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									       Sample Lab 1 (note that this is a very bad lab report – this is not the model for good reports)

                                 The Great Disposable Diaper Debate

Problem: Which brand of baby diapers is the most absorbent?

Hypothesis: I think Huggies Supreme will be the best.



              -   Pampers Custom Fit diaper
              -   Huggies Supreme diaper
              -   Luvs Ultra Leakguards diaper
              -   3 paper towels
              -   Black waterproof marker
              -   1 measuring cup
              -   Water


   1- Lab the first paper towel “A” using the black marker and place it down on a flat surface.
   2- Open the Pampers Custom Fit diaper and place it on top of paper towel “A” with the
      absorbent pad exposed.
   3- Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the Huggies Supreme and the Luvs Ultra Leakguards diapers
      and label the paper towels “B”: and “C”.
   4- Fill the measuring cup to the half-cup mark with water.
   5- Carefully pour the water onto the center of the absorbent pad for diaper “A”.
   6- Carefully lift diaper “A” up and turn it over so that the absorbent pad faces the paper
      towel and observe for leakage (indicated by drops of water on the paper towel.)
   7- Repeat steps 4-6 until leakage is observed. On your data chart, record the number of ½
      cups it took until leakage was observed.
   8- Repeat steps 4-7 for diapers “B” and “C”.


My data is A=5.5; B=5; and C=4

Analysis: Pampers custom fit are the most absorbent. I thought that Huggies Supreme would
be the most absorbent diaper. However, my data indicated that the Pampers Custom Fit diaper
was the most absorbent.

Conclusion: I was wrong.

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