Roof Repair Fundamentals_ by Tracy373Fredette


									Roof Repair Fundamentals
A roofs fundamental purpose would be to keep your elements out andkeep the home dry and secure.
Additionally youwould like your roof to enhance your house and increase the value of neglect the.
When you suspect you may want to replace your homes roof,the next thing is to possess a contractor
come to inspect your homes roof. It is good to obtain two or three writtenestimations. The contractor
will mostlikely remove a shingle and also the tar paper or felt and inspect your deck (wood)also an ice
and water barrier if you reside inside a snowy area, to determine the extent ofsubstitutes that'll be
When the deck need not be changed or fixed
• First comes the drip edgethat is nailed all across the perimeter from the roof.
• An ice and water barrier willbe used next overlapping the drip edge.
• Asphalt roofing paper willcover the entire deck.
• Metal flashing is used inthe valleys. The greater inexpensive, but less durable choice is to overlap
  theshingles at corners, valleys and side rails.
• When a straight lines aredetermined, the shingles are organized and nailed lower.
• Put flashing around fireplacesand skylights and ridge vents to help keep water out.
• Caps for that sides and side railsput on prevent water from entering where roof angles meet.
Toget a concept of just how much the types of materials will definitely cost to exchange your homes
roof, the first tocalculate the number of shingles you'll need, appraise the roof, add 10% to
fifteenPercentbased on the number of angles your homes roof has. A square of shingles is 100 sq ft.
80 shingles covers one square. Make sure to add one more 10% for wasteallowance. Roofing paper
is offered in comesand measured in linear ft. Flashingmay also be bought in comes or squares. 4 to 6
nails per shingle depending if you reside inside a high wind area. You can buy nails through the
Local codes can help youdetermine the number of vents you'll need. Ifyou reside inside a warm
climate, you'll need more to assist ventilate the warmth fromyour loft.
This Record will help you in identifying the present health of the roof. Complete this record yearly to
trace roof damage and choose repairs.
Roof Repair Record (PDF)

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