Handwriting Homework Curly Caterpillar Letters by cTHf17



                                           12th October 2011

Dear Parents,

During the first term the Skylarks have had short bursts of daily handwriting practice. The main focus
has been on the ‘Curly Caterpillar Letters’ which are the lowercase letters:

       c        o    a      d      g      q       All of these letters start the same as the letter ‘c’.

Three additional Curly Caterpillar Letters have also been introduced:

       s        e    f      However these letters all start and curl in a different way to the others.

The two skills the children have and will continue to be working on are:
      1) I can form letters correctly. (Ensuring each letter is started in the correct place.)
      2) I can write the letters the right way round.

Attached is a handwriting practice sheet for the Curly Caterpillar Letters and also a copy of the
handwriting prompts that we use in class. Please could you work through the sheet at a pace that
suits you and your child. (We do not need this to be returned to school.) A colour copy of this pack
(including the skills on giant pencils) will also be added to the Skylark class page on the school
website so that you can download it and practice handwriting as often as you like.

Please watch your child when they are practicing to ensure they do not fall back into bad habits,
such as starting the letters in the wrong place or taking their pencil off the paper before completing
letters. All of these letters, except for ‘f’ should be formed in one go without the pencil leaving the

In class we will now expect all children to form Curly Caterpillar Letters correctly whenever they
write. We would also like you to encourage this expectation at home too, such as when your child is
writing a Christmas card, birthday invite or a thank you card.

                                          Happy Handwriting!

                                       Mr Lawrence & Mrs Cantelo
                                Curly Caterpillar L etters

Curl around the caterpillar.    All around the orange.       Round the apple, down the

 Round his bottom, up his      Round her face, down her       Round her head, up past
tall neck, down to his feet.    hair and give her a curl.    her earrings and down her

 Slither down the snake.       Lift off the top and scoop     Down the stem and curl,
                                       out the egg.            and draw the leaves.
                                      HANDWRITING SKILLS
You could cut these out and stick them on card and refer to them when practicing handwriting together.

I can form letters
correctly.      clrv
I can write letters the
right way round. bed

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