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                   Report Card Guidelines

A scheduled school computer generated report card with at least four
passing grades and a minimum GPA of 2.0 must be turned in to the
District Membership Secretary, Danette Toso at the end of each grading
period. (Grading period defined as a minimum of five weeks.) Student
eligibility is determined by the most recent grading period report that
ends on or before the rodeo entry closing date. (For example; if your
schools ending grading period is 3-11-11 and the entry closing date is 3-
11-11, this would be the report card to turn in.) A school stamp or seal
indicating official status is required. For complete requirements, please
refer to the CHSRA Constitution and By-Laws Article II – Eligibility,
and the CHSRA Policy Manual Page 2, Number 7 – Membership
Requirements. ***Please remember that you may have to get a copy of
your report card from your school if it’s due before report cards are sent
out in the mail.*** If your report card is not received by the membership
secretary by the Wednesday before a rodeo, you must bring a copy to the
rodeo. You will not be able to rodeo until the report card is in the
membership secretary’s file. ***** It’s a very good idea to take an extra
copy when you receive it and put it in your red folder that you will be
bringing to all of the rodeos.*****

Please send report cards at the end of each grading period to:

                             Danette Toso
                            P. O. Box 270
                          Hornitos, CA 95325

                             (209) 376-2304

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