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Franklin High School

Committee on Small Businesses

Cost of Insurance

        As we all know, the cost on insurance is ridiculously high. Many small

businesses within New Mexico feel that paying these outrageous costs is unfair. These

businesses help the state grow within the economy. Charging them a hefty amount of

money is unjust.

        The Republican Party feels that insurance, especially health insurance, is under

funded. Small businesses are just as important as larger businesses. We feel that the

government should not run universal health care because we have seen evidence from

around the world that government-run health care leads to inefficiencies, long waiting

periods, and often substandard health care.1

        On March 6, 2009, Harry Teague, Ben Ray Luján, and Martin Heinrich

announced the availability of $27,749,995 from the American Recovery and

Reinvestment Act (ARRA). These funds can be used for employees, health care,

businesses, etc.

        SB 259, a health insurance policy transparency sponsored by Tim Keller, offers

free market solution to help consumers and business make better decisions with their

medical insurance. SB 259 would require insurance providers to disclose the medical

 Christopher Smith, “Government-run universal health care leads to inefficiencies,” ABC,
loss ratio, historical premiums and any third party commissions when consumers and

small businesses request a medical insurance quote. 2

        The small businesses of New Mexico should use NFIB (National Federation of

Independent Businesses). If the businesses did use this then they would have more

choices for insurance. Since insurance costs have risen for these businesses, NFIB could

help a tremendous amount.

        The CHOICE Act of 2008 would help curb the rising costs of health insurance

plans for entrepreneurs. It would also lessen the volatility of premiums and add

important incentives helping small firms expand coverage for working families. The

Small Business CHOICE Act would keep small firms from having to choose between

providing health coverage to their employees and keeping their doors open.3

        The Republican Party of New Mexico knows for a fact that small businesses

make up a huge percent of today’s economy. Having these businesses pay a ludicrous

amount of money for insurance is just not right. If the business owners use the remaining

$27,749,995 from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) they could

afford health care.

        Also, the CHOICE Act of 2008 would do an amazing job at helping these

businesses have more choices so they could afford insurance such as healthcare. Small

businesses make up a huge part of the economy and if they can not afford insurance, then

they will not be competition, they will not survive, and their business would be gone.

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