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CHORAL WORKSHOP: The Music of John Sheppard

Please find below the final arrangements for our Choral Workshop.

Music: Attached is all the music as a .zip file - email me if you have a problem unzipping it. The voice allocation can be
found below, but may change on the day if anyone is unable to be there. In order to save your voices, no-one is
singing in every piece; therefore, please bring a book/newspaper/sodoku to occupy yourselves when you’re not
singing. (We may not get to sing every piece - we shall just have to see!)

Familiarisation: Before the day, please familiarise yourself with the music. This will make the day go much more
smoothly. The notes are not generally difficult, but the lines don’t always go where you might expect! Midi files are
also attached, or there are several commercial recordings of these pieces.

Voice allocation:
                         Reges          In manus          Filiae          Laudem           Libera         Lord’s         Verbum
                         Tharsis           tuas        Hierusalem        dicite Deo         nos           Prayer          caro
Andrea Thomas              Tr               M               Tr                              Tr1                            Tr
Sue Cartwright             Tr               M                                               Tr2              M             Tr
Jenny Clarke               Tr                                Tr                             Tr1              M             Tr
Francoise Towler           M                                 M                              Tr2              M              M
Elaine King                M                M                M                               M1                             M
Janet Ormerod              M                A1               A1                              M1              A1             M
Liz Webb                   A1               A1                                A1             A1              A1            A1
Maria Birch                A2               A2                                A2             M2              A2            A1
Joyce Phillips             A1                                A1               A1             M2                            A2
Karen Zeff                 A2                                A2               A1             A1                            A2
Graine Sinclair            A1               A2                                               A2              A2            A1
Claire Carberry            A2                                A2               A2             A2                            A2
John Carroll               T                                 T                T                               T             T
Charles King               T                                 T                T                               T             T
Chris Dixon                T                 B                                B1                              B             B
Matthew Spencer            B                 B                                B1               B                            T
John Burns                 B                                                  B2               B              B             B
Mike Lodge                 B                                  B               B2                              B             B
Derek Froud                B                                  B               B2               B                            B

1. Tr = Treble, M = Mean. These were the two boys’ voices in Sheppard’s time, with the Trebles taking the higher parts, and the
Means’ range being closer to that of a modern mezzo-soprano.
2. The plainsong that intersperses the polyphonic sections of most of these pieces is usually sung by the tenors (basses are
welcome to join them if you like). The exception is Filiae Hierusalem, in which the opening incipit is sung by a solo Treble, but the
sections between the verses are sung by the altos.

Approximate timings on the day:
10.00 Assemble and welcome
                    10.15         Session 1                     2.00     Session 3
                    11.15         Break                         3.30     Break
                    11.30         Session 2                     3.45     Session 4
                    12.30         Lunch                         5.00     Break
5.30  Final concert - please invite family and friends to the concert, so that we have someone to sing to!

Brighton College, Eastern Road, Brighton - see here for directions.
We shall rehearse and perform in the Hordern Room, which is behind the chapel.
Please remember: no refreshments are provided, so please bring your own. We have an hour and a half for lunch, so
there is plenty of time to get some food.

Do email me with any queries. I look forward to a day of wonderful music!


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