Black Gold Quick Installation Guide by cTHf17



                 Black Gold Quick Installation Guidea
These instructions apply to all Black Gold PCI products running on Windows 98, Me, 2000 and
XP (Home and Professional editions)

Step 1. Install your Black Gold Software
                                 Insert the supplied Black Gold CD ROM into your computer’s CD ROM
                                  drive. The Black Gold Installation Wizard will start. (If it does not,
                                  run the application manually using Windows Explorer™)
                                 If you have previously installed Black Gold software, you may be asked
                                  if you want to overwrite existing files. Choose Yes To All
                                 The installation wizard will take you step by step through the process of
                                  installing Black Gold.
                                 The installation may require 3rd party components such as DirectX and
                                  Windows Media Player from Microsoft. The wizard will take you
                                  through the installation of these components if required. Installation of
                                  these components may require you to restart your computer during the
                                  installation. If, after restarting your computer, the software installation
                                  does not restart, simply start it again manually as before.
                                 Software installation will install the drivers for your Black Gold
                                  hardware. These drivers have been fully tested, but due to our
                                  programme of continuous improvement may not have yet been
                                  certified by Microsoft. Choose Continue if asked if you want to install
                                  uncertified drivers.
Step 2. Install your Black Gold Hardware
                              Please refer to your PC documentation for more information on
                              installing PCI cards.
                                 Turn off your computer, and disconnect the power lead.
                                 Remove the cover from your PC.
                                 Insert your Black Gold TV Card into a free slot and ensure that the
                                  card is properly secured.
                                 Make TV and FM aerial connections to the rear panel of your Black
                                  Gold TV card. If possible check with a Television set or radio that a
                                  strong signal is available.
                                 Connect the supplied IR remote sensor to the rear panel of your Black
                                  Gold TV card.
                                 Start your PC. The New Hardware Wizard should detect that your TV
                                  card has been installed and automatically locate the necessary driver
                                  files. If the driver files cannot be located by the hardware wizard, they
                                  will have been installed in a drivers sub folder within the installation
Step 3. Configure your Black Gold Software
                                 Run Black Gold for the first time by either:
                                         choosing Black Gold TV from the shortcut on the start
                                           programs menu
                                         Double clicking the shortcut that has been installed on your
                                           Windows™ desktop
                                 The Black Gold TV Tuning Wizard will start and will lead you step by
                                  step through the process of tuning to channels available in your area.
                                 Run Black Gold Remote (If installed) from the start program menu.
                                  The program will ask if you want to run remote control every time you
                                  start your computer. You are recommended to click yes.

 For more information on using the powerful features included with your Black Gold Purchase, consult the
 electronic user guide. For your convenience, the installation wizard installs a link to the user guide on
the Windows™ Start Menu, under All Programs, GDI, ‘Product Name’. For technical support, contact

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