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					                                                                  October, 2010

                                     MILK & HONEY
                                                                                                                   Vol.7, No. 10

    You have heard the saying “we must walk a mile in someone else’s moccasins in order to know what that person is
experiencing.” As word has gotten around that there are many hungry children without enough to eat on weekends,
neighbors have joined together filling backpacks with snacks to send home with the children on Fridays. The volunteers
may or may not have walked in these hungry children’s moccasins but they are on a mission to end childhood hunger
one backpack at a time. The schools report what a difference the Snack In A Backpack program has made. But recently
the following message came from a grandmother of one of the recipients:

     Dear sponsors of “Snack In A Backpack”,
     First off I want to thank all of the sponsors and people who are involved in the “Snack In A Backpack”! I’d like to share a
story with you if I may.
     My grandson is on the free breakfast and lunch program this year and as a result of this got the letter about the “Snack In A
Backpack” program.
     My son signed him up for it but didn’t tell his son that he had signed him up, so on Friday my grandson (#30 in backpack
program) at Blue Ridge Elementary bounced into my car after school and was SOOOO excited. He said, “Nana look what I got. I
got a backpack today and it’s full of food!”
     As he was relaying this to me he was pulling out the bag full of snacks. He shared with me all the way home just what all
was in his bag. You would have thought it was Christmas all over again! He was so excited with every item pulled out, when he
got to the Chicken and Rice meal, he said, “Look Nana, they even gave me dinner!” Then he immediately opened up the milk and
drank it.
     He shared with me how he had to bring the backpack back on Monday and he wasn’t to forget his number, etc. It was such a
wonderful time for him. I thought what a great idea and how very grateful we are to this program. This little guy was so excited
and happy that I just wanted to share this with you and tell you thank you so very much. This family has hit on hard times (as
many here have of late) and they have had to move in with us. My grandson has lost the only home he has ever known and I
know this has been a big adjustment for him (and us all) and to see his little face smiling and his voice full of excitement just
made my day. I thought I would let you know that you sure have made one little guy very happy and if the
others were as happy as he then this was surely worth your time and commitment!
     Again, thank you so very much for starting this program and I will keep in my prayers that you will
be able to continue to do this for those who really need it!
     The Grandmother of #30 at Blue Ridge Elementary

    If you would like to contribute to this wonderful program, sponsorship opportunities are avail-
        1 child for 1 week: $6.00
        1 child for 1 month: $26.00
        1 child for 1 semester: $120.00
        1 child for 1 school year: $240.00                                                         Gaye Whalton, Snack in a Backpack Director

                                                                               CEP ARTS SPECIALISTS
                                                                          Are serving as mentors for college students in the
                            When a pastor and his wife were          area. We are excited that the Children’s Enrichment Pro-
                            ready to trade cars in Adairs-           gram in three locations is providing field experience for
                            ville, GA, he remembered a               college students who are studying early childhood educa-
                            friend of his had donated a car          tion. What a great training ground to see firsthand the im-
                            to The Craddock Center. So he            pact of stories and songs in building the foundation for
                            called to see if we knew of              literacy in the preschool years. We are pleased that the
                            someone who could use it.                Children’s Enrichment Program is serving dual purposes
                            Knowing how the hard eco-                both to enrich the lives of preschoolers and to expose col-
nomic times have put so many Head Start families at risk             lege students to outstanding storytellers and musicians
of having to withdraw their children from school when                bringing the arts to early childhood education. — TLS
their cars break down, we called the Gilmer County Head
Start/Pre-K. That same day a family had notified the                            THE CRADDOCK CENTER
school they no longer had transportation to get their four
year old to school. Their very old car had finally broken                       947 CHERRY LOG STREET
down beyond repair. They were so sad for their little boy                              P.O. BOX 69
because their older child had had such a great experience                        CHERRY LOG, GA 30522
in Head Start and Pre-K and was excelling in second
grade. So, once again the gift of a gently used car made                                   706/632-1772
all the difference in the life of this child and his family.                
We are most grateful to the Whitakers for their generous                    
gift of a car that this family called a Godsend!
     If you are thinking about trading your car, please give               Dr. Trisha L. Senterfitt, Executive Director
us a call. Your donation can make such a difference in the                  Dr. Fred B. Craddock, Director Emeritus
life of a family whose backs are literally against the wall.                    Tammy T. Blair, Office Manager
  October 2010                                            Milk & Honey                                               Page 2

            A SCOTCH AGAINST                                                 BORDERS BOOK DRIVE
                THE COLD                                                  Was a great success. It all
                                                                     started last spring when I went to
                        That’s what my father called the             the Borders Bookstore where I
                        little pile of firewood gathered in the      shopped when I lived in Atlanta.
                        fall in anticipation of winter.              Behind the checkout counter was a
                        Actually, gathering firewood was a           sign saying “Please donate a book
                        year round chore because the cook            to Children’s Hospital of Atlanta.” I
                        stove was wood burning. The only             asked the cashier how they chose
                        other heating in the house was from          the recipients of their book drives
                        a fire place in the living room. And         and he told me how to apply. So I immediately sent what
                        did it burn the wood! We dragged,            I hoped would be a compelling story about the Story Ex-
chopped, sawed, and split, but it was never enough. We               press and the 5,000 books we gave away in the last year.
called on Lee Grant Graves, a neighbor, and he would lay             Then out of the blue in July I heard from the store man-
in a back log which would not only burn for days but                 ager that The Craddock Center had been selected by two
would also hold the fire over night, making easier an early          stores in Atlanta to be the recipient of their summer book
morning start. Once in a while the back log did not hold             drive.
the fire, so Momma or one of us kids went to the Grave’s                  I was thrilled when they called in mid-August to say
home to borrow a few coals.                                          they already had so many boxes of books we needed to
     Our scotch against the cold was really much more                pick them up.
than warmth; it was our family gathering place; it was                    When someone purchased a book during the drive the
fun, games, light, popcorn, and hot chocolate; it was a              cashier asked, “Would you like to purchase another book
place to say “Good night”.                                           for a child in the mountains of North Georgia who will
     Today, from my study window I can see our scotch                never have the opportunity to shop in a bookstore?” In
against the cold. It is two rows of wood, tall and wide and          fact, the books will go on the Story Express giving 1500
waiting for the chill. Nettie and I did not drag, saw, chop,         children in nine counties the experience of selecting a
or split; all that was done by good friends Wendell and              brand new book of their very own. Many times the chil-
Jennifer Fox. That makes it all the more a comforting                dren ask the volunteers on the van, “Is this like a book-
sight. We almost welcome winter. I say this knowing we               store?” To which we respond, “Yes, but these books are
have another source of heat, but sometimes that fails and            free and have been given especially for you!”
we lay in a fire, and remember.                                           Thanks to all of you who purchased a book during
     Not too far from here live children with no scotch              this drive and thank you Borders Books for selecting The
against the cold. When the temperature dropped recently,             Craddock Center! — TLS
I thought of them and know that soon the telephone at the
Center will bring calls for warmth. We have a small fund                    WE’VE DECIDED TO
for responding to such calls but it is by no means an ade-
quate scotch against the cold.                                           ENTER THE 21ST CENTURY
     If you want to help, write on your check “A Scotch                   By purchasing donor records software. It would make
Against the Cold.”                                                   Tammy very happy if you sent her an email with your
     Stay warm.— FBC                                                 current phone number, cell phone number, your birthday
                                                                     and your summer and winter addresses (if you have more
     HOLD THESE DATES! - MARK YOUR CALENDAR                          than one address). Please let her know when you are at
    Sat., Jan. 29, 2011— “Songs & Stories: Appalachian Style” —      each address. If you don’t have email, then she’d love to
    Bob and Melody Thomason performing. 7:30 pm at the Per-          receive a card with this information.
    forming Arts Center on the campus of Fannin County High               Our goal is to increase our efficiency in our commu-
    School in Blue Ridge, GA.
                                                                     nication with you and keep better track of our volunteers.
    February, 2011 — Seventh Annual Helen Lewis Lecture. 7 pm
    at the Bonnie Higdon Reaves Auditorium on the Reinhardt cam-     Here’s an example: recently I met a person who has a ser-
    pus in Epworth, GA (8 miles west of Blue Ridge). Presenters to   vice dog that she is willing to bring to Rainbows Grief
    be announced next month.                                         Support Groups for children, to visit in the classrooms or
    Monday, March 7, 2011—Spring Preaching Workshop 9                homes of children with serious illness. We can record that
    am—1 pm at Cherry Log Christian Church. Dr. Anna Carter Flor-    fact in the computer so we can call up that contact for ser-
    ence presenting. Reservations are required.
                                                                     vice or for a mailing. Our ultimate goal is to better serve
                                                                     the children and families in the area.— TLS


     Permit No. 57
    Blue Ridge, GA
                                                                          Cherry Log, Georgia 30522
   U.S. Postage Paid                                                      P.O. Box 69
     Nonprofit Org.

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