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									Microsoft Silverlight
        Microsoft Silverlight is an application framework for writing and running rich Internet
applications, with features similar to Adobe Flash. Early version of Silverlight is focused on streaming
media, current versions support multimedia, graphics and animation. And Silverlight is an application
development platforms for Windows phone.

         Silverlight applications can be written in any .NET programming language. Microsoft
introduces Microsoft Expression Blend as a companion tool to Visual Studio for the design of
Silverlight User Interface applications. Visual Studio can be used to develop and debug Silverlight
applications. Visual Studio requires the Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio to create a project.

        History of Silverlight:

               Silverlight 1
                Silverlight 1 was released in 2007. It consisted of the core presentation framework,
                which is responsible for the user interface (UI), interactivity and user input, basic UI
                controls, graphics and animation, media playback, Digital rights management, and
                DOM integration.
               Silverlight 2
                Included a version of the .NET Framework, implemented the same full Common
                Language Runtime version as .NET Framework 3.0
               Silverlight 3
                Silverlight 3 was announced on September 12, 2008. The final version was released
                July 9, 2009. Silverlight 3 included more controls.
               Silverlight 4
                the final version was released on April 15,2010. New features in Silverlight 4 include:
                support Google’s chrome browser; web cam and microphone; Printing; Mouse
                support; New notification support to send messages to users; new and enhanced
                controls; Theming of controls; rendering HTML.
               Silverlight 5
                The final release is available for download on December 9, 2011. New features
                include: GPU accelerated video decoding, 3D graphics, playback speed controls,
                remote control and 64-bit support.

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