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Libertarian Penn by jennyyingdi


									                    Libertarian Penn
                    Newsletter of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania
                                                                                                              Summer 2004

                        Michael Badnarik Selected as Libertarian Presidential Candidate
                         George Getz, LP Communications Director,

                         ATLANTA -- In                                                  focused on forcing the government to
                     a stunning come-                                                   abide by the Constitution.
      from-behind victory, Texas con-
    stitutional scholar Michael                                                         “The reason we can’t find a relation-
  Badnarik has won the Libertarian                                                      ship between the Constitution and the
 Party’s presidential nomination.                                                       government is that there is none,” he
                                                                                        said. “If I can win the Libertarian nomi-
Badnarik, 49, of Austin, Texas, won                                                     nation, there’s no reason I can’t win
423 votes -- or 54 percent -- from dele-                                                this election. We have a unique oppor-
gates at the Libertarian Party’s national                                               tunity to change the world.”
convention in Atlanta on Sunday.
Coming in second was movie produc-                                                      For the past three years Badnarik has
er Aaron Russo, followed by longtime                                                    been teaching classes on the
radio talk show host Gary Nolan.                                                        Constitution, and his message of forc-
                                            Constitutional Scholar, Michael Badnarik    ing the government to strictly abide by
Badnarik’s victory was considered a                                                     that document appealed to many
shock because he had been beaten in         accepts the Libertarian nomination.
                                                                                        Libertarian delegates.
the polls and primaries by both Nolan       In an emotional acceptance speech on
and Russo. According to many unde-          the convention floor, a surprised           According to many political analysts,
cided delegates, Badnarik’s superior        Badnarik declared, “Never in my             the Libertarian nominee could cost
performance in the Saturday debates         wildest dreams!” Then he thanked dele-      President George Bush the November
propelled him ahead of the other can-       gates for their support and made it         election by attracting votes from
didates.                                    clear that his campaign will stay
                                                                                        (Continued on page 2)

A Message from the Chair, David R. Jahn, Chair,
What an exciting year to be a               chose candidates for elective offices       tees that liken us to a car that doesn’t
Libertarian. We have had both a state       and elected a new board of directors.       run on all cylinders. As a result, we
and national convention and a presi-                                                    aren’t as efficient as we could be. As I
dential election ahead providing us         This year’s board is composed of both       write, four out of six standing commit-
good reasons to unite for a common          old and new members and it is a good        tees that are vital to our success are
cause.                                      mix of personalities who are all dedi-      vacant, and a small overworked group
                                            cated to moving our party forward.          of active members are struggling to
Our state convention was held in            That is important because this year pre-    perform the roles of the Election,
Harrisburg in March and our thanks go       sents many challenges.                      Fundraising, Membership, and
out to Barry Dively for organizing this                                                 Legislative committees. The inherent
year’s gathering at the Harrisburg          As I take the helm as Chair of the          problem with this approach is that
Hilton. The facilities and service were     Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania, I’m      while this small group focuses on the
great and the speakers were memo-           reminded of an old car I had during         duties of one committee, the duties of
rable. Aside from the entertainment         my college years with an engine that        the other committees are ignored since
and excellent speakers, we passed res-      didn’t run on all cylinders. Our party is   it is impossible for a few of us to
olutions, one change to our bylaws,         very similar. We have vacant commit-
                                                                                        (Continued on page 2)
Badnarik Selected (Continued from Page 1)
frustrated Republicans in key swing         appeared on all 50 state ballots in       Richard Campagna as their vice presi-
states such as Wisconsin, Oregon and        1992, 1996, and 2000, and the party       dential nominee. Campagna, 52, is an
Nevada. According to a May 21 arti-         is working toward that goal in 2004.      attorney in Iowa City, Iowa.
cle by David Paul Kuhn, chief political
                                            In a separate vote, delegates chose
writer for, many conser-
vatives are so angry over Bush’s spend-
ing increases that they may abandon               “The reason we can’t find a relationship
the GOP in November. If that happens,
the Libertarian nominee “may do for             between the Constitution and the government
Democrats in 2004 what Nader did                           is that there is none.”
for Republicans in 2000” and cost
Bush the election, Kuhn says.                                                                -Michael Badnarik
The Libertarian presidential candidate

A Message From the Chair (Continued from Page 1)
perform the duties of these committees      ward with vacant committees, but we       port our paid petition drive that, hope-
concurrently.                               aren’t as effective as we could be.       fully, is winding down by the time you
                                            Perhaps, it is time to stop and rebuild   receive this newsletter. Some of the
I try to imagine what it would be like
                                            the engine.                               paid petitioners proceeded in good
to have a party with fully staffed com-
                                                                                      faith, trusting that we would come
mittees, each focused on one area of        Concern for the future is what brought
                                                                                      through with the funds when the drive
concern. Our membership would be            me to the Libertarian Party. I care
                                                                                      ended. Their trust should be properly
up. We would have sufficient funds for      about the world I leave for my children
ballot access, outreach, and other          and their children. I can look them in
noble causes. A well staffed Election       the eye today because I know I’m          If you have any questions regarding
committee would have produced more          doing everything I can to preserve        the ballot drive or our candidates, you
candidates across the state, worked to      what is left of our freedoms and to       can contact our election committee at
assure we achieved ballot access, and       restore what has been lost. I’m asking Of course, those
would already be focusing on our can-       each of you to pause for a moment to      emails will be forwarded to me until
didates for next year. Finally, an effec-   consider if you are doing enough to       someone volunteers to serve on that
tive Legislative committee would help       preserve the promise of freedom for       committee.
us focus on what is happening in the        your children. Surely, a few of you can
                                                                                      Again, let me say this is an exciting
Capitol and what should be happen-          spare a few hours a month to serve on
                                                                                      year with tremendous potential.
ing in the Capitol, perhaps introducing     one of these committees. If so, please
                                                                                      Frustration with the major parties is evi-
legislation of our own. Such legislative    contact me at and let
                                                                                      dent across our nation. We can really
information and action would help           me know what committee would inter-
                                                                                      make a difference in the future of this
shape the future of our state, keep us      est you.
                                                                                      country through the upcoming election.
in the press and assure our candidates
                                            Lastly, I want to remind everyone that    Public interest and support for our
are well informed. As you can see, a
                                            we will be electing a president and       party are growing. We should come
few people on each of these commit-
                                            several statewide candidates this elec-   together and make the most of this
tees could really make the difference
                                            tion year. A number of our members        opportunity.
to the success of our party.
                                            are also running for offices in the
Eventually, the car I had in college quit   General Assembly and U.S. Congress.
running and I had to rebuild the            In order to get our statewide candi-
engine. After that, it ran on all cylin-    dates on the ballot, we are required to
ders, delivered more power and trav-        turn in at least 25,691 signatures. Of
eled further with less fuel. Likewise, we   course, we hope to turn in over               1-800-R-Rights
too could perform with the strength
and efficiency of a well tuned engine.
                                            35,000 signatures thereby assuring
                                            we can withstand a ballot access chal-
I know we have managed to move for-         lenge. We need contributions to sup-

Primary Day Petitioning Success
Russ Diamond,

On Primary Day, the Libertarian Party
of Lebanon County was honored with
the presence of Bill Redpath, National
LP Ballot Access Coordinator, who trav-
eled from Virginia to help us collect sig-
natures. Bill was introduced to the hard-
nosed Lebanon County Republican vot-
ers in an abrupt fashion and was
amazed by the rudeness of some of
In all fairness, our locals were literally
overwhelmed by the last-minute cam-
paign efforts of the Rs in Senate and
Congressional races. They were quite
sick of the mailings and automated
phone calls. On top of that, they had to
get through the gauntlet of literature
bearers at the polls. Some polling
places had more than a dozen cam-
paign workers lined up to swoop in on         Libertarian Candidate, Russ Diamond (left) with LNC Ballot Access
R voters. Democratic voters, on the           Coordinator, Bill Redpath.
other hand, didn't even bother to show
up.                                           Here's Bill's script:                       number of write-in votes to be nominat-
                                                                                          ed as a Democrat, it was a good case
In spite of all this, Bill was able to col-   "Excuse me, (sir/ma’am), would you
                                                                                          study in effective campaigning. I am
lect 262 signatures, which was over           sign a petition to allow the Libertarian
                                                                                          waiting for final numbers to come in for
1/3 of all the voters who showed up at        Party on the ballot in November? It’s
                                                                                          mathematical analysis, but here's the
his assigned polling place. The rest of       not an endorsement or a vote, but we
                                                                                          preliminary picture:
the team, all novices (including myself),     need over 25,000 signatures from vot-
gathered another 392 for a total of           ers in Pennsylvania just to get on the      We received 111 write-ins (we needed
654.                                          ballot and give voters a choice."           300) after a ten day write-in campaign.
                                                                                          Meanwhile, a prominent D in Lebanon
In the morning, I teamed up with Bill to      The script works! Learn it. Memorize it.
                                                                                          County received only 22 write-ins after
learn his approach. Volunteers who            Recite it. Practice it in your sleep. Use
                                                                                          a 30 day campaign run by people on
were assigned elsewhere did poorly. At        it. Every time. Don't deviate from the
                                                                                          the D county committee.
our midmorning break, I taught every-         script because it contains all the right
one Bill's approach and we did better         hot-buttons terms. Use the right inflec-    I targeted my hometown (where I’m
over lunch. The petitioners who deviat-       tion to highlight certain words:            well-known) Democratic super-voters
ed from Bill’s approach improved the          allow...not...25,000...choice...            and also the most densely populated
least. During our afternoon break, I                                                      precincts of the district (where I'm not
                                              On another note, because the Ds didn’t
reinforced the need to use Bill's script                                                  so well-known...yet). I talked with voters
                                              bother running a candidate for State
and afterward everyone had much bet-                                                      from at least half of the 374 doors I
                                              Rep, we tried to get me nominated as a
ter luck collecting signatures.                                                           knocked on. And I spent a total of
                                              D. In the afternoon and evening we
                                                                                          around 40 to 45 hours walking the
We all learned a lot throughout the           teamed up at the polls and each volun-
day, but what was clear was that Bill's       teer had a specific task: One instructed
approach worked. Personally, I am not         Ds on their way in with instruction cards   The five most D-populated precincts
someone who is normally comfortable           on how to write my name on the ballot       were covered on Primary Day by volun-
approaching people, but having a              while the other harvested signatures as     teers handing out 'how-to' cards and
script that actually works makes it           voters left.                                pens to the Ds.
TONS easier.                                  Although I did not receive the required     (Continued on last page)

Judicial Committee Called Into Action
Henry Haller,

In a rare appeal to the Judicial              To resolve the question, the Judicial            candidates should be asked to leave the
Committee, Eastern Vice-Chair Charles         Committee researched Robert’s Rules in           room, and whether a secret ballot
Fournier questioned two actions taken at      greater depth, and found the answer in           would be advisable in all such elections.
this year’s state convention. The commit-     the section which specifies the proce-           This process is ongoing.
tee, elected at the convention, consists of   dure for a vote to reconsider. In particu-
                                                                                               The second action appealed by Mr.
Elizabeth Summers, Tim Moir, Ray              lar, it says that a vote to reconsider an
                                                                                               Fournier was the resolution naming Ray
Masters, Henry Haller, and James Babb.        election is allowable until the winning
                                                                                               Masters as honorary chaplain of the
Its first action was to select a chair, as    candidate has been notified. Thus, there
                                                                                               LPPa. Of course Mr. Masters recused
specified in our Bylaws. Tim Moir was         is a window of opportunity to reconsid-
                                                                                               himself from this question. The issue is
selected to fill that role.                   er an election starting from the time the
                                                                                               that since there is no such position spec-
                                              result is announced and ending at the
The first issue raised by Mr. Fournier                                                         ified in the Constitution or Bylaws, was
                                              time the winning candidate is notified.
was the nomination of Jay Russell as our                                                       this resolution in order? The Committee
                                              In this case, therefore, the vote to recon-
U.S. Senate candidate. The action that                                                         has determined that because the resolu-
                                              sider was valid because Mr. Piotrowski
occurred at that time was definitely out                                                       tion process is informal in nature (not
                                              had not yet been notified of the result of
of the ordinary, in that a vote had been                                                       covered by either our Convention Rules
                                              the first vote. It follows that Mr. Russell is
taken in which Richard Piotrowski was                                                          or Robert’s Rules), and because the posi-
                                              our Senate candidate, and since he has
declared the winner of the nomination.                                                         tion is honorary, with no official stand-
                                              been notified to that effect, no further
However, there followed a motion for                                                           ing in the Party, that the resolution was
                                              challenge may be considered.
reconsideration, which passed, and then                                                        properly introduced and passed.
a second vote after considerable debate       In order to eliminate any lingering
in which Mr. Russell received a majority      doubt, several members of the Judicial
of the vote. There was considerable con-      Committee reviewed that portion of the               2004 Libertarian Candidates
fusion about the propriety of this proce-     videotape of the proceedings covering
dure in that Robert’s Rules of Order          these actions. No improprieties were                 Michael Badnarik     President
states that “An election to an office         found in this review. There was a sec-               Richard Campagna     Vice President
becomes final immediately if the candi-       ond part to Mr. Fournier’s appeal in                 Jay Russell          U.S. Senate
date is present and does not decline …”       which he requested clarification as to               Tom Martin           U.S. House 5th District
In this instance, both candidates were        the correct and optimal procedure for                David R. Jahn        U.S. House 7th District
out of the room while the vote was            nominating candidates for the LPPa. The              Chuck Moulton        U.S. House 13th District
taken, as has been our practice, and so       committee has been debating this,                    Richard Piotrowski   U.S. House 15th District
neither was technically present.              including questions as to whether the                Russ Diamond         U.S. House 17th District
                                                                                                   Mickey Paoletta      U.S. House 19th District
                                                                                                   John Ewbank          Attorney General
A few hours a month can make a big difference                                                      Berlie Etzel         Auditor General
Chuck Moulton,                                                                   Michael Robertson    State Senate 5th District
                                                                                                   Daryl Putman         State Rep. 20th District
If we want "liberty in our lifetime," as      with the Libertarian Party.
                                                                                                   Matt Brinker         State Rep. 25th District
the Free State Project succinctly puts it,
                                              How can you volunteer? There are a                   David Posipanka      State Rep. 35th District
if we want a small, limited govern-
                                              multitude of opportunities available--               Michael Robertson    State Rep. 63rd District
ment, if we want individual liberty and
                                              and indeed we should all think of them               Barry Dively         State Rep. 87th District
personal responsibility, if we want a
                                              as opportunities rather than jobs. Some
free-market economy of abundance                                                                   Russ Diamond         State Rep. 101st District
                                              of them have doubtless already been
and prosperity, if we want a foreign                                                               Ray Ondrusek         State Rep. 102nd District
                                              brought to your attention.
policy of non-intervention, peace, and                                                             Cheryl Gordon        State Rep. 105th District
free trade, we all need to commit our-        The Libertarian party needs candidates               Eric Ebeling         State Rep. 148th District
selves to that cause. Libertarians do         at the local, county, state, and federal             Matt Wusinich        State Rep. 153rd District
not have the luxury of sitting back and       level. This year particularly, the party             James Babb           State Rep. 157th District
hoping others will fight the good fight.                                                           David Jahn           State Rep. 162nd District
We all need to be proactive. The best         (continued on page 7)
                                                                                                   William Keslar       State Rep. 196th District
way to defend liberty is to volunteer
Bucks County Libs Nearly Defeat Tax Increase
Arthur L. Farnsworth, Treasurer,

When West Rockhill Township supervi-        and polling place signs, donate             bad for a primary!
sors decided to seek a doubling of the      money, and work the polls. In addition,
                                                                                        Lessons learned: start efforts early (we
Earned Income Tax for open space via        other township activists from outside
                                                                                        did not), look outside the Libertarian
a primary election referendum, I decid-     the Libertarian Party played an active
                                                                                        Party for like-minded political activists
ed to take action.                          role.
                                                                                        to assist you, issue well-written press
Bucks County Libertarians fought            The effort to fight this tax increase was   releases, and match the efforts of your
against the county’s open space pro-        multi-partisan, and I found it to be a      opponents to the best of your ability. I
gram when it was first pushed through       pleasure to work with Republicans and       hope that this story inspires
on the primary ballot in 1996, and I        Democrats who care more about issues        Libertarians in all Pennsylvania coun-
nearly single-handedly defeated the         than party labels. This same group          ties, both officially organized and not,
township’s imposition of the open           voted for me when I ran for county          to pick up the sword of liberty and
space tax a few years ago.                  commissioner last year, and indicated       fight on occasion for what’s right.
                                            it would support me should I run for
This time around, with the opposition                                                   Editors Note: Bucks County is currently
                                            township supervisor next year.
plastering township roadways with                                                       seeking a new chair to replace outgo-
“Vote YES on open space” yard signs         In the end, the tax increase passed by      ing chair, Art Farnsworth. Contact
and mailing a brochure, I realized          just 74 votes, which is 7.4% of the         Eastern Vice Chair, Darren Wolf
more help was needed. Lucky for me,         1001 voters that came out. This was a       ( if interest-
several fellow township Libertarians        hot issue, drawing nearly one-third of      ed.
were willing to help prepare a mailing      the township’s registered voters - not

Resolutions Passed at the LPPa Convention
The Libertarian Party of Pa opposes Governor Rendell’s proposed $800 million bond issue as a coercive expansion of state
power saddling future generations with more debt.
The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania condemns the USA PATRIOT ACT, calls for its immediate repeal and opposes any
effort to extend or enhance its provisions.
We, the members of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania Party of Pennsylvania, reaffirm the right of free association. That
it is not the proper role of government to define, or further define the term of “marriage”. The government shall not,
through the constitutional amendment process, regulate requirements for spousal unions between consenting adults inclu-
sive, but not exclusive to, race, religion, or sexual orientation.
We, the members of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania express our sadness over the passing of Libertarian activist Ron
Crickenburger. We honor his work, dedication and tireless hours spent for the advancement of liberty.
Recognizing the religious diversity that exists among individuals within the Libertarian movement, we the members of the
Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania wish to recognize libertarian activist and ordained clergyman, Ray Masters Mastroberte
as honorary chaplain of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania.

Approved Bylaws Change
Article 5, Section 5 -- Transaction of business over the Internet
Any business of the Board of Directors can be conducted over the Internet in the same manner as via mail or telephone,
except that multiple motions may be on the floor simultaneously provided they do not overlap or conflict with one another.
If any members of the Board of Directors do not wish to transact Board business over the Internet, when a vote is required
the Secretary will forward to them via mail or phone sufficient information regarding the business at hand to allow them to
vote knowledgeably.

     Chair                                     Eastern Vice Chair                         Treasurer
       Dave Jahn                                 Darren Wolfe                               Arthur L. Farnsworth
       (610) 461-7755                            (215) 888-1467                             (215) 453-1122                             
     Western Vice Chair                        Secretary                                  LibPenn Editor
       Timothy Crowley                           Bill Keslar                                Bill Keslar
       (412) 795-7243                            (717) 343-8422                             (717) 343-8422                    

        The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania Membership Form
Membership Options                                                                         NOTE: Full membership includes
   Full member (includes state and national membership): $25.00                            the LPNews and Libertarian Penn
   Associate member: FREE (with valid e-mail address).                                     newsletters and voting privileges at
   New membership                                                                          our state convention.

The Libertarian Party is the party of principle. To publicly affirm what we believe -- and to ensure that our party never
strays from our principles -- we ask our members to proudly sign this statement:

“I hereby certify that I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force or fraud as a means of achieving political or
social goals.”

X ________________________________________
Signature (required)                                                             Mail this completed form with payment to:
                                                                                 The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania
We need your support, please donate!                                             3863 Union Deposit Road, #223
Please consider an additional donation to help us grow:                          Harrisburg, PA 17109
   $1,000       $500       $250       $100        $50          Other:

Payment type:    Cash      Check      Money order      Mastercard     Visa
Credit card number: ___________-___________-___________-___________ Expiration date: _______________
Signature: _________________________________________________

$________ TOTAL ENCLOSED (Make checks payable to “Libertarian Party”)

Privacy statement: The L.P.P., in accordance with the privacy policy, is allowed to provide certain membership information to
affinity partners, the national party, and county committees of the L.P.P. The complete privacy policy is available upon request.

Member Contact Information:
Name:      __________________________________________                   County:         __________________________________
Address:   __________________________________________                   E-mail address: __________________________________
           __________________________________________                   Evening phone: __________________________________
           __________________________________________                   Day phone:      __________________________________
A Few Hours a Month... (Continued from Page 4)
needs as many State Representative can-        If you believe your work schedule pre-       support candidates. The website commit-
didates as possible. In order to get on        vents you from helping get your              tee seeks web developers, content writ-
the ballot, statewide Libertarian candi-       Libertarian friends on the ballot by peti-   ers, mailing list administrators, database
dates need to collect 30,000 signatures.       tioning, perhaps those long hours have       experts, and programmers to help
Each signature counts for candidates           earned you a few dollars you can spare       improve the website and automate party
running at all levels listed on the petition   to support the Libertarian cause. The        processes. The membership committee
though. When each State Representative         Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania would      seeks organizers, writers, and envelope
candidate and his campaign team col-           greatly appreciate your generous dona-       stuffers to assist with membership
lects 500 signatures to get himself on         tion. Or perhaps you would prefer to         renewals and soliciting both national
the ballot, those signatures benefit the       make a targeted donation, earmarking         members and registered Libertarians to
Presidential candidate and Senate candi-       the money specifically for ballot access.    join the state party. The outreach com-
date as well. Just as importantly, running                                                  mittee seeks organizers, issue specialists,
                                               Libertarian opportunities are not limited
a full slate of candidates on the ballot in                                                 writers, envelope stuffers, and event
                                               to the election season. Are you a
any given precinct reflects favorably on                                                    coordinators to help reach out to gun
                                               poignant writer? An articulate speaker?
the party. In addition to helping with bal-                                                 rights advocates, gay rights advocates,
                                               Sending your local paper a letter to the
lot access and boosting the Libertarian                                                     peace advocates, small business advo-
                                               editor about a current issue is a great
Party's image, running for office gives                                                     cates, taxpayer advocates, etc. through
                                               way to spread the libertarian message.
the candidate an attentive audience for                                                     targeted mailings, booths at special
                                               You could volunteer with a speaker’s
his Libertarian message, an opportunity                                                     interest events, and other outreach
                                               bureau, broadcasting your availability to
to get the word out on his pet issue.                                                       opportunities. The fundraising committee
                                               speak on a libertarian topic. Even in
Please consider running for office. Your                                                    seeks organizers, writers, and envelope
                                               ordinary conversations with your family,
county contact can answer any questions                                                     stuffers to assist with fundraising appeals
                                               friends, and co-workers, there are oppor-
you may have about the process.                                                             to Libertarians and members of libertari-
                                               tunities to present a libertarian alterna-
                                                                                            an issue groups, as well as organizers
Those not willing or able to run for politi-   tive to people who may not have been
                                                                                            to setup a monthly pledge program and
cal office can help the candidates and         exposed to that viewpoint before. Keep
                                                                                            campaign finance experts to help setup
the party by supporting candidates.            a few voter registration forms handy to
                                                                                            a Political Action Committee. The elec-
Why not man a poll on election day,            enfranchise the converted.
                                                                                            tion committee seeks county organizers
handing out literature for your favorite
                                               But it doesn't end there. One of the         to help with ballot access and to recruit
Libertarian candidate? Perhaps your
                                               L.P.P.'s most pressing needs is volunteers   candidates. Finally, any member willing
political expertise would make you an
                                               for the party structure itself.              to attend L.P.P. Board Meetings to help
ideal campaign manager. Maybe you
                                               The L.P.P. seeks volunteers at the county    brainstorm would be welcome at our
have a financial education and could
                                               level. Only 38/67 counties have county       table.
serve as treasurer for someone's cam-
paign.                                         contacts (the Eastern Vice-Chair and         The key to achieving liberty in our life-
                                               Western Vice-Chair substitute for the        time is to volunteer with the Libertarian
Petitioning for ballot access is the
                                               rest). Only 17/67 counties are orga-         Party. With so many volunteer opportuni-
Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania's num-
                                               nized. Only 6/67 counties send a repre-      ties available, I'm confident that there is
ber one priority right now. If each party
                                               sentative to L.P.P. board meetings. You      a good fit somewhere for your expertise
member would walk around his neigh-
                                               can easily organize a county committee       and interests. Not everyone is right for
borhood collecting 35 signatures, get-
                                               by getting the signatures of three mem-      any one volunteer opportunity, but every-
ting on the ballot would be trivial. But
                                               bers on a county committee recognition       one is right for some volunteer opportu-
inevitably many members will not collect
                                               form, holding at least three meetings a      nity. Help defend liberty and have fun at
their signatures and others will have to
                                               year, and having someone available to        the same time. Meet new people. Build
pick up their slack. Can you commit to
                                               answer questions via phone and email.        your resume. Learn new ways of
100 signatures? That works out to less
                                               County committees are the most impor-        expressing the Libertarian message.
than three signatures a day between
                                               tant entities in our grassroots organiza-
now and mid-July (when we want to                                                           A few hours a month can
have the petitions prepared for turn-in).
Setting a small daily petitioning goal for     The L.P.P. has numerous standing and         make a big difference.
yourself would be a world of help for          working committees soliciting volunteers
                                               to help grow the party, raise money, and     (Check out
the L.P.P.


                                                                               Harrisburg, PA 17109
 Permit No. 138                                                                3863 Union Deposit Rd., #223
Southeastern, PA
US Postage Paid                                                        Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania
 First Class Mail

Primary Day Petitioning Success (Continued from Page 3)
It looked like my door-knocking gener-      I was quite pleased. We raised some           Interesting stuff. Maybe after
ated about the same amount of votes         eyebrows and are now firmly on the            November I'll have time to sit down,
as volunteers did standing outside the      political radar -- well, except for that of   effectively analyze our entire cam-
polls. I regret that I didn't have anyone   my R opponent, who is already pub-            paign and provide a detailed report.
to man the precincts where I had            licly looking beyond November (I hope         But then again, maybe not if my duties
already knocked on doors, but I did         she's doing it privately as well!). A         as State Representative require my pri-
get a clue as to a cumulative effect        prominent local R I bumped into during        ority instead!
here in my hometown. My best                the evening shift was impressed by our
                                                                                          (Check out
response came from areas where I            effort. He even called our how-to hand-
was already well-known and where I          outs "sophisticated" --
also knocked on doors.                      high praise coming

The campaign received some good
last-minute (Sunday and Monday)
                                            from any R in this
                                            area!                          Ballot Access Alert:
press from both of our newspapers,          I did find the L word          Turn in your petitions NOW!
which seemed to explain a few of the        to be a big turn-off to
write-ins cast by voters in the smaller     R voters. Got a slightly       Ship to: Ballot Access, c/o David Jahn,
precincts in which we couldn't cover.       more open-minded               403 Harrison Ave., Glenolden, PA 19036
                                            response from Ds. My
Honestly, I was expecting no more                                          or call 610-539-8825 for a pick up.
                                            job now is to change
than 35 or 40 total votes as an L try-
ing to get on the D ticket in such a
                                            that impression of our         All petitions must be
                                            Party locally, since
short period of time. We approached
                                            we're in a 2-1 R dis-          received by 7/25/2004.
the county D committee for support,
but they chose not to bother.

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