people and patients can see
tomer’s point of view. The      or hear you. Unacceptable       concept and ultimately         is uncomfortable.
service encounter can be        front stage behaviors           the customers’ review of           What a great analogy for our hospital. Did you
analogous to a theatrical       include such things as          the organization’s perfor-     know that we don’t actually own any of our assets?
performance in which each       eating, talking or texting      mance. In the future, even     Everything we have here is owned collectively by
member plays a part in the      on the cell phone, personal     our reimbursement will         our community via the city. Our community has
production. If you were to      e-mail and web surfing,         be dependent on how well       entrusted us with these resources with the expec-
go to Disney World and          inappropriate     language,     we perform and satisfy our     tation that we will make the best use possible of
your child needed to use        inappropriate attire, talk-     customers. We all have         them. The concept here is one of stewardship. In
the restroom, how would         ing to patients about treat-    room for improvement,          the middle ages, a king would appoint a steward
you respond if you saw          ment or payment, personal       myself included, and need      for the kingdom. When the king would leave for
Mickey Mouse, with his          conversations or negative       to be cognizant of the         a long period of time, the steward would run the
hat off, using the public       comments. If a guest were       front stage and back stage     kingdom as if it were his own, but with the un-
facilities? Fortunately, that   to witness an inappropriate     as we go about our day to      derstanding that he would be answerable for the
would not happen, because       behavior such an example        day operations of deliver-     outcome when the king returned. The only way to
Disney understands the          stated above, they are likely   ing top-notch customer         be successful was to act like the owner of the land
“front stage” versus “back      to think, “I wonder what        service experiences for our                               Continued on page 6
stage” concept.                 they say or do when I am        patients.                                                            5                                         
                                                    Skiff Medical Center Employee Newsletter

                                                                 Earn WeSpark points at Y triathlon
                                                                    The Newton Y is looking for volunteers for the Newton Summer Daze Triathlon on
                                                                 Saturday, May 14. We need people from 7-11 a.m., in one- and two-hour increments. Skiff
                                                                 employees who volunteer will earn 4 WeSpark points.
                                                                    If you are interested in taking part or learning more, please contact Leisa Zylstra at
                                                                 Ext. 3179 or

                                                                 iSpark “r” from page 1
                                                                 and make decisions in accord with that idea. Think of it like this: When you borrow
                                                                 a friend’s car, do you beat it up? No, because your friend is important to you and you
                                                                 don’t want to damage the relationship by harming the car, so you treat it like you own
Four Skiff employees                                             it. Compare that to when you rent a car. How careful are you? Like the old saying goes,
                                                                 “Nobody changes oil in a rental car.”
attend eight-week Leader                                             I think we understand the idea of responsibility now. The remaining question is what
Development Program                                              does that mean to us here at Skiff? That’s what the rest of this value statement is about;
                                                                 we show ownership of these resources by being efficient and effective at using them. It’s
   On April 26, Jasper County residents attended the last        easy to understand this one when it comes to “things.” None of us will walk into a supply
Leader Development Program designed to help partici-             closet, grab a supply item and toss it in a waste basket. None of us will take a hammer to
pants develop individual leadership skills and help them         a computer monitor. These are just obvious. But did you know that “things” account for
gain confidence as they strive make a difference in their        only 30 percent of our resources here at Skiff? Our time makes up the other 70 percent.
community and workplace. This leadership program is de-          So when we talk about using our resources effectively and efficiently, what we are mostly
signed to compliment other longstanding programs such            talking about is our time.
as Leadership Newton and the Citizen’s Academies, which              Let’s wrap it all together now. Our value of responsibility means that we are answer-
educate community members on leadership opportunities            able to our community as stewards of the resources they have entrusted to us and most
that exist in Jasper County.                                     of these resources are associated with payments for the use of our time. In short, we are
   The program is offered through collaboration with             responsible to our community for how we use our time. That’s a sobering thought. But
Newton Development Corporation, DMACC, Jasper                    it’s also an exciting one, because it implies that our community wants us to come to the
Community Foundation, and Jasper County Economic                 hospital each day and do our work in the best possible manner (efficiency) and with the
Development Corporation                                          best possible outcomes (effectiveness).
   Among those attending were Ann Polking, Director                  How fulfilling it would be to be able to do that with our time every day!
of OR and OB; Brenda Smith, Director of Skiff Home
Care, Public Health and Hospice; Vicky Norrish, Quality
Management Specialist; and Paula Perrin, Business Office.        Time to sign up for wellness screens
   Vicky said her favorite part of the course involved cor-         It’s that time of year! All employees are invited to participate in our annual wellness
relating personalities to colors. “I absolutely loved that. It   screen and health fair. When you stay actively involved in your health, you benefit, your
was very interesting to find out what makes people tick.         family benefits and Skiff benefits. Participating is as easy as 1-2-3!
This would be useful in any work environment.”                      Step 1 – Make an appointment to have blood drawn (lipid panel, blood glucose, thy-
   Photo reprinted from The Newton Daily News. Article           roid test and PSA for men older than 50) in Occupational Health Services. A copy of the
courtesy of the Newton Development Corporation.                  schedule is on the Intranet under “Healthy You” in the Skiff Headlines section. Choose an
                                                                 appointment time and contact Deb Nilles at or Ext. 4341 to make
                                                                 an appointment. (If the times below don’t work, please contact Deb for alternatives.)
Kids invited to summer                                            •	   Tuesday, May 10, 6-8:45 a.m.
cooking classes                                                   •	   Wednesday, May 11, 6-8:45 a.m.
   When the kids are taking a break from playing outside          •	   Thursday, May 12, 6-8:45 a.m.
this summer, why not show them the indoor fun of the              •	   Tuesday, May 17, 6-8:45 a.m.
                                                                    Step 2 – Attend a health fair in the Wellness Conference Room and hallway. Get your
   Children ages 5-12 are invited to attend the 2011
                                                                 blood pressure, height, weight and BMI checked; visit displays, pick up freebies and eat
Summer Cooking Class Series presented by Jenny
                                                                 healthy snacks! You’ll also get your lab results back and receive instructions on how to
Thompson, RD, LD, CDE. In these fun and educational
                                                                 complete the health risk assessment (HRA) questionnaire. Please note that we’ve added a
classes, children will be taught basic cooking skills and
                                                                 later time to make it more convenient for spouses and evening shift employees.
food safety, learn about nutrition and healthy eating, and
prepare and eat healthy foods. Tuesday classes will be for        •	 Wednesday, May 18 – 10 a.m.-7 p.m.
ages 5-8 and Friday classes will be for ages 9-12. Fee is $5      •	 Thursday, May 19 – 6 a.m.-noon
per class and class size is limited, so please call (641) 792-    •	 Friday, May 20 – 6 a.m.-noon
7030 to register.                                                   Step 3 – Complete the HRA questionnaire. This will take about 20 minutes and is
 •	 Food on a Stick – Tuesday, June 7; Friday, June 10           completed after you have attended the health fair. This can be done online or we’ll offer
 •	 Super Sandwiches – Tuesday, June 21; Friday, June 24         a paper version. The HRA generates a 14-page report immediately available online or
 •	 Lunch to Go – Tuesday, July 12; Friday, July 15              mailed to your home.                                                              6                                          
                                                           Skiff Medical Center Employee Newsletter

Revised visitors policy now in effect
    A revision to Skiff Medical Center’s visitors policy goes into effect today (Thursday,
May 5). Below is the general procedure section of the policy. The policy does have special
exceptions for pediatric, SCU, surgical and OB patients. The complete policy can be
found in the administrative manual. Memos also have been posted in the patient care
areas of the hospital.
    Visiting hours are open to provide a patient-centered approach to emotional and re-
habilitative needs. Nurses/patient care team may use their judgment for each individual
situation. The team is responsible for dealing, on an individual basis, with all exceptions,
problems or difficulties regarding visitors. The nursing staff is also responsible for com-
municating decisions to personnel per care plan and verbal report.
    Animals or pets may be brought inside the hospital building ONLY in accordance with
the Infection Control policy “Animal Presence at SMC.”
    Visitors entering the building after 8 p.m. must enter through the Emergency Department
since all other doors will be locked at that time. All doors will still be able to be used to exit.
    Visitor policies for isolation patients shall be posted and enforced by nursing staff.                     Updated badge holders
    Visitors wishing to remain overnight must check with staff for proper clearance and                            Skiff is continuing to make the transition from our old
accommodations.                                                                                                burgandy logo to our new logo and colors (green and navy
    All visitors shall be encouraged to wash their hands when leaving a patient room.                          blue), while avoiding waste and unnecessary cost. To that
                                                                                                               end, Human Resources is going to be using small round
                                                                                                               stickers to update the fronts of the retractable-reel badge
                                                                                                               holders they provide to new employees. If you own a badge
                                                                                                               holder with the old burgandy text, please stop by HR and
                                                                                                               ask Terri Hayden for a sticker.

                                                                                                               ATM returning to lobby
                                                                                                                  Employees       will    be
                                                                                                               pleased to know Skiff was
                                                                                                               recently     successful    in
                                                                                                               negotiating with a bank to
                                                                                                               provide an ATM for the front lobby. On May 25, US Bank
                                                                                                               will be installing a new ATM in the same spot as the old
                                                                                                               one in the front lobby. The machine will include a per-use
                                                                                                                    “We are pleased to be working with US Bank for this
                                                                                                               service,” said Steve Long, CEO, “as they have been the pri-
                                                                                                               mary financial institution serving the hospital for many
                                                                                                               years and have been extremely supportive in restoring this
                                                                                                               service to the hospital.”
                                                                                                                  We are also working to have a credit card machine
                                                                                                               installed in the gift shop to help improve everyone’s
                                                                                                               shopping experience. Credit and debit cards are already
                                                                                                               accepted in the cafeteria.

                                                                                                               Preorders due today at
                                                                                                               noon for fudge fundraiser
                                                                                                                  Next Monday, Hospital Week will kick off from 11
                                                                                                               a.m.-1 p.m. with a fundraiser for the Skiff Foundation
                                                                                                               from Debbie’s Fudge Factory. Debbie makes her fudge
                                                                                                               the old-fashioned way using only the finest ingredients
                                                                                                               and has a delicious assortment of flavors. Preorders are
                                                                                                               $7 per pound (flavor list is available on the Skiff Intranet
                                                                                                               – contact Leisa Zylstra at Ext. 3179 or lzylstra@skiffmed.
                                                                                                               com to preorder.) Debbie will also have a few of her most
Not kidding around about great health                                                                          popular flavors on hand for purchase for $8 per pound at
Skiff physical therapists Jenifer Anderson, right, and Christina Webb, left, had a physical activity station   time of sale. Preorders will be accepted until noon today
at the Newton Y’s Healthy Kids Day on April 20. More than 100 children attended the event.                     (Thursday, May 5).                                                                         7                                              
                                                  Skiff Medical Center Employee Newsletter

Martial arts classes to be on-site
   Skiff has the opportunity to present a special series of martial arts classes on-site for
                                                                                                 A note of appreciation
employees, if there is enough interest. These classes would be an hour long and would last
for six weeks. If you would like more information regarding either of these classes, please      Thank you for the Newton
contact Leisa Zylstra at Ext. 3179 or                                     Club tickets I won during
                                                                                                 a recent townhall meeting.
Step Into Spring winners                                                                         My family and I have never
   Congratulations to the following employees who won prizes after attending the Step
Into Spring food fair in April:                                                                  been in the Newton Club
 •	   Becky Barge, Laundry – pedometer                                                           and we are looking forward
 •	   Carol Hammer, Home Care – pedometer                                                        to it!
 •	   Leonard Vesley, Environmental Services – cookbook
 •	   Tim Wells , Plant Operations – cookbook                                                       – Colleen Jacobsen, Pharmacy
 •	   Barb Kaldenberg, Home Care – cookbook

                                                                                               Meet Skiff’s new hires
Notice on paycheck
    Please note that you will not see health or life insurance deductions taken on your
paycheck today (Thursday, May 5) as this is technically the third payroll in April. You will
still have deductions for flexible spending.

Walk your way to wellness next week
    As part of the upcoming Hospital Week, dietitian Jenny Thompson has mapped out
five great wellness walks. Each walk will be worth 1 Healthy You credit. Employees can
view the routes online at or pick up a map of the
routes in the Wellness Resource Room.
    Call Deb Nilles at Ext. 4341 with any questions.
                                                                                                Jennifer Armstrong, RN      Dawn VanFleet
                                                                                                      Med-Surg                Radiology

Toys, tapes up for grabs
   Almost every day something comes or goes for furniture in the tunnel. If you have
some furniture needs, please stop to see what is down there. If you are looking for some-
thing specific, please contact John Bartello at Ext. 4365 or, as we
have other furniture/equipment stored elsewhere. If you are planning on an office move/
change in the future, just tag the items you think you’ll need so he can continue to store
them. An auction will be arranged soon.
   A number of family-oriented VHS tapes are located near the Laundry area. If you have
young children and could use entertainment in this format, please feel free to take what
you’d like.
   In the same location are eight large boxes filled with stuffed animals and dolls. If you
are aware of an organization that could use them, they are free to a “good home.”                  Missy Eaton, RN         Nancy Vos, CNA
                                                                                                       ED-SCU                Med-Surg

        Upcoming newsletter to be delayed
       The next issue of Vital Signs, regularly scheduled to
       be printed on Thursday, May 19, will not be ready for
       distribution until Friday, May 20. The members of the
       Public Relations and Marketing department will be
       out of the office for off-site emergency preparedness
       training on May 17 and 18 and will not be able to begin
       newsletter production until returning. We apologize
       for any inconvenience.                                                                        Niki Nemec               Peg Morton
                                                                                                        H.I.M.           OR Housekeeping Aide                                                           8                                  
                                                Skiff Medical Center Employee Newsletter

                                                             Congrats ...
                                                               ... to the 39 Skiff participants in the 100 Day Lighten Up Iowa Challenge. The challenge
                                                             ended April 29, with our employees totaling a 235-pound weight loss and logging 879
                                                             minutes of physical activity. Job well done!

                                                                Skiff employees have the opportunity to purchase discounted tickets for Adventureland
                                                             theme park in Altoona. Tickets normally priced at $35 for adults and $30 for children
                                                             will be available for only $18 to Skiff employees and will be good for use at the park
                                                             throughout the entire month of July. Children aged 3 and younger do not require a ticket
                                                             for admission.
                                                                Tickets are available for Skiff employees, volunteers, physicians, auxiliary members
                                                             and external clinic staff. There are no restrictions on how many tickets you may buy.
                                                                Tickets may be purchased from Accounting Manager Judy Williams or Payroll
                                                             Specialist Donna Baker, whose offices are located on the third floor.

                                                             Bod Squad winners revealed
                                                               Congratulations to these Bod Squads who placed in the top three in the Health Quest
                                                             Bod Squad Challenge!
                                                              •	 First place – “Weapons of Mass Reduction” – Carrie Bauer (Hospice), Jennifer Barnett
                                                                 (Hospice), Dianna Machine (IT) and Janice Balmer (HIM). Their weight loss of 4.73
Running, refreshments                                            percent earned them each an iPod Shuffle
                                                              •	 Second place – “Four Fine Specimens” – Amy Heather, Beth Pettigrew, Regina
and relationships                                                Wallace and Jane Isebrand (all Laboratory) – Their weight loss of 3.87 percent earned
   Skiff physical therapist and elite runner Robyn               them each a HyVee gift card
Friedman was the guest speaker at the April 14 gathering      •	 Third place – “Surge Purge” – Ann Polking, Sara Van Maaren, Judy Orr and Brittney
of the local philanthropic organization formerly known           Engbers (all OR) – Their weight loss of 3.1 percent earned them each a HyVee gift card
as the Women’s Foundation for Health, which raises              Check out the display in the cafeteria for a complete posting of how your team placed!
funds to help provide the hospital life-saving equipment
and supplies. In addition to enjoying Robyn’s speech,
complimentary hors d’oeuvres and each other’s company,
the members opted to proceed with a name change –
                                                                    Skiff Medical Center invites you to our
Women Investing in Skiff Health (WISH). To learn more
about the group or to become a member, contact Bruce
Hoffmeier at Ext. 4887 or                  Breast Prosthetics
Stop by the gift shop for                                              Open House
beautiful new items
   In addition to regular and favorite items, including             1-7 p.m. • Tuesday, May 24, 2011
candy, baby gifts and purses, the gift shop has received a                Lower level of Ross Medical Arts Building
new variety of jewelry. Come check it out!
                                                                 Four fitters will be available to show you new products and help
     Have you heard the news?                                    you find the right product for your needs. If you are unable to

                   Free hearing screens                          attend the open house, but would like to schedule an appointment,
            8:30 a.m.-4 p.m., Thursday, May 19                                        please call Jan at (641) 791-4386.
                   Skiff Medical Center
                      (641) 787-3070
                                                                      Refreshments will be provided and
                                                                         door prizes will be awarded!
                      By appointment only.                                                         9                                           
                                            Skiff Medical Center Employee Newsletter

    Hospital Week 2011
                                      Debbie’s Fudge Factory
                              11 a.m.-1 p.m., Monday, May 9 • Radiology corridor
      A delicious assortment of fudge, handmade the old-fashioned way using only the finest ingredients. Preorders are $7 per
      pound (flavor list available on the Skiff Intranet – contact Leisa Zylstra at Ext. 3179 or to preorder).
          Debbie will also have a variety of her most popular flavors on hand for purchase for $8 per pound at time of sale.

                             10 a.m.-4 p.m., Tuesday, May 10 • Radiology corridor
                           Antibacterial microfiber cleaning products and organic personal care products.

                     Pampered Chef “Help Whip Cancer”
                           10 a.m.-1 p.m., Wednesday, May 11 • Radiology corridor
    A Pampered Chef consultant will be on-site to take orders for limited-edition Help Whip Cancer products. For each product
                 sold, Pampered Chef will donate $1 to the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer programs.

        Hospital celebration and new FREE Skiff items
                                   2 p.m., Wednesday, May 11 • Inservice Room
     Sponsored by the Iowa Hospital Association, this fun event will include cupcakes provided by Simply Devine Cakery and a
                                             fun surprise for everyone who attends.
                    Individuals can also pick up a new lanyard and I Choose Skiff yard signs and window clings!

                                                  Books Are Fun
                            10 a.m.-4 p.m., Thursday, May 12 • Radiology corridor
                                         A large selection of great books at a discounted price.

                          Employee appreciation luncheon
                                    11 a.m.-1 p.m., Friday, May 13 • south lawn
    Burgers, chicken sandwiches, desserts and more, catered by Hy-Vee, compliments of Skiff. The same items will be available in
                                                the cafeteria from 4:30-6:30 p.m.

                    Employee photo sessions – Room 264
                       2-4 p.m., Monday, May 9 • 10 a.m.-noon, Tuesday, May 10
                  6:30-7:30 p.m., Wednesday, May 11 • Noon-1 p.m., Thursday, May 12
Each day there will be a new route for a wellness walk. Routes can be picked up in the Wellness Conference room. All
individuals who participate will have their name entered for a chance to win a wellness gift basket. In addition, each
               weekday, an employee’s name will be drawn for their choice of a piece of Skiff apparel.                                                   10                                       

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